"Core of Corruption" Nails the 9-11 Travesty (Review)
ccorruption.jpgDocumentary Demolishes Official 9-11 Story

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

"Core of Corruption: In the Shadows" is a riveting two-hour documentary that uses mass media footage to prove beyond a doubt that explosions brought down the World Trade Center Towers. You cannot watch this film and still believe the official story.

The film which is available online features scores of witnesses who heard and felt multiple explosions. It also unearths many new details.  I didn't know that about 7 vans packed with high explosives were apprehended on Sept. 11. One actually had a mural of a plane hitting the WTC painted on its side.

I also didn't know that many additional explosions were set off in the vicinity of the WTC creating chaos. There is a short clip of a foreign soldier in uniform speaking in a thick accent.  The film shows the BBC and CNN reporting the collapse of WTC-7 before it happened. It shows that Rudy Giuliani had advance warning of the twin towers collapse.

WTC owner Larry Silverstein's admission that nearby WTC-7 (a 47-story structure) was demolished on Sept. 11 confirms this also was the fate of the twin towers. It takes weeks to wire a building for demolition.

The documentary is actually two films in one. The first half can be skipped. They basically follow the Michael Moore line in "Farhenheit 9-11" blaming the Saudis and George Bush and "Al Queda." Anti-terrorists units like "Able Danger" were aware of these attacks but had their reports suppressed by the Pentagon. "Zionist Disinformation" I scoffed as I skipped through these parts. I thought the whole film was an attempt to pin this heinous crime on Bush and Bin Laden.

But miraculously half-way-through, the film goes into the explosives and the dancing Israelis. Unfortunately it never really reconciles the two halves. How would Bin Laden have been able to wire the buildings for demolition?

It ends with a scenario predicted in the "Lone Gunman" TV show, produced in March 2001, where the secret government masterminds a plane crashing into the WTC in order to jump start a war on terror. Apparently CIA personnel were in on the script sessions. Talk about predictive programming!

The bottom line is that 9-11 was perpetrated by US government working with the CIA & Mossad. The US government is owned and operated by the London-based central banking cartel (which controls both the Mossad and CIA.) They also own the US mass media which, untamed on the day of the attack, has since been complicit in the cover-up.

The American people are manipulated like mice in a laboratory.