Raining Blood Over the Temple of Set: Chemtrails Are Turning Us Into Cannibals & Human Sacrifice Victims


Martha Rose Crow, M.S.


Raining blood

From a lacerated sky

Bleed its horror

Creating my structure

Now I shall reign in blood!

From the song ‘Raining Blood’ by Slayer


An Article in Seven Parts:


I.                   Chemtrails

II.                Cannibalism

III.             Human Sacrifice

IV.             Serpent Race, Serpent God & the Temple of Set

V.                Sacred Executioners & Disposable Victims

VI.             Connecting the Dots






Behind closed eyes lie

The minds ready to awaken you,

Are you at war with land

And all of its creatures,

Your not-so-gentle persuasion

Has been known to wreck economies

Of countries, of empires, the sky is over

From the song ‘Sky is Over’ by Serj Tankian


Exotic Weapon or Exotic Tool of Cannibalism and Human Sacrifice?


In 2002, Representative Dennis Kucinich introduced a bill that sought to ban space weapons. Tucked deep into a sub-clause in the first draft of H.R. 2977 was the word "chemtrails," listed among the weapons and practices Kucinich wanted outlawed. It was the first time the word had ever appeared in any sort of official document in Washington.


‘Chemtrails’ were officially defined as an ‘exotic weapons system’, as defined in Section 7, C.


When this was discovered, Kucinich quickly removed the word  ‘chemtrails’ and denied responsibility for the original inclusion.


Chemtrails are chemicals, metals, biological organisms (dead or alive) and other things combined together and sprayed over places populated areas.  They aren’t sprayed over the middle of oceans, nor sprayed over the North Pole and Antarctica.


Chemtrails are not the same as normal, everyday aerial contrails (normal jet exhaust).  There is a definite observable difference in both the formation and behavior of these two similar phenomena, which clearly distinguishes one from the other.


Normal contrails are composed of fragile ice crystals formed by aircraft flying at altitudes of 31,000 feet or higher. At altitudes below 31,000 feet, contrails can not form behind an aircraft, regardless of its type or design. At above 31,000 feet, normal contrails appear pencil-thin when observed from ground level and in almost every circumstance, contrails evaporate within a minute or so.

Although chemtrail planes can fly at altitudes as high as 33,000 feet, most chemtrail planes  generally fly below 30,000 feet. Since normal contrails cannot form at these low altitudes, it is very likely that any ‘exhaust’ you see in the sky are chemtrails.

Chemtrail particles are carried by air currents, spreading a fine dust of pathogenic materials throughout the environment. Not only do people inhale the devil’s brew falling on them from the sky, but chemtrail toxins find their way into crops and water.

The dust is nearly impossible to avoid since people can ingest it simply by breathing, eating and drinking.


Because governments and NATO deny that chemtrails exist, there are many theories about chemtrails.  Some theorists think that chemtrails are part of an experiment to create biological warfare.  Other theorists believe that chemtrails are used to change the chemical composition of the atmosphere in order to alter the weather conditions of certain countries (to end droughts or as a weapon of war).


Another group of theorists believe that chemtrails are chemical agents that somehow positively impact the atmosphere, reducing global warming. Then there are other theories that speculate that chemtrails are used for mind control or are tools of population control (including birth control) and genocide.

Test results from Chemtrials have returned positive for aluminum, barium, arsenic, bacteria, virus, human blood, human blood plasma, molds and more.

KSLA ran the substances through a lab and found high levels of Barium (6.8 ppm) and Lead (8.2 ppm) as well as trace amounts of other chemicals including arsenic, chromium, cadmium, selenium and silver. Of these, all but one are metals, some are toxic while several are rarely or never found in nature. http://jonesreport.com/article/01_08/080108_chemtrails.html

Heavy metals such as barium oxide aluminum oxide and silver are hard on the heart and lungs when inhaled.  Barium oxide contamination has been associated with multiple sclerosis (MS) and other neurodegenerative diseases.

Many blame chemtrails for Morgellon’s Disease.

Morgellons is now reaching epidemic proportions in the U.S. and abroad… Many sufferers report string-like fibers of varying color popping out through the skin lesions. These fibers can be black, white, red or even iridescent blue. Others report black specks falling from their bodies that litter their sheets and bathrooms. Eventually a variety of bugs and worms begin to find their way out of the body through the lesions. Other accompanying symptoms include hair loss, debilitating and chronic fatigue, hard nodules beneath the skin, and joint pain. http://www.naturalnews.com/025757.html

People suffering from existing diseases, including lung diseases, struggle harder to breathe from chemtrails including asthmatics.  Because ‘chemtrails’ don’t officially ‘exist’, asthmatic and other deaths are blamed on ‘pollution’ which is partially true as chemtrails are pollution from the sky.

It is obvious that ‘someone’ is poisoning us with chemtrail cocktails of poisons, but why the human blood and plasma cells?   For dark, diabolical reasons. 






I’m the sadist that reminds you of your blessing,

And the reaper that takes them away

To a place where they can lay there,

And wilt and rot away

From the song ‘Cannibal Vs. Cunning’ lyrics by Dead Poetic


Only the foolish visit the land of the cannibals.”

Maori Proverb



There are many who refuse to believe that cannibalism is practiced in this modern, "civilized" age. However, there is much evidence suggesting that it does occur and with more frequency than other ages because it is disguised better; because it  has gone underground and thus, under the radar.


Cannibalism and its Siamese twin sister, human sacrifice, reach across centuries and cultures all the way back to pre-historic times.


Cannibalism is the eating of human flesh by other humans (though it can also refer to any species that prey on their own kind).


The word originates with the Carib Indians of the West Indies. Christopher Columbus and his crew discovered that the Caribs participated in a particularly gruesome practice of ritual cannibalism. The explorers mispronounced the name of the tribe and referred to them as "Canibs," which was evolved into "canibales," meaning thirsty and cruel in Spanish.


The existence of cannibalism is a widely disputed topic in academia. However, the evidence supporting its existence is abundant and is represented in every medium imaginable, including stories (including fairy tales), symbols, legends, myths, histories, writings, archeological evidence and first hand accounts.


Cannibalism remains a practice all over the world.  In some cultures, cannibalism is a sacred and revered custom. Cannibalism is an undeniable occurrence rooted in antiquity and branching forth to the present-day.


There are four primary forms of criminal cannibalism: sexual cannibalism; aggression cannibalism; spiritual and ritual cannibalism; and, epicurean/nutritional cannibalism.

These various forms usually overlap with one another. For example, one may consume human flesh for several purposes, such as to achieve a sense of power and control (aggression cannibalism), yet one may also find the taste to be agreeable (epicurean/nutritional cannibalism).


Another person may indulge in cannibalism in order to reach a higher spiritual affinity with the person they have devoured, simultaneously achieving intense sexual and gratification.



Then there is cannibalistic social behavior:


There are fundamentally two kinds of cannibalistic social behavior; endocannibalism (eating humans from the same community) and exocannibalism (eating humans from other communities).

A separate ethical distinction can be made to delineate between the practice of killing a human for food (homicidal cannibalism) versus eating the flesh of a person who was already dead (necro-cannibalism). http://www.crystalinks.com/cannibalism.html


Survival cannibalism is rare and explicable in many cases.  When some people think of survival cannibalism they think of the ‘Donner party’, a wagon train of eighty-nine men, women and children led by a man named George Donner.   The group set out across the Sierra Nevada Mountains on their way to California in 1846.  As the Donner Party was traveling, the weather got bad and the party was forced to take an alternative route. The travelers ran out of food and other resources plus many died from exposure and starvation.  After awhile, the remaining people went mad and began to eat the flesh of their dead.  Some killed each other for food.


