The Disarming of America

Don Bradley

Well, clearly it has become very apparent that 2008 is going to be the big year they are going for total gun control. We are now being treated twice-weekly, with very public shootings in schools, public buildings, stores, YOU NAME IT. The idea? To get folks thinking that NO WHERE AND NO ONE IS SAFE, ANYWHERE, as long as the public has firearms. This is an agency operation, quite clearly. The disinformation artists will speak of Prozac and drugs, and bad times, but the reason for the mainstream media assault and the staggering frequency and disparity of shooting locations and victims is to paint a horrific picture and spread fear.

With school shootings, it was lock down the schools, turn campuses into day prisons, and get the kids used to search and seizure without rights. It can be then said that OP was successful, as that accurately describes the conditions of K-12 schools all over this country. Now, the push is on to have that same kind of lockdown, search and seizure without rights, and police security teams EVERYWHERE, as they have now at all schools.

Watch it continue to unfold—with the machine already doing the dialectic two-step of problem-reaction-solution and the disarming of America. It's all happening right now, in real time.

Imagine being searched and scanned for weapons at the grocery store? The mall? Going for a walk in the park? Think it’s far fetched and unrealistic? Well, folks in the 1980s and earlier would have said exactly the same thing if you said ALL CHILDREN IN AMERICA would be searched, piled through metal detectors to get to school, and their constitutional rights waved forever. Someone saying the above in, say, 1988, would have been laughed out of the country. If you were to tell a parent in 1992 or 1962 that Johnny would be kicked out of school for waving a plastic fork around the lunch room in play, they’d of shaken their head at you in derision.


The purpose of these shootings is to

  1. create an atmosphere of fear, anguish, frustration
  2. get weeping mothers, people holding other people in their arms and consoling each other, with painful wails for the cameras (all quite real, in most instances)
  3. establish a plank on the political platform, that allows the creation of mandatory gun registration and confiscation of firearms laws exceeding all other laws in place, to be politically acceptable by the voting pubic.
  4. shed blood, for ritualistic purposes. Etc, etc, etc,.


Interesting, isn’t it? The shootings tie to sabbats, new moons, black magic numerological codexes, and so on? And why? To get the most mojo (magic) working on behalf of the “people” behind these atrocities.


For a police state to be successful in its pogrom of slavery, the citizens must be disarmed. It’s all over the history books, but NOT on the History Channel. It happened in Germany, China, Russia, England, Australia, and many, many other countries. It’s happening in America, and the reason for going through the motions of the public shootings is because of the US CONSTITUTION, which allows private ownership of firearms for the express purpose of stopping a police state. In communist and fascist countries, they simply took the guns from you. In so-called democracies, they have to go through the motions and fictional realities so the people WILL DEMAND ALL FIREARMS TO BE TAKEN AWAY.


Watch for the frenzied wave of shootings to continue. And, as with any good script to work by, with a climatic and most terribly awful final tragedy that will become a kind of 911 on gun control. With Time, Newsweek, People, and all the other psyop organs already spinning how we are to feel about it all and, more importantly, what can ONLY be done about it.



The next sabbat is on March 21st. Not very far away, is it. The last sabbat was on February 1st, just a few days ago. And what a crescendo of death has been unfolding since the shift to Aquarius on January 21st and the new moons of this year.


Remember. 2008 is the year death. Especially for the USA. Everywhere and everything will be colored by the spectre of death or related to it. Watch the big media events. They will all have overtones and death themes. Death of a country, a people, an ideal, of housing, of the US dollar, of freedom, the stock market, and a way of life. It’s even in the fashions, the music, and the movies. They’ve covered it all. It’s all around us, visible and easy to read.