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"I found it interesting that the Cuban Watergate burglars—who were later given a $200,000 payoff by the CIA—were looking for the air-conditioning plans for the hotels in Miami, when later it was discovered that Legionnaire's Disease may have come through the air-conditioning ducts. There is the capability to use germs to neutralize people. The CIA has the germs. Legionnaire's Disease has the exact symptoms of a disease they were experimenting with at Fort Detrick, Maryland. When you hear of weapons control, you think of guns, tanks, planes, but you don't hear that they're selling germs, or that Nixon ordered Richard Helms to destroy the germs at Fort Detrick and Helms didn't. Nixon was put out as a bad man, isolated and ridiculed, but Helms went on to become ambassador to Iran and is immune to perjury charges." The Mind of Mae Brussell

The main Brussell thesis, if I dare risk commit the sin of summary on her complex work, was that an ex-Nazi scientist-Old Boy OSS clique in the CIA using Mafia hit men changed the course of American history this past quarter-century by bumping off one and all, high and low, who became an irritant to them. She believed the Manson family was set up by counterintelligence types to blacken the image of anti-war-music-and-youth longhairs who were becoming a threat to the dominant culture and that Jonestown was a medical and mind-control experiment in getting rid of undesirables. [1988] CIA-Mafia conspirators can rest easier by Warren Hinckle

 "Without control of labor and energy you cannot maintain power over people" CARMEL CLOSEUP: Mae Brussell

"I am against the constant destruction of evidence in criminal matters and political assassinations. Prime witnesses are murdered before or after testifying. Diaries are forged and planted in obvious places. Doubles are created to confuse. The Police Departments manipulate facts in cooperation with conspirators. I am outraged that our judicial system since 1947 has been patterned after Nazi Germany." - Mae Brussell

The U.S. Army got interested in LSD for interrogation purposes in 1950. After May, 1956, until 1975, the U.S. Army Intelligence and the U.S. Chemical Corps "experimented with hallucinogenic drugs."
    The CIA and Army spent $26,501,446 "testing" LSD, code name EA 1729, and other chemical agents. Contracts went out to forty-eight different institutions for testing. The CIA was part of these projects. They concealed their participation by contracting to various colleges, hospitals, prisons, mental hospitals, and private foundations.
    The LSD I will refer to is the same type of LSD that the CIA used because of the similarity of symptoms between their reports and what happened to musicians or hippies after 1967. We shall be speaking of CIA-LSD, not pure LSD.
    Government agents and the ability to cause permanent insanity, identical to schizophrenia, without physician or family knowing what happened to the victim.
"No physical examination of the subject is required prior to the administration of LSD. A physician need not be present. Physicians might be called for the hope they would make a diagnosis of mental-breakdown which would be useful in discrediting the individual who was the subject of CIA interest. Richard Helms, CIA Director, argued that administering drugs, including poisonous LSD, might be on individuals who are unwitting as this is the only realistic method of maintaining the capability considering the intended operational use to influence human behavior as the operational targets will certainly be unwitting."---Senate Report to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities", Book I, page 401, April 1976.
    When the first reports came out that the CIA could administer a tasteless substance into the beverage of one of their most responsible co-workers, and drive that man into a mental institution, or cause him to jump out of a window to his death, all existing CIA records were destroyed.
    Hippies and musicians, previously normal and creative, with families and loved ones identical to Dr. Frank Olson, responded in the same manner as Dr. Olson after their introduction to the same drugs.
U.S. agents were able to destroy any persons reputation cause by inducing hysteria or excessive emotional responses, temporary or permanent insanity, suggest or encourage suicide, erase memory, invent double or triple personalities inside one mind, prolong lapses of memory, teach and induce racism and hatred against specific groups, cause subjects to obey instructions on the telephone or in person, hypnotically assure no memory remains of the assignments.
    While pure LSD is usually 160 micrograms, the CIA was issuing 1600 micrograms. Some of their LSD was administered to patients at Tulane University who already had wired electrodes in their brain.
    Was being crazy an occupational disease of being a musician? Or does this LSD, tested and described in Army documents, explain how a cultural happening that was taking place in 1967-68 could be halted and altered radically? [1976] OPERATION CHAOS The CIA's War Against the Sixties Counter-Culture by Mae Brussell

