Interview With Russ Dizdar: Demonic Possession and Cult Crime

by Zacherle Hoag

Russ Dizdar is the man behind the Shatter the Darkness ministry. Shatter the Darkness is a ministry dedicated to helping people who are victims of ritual abuse or mind control recover. Russ has courageously infiltrated and busted cults and has helped police forces learn more about cult crime. He has appeared on such radio shows and podcasts as The Power Hour, Channel Z, Peering Into Darkness Radio, From the Grassy Knoll, The Edge AM, New World Exposure, Frankly Speaking Radio, and The Byte Show/Wee Hour Radio.

Q: How did you get involved in the fight to put an end to cult crime?

When victims came for help. We listened to the stories and claims they made of the abusers. We began to track the stories they told us. This led us to the satanic crimes of adults...their meeting places, more details of the rituals they do and goals they have.

Q: How and why does someone become demonically possessed?

As babies/children in covens they receive dark spirits through the blood lines of their parents and the forced placements of the demons in/on them by coven people. They use rituals to call up the spirits to place and or they place them by transferring them one to another.
The primary way people get demons is through the 'doors' they open up to......light level stuff....occult games....deeper levels ...practicing occult arts. Demons can also come by deep anger and bitterness and cause an 'attachment'. Others get demons by calling on them and inviting them in.
Some people open up to demons by new age practices of channeling ...or healing powers that are not of the Holy Spirit.

Q: What is spiritual warfare?

It’s the back drop of all human existence. In the garden it all began as a spiritual war.........Israel had spiritual war......Jesus was born in the context of spiritual war.....and so on.   Spiritual warfare is the battle that goes on in the heavenlies....demons verses angels....God verses Satan....... Satan’s attack on is the war of satanic forces on the lost to keep them lost. It is satanic forces fighting against Christians and the Church. It is also God's war against evil...Satan. It is one of the main reasons for Jesus coming to help us...see 1John 3:8...

Q: What is the Black Awakening?

This is a term that many of the 'cult multiples… satanic chosen ones use to describe a time when they will be activated to unleash chaos and anarchy into the USA and other countries...... to cause collapse and pave the way for a 'new world order' and  the rise of the antichrist.

There are over 4 million diagnosed cases of MPD/SRA......and 4+million more who are still out there. Someone has orchestrated this. There is a vast underground at work. 

These satanic super soldiers as I call them are placed everywhere as sleepers waiting for the call. The secret power of lawlessness...and the great 'rebellion'(chaos-anarchy-coo) spoken about in 2 Thessalonians is directly connected to this event.

Q: How will the Black Awakening be carried out? Why and how will the Black Awakening happen?

The BA will be carried out by the hundreds of thousands of highly trained...programmed and demonized 'satanic chosen ones', who will be activated from their 'sleeper' status and released to carry out their pre-chosen tasks.

The BA will occur as the spiritual air is turning will happen when antichrist and his regime is ready to come to power. They must collapse the current powers that be so they can replace them.

Q: How does mind control tie into all of this?

Mind control is much more than the 'mind'. It is soul control. It is the total control and use of a human being for a pre-planned purpose. It is the mind and personal control of a person to do the desire, will and evil.....of those who created them.

Q: What are Chosen Ones?

'Chosen Ones 'is the term use by many of the programmed/mind controlled/demonized victims. They tell me it is their designation. Given them by the makers and handlers... or the heads of the group (satanic order). It means they are specially chosen by them and Satan to be and carry out a very important task.

Q: What is Project Monarch?

Some think it was a let out only fabricated information. Most tell me it was the carry over plan that began with the Nazis. They wanted an army of loyal super soldiers to help conquer the world. The monarch project is the OSS to CIA black underground project.......Monarch butterflies are an insect that have migrated to every content of the earth, thus the plan was to place these monarch satanic super soldiers in every part of the world, before they unleash them for chaos, death and anarchy.

Q: How does the mind control work?

It imposes the will and plans of another on the mind and life of a person who they have come to control.

