The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein

a book by Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein by Christopher Jon Bjerknes

By Christopher Jon Bjerknes
2,825 page treatise on Einstein's plagiarism, Einstein's Zionism, history of Zionism, racism, Judaism, and more. The complete book The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein in one 17 Mb. PDF file can be downloaded by clicking on this link:

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Table of Contents:
1. Einstein Discovers His Racist Calling
1.1 Introduction
1.2 The Manufacture and Sale of St. Einstein

1.2.1 Promoting the "Cult" of Einstein
1.2.2 The "Jewish Press" Sanctifies a Fellow Jew

1.3 In a Racist Era

2. The Destructive Impact of Racist Jewish Tribalism
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Do Not Blaspheme the "Jewish Saint"
2.3 Harvard University Asks a Forbidden Question
2.4 Americans React to the Invasion of Eastern European Jews

2.4.1 Jewish Disloyalty
2.4.2 In Answer to the "Jewish Question"

3. Rothschild, Rex Ivdaeorvm
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Jewish Messianic Supremacism
3.3 The "Eastern Question" and the World Wars

3.3.1 Donmeh Crypto-Jews, The Turkish Empire and Palestine
3.3.2 The World Wars—A Jewish Antidote to Jewish Assimilation

3.4 Rothschild Warmongering

3.4.1 Inter-Jewish Racism Rothschild Power and Influence Leads to Unbearable Jewish Arrogance Jewish Intolerance and Mass Murder of Gentiles

3.4.2 The Messiah Myth

3.5 Jewish Dogmatism and Control of the Press Stifles Debate

3.5.1 Advertising Einstein in the English Speaking World
3.5.2 Reaction to the Unprecedented Einstein Promotion
3.5.3 The Berlin Philharmonic—The Response in Germany
3.5.4 Jewish Hypocrisy and Double Standards

3.6 The Messiah Rothschilds' War on the Gentiles—and the Jews

4. Einstein the Racist Coward
4.1 Introduction
4.2 The Power of Jewish Tribalism Inhibits the Progress of Science and Deliberately Promotes "Racial" Discord
4.3 A Jew is Not Allowed to Speak Out Against a Jew
4.4 The Bad Nauheim Debate

4.4.1 Einstein Desires a "Race" War Which Will Exterminate the European Esau
4.4.2 Genocidal Judaism—Pruning the Branches of the Human Family Tree
4.4.3 Crypto-Jews
4.4.4 The Gentiles Must be Exterminated Lest God Cut Off the Jews
4.4.5 Jewish Dualism and Human Sacrifice—Evil is Good
4.4.6 Gentiles are Destined to Slave for the Jews, Then the Slaves Will be Exterminated
4.4.7 Lenard Sickens of Einstein's Libels
4.4.8 Let the Debate Begin Einstein Disappoints—"Albertus Maximus" is a Laughingstock Contemporary Accounts of the Bad Nauheim Debate

4.5 Einstein the Genocidal Racist
4.6 Racist Jewish Hypocrisy, Intimidation and Censorship
4.7 Einstein's Trip to America

4.7.1 Einstein Faces Criticism in America Einstein Hides from Reuterdahl's Challenge to Debate Cowardly Einstein Caught in a Lie Reuterdahl Pursues Einstein, Who Continues to Run

4.7.2 Einstein All Hype

4.8 Assassination Plots
4.9 Wolff Crying, Dirty Tricks, Censorship, Smear Campaigns and Anonymous Threats in the Name of Einstein

5. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
5.1 Introduction
5.2 The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
5.3 Did Anyone Believe that the Protocols were Genuine?

