New Etheric Tool - The Dodec

New Etheric Tool - The Dodec - June 6, 2006 14:51
I've written before about the dolphins using the dodecahedron (Platonic Solid) to send bombs and bad guys into another dimension. What they would do is swim around and around a target, building an energetic structure of the dodecahedron. When the dodec was constructed, the target would disappear into another dimension. To see what a dodec looks like, go here:

Well, the other night we were working on Stevo, who has been under heavy attack for more than a month - basically they are trying to kill him. So I asked the dolphins to do their dodec building around a machine that the dracs were using to beam Stevo to death. To my surprise, they invited me to do it. All of sudden, I started receiving step-by-step instructions on how to do it. Here's what I got:

First, swim around and around your target in a spherical pattern, as if you are a dolphin. Send heart energy out through your 6th chakra to the 20 vertices, or grid points, on an dodecahedron pattern. The grid points are formed where the corners of the pentagram panels of the dodec meet. Review the dodec pictures if this is unclear.

As you are sending energy to these grid points, the energy will start to bleed out to form the lines and faces of the dodec. I always see this energy as gold in color. At almost the same time, I see crystals rise up from each grid point. Notice what color the crystals appear to be.

Once the crystals rise up, focus your energy on them while still sending energy to finish forming the faces of the dodec. It takes a bit of concentration and focus. If you are forming a dodec around a drac or a bomb, something you want to get rid of, imagine turning the crystals to the left, as if you are tuning the dial of a radio. When I do that, the target becomes more and more transparent and eventually disappears. I believe it goes into another dimension, but I don't know where.

If you are building a dodec for healing, protection, or around anything love-based, tune the crystals by turning them to the right. You may see the crystals change color - I always do. I keep turning them until I feel they are properly tuned. You will have to determine this for yourself. I tune them to purple for protection and green for healing. Many times a dodec around a darksider will come up with black crystals and as I tune them and the target disappears, the crystals turn clear in color.

This is a totally new thing, so I don't have much more detail than that. Each of you will have to experiment for yourselves to see what happens. After building about a dozen of these, I've learned that they seem to stop black magic and voodoo but more data is needed to confirm this. I've used it for healing, using the crystals that are located over a particular area of the body to heal that area.

The other thing I've done is blast/boost through the crystals after forming the dodec. The energy seems to be very powerful when done that way.

There are other questions to consider when using the dodec. Can it be a transport vehicle? Does it stop EMF and beaming? It seemed to stop the beaming on Stevo, but we were doing several things at once and I can't say for sure that the dodec did it. So try it out and those of you who are EW members please post your findings here. If you aren't an EW member, email me with your experiences and I will post them.

Be creative and have fun! There are probably as many ways to form these dodecs as there are humans on the planet. You will need to reinforce your dodec from time to time. Just focus on it and make sure the crystals are the color you want them to be, and send energy to the grid points.


Don Croft
No Subject - June 28, 2006 20:44
It's been over a month since Dooney introduced this technique, and though she and STevo are mainly the ones who have experimented with it, so far the results seem to be very consistent. 

When she first conceived it they told Carol and I that they had the impression that this is a 'next level' approach. That felt right to me, though I didn't quite grasp the concept.

Carol, Dooney and STevo are the three reputable psychics who usually  participate in the chat sessions these days. Carol likes it a lot better when at least one of the others are present, as they can perceive a fuller picture of what's going on than a single psychic can. 

Last year, I was hopeful that there would be a score or so of reputable psychics, on several boards, doing this work but that didn't come to pass and, in fact, my efforts to encourage that backfired in some unpleasant but hopefully harmless ways.  Now, I think we're incredibly fortunate to have as many as  three available and, as always, The Operators certainly know better than I do what's needed in this network. I've stopped trying to engineer it on my own ;-) 

The progress of this network has been marked by a series of 'next level' achievements which become more or less univesally adopted and nobody can seem to predict the course of development.  By now, I doubt anyone believes that the expanding, evolving  network will reach an end of development, soon, and the bad guys do their own sort of evolution (mutation?), too, in their efforts to counter our efforts and to hang onto their ever-fading position of parasitic influence over the PJ folks, who are waking up in spite of that.  We have to contend with their changing tactics but we're the proactive ones, at least.

