Bohemian Grove

Bohemian Grove: Hell-Fire in a Forest

Who Goes There, Really?
"Sacrificing Dull Care"
Molech Revealed
Early Child Sacrifice: Evil or Just Plain Stupid?
The Grove's Babylonian/Druidic Connection
Giant Owls and Transvestites?
Light, Outer and Inner
The Cult of Isis Adopts Lucifer
The Great Owl: Symbol of The Cult of Isis

"The Bohemian Club was established in 1872 in San Francisco as an exclusive club of political and intellectual figures who wished to spend a certain amount of time each year relaxing and interacting in a non-business environment. They began camping on the site of the present Bohemian Grove, located 3 miles east of Monte Rio and 1 mile from the end of the Northwest Pacific Railroad Company, in 1891 but didn't officially acquire the land until 1901. The grove itself is a total of 2437 acres of uncut redwoods, including some that are 2000-3000 years old. The land is occupied by approximately 1500 men -- most of them political and business dignitaries -- for two weeks around Midsummer. The encampment is marked by rituals, talks and entertainment meant to revolve around the relaxation and friendship of the members, rather than their political and economic alliances.

On the first Saturday of the camp, an elaborate ritual called the Cremation of Care is held just after dinner. It begins with the procession of a group of men, dressed in red pointed hoods and red robes, some of whom play a funeral dirge while others carry torches. These men also carry a rough, open coffin containing a body made of a black muslin-covered wooden skeleton. According to Domhoff [G. William Domhoff, author of The Bohemian Grove and Other Retreats], 'this is the body of Care, symbolizing the concerns and woes that important men supposedly must bear in their daily lives. It is Dull Care which must be cremated.'

" 'Begone, dull care. Midsummer sets us free!' (chant from the Bohemian Grove)" [1]

[Bohemian Grove, the virtual-reality version]

"Pike [Albert Pike, 'patron saint' of the Scottish Rite] was known in his adopted state of Arkansas as a practitioner of Satanism.  His reported sexual proclivities included sitting astride a phallic throne in the woods, accompanied by a gang of prostitutes.  He would bring to his revels one or more wagon-loads of liquor, most of which he would consume over a period of perhaps 48 hours, until he passed into a stupor." [2]         

"John DeCamp's book, The Franklin Cover-Up, includes Paul Bonacci's testimony about a snuff film of a child being murdered on July 26, 1984 in California in 'an area that had big trees.' At a meeting in Santa Rosa, DeCamp told a group that he had edited out Bonacci's references to an enormous, moss-covered owl and men in hooded red robes because he not know then about the owl at the Grove and thought it 'too far fetched for people to believe.' In the fall of 1992, Paul Bonacci was shown a black and white photo of the moss-covered owl at the Grove and quickly identified it as the site of the July 1984 snuff film described in DeCamp's book. Although this testimony has been available to law enforcement officials since mid-October 1992, no official investigation has been made." [3]


This isn't the typical Bohemian Grove expose which claims that the large summer gathering consists entirely of Establishment bigwigs, and that the Cremation of Care ceremony is an occult ritual.  My position is that it's the equivalent of the outermost circle of a high-level satanic cult, intended to sift through those invited to attend, and draw the most potentially useful toward the center of the cult.

  One of the more prominent aspects of the gathering seems to be to puff up the egotism of the newcomers.  The supposed exclusivity of the event is mentioned in almost every account I've read.  Besides being in itself an appeal to luciferic tendencies (egotism/selfishness), it also tends to make them feel as if they're part of the Establishment, and thus transfer their loyalty away from mankind in general to the Establishment.  The participation of high-profile lackeys and the speeches by others are apparently part of this strategy.  Based on what I've seen about the speeches, they're just another variety of disinformation.

  The religious trappings of the Cremation of Care ritual have several purposes, although their main purpose seems to be to create the authorization for the participants to abandon themselves to their lower nature.

  The rest of the two weeks is then a matter of experimenting with various sensual delights, and progressively discarding one's inhibitions against debauchery and even depravity.  The only women allowed are prostitutes, which tends to debase their attitude toward sex and undermine their marriages.  It's classic Hell-Fire Club strategy.

