I wish there were a forum for discussions like this:

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 I wish there were a forum for discussions like this: 
[John has been providing some new film titles to me in email, lately.  In this note back to him I responded after he suggested DONNY DARKO (started his awakening process), LOST HIGHWAY and SOUTHLAND.  I had suggested MULHOLLAND DRIVE as a way to tell the reptiles in LA from the humans Cool   ~Don]

John, Carol really likes DONNY DARKO because it accurately shows what subtle energy does Wink

Thx for the other two titles--will check those out.

I once met and had an extensive, uninterrupted discussion a producer in LA--had lunch at his house becuase my girlfriend's son was being promoted by his wife, a popular writer.  I knew, then (1995) that there are lots of mature artists in Gomorrah who eagerly watch for opportunities to sneak real, empowering info into their films, like Lynch does.

The CIA owns the media but they're not capable of catching and plugging more than a few of these information leaks.  When they can't stop it, they attempt to own it, of course, but artists are adept at evading them.  If the film people weren't artists, nobody would watch their stuff. Delicious conundrum for the parasites who own the industry Wink

All the actors are too compromised to do any good in the world,  I think. One of the people we've helped still conducts high level satanic rituals for the world order. They erase her memories, after each ritual but there are residual impressions, of course, because memory isn't just in the brain. Men can't conduct the rituals, which is another nice irony about this patriarchic, parasitic world order.

She's occasionally greeted with smiles and secret hand signals when she's on the street in New York by people including Robin Williams and George Clooney, who participate in the rituals and apparently don't know that her memory gets wiped Wink

***** ******* was one of Shirley MacLaine's three occult teachers in the mid 80s, right before the Stinkmeisters started promoting her as a guru.  He says she's a hopeless, witless Monarch drone but a nice gal, otherwise. He says, too, that Oprah is turned on and off by signals from her CIA handler and spends her off-air periods during her shows in a catatonic trance. He was a guest on her show several times in the 80s and was shocked when he tried to start a conversation with her during a commercial break because her handler had 'turned her off' Wink and she simply continued staring straight ahead with no expression.  Would be fun to get that on YouTube, eh? Cool