Chemtrails  Bee deaths

Chemtrails and Bee Decline

Nexus Feb-March 2010

Dear Duncan: You ran an interesting article in 17/01 by Charu Bari, linking the deaths of bees to pollen from genetically modified (GM) crops. There is another connection between GM and bee deaths and that is, in every report I have read about empty hives, the hives are always infested with agribacteria.

This type of bacteria is man-made and used as the gene transfer vector in GM crops. This bacteria, it would appear, also causes loss of memory in bees. It is also a major contributor to memory loss in humans, as with Morgellons disease.

However, bee deaths are not only caused by GM crops as there also seems to be a determined effort to decimate the bee population, carried out by both military and commercial aeroplanes through chemtrails.

We had a perfect example of this a few months ago. This year, 2009, the weather in Britain managed to produce a bumper fruit crop. Along with this abundance also came an abundance of wasps and bees. The crop was so abundant around our house and attracted so many wasps and bees that it was impossible to pick the fruit without the risk of getting stung.

My wife and I live in West Wales and are used to seeing contrails from commercial aircraft over our area. These trails are always east to west in the sky; virtually never north to south. Then, one morning in September, we woke up to the sky having a grid pattern of chemtrails, both east-west and north-south, closely packed together.

Three days later, there were no wasps or bees to be seen anywhere in the area. It took several more days before we saw a wasp or a bee again. Their numbers did recover, but only to a small fraction of what they had been before the chemtrails.

The only conclusion we can reach is that the chemtrails contained some kind of insecticide and was deliberately intended to kill off the wasp and bee populations.

It can only have been an action taken by the government, as it coordinated both military and commercial aircraft.

The only reason for killing off bees and wasps seems to be to support the GM agricultural companies.

If the bee population continues to be decimated in this way, then food plants, trees and bushes will not be pollinated and there will be food shortages.

The only benefit in this scenario is to the GM companies, as GM crops do not need natural pollination.

In fact, given the reintroduced "terminator genes" in GM crops, these kinds of crops cannot make use of pollination as they cannot set seed.

Best wishes,

Chris T., Ceredigion, UK