Christine and Salva Report from Juba, Southern Sudan


June 2008

Post Christine and Salva Report from Juba, Southern Sudan 
Salva Kirr and his wife, Christine Oginya, have been gifting in East Africa for a couple of years (as you probably know) and have committed to healing Southern Sudan with orgonite.
We in the west probably can't conceive the level of hardship and loss that these two and their family have experienced at the hands of the world order's mercienaries and when anyone comes through those experiences with the determination to counteract these poisonous agencies' crimes against humanity and the planet I think they deserve extraordinary respect and support.  

I'm pleased to say that these two warriors have gotten generous support from some of their associates on EW and this has made reports like the following one possible.

It's been difficult for our Sudanese compatriots to get online but I'll ask Alejandro to help them register so they can post their reports directly after this.



Please Post for us our report on EW web site.

 Below is our report:

 Juba is in the southern Sudan and itís  a bout 400 km from our local town, the climate there is semi-arid and they practice cattle keeping accompanied by crop farming.


 On my first day of the gifting I was very pleased to meet some clan elders and explained to them the value of Orgonite and how it would help the Community as they go about with their day to day life activities. They told me that in order to do my gifting safely. I should go to door to door because the authority to not like people gathering together because of the massacre that has been going on in Sudan.

Our decision according to these was to go from door to door educating people of the importance of Orgonite and how it will change their environment .Through the help of the clan elders which gave us an easy task to accomplish my mission although with some difficulties we managed to.

The next day as we continuo with our mission educating people on the value of Orgonite many believed in it but a little percentage  were not convinced by the teachings and were thoughtful on weather to take or not take the Orgonite.

 I was overjoyed when at long last we distributed all the Orgonites until none was left. I and my husband believe that those who did not believe or give the Orgonite a chance will soon see it energy through those who we distributed them to.


 The community there are faced many problems such as long spells which is accompanied by hunger,deseases susch as Cholera ,Malaria  HIV/AIDs and among others and also the problem of frequent fighting that has engulfed the country.

 Our general message to the community was that they should give the Orgonite a chance to change their life and the environment. In life you should give everything a chance is when you can know its value.  


 The six days of our gifting there in Juba was hectic walk as the authority trump led on us from here to there, some times they thought we were rebels who just came to spy the town. There was even a day that we were arrested but letter released after we bribe them.

The other problem were transportation and food because of the frequent fighting  but we managed all.

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank Steve [Baron] , Don  and EW members who made this Trip to Juba possible and with there boosting that help us came back safely without being harmed. I and my husband we are committed to do this work and we are always happy to be part of EW and Orgonite family.

 Thanks and I would love to hear from you all

 Yours truly,
Christine [ email addy: ]