Who Goes There, Really? 

The typical expose of the Bohemian group claims that it consists entirely of high-rollers, but only a handful out of the approximately 1500 attendees are ever identified.   In contrast, early sources indicate that it was created by members of what would become the media, for people with a potential to influence public opinion:

FIRST EDITION. Signed and inscribed by artist members of the California Bohemian Club to fellow artist Peter Ilyin. This was the 39th play to be presented in Sonoma County's Bohemian Grove by members of the San Francisco-based club, which was founded in 1872 as a male only, private society "fostering good fellowship FOR JOURNALISTS AND OTHER WRITERS." Gradually the group expanded to include artistic "gentlemen" from all walks of life, who began to perform al fresco plays in the redwood grove estate purchased by the Club in then rural Sonoma County. These Midsummer Encampments have seen original plays performed nearly every year of this century. [4]

So, there is conflicting information on the type of person who attends.  Because the Grove is isolated, the participants can come and go without being seen by many people.  As far as we know, the reporters who claim that the attendees are all bigwigs could have been put up to it to hide the true nature of the gathering.  Note that Alex Jones, who has recently been characterizing the Bohemian Grove event as exclusive and occultic, has his own radio show and spouts the standard populist rhetoric.  If he were truly anti-Establishment, he would not have his own radio show.

  Although actual Bohemian Club membership is apparently exclusive, the members can invite guests to the annual gathering.  As I stated previously, this indicates a process of drawing select outsiders into the outermost circle of a cult, in order to determine whether they would be suitable for the inner circles.  There might even be more guests than members at the big gathering.   

"Sacrificing Dull Care"

"The Cremation of Care ritual is over one hundred years old and is always the first order of business when these men of industry, government and military [so they say] gather each July. At sundown on the first Saturday of their encampment they enact a bizarre short scripted play (it's always the same) in which they burn an effigy of "Dull Care" at the bottom of a forty foot stone owl. Their rationale is that they carry the cares of the world around on their shoulders and they need a symbolic ritual in order to put it down and enjoy their holiday. Since 1980, activists in Sonoma County have brought this to the attention of anyone who will listen and we began a new tradition with a Resurrection of Care event on the same day." [5]

The phrase "dull care" is derived from an old ditty entitled Begone Dull Care:

Begone Dull Care (Traditional)

Begone, dull care!

I prithee begone from me;

Begone, dull care!

Thou and I can never agree.

Long while thou hast been tarrying here,

And fain thou wouldst me kill;

But i' [in] faith, dull care,

Thou never shalt have thy will.

Too much care

Will make a young man grey;

Too much care

Will turn an old man to clay.

My wife shall dance, and I shall sing,

So merrily pass the day;

For I hold it is the wisest thing,

To drive dull care away.

Hence, dull care,

I'll none of thy company;

Hence, dull care,

Thou art no pair for me.

We'll hunt the wild boar through the wold,

So merrily pass the day;

And then at night, o'er a cheerful bowl,

We'll drive dull care away.[5a]

In the same general time-frame, which corresponds to what Steiner called the Fall of the Spirits of Darkness (the beginning of an epic luciferic/satanic disinformation campaign), strange groups were forming in England as well:

"Tennyson was a founding member of the   Metaphysical Society, with Bulwer-Lytton's protege John Ruskin, Lord John Russell's uncle Lord Arthur Russell, future prime minister Arthur Balfour, and Thomas Huxley.  In 1880, the Metaphysical Society was reorganized, and became the Aristotelian Society.  Lord John Russell's grandson Bertrand Russell became the Aristotelian Society's president....

  Tennyson's unambiguous endorsement of opium abuse was expressed in his well-known poem, 'The Lotus Eaters':

  Let us swear an oath, and keep it with

      an equal mind.

