Coming to terms--CBSWORK

1st Heaven: Planet's atmosphere, out to the edge of space, or the "2nd" heaven. Includes any and all dimensions within the atmosphere, down to ground level.

2nd Heaven: Outer Space, so-called. Includes all dimensions therein. I recall there are 7 heavens; we know of two.

Mkids: Children/grown adults, under the control of the CIA's MKUltra or Monarch mind control program. Can include other programs by the Navy, Air Force, and various other black programs in the intelligence agencies.

Star Children: Reptoid Elites returning in newer designed bodies, thanks to fifty years of improved bio-science in their dungeons. I've seen many of these about.

Double eleven codes: 11:11 - CIA reinforcing codes for end times programming of sleeper agents. Over four million in USA alone.

Stargates: Reptilian hijack points on the EARTH/SOLAR GRID, allowing trans-dimensional transportation.

ETB: Enhanced Tower Buster.

Dooky-boy: Gay CIA Handler of young boys and girls. Usually reptoid.

Satan: The Beast. Esoteric name - SANAT KUMARA. Lucifer. Sorath. Ahriman. The youth of endless summers. Baal. Bael. Thoth. Set. Seth. Leviathan. The Odd One. Original Cherubim (highest) who betrayed The Most High and opened the door to evil in our galaxy, for the very first time. Convinced 1/3 of our the planet's and systems in this section to rebellion against YahWeh. Banished and cursed to wear the body of a Lizard (and all who "fell" with him, so to say) for all eternity. Losing two centers in the process, some lost much more. This is an actual being. Santa Claus anyone? Old "Saint" Nick? Get it? Saint? He was. He was Cherubim, most high of the Angels. Then...ego, vanity, the thing that caused his fall, is also a favorite device and weapon against humanity - vanity and ego. Created being.

I use these terms interchangeably, even though many of the above are often aspects of the involutionary spirit more than the actual Being Itself.




11/02/2004 07:11:53 pm by cbswork
Orgone is everywhere

you need it to be.

Like many people, I read the Doc's stuff whenever I can, and he mentions the stuff being everywhere and just today got this in from someone, exactly what he was talking about.


Just thought that I would say thanks.
My teenage son and I were making a batch of TB for him to take home to Fort
Collins. He was planning on gridding his house and neighborhood.
He told me that he had seen a piece of orgonite in one of the cupboards in
his biology class. He said that it had gold in it.
Since you are the only one that I know of who produces HHG's with gold, I
pulled up your site and showed him a copy of one of your HHG's. We both got
a big kick out of knowing that your stuff was there.

Know that there is a Biology teacher in Fort Collins Colorado at Preston
Middle School who is making the world a better place for our children.

Took the lovely and very pregnant Mrs. Walters out to dinner and a movie
last week. Jennifer Lopez does a few shifts in her new movie "Shall We
Dance". creaped me out.

Thanks for your blog. I do find myself looking to see who is Human and who
isn't. I find that the more that I open my heart center and let myself be a
conduit for the divine the more I see and perceive.




11/02/2004 12:46:42 pm by cbswork


These are terms I use a great deal, and possibly understanding how "I" understand these terms, may help my few co-researchers visiting here in understanding the intent. See, if you are reading this, know that I write for less than a dozen people, mainly. These people are doers, servers and fighters for freedom. They know who they are. They are also co-researchers into orgone and its VISIBLE effects upon the world; which is my work at hand right now, recording these visible effects. It's my job in the whole thing. As it is all of ours, really. Record, take notes, use your camera. That's all I do, in the final analysis. The rest took care of itself.

Human Being: Created Being. Higher Self, Soul matrix, 7 centers. Humonoid, Adamic DNA. Heart center-fulcrum-being, with potential to Higher, going inward. Heart connection to Diety potential, if pursued in life.

Angel or Deva: Created Being. Of 12 grades or classifications. Manages the first two heavens and physical 3-D. Can be anything from a lower grade, 3 center angel, to a 12 centered, ARCH-ANGEL. They live and move and have their beingness among the seven elements of creation, of which humanity only knows of four, and is learning the fifth, or element of SPIRIT. The previous four being earth, water, wind, fire. The devas manage creation and are the spirit INSIDE matter. The higher angels in each element have TOTAL MASTERY over that element.

Off-worlder: Any being not a native to Terra or Earth.

FED: Any man, woman, or "child" under the conscious (agent) or unconscious (MKULTRA) control of any intelligence apparattus.

Etheric entities: People, beings, light-beings, life-forms, flora, and fauna of the etheric plane. Includes off-worlders, angels, dieties of varying stripes, dead people, living people, dimensional zone shift beings, et al. Can be positive or negative being (negs).

