Double Vortex

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In the post "Flow of Qi Through a Circuit" was described how a current of qi will flow through a wire circuit, if the wire does not cross over itself, and if a TB contacts the wire at some point (the quartz crystal in the TB should be aligned parallel to the circuit and as close to the wire as possible).

When we were experimenting with such things last February at his shop, Marcus had the idea that we wind the wire around the outside of an egg-shaped form and then again back through a hole through the major axis of the egg.

Engineer Thomas built us an egg-shaped form out of styrofoam, having a hole through the center, so that we could test out the idea. At the time we used a PVC pipe which would fit the center, around which to wrap the pipe. At home I used a wooden dowel (actually a section of a mop handle) for the same purpose. Here is the dowel with the wire wrapped about it one time:

In the photo it is suspended from above by a string.

Now the pole is inserted in the egg-shaped styrofoam and wound once around the egg:
(from the back of the egg);
(the first view rotated clockwise about 80 degrees);
(the first view totated 180 degrees);
(the first view rotated clockwise 270 degrees).

The little square wooden knob on the bottom is screwed into the end tod the wooden dowel to hold the egg from slipping down.

At this point the apparatus does nothing. Only when attaches a TB does it have an effect. I tried using two different types of TBs: the one shown "here" and one made by a small conventional type, having cut a notch to the crystal:

In the photo just the top of the crystal is visible in the center at the end of the notch.

Here is the egg with the first tb attached:
(the positive end of the crystal is pointing downward)
and here is the egg with the second tb attached:
(again the positive end of the crystal points downward along the wire).

After the TB is applied (in either form) a current of qi begins to flow through the wire counter-clockwise (view from above). Thus it flows down around the outside and up around the pole.

As with a CB, this device has a strong induction effect on the qi of its surroundings. But the effects of the two devices are not the same. Both devices pull negative qi down from the sky above. The CB transforms the negative qi to positive qi, and sends it back up into the sky again in a laser line beam. The device described here, which I shall call a "double vortex" operates differently however:
(1) a swirling (counter-clockwise viewed from above) sphere of positive qi is formed just below it;
(2) positive qi moves out from the ball through space to the sides and below;
(3) positive qi concentraces in the ground below and moves out through the ground through a large radius.
Below is a schematic:

In the schematic above, the square shows the area in which the egg is enclosed; the blackd and green indicate the string or cord which is holding up the apparatus; the light blue arrows above show the negative qi coming down to the egg; the red ball shows the positive qi swirling below the apparatus, the solid brown at the bottom shows the concentrated qi spreading out in the ground below. The black ball inside the red sphere is a blob of negative qi which is surrounded by the positive qi.

The apparatus must be high enough above the ground so that the red ball does not touch the ground for the it to have strong effect. In general, two meters high should bring it above the ground.

If the TB is removed from the egg, the field in the ground disappears almost instantaneously. When the TB is attached again, the field of qi in the ground begins to form again, but it will take some minutes before it extends far out.

Although we have spoken of an "egg" throughout this post, I have found that a "sphere" shaped object seems to do equally well.

Obviously I have left many questions about this unanswered, but this post is already over-long. In the next post, I will say something of how this field may be used.
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Effect on Growth

Postby laozu Fri Jun 25, 2010 5:08 pm

One of Marcus' friends has several large greenhouses in southern Sweden, in which he produces cucumbers. He had been having difficulties with the cucumber production, and invited us to hang a double vortex up in each of the buildings.

We did so last February, putting one roughly in the middle of each building, about 4 meters or so high. Within a few days the health of the cucumber plants improved markedly. It has now been about four months, and his operation, which had been losing money up to that time, is now making money.

Marcus knows more about the details of this than I, so I shall invite him to comment.