  In the hollow Lotus-land to live

      and lie reclined,

  On the hills like Gods together,

      careless of mankind." [6]

Molech Revealed

The Great Owl of the Bohemian Grove is typically identified as Moloch, the chief god of the Ammorites who lived in Ammon, an eastern section of Canaan.  This form of worship spread to a few other cities in the region, including Tyre and Carthage, where, for example during a siege of the city in 307 B.C., two hundred boys of the best families were burned to death in sacrifice to Moloch.  Some sources claim that "passing through the fire" meant being quickly passed through flames, which would not harm the child, as a means of dedicating the child to the god.  However, there is archeological evidence of actual child sacrifice in areas corresponding to Moloch-worship. [7] This location, known as Gehenna, among other names, became the basis for the popular notion of Hell, which actually doesn't exist, although a person who commits evil deeds on Earth will suffer in the afterlife because of them, and in future lives on Earth.  This is not intended as retribution, but as an evolutionary lesson, as well as compensation.

  My research into the nature of this idol indicates that it resembled a seated human with a bull's head, with its arms extended forward.  Sitchin indicates that the significance of the bull is that it represents the astrological sign of Taurus, and the "New World Order" which was established at the beginning of the last age of Taurus in about 2000 B.C.  Specifically, at that time, Marduk was appointed as "Bel," which means "great god" - i.e. leader of the pantheon of Anunnaki "ET-gods."  Previously, according to Sitchin, Enlil was "the Bel," as in "Brotherhood of the Bell."

  When Marduk became Bel, there was a trend toward monotheism, and all of the gods in the pantheon became aspects of Marduk.  Thus, the term Bel-Moloch referred to Moloch, but as an aspect of Marduk.  I assume this was intended to reflect the spiritual hierarchy, the beings of which are aspects of God.

  The pattern of evidence indicates that the mode of worship adopted for this god was based on his association with fire and the Sun:

"Worshiped as a sun god, Moloch embodied the savage and devastating aspects of the sun's heat." [8]

I was having difficulty in determining whether there was a real god underlying the worship of Moloch until I ran across a reference to a passage in Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine, which as I have stated elsewhere, has been generally heavily influenced by occult orders with a selfish agenda.  Still, the pieces fell into place when I looked up this passage:

During that period which is absent from the Mosaic books -- from the exile of Eden to the allegorical Flood -- the Jews worshipped with the rest of the Semites Dayanisi [Dionysus] "the Ruler of Men," the "Judge," or the SUN. Though the Jewish canon and Christianism have made the sun become the "Lord God" and Jehovah in the Bible, yet the latter is full of indiscreet traces of the androgyne [androgynous] Deity, which was Jehovah the sun, and Astoreth the moon in its female aspect, and quite free from the present metaphorical element given to it. God is a "consuming fire," appears in, and is encompassed by fire." It was not only in vision that Ezekiel (viii., 16) saw the Jews "worshipping the sun." The Baal of the Israelites (the Shemesh of the Moabites and the Moloch of the Ammonites) was the identical "Sun-Jehovah," and he is till now "the King of the Host of Heaven," the Sun....[9]

The key was "Baal of the Israelites (the Shemesh of the Moabites and the Moloch of the Ammonites) was the identical 'Sun-Jehovah,' and he is till now 'the King of the Host of Heaven,' the Sun...."

  A passage beginning on page 117 of the world-shaking 12th Planet by Zecharia Sitchin provided the clues I required to solve the mystery.  There, he mentions that one of the Anunnaki, named Utu/Shamash, was known by several epithets associated with bright light and the Sun.  One example is "Utu ... [the one who] lights up Heaven and Earth."  But the clincher was that "Shamash ... in  Semitic languages, means Sun."

  Sitchin also discovered that Shamash was in charge of all space-related activities, including a spaceport in the Sinai.  This would explain the references to him lighting up the heavens and Earth, a description with which anyone who has witnessed a night-time space shuttle launch would agree.  Sitchin also discovered that the spaceport was nuked in about 2000 B.C., leaving nothing but a vast scorched area which can be seen from space.

  The connection between Jehovah and Shamash appears to be that Shamash was working with Jehovah, a God of Form connected with the Moon.  (Some of the Anunakki, such as Ea/Enki, had to have been initiates.)  The famous Code of Hammurabi was given to him by Shamash, and the Biblical account of Moses obtaining the Ten Commandments indicates that they were delivered to him by Shamash or some of his underlings.  Perhaps they were delivered by rocket-ship to impress their importance upon the Israelites.