It’s like hypnosis. The words and thoughts of another are controlling a person who is under trance....or mental programming.

Q: What are people under mind control made to due for their “masters”? (Please do not get to graphic Russ as this website is intended for people of all ages)

They are made to do things like ...keep tabs on a person....perform a Anything they want done under that form of mind control can be done.

Q: How does the healing come about for a victim of mind control and/or ritual abuse?

Awareness! First since no human was made for mind control and the abuse that comes with it......many of them break down and seek help.

It involves the process of a trusted worker who can help get rid of the demonic and bring them healing of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Q: How do the Nazis figure into things?

The Nazis were control by their beliefs in occult ideology and the Aryans.....a race of supermen/gods. Their beliefs that came from the demonic moved them to political and military ideology.....that demonic ideology moved them to destroy millions in the ovens of the annihilate the Jews (Jews were a pig race to them).  The Nazi doctors, scientists and the demonic combined to create a plan of making super soldiers out of the Aryans. The Aryans have the powers in the blood line... and was to be drawn out of the German people. They developed the demonic technology of splitting the human will program it and then demonize it.    This process has gone on around the world for 60 years even though the war ended.  The plan is larger and broader than most believe.  From Germany to Russia, in France, Italy, all over Europe the USA and England....from South Africa the colony of Digadag in S. America..........the plan and agenda continues to this day.  They have grown and seek to 'perfect' the creation of controlled human beings for world control.

Q: Do you believe the Nazi movement was rooted in the occult and if so why?

Yes. As you re-read the origins of the Nazis and where they got their beliefs see it comes from the roots and stems of the occult.

The hall of the dead at Himmler' castle.......the knowledge and embrace of the Aryans........a race of godmen with  supernatural powers........this came from the Akashic records(demonic records or information.....and the spirits who 'revealed' the 'true' history of the human race to Madam Blavatsky.

As one occult historian says.....the first greatest proliferation of occult literature occurred in pre Nazi Germany and paved the way for the spirits!

The same historian says the 2nd greatest proliferation of dark occult literature was released in the 60's here in the USA....thus the demonizing of America!

Q: Do you believe that one of the Nazis that were brought over to America after World War II was Joseph Mengele and if so why?

Yes, there is now an abundance of materials on this and the Operation Paper Clip files tell us a part of the truth.  Many survivors of mind control and satanic ritual abuse who are now in their late 40's and early 50' all tell of German speaking 'scientists' who led the way with US military trainers present. Most all the real 'satanic chosen ones have created personalities in them who speak fluent German and are pro Nazi.

Q: Is it true that many victims of ritual abuse have psychic powers such as remote viewing and if so why?

Yes, they all seem to have powers. A long history of the placement of the demons and the training ... for the drawing out the 'powers in the blood' of the chosen ones.  They have done many rituals and received transferred down powers from others who were old and dying.

Q: How is the military complex involved in any of this?

The military leaders were unprepared and unable to discern the real demonic intent. We... the US were infiltrated with an occult ideology and embraced it as an idol of demonic technology for military superiority.

We, the US have sold our soul to the devils plan.........the devils plan was to give the 'secret' 'superior' military demonic/technology  to Christ less/ Godless military and political dupes only to grab control of them in the end for his own evil purpose.

Q: Is the Vatican involved in any this and if so how?

The Vatican opened its doors to the Nazis and helped create the rat lines that led thousands of the worst Nazis out to safe places. Many of those Nazi’s put on the clothes of the priests and continued and dark plan. This included taking and abusing children in rituals to gain demonic powers of 'secrecy ' and ascendancy. There is a satanic underground in the Vatican..........which will back the coming antichrist and the false prophet that the Book of Revelation speaks about.

Q: Is the Mormon Church involved in any this and if so how?

All I know of the Mormon Church is that they have vast secrets....they deny the Deity of Christ and many remote viewers seem to have a background with them. Some 'chosen ones' tell me that the Mormon Church is infiltrated with sleepers.