I'm usually skeptical when someone presents something new and says, 'This will supercede what we all know,' but I trusted Dooney enough not to feel skeptical, this time, and Carol confirmed that Dooney was getting this from the dolphins.

Dooney, when one of us presents a new idea we mustn't expect others to immediately understand and  adopt it, no matter how good it is.  Every step along the way, I've struggled to pomote the simplest effective tools and concepts and to humanely discourage the natural human response in many, many people of intellectual laziness, blind imitation and sycophancy and it's been paying off. I still struggle to get some good folks, here, to post about their confirmations and observations as well as their rote gifting details.

I hope you'll continue to demonstrate this revolutionary predator-defeating technique. If you will, I think people will eventually line up at your door to learn it and others (including me) will begin promoting it, too.   I need more personal experience (real time coaching from you in the chatroom) with it before I can feel confident using it on my own and I need that confidence  in order to promote it with a clear conscience.

The technique apparently gets such quick, consistent results with predators that I"m hoping it can replace the way we've been doing it.  If you and STevo have a sense that this can be used  for other, more observable 3D effects I hope you'll explore this, since you two are ahead of the curve for now.

In 1998, after I first figured out that orgonite has massive potential, James Hughes told me something that seemed pretty cryptic at the time but now makes sense. 

'What if you had the power to raise the dead?  If you could raise the dead and someone could make you angry, that person would stop your ability.'  He used 'raising the dead' as an illustration of genuine personal power.   The reason we in the front rows (those of us who take the spears and arrows ;-) are so beset with subterfuge, torment, betrayal, interference and two-legged parasites is because the other side doesn't want us to be empowered, of course, so they try to make us object examples & attempt to wear us down and get us to leave the battlefield. Ultimately, one might view these as simple pesonal tests, originated by The Operators and using the bad guys as unwitting hand puppets.  If one takes the view that this life is for our individual and collective spiritual advancement that notion makes some sense.

The more responsibility and empowerment we take on, the more we're personally tested this way.  Anyone can be holy as a hermit, of course, but it's hard to keep a spiritual outlook while we're mixing with the panoply of 'others,' especially when we're working with each other.   The composer's work only gets appreciated after instrumentalists agree to peform it.  Passing these tests enables us to keep what we've gotten and to gain more in incremental stages.   The carrot-on-the-stick style of motivation works as well for us as it does for mules, let's face it, and I prefer to be led this way rather than be driven to progress, the latter being a lot more painful and traumatic.

I think the dodeca technique is your reward for progress that you and we have already attained and I'm hoping you will now cross that bridge between getting the responsibility to demonstrating it adequately and sticking around to teach it to enough others.  I have a sense that this will open a lot of new doors for us all and if you can pull that off, maybe someone else will get a turn in the hot seat pretty soon.

Thanks, again!







Stellations of the Dodecahedron - July 14, 2006 01:10

Stellations of the Dodecahedron

I'm facinated with this Dodec technic I will love to make a HHG in this form DoDec.






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more dodec info - July 29, 2006 13:30
Thanks, Jacques, for posting that animation. It really gives a good view of the dodec.

I've been working with the dodec for a while now and have a few updates. Last week while chatting I got the intuition from the dolphins to construct the dodec with water, and to fill it with water. So while I'm sitting there shooting out heart energy through my third eye to create the lines and faces of the dodec, I'm seeing it happen with water. It seems to create an even more powerful dodec. I see it as a huge water molecule at that point, with all the wonderful properties of a charged water molecule.

Also, one thing I forgot to mention in my original post: I always tune the crystals by running the energy out my heart chakra, as I normally do while boosting. So, for constructing the dodec, I send energy from my heart out my third eye, which is what dolphins do. Then I go back to sending the energy out from my 4th chakra. Remember, if you imagine it, it's happening, so just let it happen.

I was glad to hear that the French chatters are using the dodec, although I understand they are getting slammed for it. It's always good to get that kind of confirmation even though it can be physically and financially painful at times.

Stay tuned for future dodec updates...  Smile


The DoDec - July 29, 2006 13:55
Thanks Dooney for the update.

I got allot of imagination when it come to blast those RAT'S

The beauty of course is that the possibilities are endless.

And thanks again Dooney for introducing US with that technic....!Wink

I for sure will Stay tuned for future DoDec updates.