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Chemtrail Plane Photographed  On The Ground

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Recently, a pilot sent www.data4science.net  several images of a plane which is clearly rigged for aerial chemtrail or biological spraying taxiing on the ground at an airport in Canada. After studying and researching the plane images and origin, I feel they are authentic. Why do I suggest the plane might be used for biological spraying? Previously released photos of acknowledged experimental spray planes built for NASA had massive concentric rings mounted on the rear tail of the plane.
I will uphold the pilot's desire for privacy and withhold the name. Based on information provided, here is the exact location of the chemtrail plane at the time the photographs were taken -
Fig. 1 Location of airport in Quebec, Canada (Google maps)

Fig. 2 Airport location close-up (Google maps)

Fig. 3 Chemtrail plane taxiing

 Fig. 4 Enlarged image of spraying pod mounted under port-side wing. Pod is painted to somewhat match the engine color on the plane. However, note pod mounting strut doesn't match the underside wing color. Note the number "2" on the pod. The starboard side wing is most likely pod #1. I have added the letters to identify key parts of the image which are referenced below.
A - Propeller on the front of the pod drives an internal generator or pump. Based on the shadows under the plane, we can determine this image was made sometime around mid-day.
B - Funnel-cone with an exit port mounted on center of engine exhaust for additional spraying capability. Exhaust that exits here may not necessarily be superheated air, as most of today's engines are high-bypass designs for maximum thrust and efficiency. The engine could have been designed to have a fresh-air channel running straight down the center. This would be important when spraying biological agents in order not to destroy them.
C - Semi-circle black lines along the bottom are probably air intake screens. Being on the underside of the pod, they would be exposed to the high pressure flow of air under the wing.
D Afterbirth: Curve of pod mounting strut almost matches that of the plane's wing, but is not quite perfect. No aircraft manufacturer would ever release a plane with the large gap in the mount that we see here. This pod was clearly manufactured by a third party.
Fig. 5 Spray pod exit port, brightness enhanced since it was in the shadow of the sun. The brush-like object would provide the maximum surface area to create an aerosol. Note the dark baffle which will restrict airflow completely through the aerosol device.

Fig. 6 Emblem for French Air Squadron [1]

Fig. 7 Tail emblem
A logo was found on the tail of the plane. The closest image of a flag to this logo is a tiny, obscure government called Bretagne. All images found on the web for this flag are in black and white:
Fig. 8 Flag of Bretagne. Objects in the upper left corner of this flag are also found in the plane's tail emblem

Fig. 9 Location of Bretagne in France
From my research I feel this is an authentic photo. It also raises some interesting questions what is a plane from a French air squadron doing in North America?
Has it been spraying over the Atlanticor over North America? Could it be that those behind the global aerial spraying are using small countries or governments for their work? If so, this provides an important place to look for the origin of these planes.
It also clearly explains how a two engine plane can create four chemtrails. As far as I know, clear photos like these are a first in this area. No one can any longer call this a "conspiracy theory."
Ted Twietmeyer
[1] - http://www.globalsecurity.org/wmd/world/france/cazaux.htm