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C-51 Committee on Health Outcome - Report From The Trenches

Here is a follow up from Trueman, who has been fending for our concerns from deep within the tenches. The news is not good. This alas, was expected as per my contention in Corrupt to the Core post which elaborated on how our laws are made. We all need to understand these shenanigans and expose them at every chance we get - Essentially what's bad for us is good the industry which clearly is running this whole scam.

As in 1997 this is likely to go the legal route, however, I am afraid that this time they may be ready for us and bag the judges too.

We need to mobilize and reject and defy by braking any perverted self serving laws. Having learned from the hard knocks of life many third world countries are doing just that, by stating that no claim by any government and or company that tries to set itself above Nature can ever take away our right to use whole plants and extracts thereof. To really understand this read what one of my heros Dr. Vandana Shiva has to say in: In the Footsteps of Ghandi. A real audio clip is here.

All who predictably received essentially mindless from letters from their MPs supporting the party line must not let them get away this easy. We need to get in their hair by phone and personal follow up visits and reiterate that Canadians have a strong interest in NHP products, and we are not going to tolerate their removal/restriction from the marketplace in any way shape or form. The health-products market must remain free and open to whole-plant nutritional products. That you will personally expose them for ignoring your request and that you will go out your way to ensure that you, your friends and acquaintances will not vote for them ever again!

Meanwhile it is imperative to Support Trueman's grassroots movement in any way you can.

Chris Gupta

C-51 Is A Violation Of The Constitution Act, 1867, The Charter Of Rights And Freedoms

We are not going to stop Bill C-51 and C-52 as there is now an agreement with all four parties to proceed.

This now confirms that Canada is a privately owned and operated Socialistic Fascist Corporate Police State.

THEY are modifying the bill now to re-introduce it as soon as possible, likely today for next week's order paper.

We need to raise legal funds now through our Freedom of Choice in Health Care organization as you did in 1997 and immediately prepare and file an application to strike down the Natural Health Product regulation. This will then create a major legal and political problem for Bills C-51 and C-52.

We also need to continue creating our own PEOPLE's party in the John Adams style see www.republicanpartyofcanada.ca and www.republicanpartyofontario.ca patterned after the original US concept of a PEOPLE's owned and operated Republic and as now exists successfully in Switzerland.

All 4 existing main parties are owned and operated by the mega corporations now and no single MP of theirs will likely have a free vote on Bills C-51 and C-52.

It is time for real change in Canada,


From: David Rowland
Sent: Thursday, May 08, 2008 9:55 AM
To: 'The Results Company'
Cc: 'Trueman Tuck'
Subject: RE: Bill C-51


Thanks to the powerful lobbying efforts of Trueman Tuck, I don't believe that C-51 will pass. Trueman is waking up the legislators to the fact that C-51 is a violation of the Constitution Act, 1867, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and would make criminals out of those whose only "crime" is not to comply with bureaucratic dictates. This is fascism that benefits the pharmaceutical industry at the expense of our personal rights and freedoms. Once this injustice is exposed, I don't believe that Canadians will stand for it.

If there is something you would like to do to take Trueman's message to the public, please contact him at: trueman@tucksprofessionalservices.com.


Best regards,

- David