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cb dramas - September 11, 2006 23:52
"Listen, there's thunder!" I'd put the cb out with a friend of a friend who'd said that he'll believe it when he sees it.  He claimed he was a natural skeptic.  After 15 or so minutes or so of not seeing any rain, he'd sort of given up, though I promised him it would rain that night.  So you can imagine my delight at hearing him say that.

That was two weeks ago, and probably the first cb in Nairobi, kindly donated by Georg.  It was really destined for the remote arid place I am supposed to visit, but I thought to put it out here in the meantime. 

The sky had gone back to looking oppressive after my gifting here a couple of months ago.  On a hot dry day with a hazy sky, I put the cb out in my patio where it could point directly to the sky without hidrance from foliage.  Thirty minutes later, we started hearing claps of thunder.  It was unbelievable.  First a patch had cleared up directly where the cb was pointing, and we could immediately sense cool air swirling around us.  Then a nearby cloud became darker.  At this point I stopped watching and went about my duties from which I was roused by the excited voice of the skeptic.

From that day on, there has not been a day without planes above the house.  Yesterday I counted about 5 in the morning and another 3 in the evening.  And the sky is not clear any more.  By business has been hit too, ever since.  When I sit at the computer I work on, I've been getting to feel either headaches or just dim.  I use it because it has all my work.  Early this morning I did some real good blasting and dodecing, and noticed only one plane this morning.

Yesterday morning something odd happened.  A young man was found lying in a stupor just outside my gate.  The boy who works for me was shaken, and thought he'd been beaten up and left for dead.  We had to call the police to come pick him up.  His mother came as well, and said it was odd because she'd been with him at home at midnight.  I've seen him here before, standing at my gate, smoking (what I now think was weed) and cigarettes, but thought he was just a young man trying to hide from parents.

My gifting trip to the remote place with an underground base is still on.  I am short of money to rent a truck to carry the found and supplies I bought the 10-member family - food enough for 6 months, I reckon and the cb.  It will cost me about $200 for rental and fuel, so if you feel me, please help me accomplish this by sending me some money. 

These people walk 10-30 km everyday in desert-like territory looking for murky water.  The parents sometimes don't eat so that they can save what they get for the animals and children.  I also bought them a manual grinder because the woman spends most of her day pounding grains with a mortar and pestle.  Its a tough life.  I want to see them having rain.  I believe they live on a vortex which has been hijacked, because the area is cordoned off and minor acts of violence are fomented there to keep others from the idea of settling there.   


No Subject - September 12, 2006 00:13
Family members who don't zap are catching a strange flu-like illness which I think is from the chemtrails, by the way.  For those who are not aware, Kenya is the headquarters of many NWO organs in Africa like UN, WHO, FAO, whatever.  From here they create offices in Sudan, Somalia, Congo, Rwanda and so on.  There has been a strong campaign here to jail those who refuse to take their children for immunization.  Its now law.
Your courage - September 12, 2006 00:57
Judy, am new to EW, and have so appreciated the reports from all over the gifting world.  I admire you very much for going forward with this work in Africa, where opposition is less veiled, and more charged with risk to self, than in some countries.  Although, in the US, the veil is being ripped away, for more to see.

I was interested to read your account of the CB and the skeptic, and the sudden thunder!!  I live in an area which is much visited by lovers of the outdoors; there is a national park.  The air quality was vile from daily plane spewing, often in the pre-dawn.  As I am up and about then, I had been shaking an impotent fist at this outrage for years.

Then I fell asleep on a deck one warm afternoon in early spring, under a clear sky, and woke coughing and barely able to breath.  The sky was horribly gridded with weird trails.  The cough lingered; I was indignant, and began reading for solutions.  (Many, many children and adults had spent months ill all winter with "pertussis."  Pertussis, my foot, thought I...  I had made "thieves vinegar", which till then had kept me well.) 

I set up a CB, looking at it as an investment in the planet, which might prove to be stoopid.  Instead, have been blown away by the brilliant skies, sweet air, sweet rains.  The air quality had always been blamed on distant urban centers.  As these have not shifted location, nor stopped polluting, the facts suggest CB efficacy!!