  Shamash's connection to rockets would also explain his connection to fire, and references to him as a "consuming fire," of as appearing in, or being encompassed by fire.  The association between fire and "ascending to the god" might have been the argument used for incinerating children by the priestly progenitors of "free trade economists."

  Although it appears that Shamash's association with the fire and the Sun were the inspirations for the way Moloch was worshipped, I assume that he was still considered to be an aspect of Bel, and that the sacrifices were intended for Bel.

Early Child Sacrifice: Evil or Just Plain Stupid?

It is obvious from Ezekiel that Shamash, or his underlings which interfaced with Ezekiel, acting as Jehovah's emissaries, strongly discouraged the veneration of pagan idols, including those which represented themselves, and especially through such means as the atrocious Molochian rites.  So, the sacrifice of children was probably the invention of a priesthood which was at the very least grossly misguided, and at worst demonically possessed (a phenomenon which as reported in the Bible did occur in ancient times).

  Obviously, the parents would rather not have burned their children to death as a means of "improving society," but were convinced by the priesthood that it was necessary.  Today, a similar priesthood continues to recommend ever-greater degrees of "free trade" despite the accumulating evidence that it is DESTROYING society, and parents everywhere mindlessly accede to sacrificing their children to the market-Molech, largely on the "authority" of its wicked priests Adam Smith and Friedrich von Hayek, both of whom had very close ties to the feudal oligarchy.

  I will not presume to know the ulterior motive of the Molochian priests which Daemonalatria [8] describes as dancing around an altar in a frenzy, as if possessed, during sacrifices to Moloch.  Perhaps they truly regarded it as the best possible means of obtaining blessings from their god for their society.

  However, I suspect that the rites, which included the beating of drums were at least partly a Dionysian/Bacchic means of attempting to stimulate the atavistic clairvoyant mode of consciousness which was fading at that time, in order to regress, as Lucifer would have us do, to what Steiner called our "cosmic childhood."    As the intermediaries between the god and the masses, the priesthood would be interested in reviving this atavistic clairvoyance as a source of authority, and their dances around the idol seem to reflect the ancient awareness of the Sun as the home of the highest gods, and the planets as the realms of the lower gods.

  The Luciferic antics conducted in Ascona, Switzerland, which also include wild dances, are echoes of this Luciferic drive to regress consciousness. (See The Lucis Trust by Scott Thompson.)  Note that LSD, which Ascona acolyte Allen Dulles pushed on America in enormous quantities, is a favorite means of the Aquarian Conspiracy for SIMulating this atavistic clairvoyance, which they call "visitation of the gods."  But their actual, hideous goal is to facilitate Lucifer's theft of our free will by stimulating visionary clairvoyance:

"[M]an is perpetually exposed to the danger of having his free will wrested from him and dragged by Lucifer and Ahriman into the Eighth Sphere [the spiritual plane where they are trying to make their own kingdom].

  This happens if the element of free will is transformed, for example, into visionary clairvoyance [hallucinations].  When this is the case, a man is already in the Eighth Sphere.  This is a matter of which occultists are reluctant to speak, because it is an awful, terrible truth." [10]          

Luciferians John Ruskin and his Pre-Raphaelite Society, Emerson, and William James (with his "Variety of Religious Experiences" and nitrous oxide) are examples of people working to regress consciousness in more recent times.

The Grove's Babylonian/Druidic Connection

There is no shortage of evidence that the rituals conducted at Bohemian Grove (the worst of which probably occur during the off-season, when the outer circle is gone) are derived from the rituals of ancient Babylon, Canaan, Phoenicia, and Carthage.  Alex Jones ( videotaped the Cremation of Care ritual, and his website contains transcripts, which include specific references to Babylon and "Goodly Tyre." 

  In fact, the Grove in and of itself is an indication of a Druid heritage.  Although information on Druidism is sketchy because of the eradication of the Sun Mysteries from civilization beginning in the fourth century A.D., there are some sources which trace them back to Phoenicia and the Babylonian pantheon.  The following source indicated that it was "handed down," implying by means of oral tradition.

