Fritz Springmeier is the Real Deal

Post# 50487 11/20/03 Wildwest

"From the same author, Fritz Springmeier who was set up for producing these books,framed.
Illuminati formula,the full book here,covers the whole deal.
Bed springs for mind control also,"

Post# 50569 11/21/03 Cbswork

"Fritz is definately the real-deal. His books are a must read for understanding how the whole mesh works on the world stage and why.

In fact, my thoughts often go to the dude in support. Poor bastard. Going through hell for the cause, and right now."

Post# 50641 11/21/03 Wildwest

"Sorry about the bad link here it is,bloodlines;
about 30+ links here also;
mind control;
Knights Templar and the Holy Grail 2006-2012; "