Deconstructing "AIDS"
The Advanced Iatrogenic Disease Syndrome

by Michael Ellner and Tom DiFerdinando

1.   A I D S   P h y s i c a l   B a s i s

The war on cancer was an embarrassing failure for the First Church of Corporate Medical Science. This and similar disasters have sent huge and growing numbers of people toward alternative forms of health care. As widespread medical dependency continues to diminish, the Church has been forced into a frantic scramble to reinforce its Divine Authority. A life-threatening epidemic was just what the doctor ordered.

In 1981, a handful of socially irresponsible scientists based in the Public Health Services' Epidemic Intelligence Service, were looking to save face and to ensure their agency's continued existence. Always on the lookout for clusters of illness with which to whip up public hysteria, they can then justify not only their own existence but widespread publicly-funded mass immunizations and expensive medical treatments. They failed miserably with the swine flu and Legionaires disease, had moderate success with herpes, but then they hit the jackpot.

They came upon a handful of seriously ill gay men who had histories of heavy drug use and sexually transmitted diseases. Asserting their illness to be the result of an immune deficiency exclusive of any drug toxicity, these scientists actively sought out heroin addicts and hemophiliacs with their commonly associated opportunistic infections, and then decided to throw into the pot some Florida-based Haitians with their endemic TB. Mix these unrelated groups and situations together and decide ahead of time that they have to be linked by an undiscovered retrovirus and viola - AIDS!

The deadliest disease ever known, it is 100% fatal and everybody is at risk. Bingo! We're right back in the corporate trance. Billions and billions of dollars are being spent with our full and uncritical consent on an epidemic that never was. Once again Corporate Medical Science rules, backed by the media and the many thousands of other private and public organizations that they fund.

How could it have happened? If it is all a lie, how did it get to be this big? We are unwittingly and in many cases quite wittingly participating in genocide against gay men, IV drug users, the poor, and people of color. How? Why? If we only thought about it, we could see that AIDS doesn't spread. It develops in people who have overwhelmed their natural defences with many long term toxic assaults. Overwhelming levels of antigenic stress are what give the physical basis and reality to "AIDS." Hysteria and iatrogenic poisoning are what fill in the gaps.

2.  T h e   G o a l   O f   H y s t e r i a

So lets look at the hysteria, the poisoning has been discussed elsewhere (2). AIDS was never 100% fatal. It was never even close. Yet hundreds of thousands of people living in terror have become the pawns and devotees to the mass hypnosis that is AIDS. The basis for the terror is a sense of helplessness in the face of illness and death. Until illness is recognized as an ally to be respected and not an enemy to be destroyed, and death is recognized to be a natural part of the life cycle, these irrational fears will remain and medical dependency will endure.

But there are other, more poignant factors. For many of these people, HIV/AIDS is the cure of a broken life. In a very perverse way it gives their lives and deaths meaning. Having HIV/AIDS has become a career, a badge of belonging, and many are receiving more attention and care than ever before. These people need AIDS. They have become addicted and do not want to lose their new found esteem! Unfortunately, in our opinion, these people cannot be saved.

There are others who need AIDS also. Do not forget. Medicine is a business. And like any other business it is profit-oriented, competition wary, and puts considerable effort into convincing us we need its dangerous goods and services.

But one key difference blinds us to this fact. Medicine deals in a very direct and immediate way with issues of life, death, sex and drugs. And if anything can entrance us and stir hysteria, panic and irrationality it is issues of life, death, sex and drugs. Because people fear illness, the slightest hint of something changing or happening in their bodies sparks hysterical reactions. And hysteria is the music to which white-coated authorities, the majority of which are blinded by their own dogma, sashay their way into our hearts, our souls and our wallets.

These are among the very powerful interests which maintain a conspiracy of silence, keeping crucial information, like recoveries and fraud, under wraps. Hysteria is necessary to divert attention away from these vital issues, the unconscious goal being to fuel a sense of accomplishment without really changing anything.

Again, billions and billions are being made and spent on HIV/AIDS. And the tension of CRISIS is a perfect substitute for creative and satisfying work and relationships. Many individuals in the major AIDS organizations are now living the financially secure lives they've always wanted to live. There's just this inconvenient nuisance of sick and dying people.

3.  T h e   N e x t   G e n e r a t i o n

Let's also keep in mind that AIDS has become a godsend for those obsessed with derailing the healthy expression of adolescent sexuality. It was bad enough when sex was dangerous. Now, SEX=DEATH. But unless these kids belong to, or are having sex with someone in a high-risk group, where does their high risk come from? Who in their sexual pool is going to cause a so-called "AIDS infection"?

They are at no risk for AIDS whatsoever. Although unsettling to anxious adults, the only effective way to guarantee safe, healthy behavior in teens is to affirm and respect their sexual birth right, not treat it like a dirty and hedonistic compulsion.

Why terrorize these kids? We expose them to and arouse them with an environment bursting with erotic images while shutting off their central outlet for gratification. Then we wonder why so many youth are violent, confused, depressed and suicidal, seeking solace in substances like drugs and alcohol. All one need do is think back to one's own ungratified adolescence. Not only are these kinds of feelings the precursors to a future parentage in which hysteria and sexual terror once again rule, but they frequently produce the behavior and substance abuse which can put teens at risk for needing and developing "AIDS" in the first place.