The 1976 movie ‘Survive!’ and a similar 1993 movie ‘Alive’ has an influence on the Collective Consciousness about non-ancient cannibalism as well.  Both are about the same true story of a Uruguayan rugby team stranded from an airplane crash in the Andes who ate the dead bodies of those who died from the plane crash.  They called the human flesh ‘protein’.


In 1974, British writer Piers Paul Read wrote a book, ‘Alive: The Story of the Andes Survivors’, about this Andean plane crash and thus the ensuing cannibalism.  Then there is a 2008 documentary, ‘Stranded: I've Come From a Plane That Crashed on the Mountains’.


The two movies, book and documentary have reached billions of people world-wide, exposing and reinforcing the mindset of ‘acceptable’ cannibalism in these modern times.


In the classic science fiction movie ‘Soylent Green’, the food that people of the futuristic, dying world eat is other humans in their rations of soylent green.  Of course the regular people don’t know it but the leaders do.


There are many incidences in history where cannibalism has come out of  famine and war.  Cannibalism was rampant during the Siege of Lenningrad and it was practiced by Japanese the World War II pacific theater.



In most cases of cannibalism, eating another person is usually a Symbolic Act or way to express a relationship of power over the person/s being eaten. American Indian tribes, including the Pawnee and Ho-Chunk , and the Maori of New Zealand ate killed and ate the bodies of their prisoners of war.


Cannibalism is mentioned in that book of black magick called the bible. Here are two of many examples:


You will eat the flesh of your sons and the flesh of your daughters. Lev. 26:29


Who also eat the flesh of my people, and flay their skin from off them; and they break their bones, and chop them in pieces, as for the pot, and as flesh within the caldron. Micah 3:3


Depictions and symbols of modern cannibalism are everywhere in the socio-cultural tapestry of daily life.  These depictions are in movies, on television, in print (e.g., books, magazines, newspapers, internet), in video games, so forth.


Fairy tales – those stories that ‘entertain’ children – are rife with cannibalism.  ‘Hansel and Gretal’, ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, ‘The Juniper Tree’,  ‘Snow White’ and ‘The Robber Bridegroom’ are all samples of dreamscape stories of cannibalism. 


Psychologists will tell you that fairy tales send subliminal messages to the brain.  Yes, some fairy tales are morality stories meant to teach morals through horror (a psychopathic way to teach a child) but they also teach cannibalism with no moral warnings as well, as if cannibalism is somehow ‘natural’ to the human environment.

Because cannibalism is so disgusting and such a taboo subject, there are few laws against it.

Because of this ‘oversight’, the German High Court was faced with trying a man (in 2004) who killed a willing victim through legal euthanasia and consumed him.  The German High Court had to ask fundamental questions including: Did the perpetrator break a law even though it was not written on man's books?

'Cannibal relatives ate boy alive’ (June 2008)

“A seven-year-old boy was kept chained in a closet as relatives hacked off pieces of his flesh to eat, a court has heard…” http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/czechrepublic/2162250/%27Cannibal-relatives-ate-boy-alive%27.html'Cannibal-relatives-ate-boy-alive'.html




Human Sacrifice


“Rites of sacrifice in darkness offering the flesh

for thee... Master, ruler of the underworld of fire

 I desire, waiting on the altar. Stars that shine,

moon that hides rising behind mountains here in

 these lands of carthage where Baal reigns supreme…”

From the song ‘Rituals of Human Sacrifice for Lord Baal’ by Inquistion


I cannot write about cannibalism without writing about human sacrifice because both are intricately related.  Human sacrifice and cannibalism are Siamese twins, sharing two separate torsos but connected as one at the hip. 


Why? With rare exceptions (necro-cannibalism or eating someone while they’re still alive), cannibalism can’t exist without human sacrifice because a human being must die so a cannibal can eat.  This means that whether it’s done crudely or elaborately (with or without a formal ritual), invisibly and visibly (soft or hard kill) , a life is sacrificed.


Like cannibalism, human sacrifice falls into the category of diabolism, a belief system in which an act of ultimate evil confers magical power, thus the murder gives the ultimate power of life and death.


The practice of sacrifice is found in the oldest human records. The archaeological record contains human and animal corpses with sacrificial marks long before any written records of the practice...Human sacrifice was practiced by many ancient cultures. People would be ritually killed in a manner that was supposed to please or appease a god or spirit. While not widely known, human sacrifices for religious reasons still exist today in a number of nations.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sacrifice#Human_sacrifice


Some scholars point out that violence and other social ills in are veiled forms of modern human sacrifice.  I absolutely agree.  It is the Luciferian Illuminati elite who start wars and members of their group rarely die in battle.  Instead, they ‘command’ wars far away in some war room and some wal-street or government office.  With few exceptions, it is always the common people who are sacrificed in wars plus civilians (‘collateral damage’).


Although you can’t have cannibalism without human sacrifices (in most cases), human sacrifice doesn’t always end in cannibalism, particularly when human sacrifice is conducted in the abstract by third-party means, including: war, class wars, famines, bio weapons, genocide, other depopulation programs, matricide, poison in the air/water/medicine/food/so forth, secret birth control programs, capitalism/economics, socially-driven suicide and murder, forced abortions, sieges of all kinds, and more.


A ‘favorite’ form of human sacrifice of the secret puppet masters of this world is scapegoating.  The leaders or secret puppet masters of this world blame someone – a person or a group – and sacrifice them on all levels. 


During the times of the Temple in Jerusalem, a scapegoat was a goat that was driven off into the wilderness as part of the ceremonies of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement,. The rite is described in Leviticus 16.

Since this goat carried the sins of the people placed on it, it was sent away to perish.  The word "scapegoat" has come to mean a person or persons, usually innocent. They are blamed and punished (usually killed) for the sins, crimes, bad luck, superstitions, religions or sufferings of others. 

Blaming scapegoats is a classic way leaders use to distract the Village’s attention from the real causes of the problems.   Somehow, the scapegoating of the innocent ‘righteously’ justifies the murder/s.


Scapegoats are usually those who can least defend themselves from accusation. The powerless (people, races, groups, classes, countries, so forth) are scapegoated by the powerful all the time in this modern world.  Factor in the dynamic that the media/communication syndicate - the propaganda arms of government or other institutions of power - propel scapegoating with the constant finger pointing, mantras (incessant repetition that turn into chanted incantations) and target painting of chosen victims.


Scapegoats rarely get a trial and if they do, it  usually is an unfair trail.


For example, the world economy is collapsing and although the captains of the financial sector, industry, investor class and politicians are responsible for this, poor people are being blamed instead of the ‘free market’.  The media has spun and continues to spin the lies that somehow poor people who defaulted on their mortgages broke the ‘mortgage bubble’ and now this is bringing the whole house of cards down.

Ironic, the criminals behind the crimes are being rewarded for their psychopathic business practices with trillions of dollars from the government. 


Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t kill President Kennedy (the Brotherhood of the Serpent did), but he was sacrificed for the deeds of the killers.  The public got blood revenge and that ‘satisfied’ a lot of the Village.


In other times (and sometimes now) when crops failed or asteroids fell from the sky or the village got sick, a ‘witch’ would be scape-goated and burned.


Scapegoating is so common that people have become desensitized to it that they begin to think of scape-goating as ‘natural’ when it is psychopathic.


The bible is rife with stories of scapegoating where someone becomes a symbol for the sins/evil of others and thus must be sacrificed.


