Tom Bearden
Mon Aug 8, 2005 08:08;article=88701;title=APFN
The greatest danger are these "Tesla" weapons which have unprecedented and mind boggling powers and, as stated by Krushchev in 1960, "if used unrestainably could wipe out all life on earth." .

The chief strategy will be to destroy the highly centralized and vulnerable electric power grid by scalar electromagnetic means, with the goal being the collapse of the American economy. This attack will turn off the power for many months, if not a year or more.

Further chaos and destruction by using the weapons to trigger "natural" disasters. They are already targeting the Yellowstone caldera to cause a super eruption there which could destroy much of North America. They were involved in "steering" the recent series of hurricanes which hit florida. They have been engineering the weather over North America for decades now. They intend to use the devices to stimulate and trigger earthquakes and tsunamis as well.

An even more powerful device than the scalar interferometers, called the "Quantum Potential Weapon," is being used to weaken the immune systems of whole populations in preparation for bioattacks. This is a "force multiplier" strategy of asymetric warfare in which the effects of a bioattack can be multiplied 5 times or more!

Scalar weapons in "psychoenergetics" mode ("mind" mode) are being used polarize the mental divisions among Americans with a view toward increasing the likelihood of civil war and other social unrest.

I would advise everyone to read this entire document by Tom Bearden. This is the future of terrorism in our world, and the government is ignoring it entirely, if not lying about it, both for reasons of secrecy, and because of widespread ignorance of the threat. Compared to scalar weapons, the current "war on terrorism" is like chasing a bunch of kids with firecrackers while guys with really big guns are lurking in the background, ignored.

The scalar weapons, aimed through an electromagnetic web called the "Woodpecker grid," can dud (or render useless) any nuclear weapon and its missile from any remote location where the scalar device is located. There is no "delivery system" required. Point and shoot. The electronics in the weapons are fried.

"The conventional strategic military power (ICBMs, nuclear bombs and warheads, and nuclear subs etc.) will be suddenly dudded and effectively wiped out, to exist no more. All that giant strategic apparatus will be just so much trash on the garbage dump of history."

In ten minutes the entire weapons can be rendered useless! Not a bad starting strategy! To destroy a nation it is not necessary to pound it to death with millions of bombs, all you have to do is turn out the lights! Just throw the nation's electrical OFF switch.

Never in all of human history has any would-be conqueror dreamed of having such powers! These new found abilities are absolutely intoxicating. The immensly huge powers of nature itself are available for manipulation and deployment. The image of the insane mad scientist comes to mind, going over the edge to precipitate world wide destruction.

Bearden mentions, for example, the disruption of world wide oil shipping by creating tsunamis (giant waves) in the oceans.

"By deliberately kindling the supervolcano into such a violent eruption, most of North America would be devastated, and particularly most of the United States {}. The supervolcano could eject more ash, lava, rock, and debris than the entire Grand Canyon can hold. Additional side effects would include the instant destruction of most of the agricultural food crops in North America by covering the farmland with meters-thick ash. Any few survivors would be faced with the immediate problem of starvation and quickly-fatal lung disease. Food animals would also be killed in the same catastrophe. The reader should simply check what happened the last time that supervolcano erupted, about 640,000 years ago. It did devastate a great part of North America, including most of the higher life forms.

Weather manipulations are another aspect of the scalar terrorism which is facing us, and this has in fact been on-going for the past several decades.

Weather engineering
Steering the jet streams, thus "steering" or "guiding" weather entities. By warming the air in one region, the warm air expands so that it is thinner. Thus the interferometry makes a low pressure area in that region. By gradually moving the "warming region" (by moving the interference zone's location), the low pressure area is "steered" and its path is determined. By cooling the air in a region, a high pressure area is created, and it is steered in the same fashion. By making multiple highs and lows and adroitly positioning and steering them, the jet streams and other prevailing winds can be entrained, "captured" and steered. This alone allows substantial augmentation and steering of weather effects.

Triggering volcanos
By focusing the interference zone inside a volcano to its magma, and steadily depositing additional EM energy in the piezoelectric matter, a buildup of pressure in the volcano is induced. Eventually the volcano will erupt from the increased pressure. If the increase in pressure is applied slowly, the slow increase in pressure will be held longer by the static friction, so that a higher pressure is reached before the volcano erupts. This engenders a large and violent eruption, with consequently greater ejection and distant dispersion of ash, lava, and other debris.

Blasting away with explosions
All sorts of "patterns" of EM energy -- glowing spheres, hemispheres, etc. -- can be produced and these can be used against various targets, either for electrical and electronic destruction or for electromagnetic explosions of these balls of energy once they contact the intended target

Triggering earthquakes
By depositing the extra interferometry energy in a fault zone location, the increased piezoelectric activity will also result in increased stress in the rocks, thereby inducing an earthquake when the rocks finally slip. By adjusting the rate at which the excess energy is added, the size of the resulting earthquake can also be changed.

Direct Killing
By inducing repeatedly pulsed negative energy in an area containing living animals or humans, the animals or humans can be directly killed. Strong pulsing will result in rather instant death, where the bodies drop limply, with not even a nerve cell firing thereafter. Everything living cells, microbes, viruses, whatever in the struck bodies is killed instantly, and the bodies do not decay, even over a month or more. The Soviets tested such weaponry in this mode against two Afghan villages in their own war in Afghanistan, and it is probable that the Yakuza is now able to produce portable weapons with this capability.