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Dr. Michele Brill-Edwards on Government Corruption - Bills C-51&C-52

"There is a cozy relationship between industry and the government regulators that operates in secrecy"

After listening to this "Critical Dialogue with Dr. Michele Brill-Edwards" there should be no doubt what so ever that most bills are instigated by the industry. Such bills certainly are not mere occasional aberration made by well intentioned, albeit misguided public servants. Only those individuals* with no scruples and no shame who abide by the industrial Mafia dictates get selected to be promoted to positions of power. Hence this has now become a nearly a complete systemic overtake by the industry of our public institutions. And will require considerable push back.

Inge Hanle put it well:

Laws such as these can only be implemented when the population fails to scrutinize and remain vigilant, and falls unquestioningly for the propaganda camouflage. It can also occur when a people permit government activity "in SECRET"- with no provision for mandatory disclosure or "freedom to information". (Harper has just scraped the access to "freedom of information" provisions previously available, enshrining more secrecy!.)

*Harper must be tired of hearing the media report daily on his/his parties’ unethical conduct or reports of possible illegal activity.

Surely, with the history of the past century, we should be able to recognize the nature and potential/predictable misuse of dictatorial, totalitarian legislation when we see it. Why are we not outraged at the litany of draconian legislation that has descended on us since 9-11!!!!! Bill C 51 is just one more that fits perfectly into this puzzle - the continuous entrenchment of the same agenda, nailed down in yet another area - this time "your health". i.h.

This interview should be very helpful to thwart the
emergency brigade whitewashing that is going to take place across the country to manufacture consent, and quell the uprising on Bills C-51 and C-52. What many may not be aware, that while we may have been able to prevent 2nd reading of Bill C-51, much draconian legislation in secrecy of course may very well have been incorporated in Bill 52 which did pass 2nd reading!

Chris Gupta

Did you know that there is MUCH more to Bill C51?
Do you think it's JUST natural health products??
Check out what else this Bill C 51 is going to allow the government to do:

-Enter private property without a warrant Section 23.4
-Confiscate your property at their discretion Section 23.2 a
-Dispose of your property at their discretion Section 23.3 c
-Seize your bank accounts without a warrant
-Charge you for shipping and storage of your property Section 23.3a-b
-Store your property Indefinitely without paying you for damages Section 23.2 d
-Levy fines of up to $5,000,000.00 / 2 years in jail per offence.

Critical Dialogue with Dr. Michele Brill-Edwards

20:40 minutes, 19 Mb mp3 interview file is here.

Host: healthymindbodyplanet.org

Show Notes:
Dr. Michele Brill-Edwards, former senior physician with Health Canada shares her first hand experiences with how Big Pharma influences and interferes with government regulators in their work to protect Canadians health.

We caught up with Dr. Brill-Edwards during our stop in Ottawa, on the cross Canada, Healthy Mind Body Planet Tour.
Before driving to the train, she sat down with us in a small urban park. Under the warmth of an early spring day we learned how deeply systemic the problems are with drug regulation and approvals in Canada. But despite the power of Big Pharma, and the intentional inadequacies within the bureaucracy charged with protecting our health we find an ally in the struggle to inform and activate for positive change.

Interview by Angela Bischoff on April 13, 2006

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