"Political and religious suppression forced the Druids to go underground. Many thought that the religion had disappeared, but it survived, handed down within families and villages to resurface again in the early eighteenth century." [11]

Here's yet another indication of a connection between Bohemian Grove and Druidism:

"For decades, there have been vague rumors of weird goings on in Bohemian Grove in more remote parts of its 2200 acres. Reliable reports claim Druidic like rituals, druids in red hooded robes marching in procession and chanting to the Great Owl (Moloch.)" [11a]

Alex Jones of, who videotaped the proceedings, has proven that such vestments are worn, and the transcripts of the ritual prayers indicate a Druid-like veneration of trees.  But the Owl is not Moloch.

  This should suffice as evidence that the rituals performed at the Bohemian Grove are ultimately derived from Babylon and its offspring - Canaan, Phoenicia, and Carthage, and as a clue to the identity of the Great Owl.

Giant Owls and Transvestites?

Although I have ruled out the Great Owl as a statue of Moloch, the evidence of a connection between the Bohemian Grove and Babylon is a clue to its true identity.  In addition, one of the prayers used during a ritual at the Grove provides another key piece of evidence:

"O thou, great symbol of all mortal wisdom, Owl of Bohemia, we do beseech thee, grant us thy counsel," [12]

However, according to the video recording which Alex Jones of made of the ceremony, this sentence begins as "O Owl, Prince of."  Whether there is some variation in the actual words used, or whether the first souce quoted above is in error, the main difference in meaning is that the first is gender-neutral, whereas the second reflects a male deity and thus provides a further clue to the identitiy of the owl.

  A simple web-search using the terms "owl" and "symbol" turned up many references to owl as a symbol of Athena, a.k.a. Ishtar, a prominent member of the Babylonian and related pantheons, known among other things as the goddess of wisdom.  (Although the owl is  referred to above as a male deity, it's useful to understand its connection to Ishtar as well, as a means of demonstrating the multiple allegiances of the Cult of Isis.) For example,

"Considered the mascot of Athens, the owl was even named for the goddess Athena, Goddess of Wisdom - scientific name: Athene noctua.

  These birds were abundant in ancient Greece. Athenian coins bore the likeness of Athena on one side and an owl on the other. Indeed, these coins were called "owls." King Arthur's Merlin was always depicted with an owl on his shoulder. The owl is the unrivaled symbol of intelligence." [13]

An additional indication that the owl represents Ishtar is the reported cross-dressing at the Grove.  Since this allegation is so bizarre, I wanted some corroboration.  It didn't take me long to realize that the webpage quotation near the top of this page provides this corroboration, by linking the Bohemian Club to the network exposed by The Franklin Cover-Up.  This network includes The Knights of Ak-Sar-Ben, a group of high-rollers who practically run the state of Nebraska.  The Franklin Cover-Up, at the bottom of page 132 (2nd ed.) states that "Past Ak-Sar-Ben festivity themes included: ... 'Hi-Jinx in Hades.' ["High Jinx" is also part of a name of an activity at the Bohemian Grove.]  Sometimes the men and boys of Ak-Sar-Ben PARADED IN WOMEN'S CLOTHING, OR DRESSED AS EGYPTIAN GODDESSES." [emphasis added]  (Note that Ak-Sar-Ben is "Nebraska" backwards; The Ultimate Evil indicates that creating words by spelling real words backward is a common practice of satanic cults.)

  Even better, there is photographic evidence of DeCamp's statement.  In the illustration-section which follows page 128 of his book, there is a photograph captioned in part as follows: "1923 Ak-Sar-Ben festivity, showing male Ak-Sar-Ben members dressed up as EGYPTIAN DANCING GIRLS."  [emphasis added] 

  The following announcement puts this weird activity into perspective:


Gender ambiguity in the ancient Mediterranean world where the goddess Ishtar was honored by a cult festival characterized by cross-dressing will be the subject of an upcoming lecture.

