Longerich, Professor Peter

Professor Peter Longerich, world-famous German-born researcher and biographer of all the leading Nazis


Saturday, November 13, 2010
Key West (Florida, USA)

MARKUS H. sends me word that Peter Longerich has now written a book on Dr Joseph Goebbels. That is quick; he only just published a Himmler biography. What will he do next? Hess? Rommel? Göring? Milch? Dr Morell? Churchill? Hitler?

Goebbels diariesMy own Goebbels biography took me eight years; but then again it is reasonable to speculate that he has benefited from all the pioneering research work I did: I was the first to unseal the original 1944-1945 boxes of Goebbels diaries on microfiches in the KGB archives in Moscow in 1992 (left - seconds before I unsealed the first boxes). I researched all his private papers in California, his correspondence in the private archives of Rudolf Hess's widow, and all the files of the British authorities, and found the private papers of his first girlfriends and much else. All of these research files were stolen from me after 2002.

Longerich was one of Deborah Lipstadt's "neutral experts" who were permitted to read and copy all my research files by way of Discovery [now called: disclosure] in the 2000 Lipstadt Trial.

When the Trustees finally returned my archives to me in December 2007, seized after the trial, all the key Himmler and Goebbels boxes were missing, including my Box 51 on "Hitler and the Judenfrage". Lipstadt's lawyer told the High Court that her experts had found those documents to be particularly valuable, rather discounting the view of Professor Richard "Skunky" Evans that my research was "valueless".

My Goebbels archive boxes, containing the photographic prints from the Goebbels diary microfiches in the KGB archives in 1992, and all eight drafts of my Goebbels biography including the handwritten early drafts, with all my archival and source notes, were never returned to me.

Goebbels diariesI suppose I could readily put my suspicions to rest by checking Longerich's books, but on principal I refuse to open them. If I did, that would open the way to the next accusation levelled against me by these slime-balls.

All the same, it is a coincidence. The High Court papers record that one of Dr Longerich's thieving "expert" researchers, Dr Tobias Jersak (below right), was caught red-handed carrying my property out of the "safe" Sussex, England, warehouse where my seized goods were stored by the Trustee; this outrage was admitted in the correspondence between lawyers when she unsuccessfully claimed that all my possessions be turned over to her, a hopeless and dishonest lawsuit which she dropped.

What an unsavoury character is this Professor Longerich! Venal, unimaginative, boring, dishonest, and afraid of open debate. "Neutral," he was not: He was the one who refused in advance in 1998 to answer any question I put to him at a public lecture -- in particular about the Schlegelberger document proving that Hitler wanted to postpone the Final Solution until the war was over. It was at his lecture at the German Institute in London. [See The Radical's Diary, October 27, 1998 ]

When I politely raised the question, the Chairman rose and said, "Dr Longerich has asked me to state that he is not prepared to answer questions from you, Mr Irving."

I am not afraid to debate; so why is he?

Yes, they broke the mould when they made this 'historian'; or did they? Tja, die Historikerschaft. German historians, liars and cowards. And thieves.


I PUT this notice on the website:

"Today is November 13. Exactly a year ago the traditional enemy hacked into our private emails and splashed them all over the Internet including Wikileaks, and destroyed our website and online bookstore. We are now up again and running better than ever before. I would like to say, Thank you Enemy (and thank you to those who helped repair the damage). But of course they did lose us around $50,000, from which it is taking a long time to recover."