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CryShame: Parents and Professionals in support of Dr Andrew Wakefield, Dr Simon Murch and Dr John Walker-Smith.

 For US Readers..... Five Bucks to Hit the Schmucks!

For UK Readers..... Three Pounds to Fox the Hounds! 

The prosecution has had its day and the defence is about to begin. Thursday, March 27th 2008 sees the re-opening of the UK General Medical Council hearing in which Drs Wakefield, Murch and Walker-Smith will present their evidence to the GMC panel.


To date, those responsible for the contrived allegations against Dr Wakefield and his ex colleagues have had free reign whilst the defendants have been silenced by the legal process. The children at the centre of one of the biggest cover-ups in the history of medicine have been hidden, their parents have been silenced and supporting professionals have had their careers threatened if they dare to speak out.  But our time has come. Just as the US Courts have conceded that vaccines cause autism, Dr Wakefield and his ex-colleagues are preparing to speak in defence of themselves and on behalf of the international community of children affected by this shameful episode in medical history.


CryShame is committed to making your voice heard as the eyes of the autism world turn to London . On the 27th March we plan to display messages of support for the doctors, from parents, children and professionals throughout the world, in front of the GMC building. We then plan to continue the campaign for the length of the hearing and beyond. On the day he walks into the GMC building to begin his defence, Dr Wakefield will be presented with EVERY message received.


CryShame are also planning to produce leaflets, postcards, placards, films, DVDs, a full page ad in the national press, mobile ad trucks, press and media packs. In addition we need to continue funding our website to tell the world the story, as it unfolds. Donations of as much as you can afford would help enormously - a donation of just $5 / 3  from each person receiving this email would make all of these things possible.


We ask you to visit the CryShame website at www.cryshame.com to make a donation and leave a message of support that will be presented to Dr Wakefield on the day he begins his defence. There is also space on the form for you to nominate a child in order to have their name listed on display at the rally.

The eyes of the autism world are on us. Please be with us. Five Bucks to Hit the Schmucks / Three Pounds to Fox the Hounds

Many thanks

CryShame : Parents and Professionals in support of Dr Andrew Wakefield, Dr Simon Murch and Dr John Walker-Smith


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