Anne Draffkorn Kilmer's lecture and slide presentation on "Gender Ambiguity in the Cult of the Goddess Inanna/Ishtar" will begin at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 25, in the Kyle Morrow Room of Fondren Library.

The event, which is free and open to the public, is sponsored by the Center for the Study of Cultures, the Workshop in Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations and the Religious Studies Department of Rice University.

Kilmer, a professor of Assyriology and ancient Near Eastern languages and literature at the University of California-Berkeley, will discuss the ancient Mesopotamian pantheon and the role of the goddess Inanna/Ishtar, said Scott Noegel, a Rice visiting assistant professor of religious studies.

The topic of the lecture speaks to concerns of women and gender studies, Noegel said. Since the divinity is ambiguous in terms of portrayal, this might be of interest in gay and lesbian studies.

During at least one religious festival dedicated to Ishtar the participants would cross dress. Kilmer's lecture also speaks in general to what happened to female deities, such as Ishtar, who was the most important female deity in the Middle East before the rise of monotheistic religions. [14]


The implications should be obvious by now: the Ak-Sar-Ben club and the Bohemian Grove are contemporary manifestations of the ancient Cult of Isis!

Light, Outer and Inner

Recall the following supplication before the Great Owl:

"Oh Owl, Prince of ALL MORTAL WISDOM, Owl of Bohemia, we do beseech thee, grant us thy counsel."

I have placed a stress on "all mortal wisdom," in order to bring attention to the fact that Ishtar, the "Lady of the MEs" (data banks), might have been able to provide information to mankind, but that without the capacity to understand, mankind would not be able to absorb it.  So, there is an inner, God-given aspect to wisdom, which is one meaning of owl symbology.

  The Genesis account of Lucifer tempting Adam and Eve with knowledge is a hint of how "our eyes were opened," in two senses of the phrase: God used Lucifer to give us our intelligence, and it is only because of Lucifer's influence that light became visible. The following quotations from Steiner's works provide some detail on these processes, starting with outer light. 


Whenever we direct our occult vision to a fixed star, we first of all encounter the normal Spirits of Wisdom. The whole heavens would be invisible to physical sight and only visible to clairvoyant consciousness if none but these normal Spirits of Wisdom were active; but everywhere Luciferic spirits are mingled with the normal Spirits of Wisdom, and bring physical light of its own into the world of the fixed star. When at night the starry heaven is illuminated, Phosphorus actually works down upon us from countless points ["a thousand points of light"]: and everywhere in the universe we find the possibility of formation only through the cooperation of the opposing forces; through the combined working of the normal spirits of the hierarchies with those who are rebels  that is, those who have remained behind. Unillumined to physical eyes but visible to spiritual sight, is the starry world through the normal Spirits of Wisdom; it became luminous to physical eyes, it is revealed in Maya [the illusion we consider to be the real world] through Lucifer or the Luciferic spirits who are, and must be, active everywhere. [15]

Now, on to the somewhat more complex subject of "inner light":

The superhuman entities previously mentioned, the leaders in the field of love ["moon gods"], had already been so perfect on the preceding planet that they did not have to [incarnate].

  [A]t the beginning of the formation of the earth, [the luciferic beings] were further advanced than men, but still were at the stage where knowledge must be acquired through inner organs. These beings were in a special position. They were too far advanced to pass through the physical human body [i.e. they could not incarnate], male or female, but on the other hand, were not [sufficiently advanced to] act through full clairvoyance like the leaders of love. They could not yet be beings of love, [but] they could no longer be "men." Thus they could only continue their own development as half superhuman beings, in which they were aided by men. They could speak to creatures with a brain in a language which the latter could understand. [Translation might be a good analogy, as implied below.] Thereby the human soul energy which was turned inward was stimulated, and could connect itself  with knowledge and wisdom [like a translator connects people who speak different languages]. It was thus that wisdom of a human kind first appeared on earth.

  The "half superhuman beings" mentioned above could use this human wisdom in order to achieve for themselves that of perfection which they still lacked. In this manner THEY BECAME THE STIMULATORS OF HUMAN WISDOM. One therefore calls them bringers of light (Lucifer).

