Don Croft
No Subject - April 15, 2006 09:02
Rich, thanks for taking the initiative to respond to the Ickes' expressed interest in this material. Thanks also for the detailed gifting report.  It's all helped to demonstrate that this is a grassroot movement, dependent on the initiative and creative effort of the participants, not on personalities.

If David will use a zapper he'll surely cure his arthritis in a short time.  I hope Georg will get some business out of the deal, too, because more money and attention for Georg means faster progress in AFrica's empowerment and prosperity.

 I can make the arthritis claim because I've got plenty of confirmations--it's as routine as curing cancer, in fact.  We're prudent not to advance any claim which we can't personally substantiate but it's always okay to say that 'some claim zappers cure arthritis,' and leave it up to the hearer to decide whether to pursue it farther. 

I think arthtritis is easy to cure because it's caused by parasites--usually widespread, systemic fungus in the bloodstream--the same thing that causes atherosclerosis. The pain comes from opportunistic bacteria and sometimes little worms in the joints.  All of that is destroyed in the first few minutes of zapping but reversing the damage takes awhile.  When the fungus has been destroyed (it takes longer, since fungi create layers) the body starts putting mineral nutrients in the joint and bone cells instead of precipitating it out elsewhere (bone spurs, for instance).  The precipitation of nutrients out of the bloodstream is from the acid produced by the fungi. Otherwise, nutrients are delivered in a colloidal, vital state in slightly alkaline blood.

 My most supportive customers are old timers who got rid of their body pains in a few minutes (no more inflammation) the first time they put a zapper on.  The funny thing is that they're rarely able to interest their own grown children (my generation) in zapping due to their progeny's calcified thinking ;-) and my generation are the most parasite-ridden in human history, I think.

It's important to know that skilled physicians can help one create a body environment that is so vital and balanced that all parasites will simply be unable to survive there but in the shorter term I think everyone should have a zapper just tp remain entirely free of opportunistic diseases and to at least be disease-free as long as we're alive.. 

 If you get a chance to return to the Isle of Wight I hope you can provide a report on the visible and ambient changes you've registered on account of your very extensive gifting effort.  It's helpful to take note of how bad things are before the gifting effort, in that case. It might also be helpful to see whether the Ickes have noticed an improvement in the environment there. The more details, the better and it doesn't matter how subjective all of that is.  When we all pool our subjective impressions there's a phenomenal amount of consistency in that and it becomes de facto objective--much better than lab evidence, in fact.

I think they're going to provide some good personal observations about the effects of the orgonite you left with them, at least, and perhaps something about the cloudbusters' effects.   I don't know whether that island already has a CB.  I get the impression that they'd enjoy a followup visit from you, Rich.

Thanks, again!