Undine: Angel who serves in the element of Water.

Sylph: Angel who serves in the element of Wind.

Salamandar: Angel who serves in the element of Fire.

Gnome: Angel who serves in the element of Earth.

Reptilian Being (elite): Perfect example is, Lisa Marie Presley. Get pics of her, whenever you can. This should be easy, because she is so very famous. Study her face closely. See the jaw, how it always comes to a perfect needle point? ICE blue, cold-steel eyes or Black eyes, completely devoid of any light. Perfect chisled features, very sexually inviting male or female form. These are the elite in the world, the so-called Jet-Set society. Beautiful to a pain, but always the same, repeatable features among their few types. All other reptilians, grays, hybrids, human sell-outs, bend a knee to this level. Fortuneatly, they are the fewest in number of them all. And, they are the top-controllers in the Dark Game, Bar None, save from the Beast Itself. Their beauty burns up quickly, my research has turned up. The women wear esp engineered and beautiful bodies, but by the time most of them are 35 years of age, they look horrible. Example: Farrah Fawcett Majors, reptoid elite. Five center being. Many have wings, putting them on par with the dracs, which is what they are really, more than reptilian. Both species are lizards, so to humanoids like us, I guess it doesn't matter much. Hive consciousness being, with animal telepathy among themselves and those under their control: grays, reptoids, hybrids, other elites, the possessed, and those under MKultra, with demons installed in their solar plexus.

These are ALL takers of human life, usually infants and children. They kill and eat us to survive: ritual torture of pre-teen virgins. They have 13 bloodlines on this planet, with endless variations, all reptilian. However, they are limited in number to the original Sumerian shitbirds who betrayed LOVE, all that long ago, and earlier, in Atlantis, when they ruled it with their TEN kingdoms from hell. These need to be dealt with. They are the masters of all evil on this planet. They are THE WILL of darkness and how it acts out among our kind. Think about that for a day or so.

They are Fallen Angels. They are Al Pacino, Lisa Marie, Michael Jackson, etc. They are the damned, vampyre. They can take over human beings (who have lost their Higher Self, through some horrid debasing act) but usually are the spawn of a being known as Pindar and some breeder elite visa-vie the Incubus Ritual - sex with the undead, or a demonic etheric being. Lisa Marie was such a spawn.

Shapeshifters. Can even go completely invisible, right in front of you, and you wouldn't see it, its that fast. Very proficient in all the Darkest Arts. These are also known as Arch-demons.

Reptilian Being (reptoid) : Lower Fallen angels, same as the above. These are spawn from other hybrids, not necessarily elite stock. Reptoid mates with a woman with a great deal of Atlantean DNA in her bloodline and you get one of these things. Lots of that around. Lots. Demonic soul instead of heart center.

Grey: Troglodytes of Hell. What happens when you can get a lower grade angel to betray Spiritos? More Borg than living being, totally under control of Reptoids, and despised by the galaxy as parastic vampires of the lowest order. Droid workers, killers, and very little "self" in their self. Chinese and Japanese breeders are used for Gray Hybrids, as has been the case for thousands of years. Ever wonder why the big symbol of the Chinese culture is a RED DRAGON. That's the Beast, dude. And you don't even want to know about the REAL origins of the Chinese empire, do you? I didn't. I was sick for a week.

They are the worker bees of evil. The lowest thing you can be as a human soul, is a Chinese breeder of grays for the CIA. A specialty, especially in Los Angeles, where over half a million grey hybrids are now growing up all over the county.

Tons more later. But will keep expanding this list all month long.



11/01/2004 10:08:51 pm by cbswork
Reptoids among us

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas...

Johnny Depp - a reptoid - playing a human - seeing reptoids. Only in Hollywood.




11/01/2004 09:50:45 pm by cbswork

You know things have changed when...

every time you walk into a place or room, your mind already is sorting out the humans from the rest of the trash in the galaxy.

every time you go out, you find that yet again, it is becoming more and more apparent that the military has assigned you a permanent life under survellience.

you find that wherever you go, only the planet's worst serial killers are counted among those present.

you find angels cloud you in love, always smiling, His presence unmistakable amongst them and their energy, always there, before you can think the thought out...that's one's the best.

Music sessions become concerts for millions...or two.

more and more, you find yourself some witness to this wonderful, yet uniquely horrible reality descending upon the world.

with eyes open you realize how deep is the extent of the control over us by THEM. My God...

a new quality has emerged in your nature, much to your own surprise - warm tenderness, inner kind.

how you wish you had gifted more than you had.

and all that.