5.3.1 Human Sacrifice and the Plan to Discredit Gentile Government—Fulfilled
5.3.2 The World Awakens to the "Jewish Peril"
5.3.3 America Becomes the "New Jerusalem"
5.3.4 "The Jewish Peril"
5.3.5 The Inhumanity of the Bolsheviks

5.4 International Zionist and Communist Intimidation

5.4.1 Suppression of Free Speech
5.4.2 Jewish Terrorism
5.5 Attempts to Prove the Protocols Inauthentic
5.5.1 Why Did Henry Ford Criticize the Jews?
5.5.2 Controlled Opposition and "The Trust"
5.5.3 The Sinking of the "Peace Ship"
5.5.4 Ford Comes Under Attack—The War Against Pacificism
5.5.5 Zionists Proscribe Free Speech
5.5.6 President Woodrow Wilson Becomes a Zionist Dictator
5.6 Why Did the Zionists Trouble the Jews?
5.6.1 The Zionist Myth of the Extinction of the "Jewish Race" Through Philo-Semitism and Assimilation
5.6.2 The Zionists Set the Stage for the Second World War. . . and the Third
5.7 Henry Ford for President
5.8 The "Jewish Mission"
5.9 Jewish Bankers Destroy Russia and Finance Adolf Hitler
5.10 The Holocaust as a Zionist Eugenics Program for the Jewish "Remnant": Zionist Nazis Use Natural and Artificial Selection to Strengthen the Genetic Stock of Jews Destined for Forced Deportation to Palestine
5.11 Zionist Lies
5.12 Zionists Declare that Anti-Semitism is the Salvation of the "Jewish Race"
5.13 Communist Jews in America
5.14 The Attempted Assassination of Henry Ford
5.15 How the Zionists Blackmailed President Wilson
5.15.1 Before the War, the Zionists Plan a Peace Conference After the War—to be Led by a Zionist Like Woodrow Wilson
5.15.2 "Colonel" Edward Mandell House
5.15.3 The Balfour Declaration—QUID PRO QUO
5.16 A Newspaper History of Zionist Intrigues During the First World War, which Proves that Jewish Bankers Betrayed Germany
5.17 The Germans' Side of the First World War
6. Zionism is Racism
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Political Zionism is a Form of Racism
6.3 Most Jews Opposed Zionism
6.4 The Brotherhood of Anti-Semites and Zionists
6.5 Albert Einstein Becomes a Cheerleader for Racist Zionism
6.5.1 While Zionists and Sycophants Hailed Einstein, Most Scientists Rejected Him and "His" Theories
6.5.2 Hypocritical and Cowardly Einstein Plays the "Race Card" and Cripples Scientific Progress
6.5.3 What is Good for Goose is not Good for the Goyim Supremacist and Segregationist Jewish "Neo-Messianism" It is Alright for Jews to Claim that "Einstein's Theories" are "Jewish", but Goyim Dare Not Say It
7. Nazism is Zionism
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Blut und Boden—A Jewish Ideal
7.3 Zionism is Built on Lies and Hatred
7.4 The Hypocritical Vilification of Caligula—Ancient Jewish Historians are not Credible
7.5 All the Best Zionists are Anti-Semites
7.5.1 Nazism is a Stalking Horse for Zionism and Communism
7.5.2 Hitler and Goebbels Reveal Their True Motives at War's End
7.5.3 Zionists and Communists Delight in Massive Human Sacrifices to the Jewish Messianic Cause
7.5.4 Einstein Lulls Jews into Complacency—The Zionist Trap Depressions Make for Fertile Ground for Anti-Semitic Zionist Dictators Einstein a Subtle Hitler Apologist
7.5.5 Einstein's Seething Racist Hatred and Rabid Nationalism
7.5.6 The Final Solution of the Jewish Question is Zionism, but the Final Solution of the German Question is Extermination
7.6 The Carrot and the Stick
7.7 British Zionists, in Collaboration with Nazi Zionists, in Collaboration with Palestinian Zionists, Ensured that the Jews of Continental Europe Would Find No Sanctuary Before the War Ended
7.8 Documented Collaboration Between the Palestinian Zionists and the Zionist Nazis
8. How the Jews Made the British into Zionists
8.1 Introduction
8.2 The Rothschilds and Disraeli Lead the British Down the Garden Path to Palestine
8.3 Jews Provoke Perpetual War
8.4 Jewish World Government—A Prophetic Desire
8.5 Puritans and Protestants Serve Jewish Interests
8.6 The Planned Apocalypse
8.7 Cabalistic Jews Calling Themselves Christian Condition the British to Assist in Their Own Demise—Rothschild Makes an Open Bid to Become the Messiah
8.7.1 The "British-Israel" Deceit
8.7.2 For Centuries, England is Flooded with Warmongering Zionist Propaganda
8.7.3 As a Good Cabalist Jew, David Hartley Conditions Christians to Welcome Martyrdom for the Sake of the Jews Jewish Revolutionaries and Napoleon the Messiah Emancipate the Jews Hitler Accomplishes for the Zionists What Napoleon Could Not Zionists Develop a Strategy Which Culminates in the Nazis and the Holocaust as Means to Attain the "Jewish State"
9. The Priority Myth
9.1 Introduction
9.2 Opinions of Einstein and "His" Work
9.3 The Aether
9.4 The So-Called "Lorentz Transformation"
9.4.1 Woldemar Voigt's Space-Time Transformation
9.4.2 Length Contraction Dynamic Length Contraction Kinematic Length Contraction

