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by Brian Downing Quig

It is commonly assumed that there is no aristocracy, let alone a nobility, in America. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In his work, Ancestors of American Presidents, Gary Boyd Roberts of the New England Historic Genealogical Society reveals nineteen presidents descended from Edward III.

John Galt (a pen name of a researcher fearing to be identified), in an unpublished manuscript (now in my possession), The Genealogy of the New World Order, has traced the royal ancestry of George Bush, which traces from Charlemagne and Alfred the Great, all the way down through George Bush's 32 presidential cousins!

Sadly, this manuscript may remain unpublished. Galt and I were scheduled to do a 2 hour radio interview on Tom Valentine's Radio Free America, a shortwave broadcast that reaches 250,000 listeners who are especially attuned to such topics. Just two days before the interview, a fire burned down the transmitting station. Unfortunately, this fire, which involved no foul play, according to Valentine, frightened Galt who now refuses to communicate with me or anyone else on these matters. Nonetheless, I am convinced of the soundness of Galt's conclusions.

I attended the Southwest Genealogical Conference, which met last year at the Hyatt Regency, downtown Phoenix, during which Galt presented the most controversial aspects of his work to the top authorities there. Everyone acquiesced to the depths of his knowledge. Several of the attendees were close personal friends of Gary Boyd Roberts.

Both George Bush and Barbara Pierce Bush (of Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Smith) are descended from the same Pierce family of England as President Franklin Pierce. Originally known as the enormously powerful Percy family of England, a name change to Pierce was required along with a quick immigration to America, when their involvement in the failed Gun Powder Plot to blow up Parliament became known. One of the Percy castles, where this plot was hatched was known as Sion House.

Other notable Bush relatives include the Grovsner families of England and America, and the Taft family of Ohio. The Grovsners of England are the Dukes of Westminster who own the most substantial properties in the City of London --- the banker's capital. Of over 100,000 acres of Grovsner property, most is in the financial district of London! In America, the Grovsners founded Nation Geographic. National Geographic is known for sweeping down on the archeological treasures of the world, especially those of a religious significance, and spiriting them away to the Smithsonian Institute, controlled by their cousins the Smithsons, also descended from the Percys. Imposing false interpretations on religious finds is very important to the House of Sion. As interesting as these family affiliations are, it is the Taft family which turns out to be the most politically interesting.

Although George Bush's official 1980 presidential candidate biography listed both his Presidency of the TRILATERAL COMMISSION and his membership in the YALE secret society SKULL AND BONES, no major news organization mentioned either of these telling affiliations. Let us take a closer look at SKULL AND BONES.

SKULL AND BONES (S&B), was first established by the graduating class of 1832 of YALE UNIVERSITY by William Harrison Russell and Alphonso Taft, the father of President William Howard Taft. It is significant to note that Alphonso Taft was thereafter powerful enough to manipulate his son into both the presidency and the Chief Justiceship of the U.S. SUPREME COURT. Each year S&B graduating seniors would initiate only 15 new members...selected exclusively from the ranks of the offspring of the super wealthy. From the beginning, S&B was the recruiting grounds for William Harrison Russell's RUSSELL TRUST COMPANY which managed the SKULL AND BONES treasury.

Founded in 1823, the RUSSELL TRUST COMPANY superseded the Perkins family to become the dominant opium trafficking syndicate in North America. The shipping manifests from those days have survived intact to make this claim solid. Russell's partners in this venture were those loyal to the Crown of ENGLAND, and this allegiance persists to this day with their descendants, who comprise what is known today as the EASTERN LIBERAL ESTABLISHMENT. Although there are more billionaires in AMERICA than in GREAT BRITAIN, the largest billionaires of AMERICA still cannot hold a candle to the largest billionaires of ENGLAND. The wealth of the Royal Family of GREAT BRITAIN and this Tory group in AMERICA was all founded on the illegal opium trade from TURKEY to CHINA. Today nothing has facilitated the illegal narcotics trade as much as the phoney drug war of the Reagan/Bush era. A dozen books name Theodore Shackley (who served as number two under George Bush in the CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY) as the man who organized the opium trade in the Golden Triangle. Contra cocaine, Mena, Arkansas---it all tempts one to speculate that maybe the Bush family never abandoned their interest in this most lucrative narcotics business.