 Imported narcotics, on CIA planes and otherwise, serve three purposes important to the federal government.
    First, it is good business, exceeding war profits. The drug dealers work with the intelligence and military in many ways. Profits gained from drug traffic help support racist projects, including political conspiracies and assassinations.
    Second, provocateurs and police agents purposely push narcotics into the ghettos to control the minorities. According to Louis Tackwood, the Los Angeles Police Dept. supplied drugs, as do other police agencies.
    Third, the necessary violence and crime in the streets caused by supporting drug habits requires more police, local helicopters, surveillance, arrests without warrants, framing selected patsies by planting evidence on the premises, and makes the law enforcement agent protector of our life and property. [1973] Why Is the Senate Watergate Committee Functioning As Part of the Cover-Up? by Mae Brussell

"When JFK made peace overtures with Khruschev or Castro, or talked about banning nuclear weapons," this presented a loss of cheap labor, of nuclear power over people, and of special interest groups' hope to regain their lost landholdings (the White Russians). He had to be done away with.
    The CIA, she says, "assassinates heads of states and rulers of countries wherever people had a chance for liberation – Greece, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, etc. They supply military assistance, send in arms and assassinate their leaders."
...........   "John Kennedy's coat and the X-rays are locked up for 75 years. We should be able to see if there are any more holes in it. I resent that we can't see these things. The material should be available to any expert in forensic medicine. When you have secrets, you have more deaths."
...............She continues: "I want a list of the people who destroyed physical evidence. Kennedy's car was airlifted to Washington and then to Dearborn, Michigan where the interior was completely ripped out and destroyed. There was no ballistic examination of the seats or dashboard. How many bullets were there and from what direction did they come? Who gave the order to destroy the interior of that car?
    "There was a lamppost and a street sign removed from in front of the school book depository. Governor Connally's clothing was sent immediately to the dry cleaners and thus destroyed as evidence (for bullet entry and exit wounds).
    "Oswald's State Department papers were burned 'as a result of Thermofaxing.'
    "You can only solve a murder by knowing who's destroying the evidence.
    "I want to find out who destroys it. And who controls the trials on these men (the assassins)? CARMEL CLOSEUP: Mae Brussell

I personally believe the JFK assassination was an intelligence operation, and that Oswald was a government agent. I'd like to do a book on Oswald, showing how our society can take a person into military service, train him, set him loose, and use him -- then turn its back, lock him up, or kill him when he has done his work. Oswald was expendable; he was a 'throw-away person.' If you care for my view, he was framed, defamed, and then murdered.
.................The biggest problem for the researcher is that the average person can't even conceive of the possibility of conspiracies. But if enough people realized the truth, they could end the devastating process that has kept us constantly at war to protect the financial interests of a small group of people.
Playgirl Interview

Bowart's allegations about the CIA using ultrasonic waves on the human brain to control the behavior pattern of entire cities confirms information I received in 1974 about the same project.    A reliable source of information told me that a radio tower and a tall bank tower in San Francisco were going to extend a beam to have virtual radio control of that entire city. He informed me that the radio frequencies would make meditation impossible. The radio towers were being utilized for future control of our minds.    The same week that I received this information, an article in the Los Angeles Times appeared mentioning the use of radio beams over large cities to control the population. Conspiracy Digest newsletter interview with Mae

She had alleged in a radio broadcast that the Manson Family was working with the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department to commit mass murders. Conspiracy Theorist Mae Brussell Dies of Cancer