Q: Many skeptics believe that victims of ritual abuse are experiencing false memory syndrome. Why do you disagree with this?

Yes I disagree. There are too many of them. We have tracked for 20+ years the stories of the victims ....which have historic reality.....the encounter with the demonic and the Healing of the inside personalities all demonstrated the reality of SRA/MPD/DID.  Those most opposed to the reality of all this are tied into the perpetrator backing 'false memory syndrome foundation' which seeks to discredit abuse and memories of victims… The FMSF was founded with the help of two CIA mind control experts … Dr Orn and Dr. 'Jolly' West.......along with a child pedophile who was committed to the child sex group NAMBLA!

There is a lot of good science on the formation of memory now.

I have personally seen way too much to doubt the reality of the memories and stories of the victims.

Q: Could you tell us some of your stories as a cult buster?

We have helped victims, hid them from covens and handlers, engaged the demonic in verbal battles, staked out ritual sites, confiscated ritual robes tools etc., and received death threats and attempts. We have turned in perpetrators and involved law enforcement many times. We were permitted to teach in the UAPD police academy and assist in cult crime field work.

We have turned over evidence of a 'chose one' whose inner personality ritually murdered two teenage girls.

Q: A lot of people say that these shadowy cults are controlled by a reptilian bloodline possibly demonic or extraterrestrial in origin. Have you come by any evidence in your research and studies to prove this or at least believe make you believe this?

I believe that the shadowy cults… the ancient brotherhood...of the black flame etc....are rooted in the darkest and deepest of demonic powers. This involves bloodlines that may go back to the Nephilim of Genesis ch.6.

I believe that the powers behind the agenda are EDB's (Extra Dimensional Beings)... all of them in all of their forms are demonic.

Questions from readers:

From reader Baron Von Lotsov: One deprogramming method I was told about is like the short sharp shock method where you dislodge the programming by setting up a state of dissonance in the subject. For example you find two strongly held programmed beliefs that the subject clings to and you point out a logical contradiction between the two. In the subjects brain the two energies protecting those two beliefs will fight each other if you keep repeating the problem until the mind can't handle it anymore so the mind rejects the entire lot. It is supposed to be far more effective than the system prescribed methods involving long and drawn out counseling. Could you mention this to him and let me know what he thinks, cheers.

Thank you... wow very good, but this method is better used with those from the Moonies and cults like that, their form of mind control (totalism) is different than the victim of SRA/MPD/DID.

The programming instilled in the 'chosen  ones' runs almost blindly since it was put in and re-enforced after a split of human personality.............then the programmed personality is demonized to enforce and ensure the 'doing' of the program.

Getting rid of the demonic power in and on the programming is first and vital.....then with the help of the Holy Spirit/ this 'power' encounter.....programming begins to the next step of inner healing the programming is dismantled......

From Molly Coddle: What does a victim of satanic abuse (child or adult) do to break free of the trauma based control?

Cry out to the real Jesus and seek to get trusted helpers who believe them.....recognize the voices in your head.....realize missing time.....choose to know and get help. They have to get away from those who handle and control them.

How do you spot honey traps?

Seduction and Sex for information. The COG the children of god cult ....the girls were trained and expected to do gospel 'fishing"… lure men to the cult by offering sex.  A Satanist who had 'war on the saints' tattooed on their left wrist would join a church and lure the youth away with sex is a high level tool for spies and Satanists in recruiting..........and deceiving people.

How do you know when you are being "love bombed?"

Love bombing is used deeply by the Unification Church at meetings........when you feel they are controlling every move you make... even when you go to the bathroom. They consume you with talk and activity so that you cannot 'think'. The goal of this method is not to genuinely love you but it’s a METHOD to control your thinking......they don’t want you to are smothered!

And what is the trademark of an experienced ritual abuser?

The trademark of a known ritual abuser is their knowledge! And their secrecy!! They can be anything 'respectable in the public eye.
You may have met some at a church... an office....etc......they work in their circle of abusers (the coven).