Because human sacrifice comes from twisted, psychopathic thinking, death somehow becomes ‘life’.


Formal, ritual human sacrifice is many times alluded to as being ‘fertility’ rites.


Pawnee Indians in America performed human sacrifice in religious ceremonies for ‘the bringing of life’.  Babies, children and adults were regularly sacrificed to the ‘fertility’ god Set/Molech/Baal/Chemosh/so forth  in ancient Egypt and middle east.


Countless world religions over the millennium have called themselves ‘life’ or ‘fertility’ groups when they worship death and call it life while sacrificing human beings.  Some would call this hypocrisy, contradictory, ‘double speak’ and/or ‘double think’ but in reality, it is psychopathic speaking (demonspeak) and thinking (demonthink). 


Romans practiced human sacrifice, directly and indirectly. They sacrificed human beings at funerals, during festivals and at munera (blood contests), including ritualized killings of humans in the arena.  Gladiators were sacrificed to Saturn in the gladiatorial games in December and to Jupiter in the Feriae Latinae (Festival of Jupiter). These ritualized killings of humans came with religious overtones and concerns as homicide in ancient times always involved the sacred.


"Thou shalt not delay to offer the first of thy ripe fruits, and of thy liquors: the firstborn of thy sons shalt thou give unto me." (Exodus 22:29)

The Judhahite priests and their ilk (those are the guys who wrote the Pentateuch or the first five books of the bible) sacrificed their first-born to Molech, one of the many names for the god of evil at that time.  Proof of this is written in esoteric and exotic theology, anthropology and archaeological literature that mostly insiders know about and few of the common people had access to until the advent of the internet. 


There are many reasons why humans are sacrificed but it’s usually to get some kind of power in life (win a battle, get money, dominate people, save your village, feed the blood thirsty god to get the blood thirsty god off your back, so forth).  Dark occultists also get a  drug buzz off the sacrifice but that is covered later.


Like cannibalism, fairy tales around the world teach/incorporate human sacrifice.  And remember: 99.99% all cannibalism requires human sacrifice. 


In modern Asia, human sacrifices are made to the ‘mother’ goddess Kali. She is, according to Hindu mythology, a violent slayer of evil with an unquenchable thirst for blood. In the nineteenth century, a child was killed every day at the Kali temple in Calcutta.  The concept of Kali is hypocritical: She slays ‘evil’ but is blood-thirsty? Isn’t requiring the deaths of children in the evil arena?


Because of laws prohibiting the sacrifice of humans, the number of human sacrifices in Asia is unknown, but is still regularly reported in newspapers.


There is self-sacrifice that can easily turn into human sacrifice, whether direct or indirect.  The whole thema of this world is about self-sacrifice:  Sacrifice for your country; sacrifice for your god; sacrifice your principles and values for a bigger bowl of rice and extra privileges in society; sacrifice your free speech against corruption and evil; so forth.


Self-sacrifice is a trick by the secret and apparent tricksters to make you (invisible) slaves for them and their institutions.  Right now, President Obama and the serpent –lying major media are calling for citizens to self-sacrifice.  But why must people sacrifice more when many have been sacrificing for a long time?  Globalism negatively and lethally affected people many decades ago and now more must suffer and die for this evil thing/institution?


There is no ‘nobility’ in sacrificing yourself for the ancient, evil, established systems that control this modern world.  It was servants of the hidden puppet masters that caused this world depression and now they want more suffering disguised in the ‘righteous ideals’ of self-sacrifice.


Sacrifice (literal, metamorphical, symbolic and/or self-sacrifice) is the cornerstone of almost every religion.


Christ is not only a Mystical Symbol/Icon for cannibalism (“eat my flesh, drink my blood”) and human sacrifice (Christ was ritualistically murdered on a cross by and for religion), Christ is a Symbol/Icon for self-sacrifice and scapegoating as we’re told that he ‘gave’ his life in exchange for ‘saving’ all the lives of the world.


Those in esoteric circles know about the consumption of human flesh after ritual human sacrifice: theologians of inner circles; anthropologists; archeologists; elite circles; the Illuminati; the masons; other secret societies; historians of ancient history; occultists including magicians and alchemists (both Light and Dark); plus a host of others in related fields.


You can find this information on the internet or listen to David Livingstone’s interview at http://www.redicecreations.com/radio/2009/01jan/RICR-090122.php


Livingstone plus legions of others back me up on this connection between human sacrifice and cannibalism.  Livingstone describes the human sacrifice of babies in the ancient middle-east and describes that the babies were eaten afterwards.  He talks and writes about the orgies.


Again, most human sacrifice that results in death are done ‘behind the veil’.  This means that it is done by third-parties including institutions and laws.  More, people are being sacrificed one-by-one or in small groups and the deaths are blamed on something else.  This is done so the trail of blood doesn’t lead back to those individuals or groups who caused the sacrifice deaths.


There’s a big, ‘secret’ human sacrifice ritual going on right now before our very eyes and almost everyone denies it because it is compartmentalized in various boxes (war, crime, suicide, so forth).  All the compartments are connected to the ‘Big Sacrifice’, or the depopulation of the majority of the world’s population.


In ancient times, the pharaohs of Egypt and other ancient kings killed off some of the slave population when it got too large and thus a threat to power.  This is the same paradigm/tactic of rulers that is being diabolically used today .

It is evident that there is a depopulation program going on in the world right now. The elite have proclaimed this in public. Dr. Henry Kissinger wrote, "Depopulation should be the highest priority of U.S. foreign policy towards the Third World." In 1975, Henry Kissinger established a policy planning group in the U.S. State Department's Office of Population Affairs and prepared the depopulation document ‘Global 2000’ document for President Jimmy Carter.

Investigations by EIR [Executive Intelligence Review] have uncovered a planning apparatus operating outside the control of the White House whose sole purpose is to reduce the world's population by 2 billion people through war, famine, disease and any other means necessary... http://educate-yourself.org/nwo/nwopopcnsaglobal2000report10mar81.shtml

Prince Philip of Britain, a member of the elite secret society the Bilderberg Group said, "If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.”


When you look around you or at the data, few people but the elite live to very old age and few people die from natural causes.  Instead, most people die prematurely before they reach their prime age (or fertility age as with child sacrifice).

In my article, ‘Baby Boomer Die-Off: There will be no Social Security Crisis’ at (http://martharosecrow.blogspot.com/2009/01/baby-boomer-die-off-there-will-be-no.html), I prove that people are dying prematurely. 

Depopulation is real, it is evil, it is happening and it is human sacrifice.


If you want to know about how the puppet masters are depopulating America through secret human sacrifice by secret genocide, read my article ‘The Nine Stages of American Autogenocide’ at http://martharosecrow.blogspot.com/2009/01/nine-stages-of-american-autogenocide.html

In most countries of the modern world, there are laws against human sacrifice, which is simply considered ritual murder.  Murders are punished accordingly by law .

So why are we born into a people-eat-people, human sacrifice planet?  Why are almost all of the systems of this planet so cruel, barbaric, super-macho, ruthlessly competitive, violent and anti-life?

It all goes back to pre-historic times.  For millennum, almost all the people in charge of this world and its institutions are psychopathic. There is a hidden reason for this: They are part of a secret race living among us.



Serpent Race, Serpent God & the Temple of Set



I’ve been telling people for years that we live in a human sacrifice temple ( a giant Temple of Set); that people are being deliberately and invisibly-but-tangibly sacrificed. 

Imagine my surprise and horror when I found something in the mainstream media that said the same thing but in another voice.  I almost fell off my chair from disbelief and had to watch it several times just to grasp that this cartoon exposed the social secrets/rites, hidden in the closet of humanity, and revealed this taboo/hidden subject to a mainstream audience.

