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Ed, a Harmonic Protector might block all of that for her. Carol developed it for herself because she's also quite sensitive to discordant energy fields.

Also, antibiotics destroy our immune systems. It may be that this is what broke down her natural defense against discordant EMR. All house current is discordant because of the 50-60Hz frequency. Tesla, who invented A/C electricity generation and transmission, insisted on a higher, more harmonious freq. but he was overruled.

Part of the contrived Luddite paradigm that many intellectuals have bought into in recent generations is that 'techology is evil,' but in fact one may more reasonably buy into the notion that all technology, properly applied, is a stepping stone to higher awareness.

It's a fact that if we had antigravity, free energy, teleportation, telepathy, etc., this world might be a better place to live in but in order to get to there, we have to go through here, I think, and acknowledge where we are in the moment. I've seen a free energy generator at work a few times, so I"m sort of like a proselyte in that pursuit. I don't feel any more inclined to complain about microwave ovens and high tension wires than about steam engines or hot air balloons as shackles to a dreary existence.

The same thing (the use of antibiotics) causes formerly robust people to become hypersensitive to chemicals, pollen, etc. Boost the immune system up again and the sensitivity subsides every time, I've noticed in my career in the healing trade.

Using a zapper helps hypersensitive people recover but it doesn't often get rid of the problem. Zappers are mainly curative devices. Healing is another process and that's the route to fixing these deeper problems. Healing involves commitment on the part of the sufferer. It never comes from outside as far as I know.

I sort of campaign to help genuinely inquisitive people get past the falsely promoted idea that the towers are for cellphones, by the way. Theyr'e simply not; they're for destroying the atmosphere and for making everyone sick. They're also used to target individuals in the population in conjunction with GPS.

Having said that, the tech used on the towers is so secret that anyone who claims to know the inner workings more or less discredits himself, I believe. Those secrecy oaths are pretty binding because the folks who work on secret predatory tech must have gotten a graphic demonstration of what happens when any of them spills his gust to the public Wink

Even these folks are PJ People, enamored of high salaries and a sense that he's 'special,' no doubt, and desparately afraid of 'knowing too much.'

There are some websites here and in Europe which are dedicated to 'campaigning to get rid of cellphones' but I feel that they're usually specious; disinformation designed to distract people from the obvious fact that the towers have nothign to do with cellphones. Nor do these sites generate any real influence in the populace, any more than the incessant appeals to 'boycott gasoline' will ever do.

It's a simple truth that using a headset prevents cellphones from giving one head problems. I don't even have a cellphone, so I don't have a vested interest in defending them.

Genuine cell communication transmitters are quite small and are easily installed on phone poles and cheap towers; they don't need to be on towers that are designed to withstand artillery barrages, nor are fifty panels on a tower, every thousand yards, needed to handle the communication traffic.

When I ask even some PJ folks why the cell coverage and quality didn't improve after these millions of new towers were put up three years ago, some of them even say, 'Now that you mention it, service is even worse now than it was before these cell towers were built!'

Cellphone transmitters require very little electricity; all of the death towers have massive cable bundles running up along and inside of them and these towers are obviously not on the commercial electricity grid, except perhaps the few that are put on high tension towers. They also have reinforced concrete generator shacks beside them, surrounded by high, barbed-wire fences. One rarely hears these generators in operation, so the power's coming from a non-evident source, probably underground and unmarked.

The problem is that these simple observations challenge people to consider the depth of the ancient conspiracy to destroy freedom on our planet.

The chemtrails were perhaps a more blatant proof of this conspiracy but we CBers and towerbusting aficionados sort of shot ourselves in the foot by destroying most of that program a couple of years ago.

Most people will only see the plain truth if they're dragged, protesting, to it (not our job Cool ), which is why human progress has always depended on a vanguard of self-sacrificing, unheralded people like us who don't really care about 'what most people are willing to accept.'

Most of the folks on this board recognize that we mustn't wait until the PJ folks are convinced that we're doing a good thing in order to do the work. If we took that attitude we'd probably all have been decapitated by now because the world order is intent on genocide and we're some of the tiny number of people who are effectively standing in their way and turning the tide in humanity's favor now.

Being 'one in a million' isn't a party. It's damn lonely, which is why it's so wonderful and refreshing that the tiny number can meet each other at least electronically now or at least read accounts of experiences similar to theirs and/or correspond with kindred spirits.

I can't give a better description of hell than to only be able to associate with people who aggressively avoid recognizing this simple truth: the world is run by a few men who wish to destroy us all and they own nearly all of the natural and human resources on the planet now.

Most people on this planet embrace denial the way you and I embrace genuine liberation and empowerment. We can genuinely love and want to serve the former without feeling the need to moderate our view of reality to 'harmonize' with their pre-packaged paradigms.