The Reptilian Issue

By Don Bradley

Lately, a great many people have asked about and written me regarding the lizard population on this planet. Usually, the first thing expressed is fear and foreboding, or it’s a fishing expedition, just to get my take on things. Either way—genuine inquiry or data-mining—my response is always the same, these days, and it seems prudent to then go at length and discuss this in an article which may expand upon certain themes, give clarity to fine points, and/or otherwise make sense of the whole mess.

Of course, it may be stretch to hope for that, but what the heck.

The first point that needs to be made clear here is that the lizard, reptile, or kinsmen population has been here for a very, very long time—deep into the dark abyss of antiquity. It’s well-known now and has been well-established by historical research into every culture that the “slit-eyes” have been around awhile. In Biblical lore, they are known as fallen angels, who bred with women they found fair and produced this hybrid race that is now ruling the world. Canaanites. Very accurate, in a general way. The specifics are a closely guarded secret, even among the purer bloodlines. Only the keepers of the secrets hold the real truths, and these keepers guard these written truths with their lives. These keepers are found on every continent, are usually women, and their quintessential book of shadows and secrets are handed down generation to generation. Getting access to those documents requires the ability to move beyond light and shadow, and the ability to function squarely in the higher frequencies. Even then, there are guardians around them that “watch” for any approach towards these holy of holies. In the end, the knowledge is mostly useless, for the purposes of our discussion here. What does it matter, how the thing happened? The real issue, what is reality now and what is our place, purpose, and modality of existence in the here and now?

So, we come to the main point straight-away. How do those of us that are outside of the network of the lizard empire—freejacks—function in a world that sees us as clueless morons they’d rather see dead?

Our reality is shaken when this becomes apparent in our life. We see those around us who shift; whose eyes turn black as pitch; whose pupils become slits; whose skin turns an off-green and becomes mottled. These are the purer bloodlines; those who can and have been bred over the centuries with men and women to keep their blood DNA and other metaphysical properties responsive to lower etheric pathways, as well as providing a modicum of lower clairvoyance and very often, a useful reservoir of power by the knowledge and practical application of the power emanating from the lower centers. This combination allows them a step up in the manipulation of the world around them to their own, personal ends, and in serving the greater needs of the network. When you combine the above with their heightened knowledge of mind control, sexual energies, and other primal consciousness aspects of the human/hybrid condition, you have before you a very cunning, sly man, woman, or child who is always looking to exert their will over yours so that every advantage can be secured by them in achieving their goals. Whatever those goals happen to be for the moment.

For what the above describes, this is your basic lizard person. They laugh, have goals and plans, seek to please those above them in the network, and seek to improve their own place on earth and rule over those lower on the network, sometimes cruelly, very often with kindness, but always with contempt. For that is one of the invariable aspects of their character. Sad to say.

People are people, wherever you go, it is said. Well, yes and no. The human drama for some people is very often different for others. Do kinsmen want love? Sure, same as you or me.

Although our perceptions of what love is and how it is expressed varies because of our soul’s leanings toward whichever spiritual reality we gravitate toward, it is about differing frequencies of love. Imagine a woman, very beautiful, that sees love from the perception of serving the network: arranged marriages that are sexually open—given the orgies and sexual congress of that group, as well as the high percentile of bisexual members of the network—serving their ambitions, and serving their desires. Is that love? To them, yes. That is love. For desire is a lower frequency of love, but it is love all the same. Physical love, emotional love, possessive love, sexual love, controlling love, jealous love, etc, are all frequencies of love. These are just lower frequencies, the ones that lead to problems, issues, constant infighting, and all the modern problems that plague the relationships of our time.

These are the kinds of love that movies are made out of, and romance novels are written about, and the like. It’s these kinds of lower, base loves that we listen to in our music, read about, or watch on television. Rarely do we hear about any other kind of love, unless it is the kind of love which serves some kind of political agenda, like the “brotherhood of men” kind of love where we are supposed to happily let ourselves get slaughtered in foreign wars, because the new credo is “I no longer know why I am here on the front lines, but I am here because my ‘buddies’ and I are a team.” Well, that is true, working for the group, to serve and protect it, is a higher form of love than those previously mentioned, but it is a form that is manipulated for propaganda and brain-washing of the troops, so you can get the grunts to go kill and be killed while you sit at home and control the world. That is manipulated love. Much like the kind of love when someone starts yelling and crying to get what they want, as a small child might, even though there is nothing physically or emotionally wrong with them.

In short, it’s a pure manipulation of higher frequency love energy for lower purposes. These are the kinds of love allowed to be discussed in the world and the media in general. These are the loves given to women and men as the only kind available to be expressed.

Except for the occasional standout, that gives wholly for the welfare of others, without thought of themselves and the danger they bring to themselves, love in our time is pretty much self-serving, bogus, and manipulated toward a stunted life expression that is cold-blooded.

Can the world benefit from breaking away from the kinds of selfish love that hold it in bondage? Absolutely. Will it? Anything is possible.

Exactly, this is the point. We are all here together on earth. Those that follow the dark gods and always have and those who want to break the vicious cycle and move forward. Now, that makes for a choice: freewill.

We know already that killing in response to killing just makes killers of us all. We are slaves being controlled by the slave-masters. This must be seen for what it is. And, once seen, conscious choices regarding our own lives must be made that rise above the normal pattern of things laid down for our control and slavery.

Our first priority is to gain knowledge of reality, be honest with ourselves, and attempt to find those life modalities that are above and beyond the regular modes given to us by our “masters.” Once discovered, the best way to move on is to try to live, know and be, those modalities.

That means giving love in return for hate. Kindness for contempt. Clarity for confusion. Honesty for lies. And so on.

This is what Christ spoke about, if you read his words carefully. And many other prophets from all over the world, in different ages.

When handed scorn, contempt, and ridicule, return that serving with understanding, love, and patience.

These are the things I’ve learned over the years. Throwing bricks at lizards, getting into pissing matches with them, is simply playing at their level and let me tell you, they are masters of what they do. Masters. It’s better to shift the game to a new set of rules and realities, where at least you bring something better, nobler, and of which the outcome can be different than it always has been, and for thousands of years.

Our Divine Father has them on Earth. For a reason. We are here, too. For a reason. Be something better than a lying, two-faced killer of emotional manipulation and lust for power and it may well be that come one fine day, you’ll find yourself free.

In ways beyond your imagination.