Among Russell's partners was Warren Delano, Jr., Chief of RUSSELL TRUST operations in Canton, CHINA. Delano was the grandfather of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, another Bush cousin. Other Russell partners were John Cleve Green, whose opium fortunes financed PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, Abiel Abbott Low, whose opium fortune financed the construction of COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, Joseph Coolidge, whose son organized the UNITED FRUIT COMPANY, and his grandson, Archibald Cary Coolidge, who was a founding executive officer of the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS. Is the reader beginning to discern a pattern?

It is therefore little wonder that those tapped yearly for S&B have gone on to positions of enormous power. Take for example, publishers Henry Luce (S&B 1920) and William F. Buckley (S&B 1950, NEW YORK TIMES GENERAL MANAGER Amory Howe Bradford (S&B 1934), CIA power players William P. Bundy (S&B 1939), McGeorge Bundy (S&B 1940), Richard Bissel (S&B 1932), Senator David Bowen, Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee (S&B 1963, and anti-war activist Reverend William Sloan Coffin (S&B 1949)....remember, this group intends to control both sides of every national debate. Starting to see a pattern?

This just scratches the surface of Anthony Sutton's most scholarly work on this YALE secret society, THE ORDER. Sutton's subsequent work, HOW THE ORDER CREATES WAR AND REVOLUTION reveals that half of the board of directors of J.P. MORGAN AND COMPANY were S&B graduates. The black flag with the white skull and crossbones emblem, which was the corporate flag gracing all Russell Trust Company ships, which was adopted as the emblem of the SKULL AND BONES fraternity at YALE, acquired such a reputation back then that even to this day it symbolizes piracy.

Is it not strange that the media spent so much time lint-picking the personalities of the candidates in the 1990 election and showed no interest in George Bush's membership in a secret society whose initiation rites involved carrying the new recruit naked in a coffin into a building the society calls "the Tomb"?

Eventually, S&B came to be dominated by BROWN BROTHERS HARRIMAN, the largest private investment bank in AMERICA. The CEO of this power group, Averell Harriman, was the mentor of George Bush's father, Prescott Bush. George Bush's grandfather George Herbert Walker, served as president of BROWN BROTHERS HARRIMAN. The Bush family has SPENT three generations in service to the Harriman interests. That is why it is downright nefarious that it was the widow of Averell Harriman, Pamela Harriman, who was the principle backer of Bill Clinton for President. When Clinton lost the campaign for Governor of Arkansas, it was Pamela who picked him up, dusted him off and made him chairman of PAM-PAC--the largest fund raising source for the Democratic Party. Some cynics think that George Bush is still president, using Bill Clinton as a front, just as he had used Ronald Reagan. Remember, anyone who wanted to meet with President Reagan had to first go through Bush's former campagn manager, Chief of Staff James Baker.

There is a book that was recently on the New York Times bestsellers list about Pamela Harriman, entitled LIFE OF THE PARTY. This book, written by the diplomatic correspondent for TIME MAGAZINE, minces no words about the fact that Pamela Harriman "put the Clinton Administration together". In fact it notes that an ancestor of Pamela's conspired with the Percys in the Gun Powder Plot.

BROWN BROTHERS HARRRIMAN headed by Averell Harriman, the SULLIVAN AND CROMWELL LAW FIRM, headed by John Foster Dulles and the UNION BANK, headed by George Herbert Walker and Prescott Bush, came to represent the entire business interests of the NAZI cartels in the U.S. before and during World War II. It may therefore seem astounding to the average reader that, after the war John Dulles could go on to be Secretary of State, his brother Allen Dulles Director of CIA and Averell Harriman Ambassador to the USSR. An understanding of this anomaly will provide a key to how the world is run.

A careful reading of Anthony Sutton's works, WALL STREET AND THE BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION and WALL STREET AND THE RISE OF HITLER will reveal that the wealthiest individuals in the world (including John D. Rockefeller and Prescott Bush) financed the left wing Bolsheviks and the right wing Nazis and clashed them in war for profit and power. The two Wall Street firms most in the forefront of the financing of the Bolshevik revolution were J.P. MORGAN and BROWN BROTHERS HARRIMAN. A full half of the board of directors of these two firms were former members of SKULL AND BONES at YALE!! Percy Rockefeller, Prescott Bush and Roland Harriman were in the same pledge class.