Gifting has been invigorating and also dismaying, as I was blithely going forward, counting on discretion, instead of helpful tools developed by the Crofts.  I was pretty well flattened when I went after a large array.  Have since ordered a bit of protection, since I don't walk with a goombah! 

Am appalled to read that WHO-mandated vaccination is now legally enforced.  This is criminal.  Does the zapper help to detox vaccine poisons btw?

Judy, thank you for your good heart. 

No Subject - September 12, 2006 20:20
Thanks, Carpediem and welcome to the world of gifting!  I think all credit goes to Don who has encouraged and supported us so much.  I don't know how to thank him for all he's doing, but I want to do so much more.  The danger of doing this work here, amidst the drugged and sleeping masses is all too real, especially when one can be spirited away without anyone taking notice, but that will not deter us.

Don says that the zapper has cleared snake poison and I imagine it would help in clearing vaccine poisoning as well.  I zap around the clock and am the only member of my household who has not gotten ill these past few weeks.  It saddens me when I see my friends taking their newly born babies to be pumped with all these poisons.  Nobody seems to be raising a voice here against it.  A couple of months ago, a friend invited me for an AIDS vaccine walk, which I gently but firmly declined.  I believe that zappers are going to catch on here once people know they exist.

An interesting thing which has been brought to my attention by a family member since we installed the CB is that mosquitoes were far less vicious!  We live in a treesy place with lots of plants and foliage and thus many mosquitoes.  I noticed, a while back, that mosquitoes in Nairobi are far more sly and vicious than other cities and it puzzled me.  I can now make the connection between abundant DOR and these qualities.  Perhaps a time will come, (when the world has been thoroughly filled with orgone), when animals omnivorous animals will change their eating habits.  Orgone has so much to teach us.


Computer Problems - September 13, 2006 05:24
Judy said "When I sit at the computer I work on, I've been getting to feel either headaches or just dim.  I use it because it has all my work."

 Last winter McGinty and I found that there was a negative entity in my computer, which apparently got in through the telephone line connection. We still haven't found how to solve the problem entirely, but stacking two TBs, one on top of the other, with the telephone line to the computer between them, makes the negative entity uncomfortable, and may drive him out of the box.

 I don't know if this is the cause of your trouble, but you might try the two TB thing and see if it helps. If it does, let me know, and I may be able to suggest further improvements.

 All the best with your work Judy,


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zapper; thanks; gumint service - September 14, 2006 02:59
Judy, thank you kindly for the welcome!  laozu, terrific reco re telephone line; thanks.  I was having difficulty at the computer with sudden headache, grogginess, almost narcolepsy!  That has shifted.

 Judy, appreciate your mentioning that the zapper has been used to detox snake poison.  Wowza.  Has the zapper been tried for folks with that weird new fiber/parasite disease, Morgellons?  That would be interesting indeed.

On another note, I was out walking recently, and stopped to chat with a park ranger, who carried himself like a martial arts practioner, and scanned like a trained psychic, and whoa, was "packing heat" -- a pistol and a tazer on his belt.  He had an M-16 in the car, and hazmat gear.  Which, duh, reminded me that the Park Service and the Coast Guard have entered the borg of the Homeland.  Some of the rangers are just your average nature lover, but there is a whole new breed, as it were, who may not love anything.  Some of the new "Coasties" are massive, and have all the personality of mafia drones.  Whazup? 

No Subject - September 15, 2006 20:11
Thank you Laozu for sharing that insight into what could be wrong.  I had not thought that possible.  There are 7 computers in here, and the minute I started feeling strange on the one, I put a tb under each monitor.  Now on your advice, I've added a second one to the one in question, though I am avoiding it for a while.

Carpediem, I hope someone will post something about the effect of zappers on that disease, which is unknown to me.  I am also quite new at gifting and orgonite and am learning to be more discerning and to trust and follow my instincts about those I interact with. 

Back to my cb experiences, the day after I started dodecing planes and the people behind them, I only noticed one in the morning and maybe two more during the day.  That day was a lot clearer and lighter.  There have consequently been less planes and more blue sky....

Last night it drizzled till dawn and today the sun is out for the first time since three weeks ago when I first put out the cb and started getting sprayed.  All the days in between were dark and dull.

A couple of nights ago, someone called me to watch the news where meteorologists were saying they are a little puzzled at the unusual weather at this time of year.... hmm.