Ironic, it’s a South Park cartoon.  It’s Episode 1202 (Season 12) and is called ‘Britney’s New Look’.  You can watch it for free at www.southparkstudios.com

It’s startling how a lampooned Britney Spears is a secret sacrifice for ‘the harvest’. Ironic, the term ‘the harvest’ is a term that evil uses when referring to us goyim, or human cattle. It’s startling to see Stan, who is against Britney’s hidden ritual sacrifice, become a supporter of it in the end.

Many Gods


I know this sounds cliché, but we are living on a battleground between good (life-Light) and evil (death-Dark) forces.  The players in this uber (super) cosmic ‘war’ are gods of good and evil plus their creations (us),  and we are actual spiritual extensions of whichever god or goddess created them. 


Gods come from the ‘Mysterious’ Well of Gods and gods self-create their own personalities, thus either vibrate high energies of Light or low energies of Darkness.  Gods are eternal; they cannot die.


Gods themselves chose how they wish to think, thus they chose how to govern their creations either by strict, psychopathic control using force (Darkness) or by patience, understanding and gentle guiding using the non-violent power of infinite love (Light).


Gods are not perfect.  We’re programmed to believe that there is one ‘god’ and he is ‘perfect’ but those are lies sold over the last two millennium to get us believing in monotheism.


Monotheism is a people control tool:  Universal religion means universal control of people.  Religion and politics always lie in bed together: For the Power/Dominance over the goyim (the human cattle) and to get us deep enough into the dream state (and keep us there) so we won’t say anything or do anything about evil, including the human sacrifice going on around us in plain sight.


Because gods are not perfect, they have problem gods within their ranks.  All gods live on the 7th density (level of Existence) that the ancient Greeks called Olympus.  The gods of Light live uncomfortably with the few gods of Darkness and have been unable to make these gods of Darkness stop causing trouble for them.  The gods of Light want them to go somewhere else and live but how can you throw a god out of their legal home? 


I’ve suspected for a long time that these issues of the gods (and other issues) are being settled in this realm of mortality we find ourselves trapped in.  The gods use us pawns to prove points and to win points.  This thinking and philosophy is certainly in the literature, ancient and now.


There are two major gods of this planet: The Major God of Light (the Beautiful Mind) and the Major God of Darkness (the Cruel Mind) plus a smorgasbord of minor gods that serve one of the major gods.


Suggestion of two gods and two races of men are mentioned in the bible.  There are two creation stories in Genesis: the first creation story takes place in Genesis 1, while the second takes place in Genesis 2.


‘Man’ is created by ‘god’ in Chapter One of Genesis, and then ‘man’ is created again by ‘god’ again in Chapter Two.   Because the bible redactors, editors and apologists never changed these contradictory passages, it seems that there are two gods and two races of men.

The bible also mentions that there are many gods.  It also mentions many gods in Genesis One:

Then God said, "Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth." Genesis 1:26




Set is the devil or Lucifer or the major god of evil. Nowhere in the bible does it say that Set-an was a ‘fallen angel’.  Bible apologists and other esoteric theologians came up with that theory to try to make Set-an seem to have less power than the monotheist god as angels are Creations and servants of god, thus they are not as powerful as god. 


In history, Set was an Egyptian god whose Priesthood can be traced to pre-dynastic times. Images of Set have been dated to around 3200 BCE, with astronomically-based estimates of inscriptions dating to 5000 BCE.


Some historians of ancient history believe that Egyptian gods originally came from Mesopotamia, but in lieu of the time-line, it seems that serpent and other worship of human sacrifice gods was identical throughout the world at the same time.  Interesting, Marduk, the chief god of the ancient Mesopotamians appeared to mortals and his priests as a serpent.


Classical writers have described Egyptian sacrificial rites as witnessed in various lands. What is so very interesting is that in Ethiopia, Achilles Tatius reports a virgin with hands bound behind was led around an altar by a priest chanting an Egyptian hymn; then "all retired from the altar at a distance," the maiden was tied down, and a sword was first plunged into her heart and then slashed her lower abdomen from side to side. The remains were burned, cut to pieces, and eaten… http://www2.ida.net/graphics/shirtail/sacrific.htm



Set had the head of a ‘strange animal’ and the body of a man but he also appeared in the form of a monster serpent, and when he did, Set took with him as hell-pers a large number of small serpents and noxious creatures of various kinds. 


In Egyptian tradition, the god Seth or Set "stands for the forces of chaos and destruction, or energy misplaced. He was the manifestation of Apep or Typhon, opposers of the power of light." - Murray Hope, Practical Egyptian Magic


Set is a shape-shifter and a name-changer.


Set is represented by many Symbols including the serpent, bull, ram and owl.  He  is also represented as a sun god, a rising sun and as a morning star.  Set’s name, depiction and symbols can be found in secret societies including the Masons.


In the bible, Set is given these names of animals or creatures:

The serpent (Genesis 3:1-2, 4, 13-14; 2Corinthians 11:3; Revelation 12:9, 14-15)

Ancient serpent (Revelation 12:9; Revelation 20:2)

The coiling serpent (Isaiah 27:1)

The gliding serpent (Isaiah 27:1)

The dragon (Revelation 12:4, 7, 13, 16-17; Revelation 20:2)

Enormous red dragon (Revelation 12:3)

The great dragon (Revelation 12:9)

The monster of the sea (Isaiah 27:1)

The wolf (John 10:12)


Four of the above are serpents, three are dragons, one is a monster of the sea and one is a wolf.  All are predators without a Conscience.  All will kill and eat you.


I have already proven that Set is the god of the bible with my UNCENSORED article, ‘Who Is the Real God of the Bible’ (http://uncensored.co.nz/who-is-the-real-god-of-the-bible/)


Two Races of Man

Ancient texts, myths, archeological finds, so forth, report that ancient people believed in many gods (either good or evil) plus they believed in two races of man: the serpent race who looked like and acted like their serpent god and the humanoid race that looked like and behaved like their god.

In the form of man they amongst us,

but only to sight were they as are men.

Serpent-headed when the glamour was lifted

but appearing to man as men among men.

Crept they into the Councils,

taking forms that were like unto men.

Slaying by their arts

the chiefs of the kingdoms,

taking their form and ruling o'er man.

Only by magic could they be discovered.

Only by sound could their faces be seen.

Sought they from the Kingdom of shadows

to destroy man and rule in his place.  Emerald Tablet of Thoth, Tablet 8

The primary symbol for the evil race of men and their god Set is the serpent. 


Reports about serpent gods from the sky and serpent people date back to the earliest human writings, story telling and myths.  The Ancients left writings, statues, idols, human sacrifice altars, and more about the serpent race all over the planet that are still being discovered today.


Some writings come from Sumer (meaning "land of the guardians"), Babylon (meaning "gate of the gods") and other civilizations of ancient Mesopotamia. Their beliefs eventually spread over that region of the earth.  Interesting, remote parts of the world also believed in a serpent race during this same time.


Thousands of clay tablets that have been recovered from the Mesopotamian area and translated. These tablets date from earliest recorded history, including some documents that record events dating back 240,000 years.


