Bioweapon Assault on Scottish Town by the British Navy

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New post Bioweapon Assault on Scottish Town by the British Navy 
I got the following from a customer in England whom I believe is a reputable, stable guy who was sickened, apparently by chemtrails, along with a lot of people around him in 1999 (my comments follow):


There is an Open University black and white film of an Ministry of Defence ship releasing clouds off Isle of Lewis,Scotland and monitoring hospitals etc.A trawler went through release area and were shadowed by Royal Navy ship to port in case the crew succumbed.So all this chemtrail makes sense even at the basic human level.

More advice I was told by Australian that radionics can be potentially dangerous and can attract unwanted stuff I suppose it can be described like DOR.Whats your views.

Hope I am not taking up too much of your time but thks to ur referral I am in receipt of a lot of help now here and as we discussed it takes a while to discern from a lot of advice hence ur recommendation to limit sites.




I really appreciate  the account of the naval bioweapon assault, thx!  Over the years I've gotten first hand accounts of bioweapon assaults by various means, mainly by small aircraft at low altitude over a 'troublesome' individual's property but a couple of times C-130 Air Force planes dropping poisonous material on entire small towns, below cloud level.  The latter occured after the cloudbusters were distributed. Apparently the world odor was desperate, in those years, to regain some of theiir lost ground in the genocide agenda.  Fortunately, an Air Force C130 attracts even the Pajama People's attention so they didn't do much of that. One of the attacks on Dooney was apparently experimental nanotech from China, who directed the US Air Force to do the deed, according to what all the psychics were clearly seeing at the time.  it was tough to get her well, that time.

Any zapper will handle bioweaponry, I think.  I even cured a rattlesnake bite in a few minutes with a zapper, which apparently neutralized the venom. I didn't even remove the venom.  I think toxic metals are more problematic but unless one gets dusted from a very, very low altitude I think the dispersion of the metal particles makes that kind of assault less productive than bioweaponry, which replicates in the body after it's breathed in or drank. Zappers are terrific to neutralize the latter, of course.  Any zappers will do the job fast but after months have passed and the bioweapons, mainly due to repeated exposure (the little buggers aren't hardy, so won't keep reproducing in a body), will have depressed liver and kidney function, which is apparently what was intended for them. Fortunately for us all, I think, 'phase two' of the chemtrail progrfam was apparently prevented by many thousands of orgonite cloudbusters by mid-2002.  We believe phase two was to have been the kill shot, administered to kill the people whose livers and kidneys were compromised, therefore had/have no more good immune response.

Dooney and Stevo have been 'dusted' by four engine planes--the type used to fight fires in our region, but of cousre there were no fires in the area and the planes flew right over their property and dumped the stuff on them. They got quite sick but were helped in a timely way during some international chat sessions.

All of the chronic sicknesses that are caused by bioweaponry are misdiagnosed by the serial killers, of course.  I have a hunch that they all know what's really happening but with all of the corporate parasites, one hand washes the other, of course.  The ones who don't know perhaps simply don't want to know but they're still culpable for makiing these unfortunate, trusting folks even sicker with their acidic pharamceuticals.  Caveat emptor, though.

The funny thing about Michael Moore's film, SICKO, aside from the bits that he intended to be funny, is that the socialized medicine he advocates is only useful for trauma care. It's always counterproductive to ask a Medical Doctor for help to get well from any illness, of course.

Lyme was initiated in the vicinity of Lyme, Connecticut simply because that's where the US Army developed and then  released that particular bioweapon into the populace.  The belief that ticks suddenly developed the ability to make people chronically sick all over the world in the mid-1980s is as bizarre and irrational as the belief that blue monkeys suddenly sickened people with AIDS a few years earlier.   I marvel at people's willingness to believe the Ministry of Truth ('Goldstein' in Orwell's novel is 'Osama bin Laden' in the terrorism myth) and the What To Think Network, in spite of abundant evidence of their pathological lying.

The reason you're finally getting well from taking ChemBuster, after socialized medicine's abject failure over the years to help you,  is because all you need to get well is to effiiciently tone your liver and kidneys. It really is that simple in most of these new chronic sickness cases.

Thx again for the account of the Brit Navy assaulting that town in Scotland!

What you're saying about radionics is no doubt accurate and points up the necessity for the practitioner to ensure that the medium he's using for his effort is healthy orgone. All radionics is done with orgone fields, after all.   If his/her intentions are rotten, of course the medium is deadly orgone radiation by default.  This is probably a function of the condition of the operator's heart rather than a question of technique or even competency.  Radionics is simply magic, by the way, with a new label Wink