Medical Politics  Disease theory

The Ultimate Conspiracy

a book by James McCumiskey

Publishers:-   ISBN 978-0-9557161-0-2

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About the Author

James McCumiskey was born in Sligo, Ireland in 1964 and is currently living in Belfast. He is married with two boys, and is the financial controller of a small company.

Prior to his father's death from liver cancer in October 2002, James had no interest at all in medicine. He was always vaguely suspicious about pharmaceuticals, but apart from that he would not have questioned the medical profession. In the course of his father dying, James came across the work of a German physician who had a simple and plausible explanation for the origin and the mechanism of all cancers and most other diseases.

After his fathers death, James resolved to investigate this “New Medicine”. He understood the basics of it immediately and has read about it and thought about it every day since. His motivation in writing this book is that if the knowledge of the New Medicine had been widely known in 2002, his father would still have had a serious cancer, liver cancer but he would have had a 95% chance of surviving it. Modern Medicine cannot change its deadly course.

This book is for anybody who wants to understand why Modern Medicine is fundamentally flawed. This book only succeeds when YOU realise the full Horror of Modern Medicine, which is the Ultimate Conspiracy.

About the Book

The Biomedical Paradigm describes the underlying philosophy or pattern of thinking behind Modern Medicine. What if the Biomedical Paradigm is fundamentally fl awed, resulting in 95% of Modern Medicine being scientifically and medically wrong?

Doctors are mostly nice, hard-working and respectable people. But what if they are killing and injuring many, many times more people than they are healing because of their insane belief in the Biomedical Paradigm? They have already been remarkably successful in killing millions of people with vaccinations, chemotherapy and HIV-AIDS. They now want to create a medically induced bird flu pandemic that could kill tens of millions of people. They will succeed in this endeavour unless enough ordinary people understand the Horror that is the Biomedical Paradigm.

The Biomedical Paradigm is the Ultimate Conspiracy because most of us, more than 99% of us, currently believe it to make common sense, to be scientific, and to be true.

However there is a simple scientific explanation as to why a person gets a specific cancer or disease. Cancer is not a meaningless failure of Nature, but is rather a meaningful event, which occurs for a specific reason. Once you know this, you will no longer fear cancer nor any other disease, because you will understand it. Cancer is curable!

When enough ordinary people know this easily understandable and scientific explanation for cancer, the Biomedical Paradigm will be seen for what it really is, and can then be finally overcome.