One of these tablets, the Sumerian King List, tells the story of the god, Anu, chief god of an extraterrestrial race called the Anunnaki, and his sons, Enki and Enlil. It is clear from the texts and the illustrations left by the Sumerians that at least some of these "gods", including Enki (also known as Ea), were reptilian in appearance. It is Enki who gave the first people the fruit of the tree of knowledge and who later saved humanity by warning a Noah-like figure of the great flood. http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vida_alien/esp_vida_alien_28.htm



The Perception of the Two Races of Man in Modern Times


Many mystics and shamans of the modern era identify the two races of man as ‘Pre-Adamic’ (belonging to the God of Evil, the god of Genesis One),  and ‘Adamic’ (belonging to the God of Good, the god of Genesis Two).


Many psychiatrists and psychologists identify these two races as psychopathic (evil) or non-psychopathic (good or the majority of people).  Science has discovered that five to six percent of the population are naturally born psychopaths. 


Psychopaths basically have no Conscience and care only for themselves.  They are ‘programmed’ or ‘set’ for cruelty (the mind of their god), chaos, destruction and violent domination of others.  This domination can be ‘micro’ as in dominating families, groups they belong to and co-workers or with fellow psychopaths or this domination can be ‘macro’.


Psychopaths are ruthless in their quest for power and will use people and do anything (lie, cheat, steal, murder, extort, so forth) to climb the steps of ladders to power.  That is why almost every institution (including government) is run by them or by ‘secondary psychopaths’; people who were born mentally (and spiritually) healthy but became infected with the disease of evil and went psychopath path.


As for not having Souls, I have read many articles about psychopaths where psychiatrists, psychologists and other professionals say that these people seemingly don’t have Souls.  Psychics, shamans, occultists and others report that they can’t see a Light in psychopaths but a dark light in a mist of black ether. 


Because most people are taught disinformation and misinformation by the institutions of the world and because predator evil prefers to remain hidden, most people are not aware of the two races.  This is because we’re told (again) there is only one god, because this ‘one’ god created all men, and that ‘everyone’ is born good, it takes a long time for people to put the pieces of the truth together and figure out what is really going on.


There are many books and places on the internet that say there is a pure serpent/lizard race living inside the earth.  More, youtube is filled with peoples’ accounts of seeing ‘lizard people’ while driving, walking or seeing them peer through their windows.


A lot of people are aware of this other race (and its various forms) living among us or in the next plane.  This other race is called ‘reptilians’, dragon people, lizard people, ‘lizzies’, so forth.


Sometimes, the snake race and/or their children are called Nephilim.  The Nephilim are mentioned in Genesis 6:1-4.  Many scholars and students of the esoteric believe that this race could be aliens or angels.  The evidence tilts in the favor of aliens. 


Genesis and the Book of Enoch say that ‘the sons of god’ found mortal women beautiful and made them pregnant, resulting in another race, a race of ‘giants’ and that is why ‘god’ destroyed the world with a flood.


If you search ‘reptilian humanoid’ on wikipedia, you will see that all ancient cultures around the world believed in them.  Snakes are reptilian.


According to writer David Icke, 7-foot (2.1 m) tall, blood-drinking reptilian humanoids from the star system Alpha Draconis are the force behind a worldwide conspiracy directed at humanity. The reptilians maintain their control through the generation of fear and negative emotion, which is food to these entities, by manufacturing conflicts, primarily wars. He contends that most of the world's leaders are in fact related to these reptilians. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reptilian_humanoid


There is evidence everywhere on this planet that early man believed in serpent people and serpent gods.  They left figures and statues of them that are still being dug up by archeologists.  


More, there is evidence all over this world about the ancient snake cult.  For example, here are snake mounds all over the world.  My relatives have lived for generations by the Serpent Mound of Ohio.


Other Helpers in this Cosmic Drama


There are helpers in this holo deck or hologram.  I’ve known that the universe and all its contents was a hologram for a long time and now science has proven this.


The hell-pers of evil are demons who dwell between dimensions.  The helpers of good are Spirits and Angels who operate from the Spirit World (5th density) or between dimensions.  They and demons also operate in the material realm (3rd density).


Then there are the ‘projectionists’, those beings that operate the hologram.  A friend told me recently about their friend who met some of those projectionists.  He found a crack in a rock face and went inside.  He was sucked up into a worm hole and found himself outside of the universe in a control booth.  The man said that the beings there were intelligent and friendly and explained that they were controlling the hologram.


The Serpent or the Evil Seed


There are ancient accounts of a serpent race from the galaxy Alfa Draconis who were chased here to earth by humanoid aliens in this quadrant of the universe.  The alien humanoids blew up a planet near Jupiter to form the Van Allen Belt and the asteroid belt around our solar system so the serpent race would be imprisoned on earth. 


Subsequently, for whatever reasons, the serpent race infused their DNA with the humans living on earth in ancient times, infecting them with the evil seed that all of us carry in varying degrees.  If we have strong serpent DNA and mate with someone who also carries strong serpent DNA, we beget psychopathic children or serpent race children.


There is an esoteric theory of the Serpent Seed doctrine:


The Serpent Seed doctrine is the teaching that in the Garden of Eden, the serpent (the devil) had sexual relations with Eve.  The result was that she bore Cain.  The descendents of Cain are called Kenites.  Abel, however, is the result of Adam and Eve having relations…http://www.carm.org/religious-movements/shepherds-chapel/serpent-seed-and-kenites

The idea about a serpent or evil seed in peoples’ physiology (DNA) is not new.  This  idea is  thousands of years old and found in ancient mythology, theology, history and records. 

In ancient days, there were many Gnostic sects.  The Jewish Gnostics believed in the evil serpent seed:

Jewish Gnostics concluded that there were two races, the pure and undefiled seed of Seth, which avoid sexual intercourse, and the children of Cain, given over to lust, sin, evil and damnation.  These two races must not intermingle. ...


The Gnostics knew themselves to the be the 'other seed,' the progeny of Seth who was born to Adam and Eve after she had successfully escaped the lustful attacks of the ignorant creator... 

Sethian Gnosticism and the Platonic Tradition, by John D. Turner, pg. 236

Ancient Gnostics believed in two gods: one of good and one of evil. They also believed in the serpent race and the race of the God of the Light.  They believed that the world was in control of the serpent people and their god.

In early Christian history, several Gnostic groups believed that the Church as well as the Old Testament came from Satan. The Church, of course, labeled these Gnostics as ‘heretics’ and burned their books as well as the ‘heretics’ themselves.  Many Gnostics have seen the blade of a Christian sword over the millennium as well.  The world has been forced for many thousands of years to believe in death religions by the threats and weapons of the gods of death.

When the early Christians burned ancient libraries with ancient texts, they almost disappeared all writing, thus history and evidence, of the serpent race.

More, during the ‘early years’ of the Church, representatives of the Church destroyed pagan temples while building their major, mega Christian temple (the Vatican) on the site of an ancient pagan temple.  It is rumored that human sacrifices happened in this ancient temple.

During during and after the fall of Rome, the ‘holy’ Roman Church plunged all countries it controlled into a Dark Ages that lasted until the Renaissance.  This means that the Church purposely tried to erase all the wisdom, history, philosophy and everything else that didn’t jive with Church propaganda, their bible, dogma and teachings.  Again, the Church did this with force and they purged the memories with time, so few people would remember the old gods, religions, civilizations, so forth.

There are many stories in the bible about human sacrifice connected with the serpent seed.  The biblical story of Cain is the first story.

Cain and Abel were the first two sons of Adam and Eve.  Cain was a farmer and Abel was a shepherd. At harvest time, Cain brought the god of the bible a gift of his farm produce and Abel brought the fatty cuts of meat from his best lambs.  Both presented their offerings before 'god'.  'God' accepted Abel's offering but rejected Cain's offering. Cain got pissed off and slew Abel in premeditated murder (according to the bible, Cain deceived Abel into going in the fields).