As a quick introduction to some major members of the "Secret Team" that Mae began to not only adroitly identify, but also, pin down their team position ... do the names Richard Secord, John Singlaub, Thomas Clines, Theodore Shackley or Fritz Kraemer mean anything to you? Have you noticed any peculiar connections? Richard Secord is a senior Air Force General, John Singlaub – a highly placed Army General, and both are identified with official Joint Chiefs of Staff decisions. Thomas Clines and Theodore Shackley both are former CIA operatives specifically involved with clandestine operations (most of which are so covert that the Congress was never informed.) 
Fritz Kraemer for many years was Plans Officer at the Pentagon. Mae identified him as "Number One" most powerful person in the United States. She suspected that he was the very same Fritz Kraemer who was very high up in Hitler's regime and personally responsible for extremely strategic fascist atrocities in WWII. Mae believed they were the same man, but she never had any solid evidence and she always made the distinction between supposition and proven fact. All of these men are identified as being major players in what Mae, and increasingly more, political analysts have called "The Secret Team". Mae believed and was prominent in the movement to prove the existence of a covert power group comprised of military, and more significantly, major corporate business concerns. They (the Secret Team) are a chain of wide-ranging, long standing, government over-riding (sometimes usurping) corporations and governmental structures throughout the Western "Free World" sphere of influence. Generally they operated within, and/or in the crevices of, the U.S. government heirarchy. Eyes Wide Open

"Once the people are terrorized, you can force a police state on them. The San Francisco Chronicle recently ran an article with the headline, "A Constant Watch on Radicals Urged." The article talks about a report made to a California Senate Subcommittee, based on the recommendations of a 63-page manual. Where did this manual come from? They don't even know who or what the S.L.A. is yet, but the manual is there, and the report is ready within five weeks of the Hearst kidnapping. They recommend increased security for homes and offices, a constant watch on "radicals" such as blacks, chicanos, and labor organizations, and a neighborhood spy on every block. This is Nazi Germany."--Mae Brussell INSIDE THE HEARST KIDNAPPING

There is a tendency to simplify the culprits, such as trying to blame the C.I.A. alone for the Watergate affair, or other political assassinations and conspiracies. The fact is that the Pentagon, all branches of the armed forces, and the combined intelligence agencies work together in these plots. Extermination, murder, brain mutilation, electrode implants, and torture are nothing but a continuation of policies begun in Nazi Germany and imported into the United States during World War II. Mae Brussell INSIDE THE HEARST KIDNAPPING

The evidence of planned genocide is there, right in front of us, if we take the trouble to piece it together. Mae Brussell INSIDE THE HEARST KIDNAPPING

The FBI has been behind every domestic conspiracy for the past thirty years. The intelligence agencies provided the safe houses, the agents, the weapons, and the funding. Mae Brussell INSIDE THE HEARST KIDNAPPING

Lawrence Kwong made an assassination attempt against Jim Dunbar, a well-known radio personality in San Francisco. Kwong held a weapon up to a glass window at KGO, while Dunbar was on the air. The alarming statement that a killer was at the window went out over the air. Then Kwong went inside the building, and killed an employee named Ben Munsen. Following that, he ran down the street and committed suicide. There is good reason to believe that Kwong was surgically programmed to commit this violence. Secrecy regarding his purchase of the weapon, previous hospital care, trip to Hawaii, and autopsy strongly suggest a conspiracy in this case. The "official" investigation was very hushed up, and left more room for doubts than questions answered.  Mae Brussell INSIDE THE HEARST KIDNAPPING

This serves as an alternative to some of the recent elaborate plane crashes, involving the deaths of hundreds of innocent people, which have been arranged to disguise the murder of the one or more people aboard who were the real targets. Mae Brussell INSIDE THE HEARST KIDNAPPING

The usual pattern is for the media to clumsily reveal about half of the story. The other half -- such as evidence that conspiracies exist -- is carefully covered up. Only enough is "revealed" to program the public, convince them they are being told what is going on, confuse them, and throw them off the track. Mae Brussell INSIDE THE HEARST KIDNAPPING

