"meningitis vax - They want to tie it to their driver's permits to make
sure no one
gets around it."

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Subject: 08 Nov 2004CDC Meeting - Long

This is long but explains how are children received 33 viruses
(includes the three in ones) by the time they are four years old.  

I attended the CDC meeting on the 27th of October in Atlanta,
Georgia.  . rs.  This committee makes the recommendations to the CDC
NIP for vaccines and then the CDC adopts their recommendations
and then all the professional associates like the AAP, AAFP, etc
adopt their recommendations then individual states make it law. 
Also, one of the members held the patent on a rotavirus vaccine and
sat on the committee and voted to make it mandatory.   Fishy? 
Anyway, it would be great if parents would share their stories with
this committee.  Right now, all that seems to be there was the
vaccine makers and other doctors.   Our children's voices need to be

  I was able to see the presentation on the Meningococcal Conjugate
Vaccine in the afternoon.  I have to say it was sickening.  They
want start the vaccine at age 11 year so that they will catch
everyone before they go to college.  Not because 11 year olds need
it.  Also, no study to show 11 years olds are ok with this vaccine. 
They want to tie it to their driver's permits to make sure no one
gets around it.  Anyway, they had a few mothers speak at the public
comment to say that they lost their children in college because they
did not have this meningococal vaccine.  It was so staged.  They did
not call me for public comment, so I went up to the mike and told
them they did not call my name.  Well, Mr Levin (Chairman) was not
happy with me but asked me to sit down and I could speak after the
next presentation.  When I finally had my turn, I started with my
story about my aunt, who died when I was a teenager from stepping on
a rust nail.  She had missed her tennus shot.  She died waiting for
a liver transplant.  I wanted them to know that where I was at
before my son's vaccine problem.

I told them my story as below:

           I have a 4 year old son who was reading and writing
before he turned 4 years old on April 11.  He was diagnosed with an
allergy to milk protein in March 2004.  He was active for his age so
I put him on a gfcf diet.  He was doing great.  On April 28, 2004
the doctor informed me that he should have received an MMR at at 12 -
15 months of age.  Some how they missed this shot.  He was given
MMR, Polio, Hep B and DTAP on April 28, 2004.  The first day he fell
down a couple times.  By the fourth day his leg swelled up and he
told me did not feel well. He had a seizure.   The doctor told me he
was fine.   He started with whining and crying at silly things that
never bothered him before the shot.  By the 2nd week he was hiding
behind furniture and growling at me.  It was not all day, but a slow
process.  He would not let me rub his back or feet like I did before
the vaccines.  He would scream at me don't touch me.  I noticed he
was funny about going to the bathroom.  He would get feces on the
toilet seat and leave it there.  He had never done this before the
shot.  The third week he was biting me and hitting me and making
funny faces and laughing for no reason.  He became very aggressive
at times.  He started to bang his head against the walk and walk in
circles.  To the point I had to hold him to keep him from hurting me
or himself.  All he could do was watch tv.  His facial expression
was very strange.  He was withdrawn.  His speech regressed.  My
doctor sent us to several specialists who thought I was crazy. They
all said vaccines do not cause behavior problems.   My husband
searched the web and found some info on the MMR and mercury.  I
called my doctor and asked him and he said the shot did not contain
mercury.  I asked him to mail me the info on the shots.  The Hep B
showed it contained (.5 mercury) in the info sheet that comes with
the shot.  I called my doctor and he said the bottle said it was
free of mercury.  In my search and by the grace of God I found the
Autism Research Institute.  My son was treated by a DAN Doctor on
May 27, 2004.   He was able to read and write his name within one
week of treatment.  They found his measles titer test to be 5.97.  A
high titer test is 1.34.  The doctor also ran lab work and found
serious bacteria infection in his gut lining and treated it.       I
found out the DTaP is grown on casein (milk protein) which my doctor
was not aware of it.  I talked to the vaccine maker and they
confirmed that anyone who has a milk allergy should not have DTaP. 
Their insert does not clearly state this and the doctors have no
idea.  The vaccine maker said it is the doctor's responsibility to
read the insert and ask questions.  Also, confirmed with vaccine
maker that there has never been any test done on MMR and DTaP given
together.  They are not sure what reaction could happen combine
these together.  They pushed the responsibility off on the doctors. 
My son is doing much better but we have a lot of healing work.  Now,
he asks me to rub his feet and back everyday.    I know in my heart
if he would have not received treatment, he would have been a mess
for the rest of his live.   I am not a parent who hates vaccines. I
believed the day I took my child in to receive his vaccines that I
was doing what a mother should do for her child.   I believe
vaccines serve a very important purpose.  I now believe they have
not been done responsible and doctors are giving to many doses of
vaccines at one time.  I am not sure if this saves insurance
companies money or what the purpose is but there is no limit on how
many vaccines to give on one day.  Besides the fact we are
vaccinating for illness that are not life threaten.  My son had
received a total of 33 vaccines in all by the time he turned four. 
I received only 12.  

I also asked if they were doing any research to prescreen children
before vaccines, like IgA blood work?    Well, you could have heard
a pin drop.  No one said a word.  Mr. Levin said I had asked a
question that is to hard to answer at the moment and if I would sit
down he would talk with me after the meeting.  I said I really do
not know what was difficult about my question and asked it again. 
You could tell he was not happy.  I sat down and waited until after
the meeting.  We talked after the meeting.  He was rude and tried to
bully me as other doctors have treated me in the past.   He tried to
skirt around the facts and tell me that my son could have been sick
with the measles even before the vaccines.  His remark was, "Well,
we will never know".  I stood my ground and asked who he was and how
he qualified to be on the board.  I was polite but firm.    I kept
going back to my facts (I had all of my labs with me and letters
from DAN doctor).  He finally said he was not going to argue with
me. I said my son's titer test was sky high and he ask me what a
titer test was; they had just talked about titer test in the
meningococcal presentation and he is a professor of Pediatrics and
Medicine for the University of Colorado School Medicine.    I
explained I was not arguing with him but I had facts.  Also, we got
into a discussion about the DTaP being grown on casein.  He tried to
tell me that just because it is grown on casein that casein is not
part of the vaccine.  Ugh!  So I said if grease the bottom of a pan
with olive oil when you bake a cake then there is olive oil in the
cake.    I then told him that the vaccine maker confirmed that
anyone who has an allergy to casein should not have this vaccine. 
Well, he did not know what to say.  I also showed him the 8 by 11
insert of the vaccine I had the vaccine company mail me.  I
explained it is not clear about the casein issue and the insert
needs to be changed.  He then tried to throw it off to the FDA.  He
said the FDA enforces the inserts.  UGH!  I have his email and he
wants me to email him next week and he will email the FDA Robert
Chen's email address.  I explained to him that the vaccine makers
are passing the buck onto the doctors and the CDC when I ask
questions.  He was not happy with this info.    

The following is their schedule for next year:

 February 10-11, 2005

June 29, 30, 2005

October 26-27, 2005

I was also surprised that the gov makes .75 cents off of each flu
shot that is given out.  Wow, big money.  They make 2.75 off of each
three in one.  I worked in state government for seven years before I
decided to stay home with my children.  It has been awhile but I
know this ball game well.  It is sick to thing this is how my
children received so many vaccines.  

Please email of list if you need anymore info.  Thanks.

Lynn, IgA def, G-Alpha Def,
Nathan, 2, Celiac,
Madison, 4, autism,
Steven, 15, Bipolar,