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The Canaanite Response

By Don Bradley July 2008

Quite obviously, the t-shirt response to my ideal attitude toward any person, place, or thing here—love—was intended to provoke a reaction. Their response to my ongoing essays upon that theme was FUCK LOVE. Of course, that has many layers to it, but to me it was a strange response; frankly, I expected something more akin to a similar vibe, given their proclivity for pretending to pretend to pretend. In short, I was at the time, impressed. I told the gentleman wearing the short that he was “awesome.” Here’s why.

Up until that moment, my general experience with our kinsmen friends was one of shifting layers of deception, mixed with a little truth, but very often, hard to find or discern. This was and is a bold declaration of their true feelings. It was refreshing on several levels to get at least some form of the truth shoved in my face. The delivery method was the usual plausible deniability of happenstance, which is very often how they like to communicate with me, given their awareness of my schedule and the fact I had stated earlier in the day on the phone that I would be there at that time, after taking my sons to the park for a fireworks show. They knew where I would be and had plenty of time to cough up a t-shirt.

It was obvious too, that they wanted my attention, because when my sons and I entered the coffee house, it was empty. We settled into a corner and proceeded to play a game of chess with our backs to the store. When they showed up, they were loud and boisterous, and repeatedly came over to us, being the same loud folk. We ignored them and focused upon the chess game at hand. Only when I got up to get our decaf coffee drinks, did I turn around to find t-shirt guy standing squarely behind me, only a foot away.

Then, upon turning around, he just looked right at me and smiled. So, I asked to take his picture, complimented him on his “honesty” and assured him that I would keep his face out of the shot, as well as putting it up on the internet. He agreed and allowed me to do so. Thanks…

Like so many things in life, what is obvious is generally a mixture of intentions, motives, and planning for effect. It’s common knowledge that in the lizard community, I am openly hated and despised. I’ve been approached by them on public streets and called every obscenity in the book. In the last two years alone, this has happened at least 50 times. At least that often. Imagine what it is like to take a walk with your children, or go into a store, or simply drive down the road, and have total strangers throw stones, soda bottles, and other objects at you while screaming out the ugliest epithets. Or being asked by a grocery store manager to leave his store at once, simply because you are there buying groceries. Imagine, if you will, being sent the worst black magic stuff, or subliminal phone messages on your phone, on a regular basis. Being setup and played. This is my daily bread. Daily.

In contrast, I have also been tendered kindness, financial generosity, and other gifts from them. I’ve tried to understand this process as well, given that the help is usually tendered with some long-term goal in mind. No matter. I treat everyone the same, do what I can, and even though I often find myself in yet another scam, I tend to deal with that situation honestly as well. Only when it becomes patently obvious that I’m being played towards some end that has no good in it, do I put an end to the charade and call it for what it is. Because, at that point, it’s insulting my intelligence. Very insulting.

Even so, the thing of moment is to understand the message being sent. They know this site is observed from many angles and from many governments, groups, and the general lizard hierarchy. What’s he up to, now? Kind of thing. How can we take his perceptions and use them to our advantage? What are his known weaknesses that can be exploited? The usual.

Simple tactical questions, levelled at my presentation of whatever reality happens to occur in front of whatever camera is in my hands at the time.

They are as curious as I am as to what is going to happen next.

Of course, we’ll have to wait and see what develops. It’s what I do. What passes in front of me is, as said before, a mixture of the very low and the amazingly sublime. For that is earth, an admixture of both realities in one place. Dogma side by side with clear and free thinking. Beauty with ugliness. Love with hate. The constant dualities of our existence that seek resolution.

Do what your heart commands you and only that. For there is freedom. Ignore dogma and use critical thinking. The life is self-evident in its expression. It seeks balance in all things. A few days at the beach will convince any soul of this fact. For real. It’s all there, visible in the sands, the water, the air, the sun, and the moon. Balance.

And our kinsmen friends know about balance, too. Without it, those dark souls whose enterprises are foul would be consumed by the reactions to their actions. Doing good, as well as some evil, is necessary to keep from being consumed by fire. Hence, balance. Once this planet is taught this in general, a great many actions of the dark side will make sense. It’s why they are so keen into foundations and shelters and relief efforts. It’s about balance. They’ll buy you a meal, even as they pick your pocket, so to say.

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, we must find a way of understanding what our real purpose is for being alive at this time. Understanding love, hate, balance and all that goes with it is as any a good enterprise that one could spend time on. Beats a great many other things-to-do… I can assure all concerned; it’s what I spend time thinking about. That, and love. How to have it, know it, express it, and understand it. I guess I could collect stamps, instead.