The criminal conspiracy section of the L.A.P.D., described by Louis Tackwood in his book, "The Glass House Tapes," sent DeFreeze to the California Medical Facility, at Vacaville, which is famous for its behavior modification programs.
    Since DeFreeze had been certified by the L.A.P.D. as a man who "had no identity of his own," the behavior modification people at Vacaville decided to give him one. They profiled him after Ruchell Magee, a student of law, a black man who is serving time at San Quentin prison. DeFreeze took the name of "Cinque," a black slave leader, which was also Magee's chosen name for himself. Mae Brussell INSIDE THE HEARST KIDNAPPING

Around the time that Kennedy died in Dallas, Jack Ruby had been in the company of two known hypnotists. One of them was CIA agent David Ferrie, from New Orleans. The other was Billie Del Mar, who was then entertaining in Jack Ruby's Carousel Club. Del Mar fled from Dallas the day of the Kennedy assassination, and was never called to testify before the Warren Commission. Mae Brussell INSIDE THE HEARST KIDNAPPING

The extent and scope of these methods of ordering behavior and erasing memory, following these acts of murder, has to be exposed. You can erase the memory of a murder from a person's mind through hypnosis. You can also implant the conviction that a man has committed a murder, when in fact, he has not.
    This happened in the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, where it was suggested to Sirhan Sirhan, by his psychiatrist, how he killed Robert Kennedy. Evidence exists to disprove this theory. Mae Brussell INSIDE THE HEARST KIDNAPPING

Hundreds of political assassinations related to minority races, labor leaders, spokesman against Fascism have taken place in the U.S. since World War II. In 1963 the political assassination of President John Kennedy in Dallas became necessary for our own hidden, clandestine government to maintain control. The candidate for President in 1968, Robert Kennedy, was murdered by the same people on the night of his victory in election primaries. United States law courts, plus the Supreme Court, have supported this clandestine government and military regime by lending their name to the concealment of the conspiracies to murder our leaders. They refuse to examine documents that exist, allow truth to remain locked in the National Archives on the basis of the lie, "national security." How Nixon Actually Got Into Power

Adolph Hitler declared war in 1941. By 1942 Allen Dulles was moved to Switzerland for the purpose of rounding up and importing to the United States, German "specialists." Two years before the war ended, or its fate was decided, the United States was making arrangements for Nazi scientists, arms experts to come to our democracy (for which the boys were fighting and dying at that moment).(12) How Nixon Actually Got Into Power

"We are going to see a great number of articles in the future from so-called experts and public officials. They will warn about more violence, more kidnappings, and more terrorists. Mass media, the armed forces, and intelligence agencies will saturate our lives with fascist scare tactics and 'predictions' that have already been planned to come true." ---'Conspiracy theorist' Mae Brussell, 1974 (sourced)

From 1945 until 1952 the U.S. military brought over 642 alien "specialists" and their families from nazi Germany. They were known collectively by the code name "paperclip." German missile and rocket experts, munition makers, war experts were carefully selected and located into aerospace programs, war industries, armament factories, defense and warfare manufacturing.(13) How Nixon Actually Got Into Power

Richard Nixon, like Adolph Hitler, is a patchwork quilt. Both men represent the sum total of all murders, secret plans, behind-the-scene covert imaginations that created their existence. They were hand-sewn and designed by identical masters. It was a community project between persons from Nazi Germany and the United States military and intelligence agencies. 
They are in power today, continuing mass murders, political assassinations. How Nixon Actually Got Into Power

Over FOUR HUNDRED POLITICAL ASSASSINATIONS of legitimate government officials from various agencies in Germany took place during that period. These murders were necessary for the desired power and position the hidden German government needed.  German law courts, plus their Supreme Court, assisted the growing military regime from 1920-1933. How Nixon Actually Got Into Power