[T]he creation of the understanding is related to the activity of the sun. The dawn of the understanding in human nature is the lighting up of an inner sun. This is said not only in a metaphorical, but also in a quite real sense. When the epoch of the fire mist had ebbed from the earth, these spirits found within man an opportunity to resume their activity connected with the sun.

  It now becomes clear whence the name Lucifer, that is, "the bearer of light," originates, and why these beings are designated as "sun gods" in mystery science. [16]              

One must be quite clear about the fact that only later did man assume the dense substantiality which he has today, and that he did this very gradually. If one wants to form an idea of his corporeality on the level of development which is being discussed, one can best do this by imagining it as similar to water vapor or to a cloud suspended in the air. But of course this idea approaches reality in a completely external way. For the fire cloud "man" is internally alive and organized. In comparison to what man became later, however, one must imagine him at this stage as in a state of soul slumber, and as only very dimly conscious. Everything which can be called intelligence, understanding, reason is lacking in this being.

[Eons pass between the preceding and the following]

[Luciferic] beings now acquire power over this upper half ["head"]. In earlier stages of their development, these beings advanced further than men, but not as far as the moon gods. They could not exercise their power in the fire mist [as could the moon gods]. But now that something they themselves had lacked previously [the capacity to understand] has been formed in the human organs of understanding through [the influence of the higher beings on] the fire mist, their time has come.

  At an earlier time [before the fire mist came into being], the moon gods had attained an understanding capable of acting externally [on, for  example, the fire mist].... They could act externally on the things of earth. [But] the lower beings we have just mentioned had not attained such an understanding which acts outwardly. Therefore, the time of the fire mist found them unprepared [to influence it].

  Now, however, [a capability to understand] is present. It exists in men. These beings seize upon this human understanding in order to act on the things of earth by means of it.  [Elsewhere, Steiner indicates that our urge to create is a luciferic tendency, whereas the urge to destroy is satanic.]

   Thus man comes under a double leadership [Love and Wisdom]. In his lower part he is under the power of the moon gods; in his developed personality, however, he comes under the leadership of those entities which are summed up under the name "Lucifer," the name of their regent.

  The Luciferic gods thus complete their own development by making use of the awakened human powers of understanding....  At the same time they give man the predisposition to freedom, to the discrimination between "good" and "evil."

  While it is true that the human organ of understanding has been formed entirely under the leadership of the moon gods, these gods would have left it to slumber; they were not interested in making use of it [because] they possessed their own powers of understanding. In their own interest, the Luciferic beings were concerned with developing the human understanding and directing it toward the things of earth [which opened us up to Ahriman's/Satan's influence]. Thereby for men THEY BECAME THE TEACHERS OF ALL THAT CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED BY THE HUMAN UNDERSTANDING. But they could not be anything more than stimulators.... With their guidance man had to learn to find the laws of his being. Under Lucifer's leadership he himself had to become as "one of the gods." [17]              

We are able to understand each other as easily as we do only because the Luciferic powers gave us this common intelligence.  Intelligence - this Luciferic spirituality - came into being because Michael [acting on behalf of God] imbued humanity with Luciferic influences....  [L]uciferic spirituality, which we think of as our intelligence, is widely consdered today as the most distinctive characteristic." [18]                     

The following quotations are from Evil, a collection of lectures by Steiner [available through various on-line bookstores]:


"Ever since the Lemurian epoch ... [luciferic] forces made our inner life the focal point of their attack, by infiltrating our desires, impulses, and passions.  There were two consequences of this:  we were able to become free ... [from] the sway of divine, spiritual beings....  But ... we also had to accept our potential for evil arising through our passions, emotions and desires." p 100

Lucifer's influence was primarily one towards freedom, enabling [mankind] to overcome a passive submission to random external powers, allowing them ... a capacity for acting independently. p 103

But ... [Lucifer's] influence ... dragged them down ... [and] made their desires and actions, their whole being in fact of a lower nature than it would have been [otherwise]." p103

"How, then, does the luciferic influence act?  It penetrates into the astral body and is thus able to work upon all three 'bodies' of the human being - astral, etheric and physical....  In the etheric it brings about IMPULSES OF FALSEHOOD AND LYING." P103, emphasis added