9.4.3 Time Dilatation
9.4.4 The Final Form of the Transformation
9.4.5 Einstein's Fudge
9.4.6 Einstein Begged the Question
9.5 The "Two Postulates"
9.5.1 The "Principle of Relativity"
9.5.2 The "Light Postulate"

9.6 Relative Simultaneity

9.6.1 Isotropic Light Speed
9.6.2 The "Aarau Question"
9.6.3 Light Signals and Clock Synchronization
9.7 Conclusion
10. "Space-Time" or is it "Time-Space"?
10.1 Introduction
10.2 The Ancients and "Space-Time"
10.3 Einstein and "Space-Time"
11. Hilbert's Proofs Prove Hilbert's Priority
11.1 Introduction
11.2 Corry, Renn and Stachel's Baseless Historical Revisionism
11.3 Historical Background and the Correspondence
11.4 Hilbert's Proofs Prove Hilbert's Priority
11.5 A Question of Character
11.6 A Question of Ability
11.7 Conclusion
12. Gerber's Formula
12.1 Introduction
12.2 How Fast Does Gravity Go?
12.3 Gerber's Formula was Well-Known
12.4 Einstein's Fudge
12.5 Who Was Paul Gerber?
12.6 Conclusion
13. Soldner's Prediction
13.1 Introduction
13.2 Soldner's Hypothesis and Solution
13.3 Einstein Knew the Newtonian Prediction
13.4 Soldner's Formulation
13.5 Conclusion
14. The Principle of Equivalence, Etc.
14.1 Introduction
14.2 Eotvos' Experimental Fact and Planck's Proposition
14.3 Kinertia's Elevator is Einstein's Happiest Thought
14.4 Dynamism
14.5 Mach's Principle
14.6 The Rubber Sheet Analogy
14.7 Reference Frames and Covariance
14.8 Conclusion
15. "Theory of Relativity" or "Pseudorelativism"?
15.1 Introduction
15.2 The "Theory of Relativity" is an Absolutist Theory
16. E = MC 2
16.1 Introduction
16.2 The "Quantity of Motion"—Momentum, Vis Viva and Kinetic Energy
16.3 The Atom as a Source of Energy and Explosive Force
16.4 The Inertia of Energy
16.5 The Einsteins' Energy Fudge
16.6 Hero Worship
16.7 Conclusion
17. Einstein's Modus Operandi
17.1 Introduction
17.2 "Mach's" Principle of Logical Economy
17.3 Einstein's Fallacies of Petitio Principii
17.4 Conclusion
18. Mileva Einstein-Marity
18.1 Introduction
18.2 Witness Accounts and the Evidence
18.3 Prophets of the Prize
18.4 Conclusion
19. Albert Einstein's Nobel Prize
19.1 Introduction
19.2 The Nobel Foundation Directorate Learns that Einstein is a Plagiarist
19.3 "The Thomson-Einstein Theory" Makes a Convenient Excuse
19.4 The Origins of the Law of the Photo-Electric Effect
19.5 Einstein's Nobel Prize was Undeserved
19.6 Einstein Breaks the Rules
19.7 Conclusion

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