An Introduction to The Signs And Techniques of Online COINTELPRO

By Stephen DeVoy

[pdf 2004] An Introduction to The Signs And Techniques of Online COINTELPRO By Stephen DeVoy

Since their goal is to silence you, it would serve their ends to have both you and themselves banned from a given forum or online publication. They don’t really want to be there anyway. They want you to shut up. If you’re not there, they have no reason to be there. In all outcomes, it is your removal they seek. They will do whatever is necessary to accomplish that goal. They have no personal interest in the forums they harass...

The police will also publish material in your name to justify the issuance of a warrant. In my own case, they published an article calling for the murder of the President and another calling for citizens to shoot the police. These were forged and published in my name.

The proper term with the intelligence community for “The Forged Article Script” is “black propaganda.” COINTELPRO authors a document and uses the activist’s name as the author. This technique was used against the Black nationalists during the civil rights movement in the U.S. It is used today against anarchists. The forged article is designed to attribute illegal intent, paranoia or some other defect to the dissident.4 The best response to this script is to place a short statement, not in your name, beneath the article or message. The brief statement should read: “The above is a forged article. It was authored and posted by COINTELPRO operatives. It seeks to smear and defame an activist. It is false and libelous. NOTE TO THE COURTS: Please investigate the law enforcement agent requesting a warrant based on the above document. It is highly likely that he authored it.”

When evidence of black operations and other forms of harassment are exposed online and no rational means is available to discredit the information, intelligence agencies fall back on the paranoia script. The paranoia script consists of short comments characterizing the author of the evidence as “paranoid.” In some cases, the intelligence trolls are explicit and make such a statement unambiguously. When they do, they add comments to the article qualifying it as “paranoid rantings” or “paranoia mongering.” No argument is provided to dispute the evidence. The attack is always upon the publisher or author.
    Less explicit attributions of paranoia are more common. For example, comments about “black helicopters” or “tin foil hats” are favorites of intelligence trolls. Ironically, no one on the left writes about black helicopters or tin foil hats. This reveals the cultural milieu of the intelligence troll. These insulting asides arise from rightwing culture and are common in venues such as the FreeRepublic.

COINTELPRO often employs “bad jacketing” to silence and marginalize activists. To “bad jacket” someone is to accuse them of being an infiltrator or a snitch.

Your best defense against online COINTELPRO is to protect your online privacy but do not post anonymously unless you are willing to deal with the consequences of being identified at a future point in time. You should avoid responding to any kind of harassment. If you cannot avoid responding to the harassment, please keep in mind my suggestions about responses to the enumerated scripts. Do not engage them, dismiss them. Do not provide them with any information about your life. Force them to prove any assertions they make. Usually they will fail and you can expose them as liars.