Whether it was an official human sacrifice or unofficial sacrifice, any murder is human sacrifice. 

But there might be more to this. Maybe Cain offered his brother up to 'god' when grain and fruit weren't good enough.  It seems that ‘god’ would only take blood tithes.

Maybe Abel was real tasty to ‘god’ because Cain didn't suffer any real consequences for his evil act of Evil Executioner.  Cain wasn't executed for his evil deed and he didn't suffer because he went on to found a city called Enoch, after his son. If Cain had any kind of a Conscience, he would have named the city 'Abel' or made some other kind of monument to the brother that he killed.

It is very likely if there was a real Cain, he was from the serpent seed or a pre-Adamic.

As for Eve being seduced by the serpent (Lucifer), well if this is a true story, she was probably raped or the serpent race DNA was inserted into her eggs. 

The seed of evil was implanted in Eve in the garden of eden…Through this connection the devil had gained a foothold into the physical world, enabling him to put into effect the powers of destruction to men, through men, on our earthly plane. The first born son on earth was of the devil's seed. http://www.reptilianagenda.com/research/r102099j.shtml


As for the serpent god raping a mortal woman (Eve), well the ancient texts, religious texts and ‘myths’ tell us that gods rape women. 

A word about ‘myths’ here.: Many ancient histories have been twisted into ‘myths’ only because they contradicted the Church. 

But there are many things we can learn from what we know about ancient theologies and histories turned ‘myth’.

We are programmed to believe that gods are 'sexless'. If you read ancient Roman or Greek theology, you will learn real fast that gods and goddesses from Olympus were always coming down to earth to have sex with mortals and many times, got someone pregnant or a goddess got pregnant. 

Hercules was the son of Jupiter, the supreme god of Olympus, and of Alcmene, a mortal married woman. Juno, the wife of Jupiter, hated Hercules because she could see the future and knew that Hercules would be the most famous and successful of Jupiter's many illegitimate children.

Juno delayed Hercules’ birth and then, when he was finally born, sent two large snakes to kill him as he lay in his crib. Hercules was so strong that he strangled the snakes, one in each hand. The image of the infant Hercules strangling the snakes was extremely popular in early ancient Rome.

The Hercules story not only tells us that gods and goddesses have sex with us lowly mortals, but they’re horny, fertile, jealous, interfering and murderers (the snakes in Hercules’ baby bed) plus they deceive and play games with mortals.  The goddess Juno made Hercules go so that he killed his children. Hercules had to atone for murdering his children by doing his famous ‘Twelve Labors’. 

So it could very well be true that Eve was raped by the serpent or one of his organic portals.  Whether it happened in the ‘garden of eden’ or elsewhere, the evidence shows that the serpent race put some of their DNA in us.


But why tinker with our DNA, why did they put their evil seed in  us?  To make organic vehicles (bodies) viable for demonic possession by Set.  A newborn baby to be possessed must have strong snake DNA for this possession.  Otherwise, the baby is given a Soul by the God of the Light.




Because Darkness vibrates on low-frequencies, it cannot make it’s own energy/fuel like Light can because it vibrates on higher frequencies.  Set, his serpent race and his demons are vampiric: they must steal the Light of the Souled for spiritual fuel.  More, it is our Light that fuels the hologram.  You’d be surprised how much Light we produce but most of that is stolen and almost all of us don’t know it.  The theft of Light is done usually done in two ways.  The serpents use snake-like tendrils from their ether spirit and suck our Light with those tendrils.  Then they use ‘extractors’ that are suction worm holes that move over the sky, ‘harvesting’ our Light, particularly when we are asleep or grouped together. 



A later study funded by the Parapsychology Foundation of New York not only confirmed the findings of our earlier research, it showed that certain persons were highly skilled at deliberately tapping into and directly feeding upon the aura of others. By draining energy from another person's aura, these so-called psychic vampires not only deplete the aura's energy resources, they interrupt the capacity of the aura's central core to generate new energy, particularly when the interaction is prolonged. Consistent with our earlier findings, direct observations of the aura as well as aura photographs taken before and after a psychic vampire interaction showed the victim's aura becoming severely de-energized and constricted following an attack while the vampire's aura became energized and expansive. http://www.llewellynjournal.com/article/513



Connecting Cannibalism and Human Sacrifice With Set and His Serpent Race


First of all, remember that cannibalism depends on human sacrifice.  Those are connected.  Human sacrifice can be ritualistic or non-ritual, apparent or ‘invisible’.


Set and his crew are not only psychic vampires or spiritual parasites, Set is a blood thirsty god.  He has always demanded human sacrifice since the beginning.  Set likes to eat human flesh, too.  He tastes it through his human agents, the pre-Adamics. 


Another reason why there is human sacrifice is because Set likes to hurl insults to the God of the Light by killing the Souled.  The rituals for ritual human sacrifice symbolically mock and insult the goodness of Adamics and their god.  


All human sacrifice is also about power.  It is a show of power (symbol) of the serpents and their serpent god over the Adamic race and god.  


There is usually sexual activity during the ‘rites’ and then there’s usually an orgy that follows afterwards.


The sex during the ritual is performed on an altar in a form of ‘sacred marriage’ re-enactment between the evil god and mortal female (a symbolic Eve, but this Eve is eve-ill).  A human male becomes a portal for the devil and the devil’s spirit fills/possesses him. 


The female counterpart to this ‘sacred marriage’ is usually a high priestess or an evil female who is in estrus (ovulating).  Any child who is conceived on the evil altar will be considered ‘sacred’ and is usually born a very evil person. The evil god – through the male portal - and female have intercourse.


Remember, the ancients always believed that gods had sex with mortals.  It’s in their ancient literature and ‘myths’.  The New Testament says that the ‘holy spirit’ came upon the Virgin Mary to make her pregnant (Matt. 1:18, 20; Luke 1:35;

Gal. 4:29).  Since gods do not have bodies, they probably go through mortals (Pre-Adamics or organic portals) and have sex with women (and men) through the portals.


Gods are never held to the same principles and morals that humans are held to.  They give us laws but don’t obey those laws themselves.  One of these laws is the incest.  If your god ‘comes upon’ you, then it’s literally your ‘father’ that is having sex with you.


After the main ritual of incantations for the human sacrifice, sex with the devil, the bloodletting of the human sacrifice, the inhaling/consumption of the andrenalinechrome (a chemical from the pineal gland that is generated from the victim’s fright – it gives the leader a rich, evil high), the subsequent drinking of blood in a ‘holy’ chalice and the eating of flesh, comes the sex ‘party’ which is also part of the ritual.  Children conceived in the orgy are usually born evil or serpentine.


Because the predator serpent race prefers to remain hidden, because their blood god Set requires oceans of blood and because the Pre-Adamics fear an uprising by the Adamics if exposed, most human sacrifices are carried out non-formally, with the causes of death being blamed as something else. I wrote about this ‘indirect’ human sacrifice in Part 3.


The Temple of Set


This whole planet has been designed since ancient times to be a human sacrifice machine for Set, his serpent race and system of evil systems.  We are living in a Temple of Set. 


Look around you with an open mind and see how everything, including governments, economic systems, religions and the rest are institutionalized evil.  Do some research and see how almost every person with a Soul is cut down before their prime.  Almost every death on this planet has now become a secret human sacrifice of some kind or another.  Serpent god worship and its ensuing human sacrifice are very old.


In October of 2007, Archaeologists discovered what seems to be the remains of the world's earliest religious worship site in the remote Ngamiland region of Botswana. The Tsodilo Hills are a sacred place for the local San people, who call them the "Mountains of the Gods" and the "Rock that Whispers".