This group intends to control both sides of every conflict. Fletcher Prouty's book, JFK, VIETNAM AND THE ASSASSINATION OF PRESIDENT KENNEDY (now in local bookstores), will provide an insider's viewpoint of how these same centers of finance stay on top by controlling both Communist and anti-Communist armies.

The influence of the YALE secret society, S&B, on world affairs is so great that a short article like this cannot attempt more than present an outline and a direction for further research. Needless to say, this group has cut through history like a snowplow. As previously stated, Alfonso Taft, co-founder of S&B and ancestor of George Bush, was sufficiently influential to manipulate his son, William Howard Taft, into both the presidency (1909-1913) and then the Chief Justiceship of the Supreme Court. Quite significantly it was during the Taft presidency that our constitution was dismantled. As Chief Justice, Taft fashioned the state constitutions of Arizona and New Mexico--also highly significant.

During the Taft presidency, the bills which forever altered the balance of power of The Constitution were incubated. The 17th Amendment, calling for the direct election of senators, guaranteeing that senatorial elections could be purchased by big money interests was passed April 1913. Previously, while senators were elected by the state legislatures, the U.S. Senate was a bastion of conservative resistance to the elitists. If our state legislators had the power to elect our U.S. senators, many of us would take the trouble to get to know who they are.

Now the only people who "invest" in state legislators are those whose economic interests are directly impacted.

The Federal Reserve Act and the Income Tax Amendment (16th Amendment) of 1913 also issued directly from the Taft presidency. William Taft served as Commissioner of Internal Revenue just before being elected president. It is hard to imagine anything more oppressive than the IRS, which has been ruthlessly used to systematically destroy the middle class of America. Anyone who seriously wishes to understand how the Federal Reserve was used to utterly subvert the intention of the Constitution must read THE SECRETS OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE, by Eustice Mullins. Pushed through congress by Senator Nelson Aldridge, the maternal grandfather of David Rockefeller, this act of infamy marks the death knell of this nation's economic freedom.

The Federal Reserve is not federal , but is a consortium of private central banks. The federal government does not own a single share, and none of us can buy a share of this--the most lucrative corporate stock in the world. Shares are held today by the heirs of the original 20 founding families. With profits exceeding 150 billion per annum, no corporation in the world comes anywhere close. The Federal Reserve is simply the single most impactful agency upon the U.S. economy and the world's principle engine for the mal-distribution of wealth. If the profits of the Federal Reserve are compounded from its inception to the present, a sum roughly equivalent to the national debt results. Back then, Wall Street interests "fought" this bill while all along they were its authors. Sadly I note that these same tactics are successfully used to this day.

Averell Harriman grew up on a 20,000 acre estate in New York. His father, W.A. Harriman was the original owner of the SOUTHERN PACIFIC RAILROAD, which runs through northern Arizona. William Boyce Thompson , who left Arizona the Thompson Arboretum near Globe, was the first governor of the Federal Reserve.

The presidential election of 1912 had a great deal in common with the 1990 election---ALL THREE CANDIDATES WERE FINANCED BY THE SAME INTERESTS!! William Taft would have beaten Woodrow Wilson in a two-way race but another Republican, Teddy Roosevelt entered the race to divide the Republican vote. What did Taft care; he was promised the Chief Justiceship of the U.S. Supreme Court. With the Federal Reserve sure to become law, the international bankers now had a mechanism in place to fund a world war. They needed a popular Democratic president to lead the masses into war. Enter Woodrow Wilson.

Mounted on a wall in the Wrigley Mansion, former home of P.T. Wrigley, is a letter Teddy Roosevelt wrote to P.T. Wrigley thanking him for "the first and largest financial contribution" to his 1912 race for the presidency. On the way to Sedona is a resort that once served as a principle watering hole for the wealthiest men in the world. Known as Castle Hot Springs, this resort was built in 1888 by Frank Murphy, the contractor who built the SOUTHERN PACIFIC RAILROAD for W.A. Harriman. To this day the summer homes there of John D. Rockefeller I and P.T. Wrigley sit side by side with those of the grandfather of Casper Weinberger and Cornelius Vanderbuilt.

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