"[T]hrough Lucifer there arises selfishness [egotism] in the astral body, lying and FALSEHOOD in the etheric body, and SICKNESS AND DEATH in the physical body." p 104

"The ahrimanic influence is therefore a result of the luciferic: Lucifer takes possession of [i.e. penetrates and influences] us from within, and we are as a result susceptible to attack from without [by beings from Ahriman's subphysical realm]. p 100


This will hopefully provide some idea of how we obtained what we call intelligence.  There is much more to it, but the upshot for purposes of this section is that Lucifer is associated with wisdom, knowledge, freedom, egotism, falsehood, sickness, and death.  Keep these traits in mind for later.

  Lucifer incarnated in approximately 3000 B.C. into a Chinese nobleman, who then became a teacher. [19]  So, not only was he involved in giving us our reason and free will, but he also provided mankind with what Steiner calls, on the same page, "the pre-Christian, pagan culture which still survived in the gnosis of the earliest Christian centuries."  Interestingly, Blavatsky indicates that the Oriental Cabala is the original:

[According to HPB, these branches were all sourced in "the great Oriental mother-root" and its "primitive Oriental Cabala" -- Cabala meaning (esoteric) "tradition." Then she briefly traces some of its branchings, alluding to the Egyptian, Pythagorean, and Greek mysteries, primitive Christianity, its early Gnostic divisions, and their relation to the origin of the Rosicrucian brotherhood in the 13th century.]

As alchemists and conjurers they [the Rosicrucians] became proverbial. Later . . . they gave birth to the more modern Theosophists, at whose head was Paracelsus, and to the Alchemists. . . .

The Rosicrucian Cabala is but an epitome of the Jewish and the Oriental ones combined, the latter being the most secret of all. The Oriental Cabala, the practical, full, and only existing copy, is carefully preserved at the headquarters of this Brotherhood in the East, and, I may safely vouch, will never come out of its possession. . . .[20]

The Cult of Isis Adopts Lucifer

There are a few more direct indications linking Lucifer and Ishtar.  Among many other titles, Ishtar was known as "The Lightbringer," "Light of the World," "Exalted Light of Heaven," and "Torch of Heaven and Earth."  Ishtar is also known as Venus, and according to Steiner, Lucifer is the planetary being of Venus. [21]

  The statue of her in New York Harbor, which is known as the Statue of Liberty (designed by a French Freemason), carries a torch and a book, symbolizing intelligence and information, two components of wisdom.  The torch is also a symbol of a future role of Lucifer.  Note the statue's similarity to the Colossus of Rhodes, which was dedicated to Ishtar's brother, Shamash/Helios, the Sun God (which is also a designation for luciferic beings).

  While searching the web for information on the significance of owl symbology, I found, along with indications that it represents Athena/Ishtar, indications that it represents various qualities besides wisdom which Steiner connects with Lucifer.  One web page mentions several cultures that regard the owl as an omen of death, or as evil. [22]

  This common symbology almost certainly indicates that Ishtar's priesthood, which became known as the Cult of Isis, adopted Lucifer's agenda when the Anunnaki had completed their task of establishing mankind on the physical plane, and withdrew into the background to allow mankind to exercise his free will and reason while preventing us from destroying the planet.

  The sacrifices to Moloch are a good example of this luciferic influence, since as I noted above they were probably intended as an attempt to regress the consciousness of the participants to the atavistic (outmoded) unthinking clairvoyance which was fading at that time.  They saw this as begging the gods to "speak" to them.

The Great Owl: Symbol of The Cult of Isis

In the final analysis, the Great Owl symbolizes the Cult of Isis, by symbolizing all four of its gods:  Ishtar, Lucifer, and by virtue of the associated flames representing abandonment to Lucifer-stimulated desires, Dionysus and the "greater Moloch," Satan.  The main difference between the original form of sacrifice and the Establishment's current mode of sacrificing its minions to Satan is that their bodies aren't cremated, but hijacked.

  So, if you're ever invited to attend the annual Bohemian bacchanalia [23], you might want to consider politely declining.

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