4.  P a r t i c i p a t e  I n  T h e   C u r e

AIDS is not a disease. It is a social agreement. (3) And like any agreement, participation is implied. The cure for AIDS, for those who actually want it, is to stop participating. Voila, no more AIDS! Then and only then can you productively and constructively address the genuine role of a toxic burden, the root of the hysteria, and the deadly role of both modern medicine and its government sponsor and representative, the US Public Health Service.

We can save the people who've tested positive to HIV antibodies provided they are willing to save themselves. That is, as long as they neither want nor need "AIDS". All that is necessary is to accompany an individual program of detox and spiritual/ emotional/ physical nourishment with a thorough breaking of the hex. There is also hope for those who have developed AIDS indicator diseases. Although in acute cases heroic medicine can be life saving, generally speaking, these people too can be assisted by a nourishing program of detox and de-hex that includes non-toxic treatments for their presenting conditions.

We know this to be true because it has been done already. A remarkable few with "AIDS" understood it to be a wake-up call, not a death-sentence. The same can be said of those who have tested Western Blot positive. They fired their doctors and left the AIDS organizations that are designed to perpetuate the crisis and undermine their health. It was then that they started on their very own personal Hero's journey.

In the case of AIDS, they took charge of their own recovery; in the case of testing positive to antibodies, they addressed their toxic burden and have since remained healthy. These people are the proof that it is the belief in HIV=AIDS=DEATH that kills like a truck!

Remember, there is no mystery here. Once hexed, even basically healthy people become 24-hour-a-day stress generators. This, added to the dangerous behaviors that testing HIV positive unleashes, the very toxic treatments, the assisted preparation for illness and death, and the death sentence itself, all combine to undermine their natural defenses. Is it any wonder these people develop life threatening diseases?! AIDS is neither infectious nor sexually transmitted. No virus, HIV or otherwise, is causing AIDS!!! (4) Just ask the "experts"- Where is the proof? Where is the proof? WHERE IS THE PROOF? There is none, folks. Help us stop HIV testing. It is a murderous scam.(5)

5.  D e c o n s t r u c t i n g   A I D S

Even with the fine reporting by The Sunday Times of London, SPIN, the NY Native, Tony Brown's Journal, Earl Caldwell in the NY Daily News, Elinor Burkett formerly of the Miami Herald, Penthouse, National League of Nurse's Journal, and the heroic work of Joan Shenton and Meditel, we're only beginning to crack the profound AIDS TRANCE. Emminent researchers like Dr. Peter H. Duesberg and Kerry Mullis are deliberately and systematically marginalized. The well known threat of being de-funded as Duesberg was keeps cowardly scientists in line and ensures their silence. We are hereby calling for the immediate refunding of Peter H. Duesberg and wide-spread media coverage to dissident AIDS scientists.

A responsible press is essential to deconstructing AIDS. We have to see the gross failure of mainstream news to cover these urgent issues, particularly since they represent the views of their major sponsor - Corporate Medical Science. These glaring crimes against humanity remain unnoticed by the masses. Instead of counting panels on the AIDS Quilt we need to pay attention to the huge profits being made on all the dubious tests and treatments recommended by the "AIDS EXPERTS" and their minions: the "AIDS COMMUNITY".

6.   A  F r e e   S o c i e t y ?

It is urgent that the public not only become aware of the fraud of HIV testing and the murderous treatments based on it, but of their own responsibility in perpetuating the situation. In time it will all fade away as it always does. But that's not good enough. The architects of the present situation have to crash and burn or they will never stop. They are guilty of the most heinous and despicable crimes ever.

The CDC, EIS, FDA, NIAID and much of the Public Health Service should be shut down. They represent the corporate medical community, not us. They are its legal strong arm. And not only do they keep safe, non-toxic, highly effective "alternative" therapies from openly competing with Western approaches but, under the direction of our corporate authorities, they unjustly discredit and outright outlaw them!

These people, along with the AMA, pharmaceutical and major AIDS organizational heads must be put on trial for this most vicious crime against humanity. We all know Modern Medicine is brutally harmful. We even make jokes about doctors killing their patients - "Operation successful, patient dead." And yet we continue to sanction their actions with our uninformed consent.

Those who want AIDS can keep it. But HEAL is proof that the rest of us need not be contaminated with their hysteria and trance logic. We need your help! We need money to keep our organization going. We need office space and professional video editing equipment urgently.

We know that what we are dealing with is bigger than "AIDS". AIDS itself is symptomatic of a much deeper social problem. But HEAL has come to realize we must first disempower the White Coats to help usher in the age of a health-regulated rather than disease-regulated society. There is no freedom without self-responsibility. And both are dependant upon a system built not on promoting fear, dependancy and the suppression of symptoms, but one built to protect health, self-regulation and the capacity to love. If you are able, please help us continue the work we began in 1982 towards promoting health and exploding the need for the AIDS AGREEMENT.

* Antigens: Foreign bodies and substances

** Note: Special thanks to Edward Lieb for the subtitle to this article and his clarification of the AIDS acronym. We also like the version from the Yorubaland Health Minister in Africa, Chief Osolo: American Invention to Discourage Sex.


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Michael Ellner is President of HEAL.
Tom DiFerdinando is Executive Director of HEAL.