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Britain's sex slave shame

TRAPPED: Mimi from Thailand
TRAPPED: Mimi from Thailand

Girl sold for £28k must bed 600 punters to pay off her 'debt' By Mahzer Mahmood, Investigations Editor, 22/08/2010

THAI beauty Mimi journeyed across the world dreaming of a better life in Britain but was duped into paying a sickening price - sordid sex with 14 men a day.

She's been forced to bed 5,000 vice punters in the last year alone and must submit to 600 more before her 'debt' to vile vice traffickers is paid off.



BUSTED: Cop makes arrest on Barking Brothel
BUSTED: Cop makes arrest on Barking Brothel

Our undercover team probed the disgusting slave trade as a hard-hitting report from the Association of Chief Police Officers this week revealed 2,600 women have been hustled into the country by criminal gangs and strong- armed into working as prostitutes to meet fees of up to £30,000.


And, following a tip-off from the News of the World, cops raided two brothels on Friday, shut them down and made two arrests.


We told detectives of the tatty terraced house in Barking, east London, where Mimi sat nervously on a bed in just a cheap black basque and in faltering English told us: "My contract is £28,000. I have to pay money."

Desperate to escape poverty in her homeland, Mimi - who's in her 30s - was easy prey for the traffickers. They lure girls with the prospect of lucrative hotel and restaurant jobs.


Investigation Editor Mazher Mahmood discovers the girls who are forced to have sex to pay for their freedom

Only when they arrive here do they learn the horrifying truth - they are shackled to pimps for years until the exorbitant debt for bringing them here is covered.




"I work hard here and at other places," said Mimi "I give money to my boss."

But Mimi, like the other girls, is terrified that once the debt is paid the pimp will simply have her deported. "I have no visa," she admitted. "I cannot go to the police."


Mimi was ferried to the vice den with other girls each day from a flat they share in nearby Leytonstone.


The Barking operation was fronted by their madam, Irish pensioner Mary James. When a reporter called and asked what services were on offer Mary replied: "We have Maria and Michelle today, my love. Maria is the Maltese lady and Michelle is the Afro-Caribbean lady. Prices go from £30 for full personal love."


In reality their business was lust not love, and with peeling wallpaper on the walls and cash up front it couldn't be more impersonal. James introduced our man to Maria, who then quickly and unquestioningly handed over our £30 fee to the grey-haired madam.

MARIA: From Malta
MARIA: From Malta



In a filthy bedroom, Maria said: "I do everything with a condom. Sex and oral is included in the price."


As with Mimi, our reporter turned down Maria's offer of sex, made an excuse and left. On another visit call girl Naomi gave our investigator a price list.

She nervously told us: "Thirty pounds is straight sex with condom. It's £40 for 20 minutes, half an hour is £60 and one hour is £120.


"Its my first day today. I'm from Sierra Leone in Africa."


Quickly realising she'd said too much, she added: "Actually I'm French, I lived in France, in Paris. I'm French."


We were alerted to the girls' plight by a concerned ex-employee at the brothel. "I was shocked to work alongside these girls and find out just how badly they're treated," our source explained.


NAOMI: From Sierra Leone
NAOMI: From Sierra Leone


"They really are sex slaves but they're so scared of the madam and the thugs that control them that they put up with it. They can't run away because their families back home get threatened and they can't go to the police because they're here illegally."

According to the top cops' report, Setting The Record, one in six of the 17,000 foreign vice girls in England and Wales has been brought here by traffickers.


We found more at a seedy flat in Shepherd's Bush, west London, where the meagre reward for selling their bodies was just £10 a time and a plate of noodles.


Chinese madam Moon has no sympathy. Shockingly she claims she's an exemplary boss. "You have to control the girls, you have to be strict with them," she told our reporter. "Some people hit them when they don't work properly. I don't. I treat them nice so they are happy with me and do what I tell them."

KEE KEE: From Japan
KEE KEE: From Japan



In a small room lit by a single red bulb, Moon told our man: "Straight sex and oral for a short time is £40 and for half an hour it's £60. If you want special services it's more. I have two new girls - KeeKee from Japan and Annie from Hong Kong. Both are very good and do a good service."


With our cash in her pocket, Moon introduced 21-year-old KeeKee, dressed in cream negligée and G-string. She quickly stripped off and urged our man to have sex with her.


When he made his excuse and said he had to leave, KeeKee panicked - fearful that he would complain to Moon. She only calmed down when our man insisted she had done nothing to displease him.



Moments later, we saw fellow vice girl Annie, 25, bidding farewell to a middle-aged punter. She told how she is forced to work around the clock for her masters.

ANNIE: From China
ANNIE: From China



"I sleep at night," she said. "But when a customer comes I have to wake up and work - 2 o'clock, 3 o'clock, 4 o'clock."


Another reporter approached Moon pretending he wanted to recruit her for his own brothel and she bragged: "I have girls from China, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Burma and Mongolia. Korea and Mongolia is good now because they don't have jobs. They are poor which is good for this business. I give them good food, noodles and fried chicken, so the girls are happy."


Korean hooker Jeni, 27, was so "happy" at the brothel she engineeered her own escape and told us: "If the customers pay £60 we can hope to get £15, but mostly we get £10.


"We have to work to pay the boss for the flights and the trouble of bringing us here. It means we could be working for years without actually getting any money."