Autopsy PROVES Columbine Victim Slain by Law Enforcement

John Quinn

Jefferson County District Judge Brooke Jackson on Tuesday ordered the release of autopsy information on slain Columbine High School student Dan Rohrbough, whose parents say was killed by POLICE or other law enforcement agents, after the slaughter had begun at the school.

But Jackson agreed to only release SUMMARIES of the autopsy reports for some victims and Dylan Klebold. The summaries would include information such as the type of gun used and the part of the body that was injured. Jackson for "some reason" refused to release the autopsies in full.

The reports for slain student Isaiah Shoels and gunman Eric Harris were released previously.

Tuesday's ruling involved Daniel Rohrbough, 15, who was killed outside Columbine High School on April 20, 1999.

Daniel's father Brian has alleged his son was killed by law enforcement during the melee, and that Daniel's autopsy SUPPORTS this assessment.

Rohrbough said, "I think it is IMPORTANT for people to understand Daniel was RUNNING FROM the gunmen who were on the hill BEHIND him, and he was shot and killed FROM THE FRONT. The fatal bullet could NOT have come from Klebold and Harris. It HAD TO COME from law enforcement, at the bottom of the hill."

We'll say it's INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT that the public realizes there is PROOF Dan Rohrbough was NOT killed by either Dylan Klebold OR Eric Harris; AND that many of the OTHER VICTIMS were NOT killed by Klebold or Harris EITHER!!

Indeed, this crucial information once again calls into SERIOUS question the entire pack of utter, miserable lies the people have been inundated with from Day One about the horrendous slaughter at Columbine High School.

Thankfully, Judge Jackson wrote in his decision: "There is a public interest in knowing whether Daniel was killed by 'friendly fire,' as contended by the Rohrboughs."

Yet naturally, there's a monkey wrench in the works here already!

JeffCo Coroner Nancy Bodelson -- apparently working to assist in maintaining the MASSIVE cover-up about the Columbine massacre, as bush Interior Secretary Gale Norton has did previously -- said she plans to "consult" office attorneys and inform the families, before she actually releases the report.