Archaeologists found a mysterious rock that resembled the head of a huge python. On the six meter long by two meter tall rock, they found three to four hundred indentations that could only have been man-made.  It is estimated that this religious site is 70,000 years old.



So far, the serpent worship is the oldest identifiable religion on earth because the ancients didn’t leave any evidence of nature worship or any other kind of worship.


According to the bible, the Hebrews worshiped serpents down to the days of King Hezekiah who abolished idols.


The ‘Oldest’ known African human sacrifice

“The tomb of a 5,500-year-old man surrounded by three sacrificed humans, two dogs and exquisite ceramics were exhumed north of Khartoum by Neolithic expert Jacques Reinhold and his 66-year-old Austrian wife.

“This is the oldest proof of human sacrifice in Sudan, in Egypt, in Africa,” Reinhold told reporters next to the remains in El Kadada village… http://anthropology.net/2008/02/19/the-oldest-known-african-human-sacrifice/


Human sacrifice is on the rise


The APEC [American Psychological Evaluation Corporation] study monitored 872 religions, cults, orders, and societies. Of these 381 were formed within the past five years. Of the latter group, 58 were organizations that espouse or feature human sacrifice. Previous studies of such groups have revealed a 285 percent rise in the number of human sacrifice-friendly groups since 1991. The explosion of so-called "New Age" religions and the growing popularity of parlor divinations such as table tipping, astrology, and nephrology point to a quasi-mystical frenzy sweeping the world. Seeking answers in arcane mysticism and nonrational behavior is generally regarded as a stress reaction induced by the complexities of modern industrial society. But the growing popularity of human sacrifice is not easily explained by any standard sociological model. http://www.fright.com/vmoon/6_19a.html


'My daughter was killed for human sacrifice’ (October 9, 2008)

Lucknow: The body of a six-year-old girl was found near a temple in Uttar Pradesh, police said on Thursday. The girl's father has alleged she was killed as part of a human sacrifice ritual… http://www.dnaindia.com/report.asp?newsid=1196725


Sacred Executioners & Disposable Victims


There is an ancient system of apparent and occult (hidden) human sacrifice that is still operating today (same leopard, different spots).  Someone has to do the killing and someone (individual or group) has to die. 


The killer is wrapped in mystique and ‘sacredness”.  This system is best described by Peter Myers, in his excellent paper, ‘Hyam Maccoby, The Sacred Executioner’. (http://mailstar.net/maccoby.html)


The Sacred Executioner of all the modern sacrificial institutions is masked.  The Sacred Executioner seemingly dwells in the dream world because of ‘myth’ and the deliberate hiding of the serpent race, god and culture, the Sacred Executioner is very real.  You could ask the victims, but they’re all dead (executed).


In modern times, ‘sacred executions’ are still done individually and collectively and the Sacred Executioner can be an individual or is a composite of a group or groups and/or institutions, including societies, political organizations, commerce/economic organizations, the military, so forth.


‘Hyam Maccoby, The Sacred Executioner’ is a lengthy.  To keep this article as short as possible, I’ve truncated the highlights and the [ ]  are mine :


A figure in mythology that has received little attention is that of the Sacred Executioner. By this I mean the figure of a person (either a god or a human being) who slays another person, and as a result is treated as both sacred and accursed.

Commonly, such a person in myth is ejected from society and condemned to long wanderings; yet he is also regarded as having special privileges, such as being protected from attack and having his life prolonged beyond the average. There are many variations on this pattern; sometimes the person is treated as more sacred than accursed, sometimes as more accursed than sacred....

…In general, rituals are earlier than mythsMyths often arose in order to explain a ritual; often too, they became detached from the ritual, which had become obsolete, and functioned simply as stories for poets or playwrights, though such stories also had a ritual function, being recited at festivals, and being regarded as holy writ.

Ritual is not the only source of myth, which may arise from a historical event; yet in the background of such a transformation the influence of the ancient ritual may often be felt, arising from a fundamental need for placation and expiation in the face of unmanageable fear….

Thus a story based on fact, by being interpreted in a way consonant with ancient sacrificial ritual, may actually take the place of that ritual and function in such a way that it is as if the ritual were being perpetually performed. The best example of this is the case of Jesus, whose death was interpreted as the sacrifice of a man-god, the placation of an angry father-god and the expiation of otherwise unpardonable sins; the blame for the shocking but necessary sacrifice was borne by a whole nation, the Jews (though crystallized in the individual form of Judas), who were given the role of a collective Sacred Executioner….

The historical reality that lies behind all these stories, I shall argue, is the institution of human sacrifice...

For human sacrifice seems almost never to have been unaccompanied by guilt on the part of the society in which it occurred and by a consequent desire to shift the blame, despite the desperate need that was felt to accomplish the deed. How do we know then, that ritual sacrifice is the real subject of the myth? This is betrayed [portrayed not betrayed] by the equivocal character of the story.  Some good consequence will be seen to flow from the slaying: a city will be founded, or a nation will be inaugurated, or a famine will be stayed, or a people will be saved from the wrath of the gods, or a threatening enemy will be defeated. Such good consequences are exactly the results that were hoped for by the performance of human sacrifice.

If the slaying is blamed entirely on accident [such as chemtrails, capitalism, ‘democracy’, so forth], then nobody will be blamed; but usually the slaying is attributed to malevolence on the part of the slayer. In this case, the hidden character of the story is betrayed by the equivocal nature of the punishment meted out to the slayer. He will be cursed, but not put to death; he will acquire special magic powers; he will be driven out of society, but special pains taken to ensure that he survives. By taking the blame for the slaying, he is performing a great service to society, for not only does he perform the deed, but he takes upon himself the blame for it, and thus absolves society as a whole completely from the guilt of a slaying for which they, in fact, are responsible and by which, in theory at least, they benefit...

How can a Sacred Executioner be ‘sacred’ if he is serving a god of evil and death?  But the idea and symbolism of a Sacred Executioner appeases the guilt of the Collective Souled who allow ‘allowed’ human sacrifice to happen.  Somehow, murderers have become ‘mystical’ persons who will do the dirty job of murder for the ‘benefit’ of others. 

The victims of sacrifice also become ‘mystical’ in the Collective Mind.  ‘Mystical’ means occult: spiritually symbolic and obscure in meaning.  And in this mix of mysticism, the Sacred Executioner becomes a (dark) ‘hero’ where the human sacrifice is just another disposable victim and nothing more.

The Executioner, the ritual (formal or informal, direct or indirect) and the victim/s are occult as ‘occult’ means hidden or obscure.  That is because the people of the world are under layers upon layers of dark hypnosis for mind and spiritual control plus they are programmed to avoid the real reality but accept and/or believe in the reality they’re told to accept and/or believe in by their serpent masters. 

More, since the subjects of cannibalism, of the serpent god and his race, human sacrifice and the rest are taboo, nobody really wants to talk about these taboo subjects because they are frightening.  It might make people uncomfortable as their Consciences may bother start to bother them or people are too busy dreaming in the deep hypnotic state and prefer that to dealing with the real reality.

This serpent death world is wrapped in cabbage-like layers of superstition.  People ignore or deny the evil around them, believing if they ignore or deny the evil, that it will leave them alone and go down the road and claim someone else for the blood thirst of the vampire god and his vampire agents. 

The taboo subjects of evil, serpents, cannibalism and human sacrifice are pushed back into the back of the mind and psyche.  This makes the subjects and reality surreal, thus dream-like and less tangible. 

The Sacred Executioner, his hell-pers (including supporters) and the victim/s involved usually remain faceless and nameless.  This helps to keep evil ‘invisible’ or hidden in the minds of the Village. 

The Sacred Executioner, plus the secret human sacrifice ritual and sacrificed victims, are not only symbols of the occult because they are hidden, they are symbols of other things.

The Sacred Executioner wields the power of life and death, another important symbol of dark power.  On the other hand, the victims are symbols of  powerlessness because they’re hypnotized, drugged, tied up (ritual human sacrifice) and they’re terrified.

The Sacred Executioner is the symbol of the predator and the symbol of the parasite. The sacrificed is the symbol of the prey.  The sacrificed victim/s are also symbols of the serfs’/slaves’ blood payment to the hidden ‘lord’ of this world, Set.

The facelessness of the Sacred Executioner, hell-pers and victims are symbols in themselves because they represent shadows.  Predators hide in the shadows plus they hide their deeds in the shadows.  The facelessness is also symbolic of the veils the serpents put on the psyche of the Mind.

Another symbol is that the Sacred Executioner gets to live while his victims have to die.  It indirectly tells who gets priority to live in this world.

The Sacred Executioner (state or religious murderer) is considered ‘holy’ while the victim/s are not.  They are the lambs (as in children) or sheeple (as in adults) who must die in magical blood payments to Set. 

Sometimes, the victims of sacrifice are considered ‘martyrs’.  Christ falls into this category besides – again- the categories of human sacrifice and self-sacrifice.  But with few exceptions, the names and faces of the sacrificed are never remembered and forgotten.

No matter what the serpents sell you (literal snake oil) to escape your Conscience, no matter how much you try to wash your hands of blood like Pontius Pilate tried to, the blood remains.

America is responsible for the disappearance of hundreds of millions of lives on ther planet because of its imperial ambitions.  Although the common man-slaves are mostly against the human sacrifice methods done to force and enforce empire, they still have the blood on their hands. 

Mark Hertzgaard said, “Americans cannot escape a certain responsibility for what is done in our name around the world. In a democracy, even one as corrupted as ours, ultimate authority rests with the people. We empower the government with our votes, finance it with our taxes, bolster it with our silent acquiescence. If we are passive in the face of America's official actions overseas, we in effect endorse them.”

Blood on the hands - acceptance or silence of all the things the Brotherhood of the Serpent does – is another way to weave you into the Serpent Systems that control this world today.

Set and his serpent race use fear to control us physically, mentally, psychically, emotionally and spiritually.  When we begin to understand who and what they are and overcome our fear of them, they no longer have control over us.   When we organize collectively, we can overthrow the serpent slave masters and their system of systems.



Connecting the Dots



I have been convinced that we, as an Order, have come under the power

of some very evil occult order, profoundly versed in science both occult

and otherwise, though not infallible, their methods being black magick,

that is to say, electro-magnetic power, hypnotism and powerful

suggestion.  We are convinced that the order is being

controlled by some sun order, after the nature of the

illuminati, if not by that order itself.

Duke of Brunswick


Ironic, when I was working on this last part of this article, I was listening to Alex Jones on infowars.com and he talked about Mexico and how its falling into civil war.  He also mentioned the murders on the US/Mexico border, including the mass graves being found with hundreds of female corpses whose hearts have been cut out. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that this is evidence of human sacrifice. 


Whether it’s indirect human sacrifice (civil wars designed behind the wizards’ curtain) or direct human sacrifice (killing women and cutting their hearts out), it’s still human sacrifice and probably cannibalism.  What happened to the hearts cut out the women?


Now, I will connect all of these dark, dynamic things mentioned above to a Bigger Picture


Chemtrails are raining human blood and plasma over the Temple of Set. We are ingesting these things (plus the other things).  When we ingest this blood and plasma, we become indirect cannibals.


Chemtrails are killing us one-by-one and  these deaths are secret human sacrifice deaths.   The  causes of the deaths are called something else because governments deny that chemtrails exist.


The serpent race are not only predators, they are parasites or psychic vampires and so is their serpent god.  The endless need for the god to be propitiated by blood is reflected in the Old Testament and is also reflected in the New Testament Epistle to the Hebrews: "Indeed, under law almost everything is purified with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins." (Heb. 9:22) 


The signs and symbols of the Temple of Set are everywhere.  Serpents, reptiles, predator animals, obelisks, ancient Egyptian symbols and more are found on clothing, posters, household furnishings, tattoos, toys and many other things. 


The caduceus symbol with entwining snakes represents ‘health’. 



Snake symbols are phallic symbols and the world is certainly drowning in them.  The cross of Christ is a symbol of serpents and crucifixes (which also portray human sacrifice) are everywhere. The word ‘Cross’ comes from the Latin word ceras, which also means ‘serpent’.


Spirals are symbols of serpents.  The swastika is a stylized spiral.  Interesting, swastikas show up in mazes and labyrinths. The word ‘labyrinth’ comes directly from the ancient Minoan Snake Goddess culture of Crete, where the swastika was used as a symbol of the labyrinth and is linked etymologically with the “double headed axe” – the Tau Cross. Similar labyrinthine shaped swastikas have been found in the ancient city of Harappa from the 2000 BC.


Set and his symbols are all over military hardware and insignias. Soldiers wear patches on their uniforms of cobras and serpent plus dragons and other predator reptiles and animals.  The straps of many ceremonial military headdresses are made of snakeskin-like leather. 


Set is many times depicted as a sun god.  Look around you and see all the symbols of suns and rising suns everywhere.


Symbols and references to Set are embedded in culture, including music. I’ve tried to show the reader this with lines of lyrics from songs that have been played hundreds of millions of times around this world.


We are living in a huge pagan temple of Set that is visible but invisible at the same time.  Listen to Chris Knowles’ interview on Red Ice Creations (http://www.redicecreations.com/live/2008/12dec/RIL-081206.html). 


Knowles has it right when he tells about all the pagan symbols and hidden pagan temples entrenched in this world.  What Knowles fails to see is that this whole earth is one ancient evil temple.

Almost everything done on this planet is done in ritual and it goes back to serpent thinking and the way the serpent race operates.  Listen to Freeman’s interview on Red Ice Creations to learn more about some of these rituals (that we don’t think of as rituals) at http://www.redicecreations.com/radio/2009/02feb/RICR-090222-SUB.html


Our goal is to unite the elect who consciously walk the path of the black dragon (the Transcendental Anti-cosmic Satanism). To concentrate the powers of the eternal black flame and burn further black holes in the world’s soul (anima mundi) and the collective unconscious of mankind, to open new dark portals to Chaos, this way contributing to the beginning of the endless dark aeon and the invasion of cosmos by the disharmonic and sinister energies. http://www.evilness.com/slayermag/interview_mlo3.html



Why are we being turned into indirect cannibals?  Because cannibalism corrupts us. It corrupts our bodies and psyches plus it corrupts our Souls.  There is more than just a war for our minds and bodies (control) going on here.  There is also a war for our Souls. 


On the physical side, the chemicals, metals, fungus, blood, blood products, germs and other things in chemtrails are designed to make the body sick and weak so we are easier to control.  Chemtrails are designed to kill us, too.


The serpents secretly feed us human blood and plasma to poison us to turn us into cannibals so we will corrupt and become evil like them.  They sacrifice humans through their institutions and other third-party persons to give us collective ownership of their occult or hidden human sacrifice by chemtrails. 


In reality, all deaths by chemtrails are Secret Human Sacrifice Deaths. Any evil act of murder is a ritual whether formal or informal in this Temple of Set.




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