The world as we know it today can be a hostile and unpleasant place.

Social issues of uncaring ignorance at both top and bottom of the social hierarchy contribute to the status quo we know as the inHuman Condition.

From the selfish profit-oriented deeds of multinational corporations to the selfish instinct of a rush hour bus queue the blame for the current state of the planet is often unfairly laid at the doorsteps of the average human being.

Having said that, the average human being on this planet is lucky to have a mud hut and a loaf of bread - so where do we look for the new beginning ?

Governments, Corporations or ourselves, the Monkeys ??

The huge lie, of course is to blame the state of the world on the limitations of the monkey condition - for as we have discovered - the world is really run by 'enlightened' telepaths - that translates in 'monkese' as 'endarkened'.

With all these beings in control of society - in our estimation they have to be doing something really wrong. You only have to look around.

The Reptoids of Sataniel are, in their estimation, doing just fine.

I often wondered whether or not they truly feared a Monkey rebellion, but then it was too obvious that they had nothing to fear from the masses - they were just too entrenched and fortified and able.

They are in the process of stunning the soul capacities of the inhabitants of the Monkey Shells so that they can graft ancestral soul fusions onto their prisoners.

It made more sense to me like this - the real hybrid experiment isn't genetic hybrids but soul hybrids.

The insane cartoon that passes for society is nothing more than a tranquilliser of confusion - a sedative that facilitates the encroachment of their mindless demonic ancestors onto our Beings. This gestation period of possession would not be for us permanent, but would enable the non-corporeal reptoid spirit to orientate its capacities so that it can incarnate more functionally in an Aryan shell or clone.

The monkeys on this planet are being yoked into service as demon trainers.

However it is more than a bit irresponsible to suggest that any monkey or even reptoid individual can change the world even if their hearts are in the right place as 4 or 5.5 billion monkeys on this planet are pretty powerless and uninfluential - their time taken up by the mere process of survival and fighting off the demonic hosting process.

So perhaps it is to the half billion or so rich and fairly articulate, telepathic western/eastern middle classes, the reptoids, with their specialist jobs, skills, free incomes and relatively secure lives we must take our pleas.

If that were so - the great global task therefore is to win their allegiance, for once we have that, once the hearts and minds of the skilled and educated and telepathic and affluent and therefore propolitical, economic elite are on board - the great struggle for spiritual autonomy of the masses on planet earth can really begin. But don't bet on it.

Unfortunately, they are afraid of the ignorant mass backlash from an overwhelming and angry majority - who may feel that they have been exploited and abused by arrogant superiors behaving in a contemptible manner.
They may not be far wrong in that.

They the Telepathic Reptoid Overlords calmly stroll amongst their flock in anonymity - occasionally using their powers to grab the best land deal as it comes on the market - and getting the best price and the best deal simply because they can wrest it from the weak minds of the transparent Monkeybrains.

This fact is not going to sit well with billions of unhappy Monkeys, fighting off the pressures of enforced extinction and culling and Demonic Hosting.

The Masters may feel that the crude, vulgar, chattering monkeys with dis-eased spirits and dysfunctional states of spiritual grace had it coming - and that that brutal herd must be kept as far away from the Graces of their Civilisation as possible

Yet what exactly are the Graces that they protect so violently ?

Coded allusions to pornography in their classical arts and the enshrinement of the values and moralities of sexual priorities and dominance hierarchies etched out in; white marbles, gold leaf, plaster frescos, alabaster satans and goats and richly ornate chalices. Voluminous togas in which the strongest of the Reptile herd can shift themselves down a gear and back to the basics of the Reptoid swamp and its carnivorous values - illustrate that devolution is their biggest priority.

But there are diversions for our Monkeys; the popular culture, the culture of feeling good, the filtration of bad things that intrude on our comfort zone. There are artificial fears projected by hysterical media, the harnessing and dissipation of the reproductive instincts by cheap market values, and, the blindness that can come to a spirit bombarded and shocked by a million nihilistic messages of horror.

But all that pain is really the prison walls, the ideological cage that is used to separate the Monkey from the Lizard. For the Monkey, being dense and non-telepathic finds it hard to keep a wholesome and holistic vision as what little he can see of the reality of creation gets driven further and further from his mind and the minds of his children.

Simple basic education for the Monkeys begins with the rehabilitation of the spirit and can be engaged in with music, explanations, fraternity, and by encouraging the formation of the most basic and archetypal of all questions in the company of a nucleus of like minds, the question why ?

By then encouraging comparisons of; philosophies, religious, social and scientific achievements we can start to notice differences - and so we begin to analyse - and the skills of analysis will help our shocked psyches to heal quicker and so make us more useful in the Great Work

Once we have a structure and mechanics, a strategy for coping with the world in place - we can begin to take the time to recognise the powers latent within ourselves and in that recognition, the immediate perception that such possibilities also exist in the world and nature.

If we cannot do even that simple thing - we are dead in the water and an easy target for the etheric ancestral larvae.

There are plenty of screwy newage philosophies to keep us off the paths of self re-discovery.

But for many of us, the personal journey may not be enough - and there we must ask the questions of ourselves: are we actors or spectators ?

For if we are actors, then we must act and physically clean up the canal of the waters of life, to pull the weeds and empty the trash, purify the poisons - and if we are spectators; then we must sit on our mountaintop and connect with the nihilistic predatory Naga and look forward to emptiness whilst a demonic larvae nips in through our back door to make more use of our life opportunity and body than we can.

People who choose to spectate, for whatever reason or motivation are often misled enough to tell us that we can think-create our reality. These folks have been stunned into sleep by Reptoid double talk. Which says that if we want or wish the world to be better then it magically will be. Which is a fairly passive and innocuous statement in itself, if we want to see the bad in the polluted canal, we will see the bad in the polluted canal, if we want to see the beautiful golden light reflecting on the waters and the swans- we will see the swans.

Think-creating and positive thinking is good - but take a closer look at the swans, they suffer from the misery of chemical pollution, the canal is full of waste and I challenge anybody to take a glass of canal water and think create it clean and drinkable. We have to directly deal with reality sometime.

The idea is that if we ignore the bad things - they will not exist - This alas, is the kind of hedonism that disables many useful people from playing their part on the stage of the world.

Many Reptoids teach nihilism whilst pretending to teach knowledge. Their main objective is to conquer and enslave the confused Monkey. Reptoid philosophy will show you how to lose your precision, energy, will and identity. Reptoid Religion will teach you that you will lose your soul to nothingness, and Reptoid Martial Arts will teach you how to lose combat in a disconnected way.

Enter the telepathic dragon and everybody loses because they are transparent.

This affluent western middle class Reptoid group have access to media, skills, technology and disposable wealth, but if the world is to change, billions of people must have access to the basic rights of incarnation; food, shelter, medicine, education, love - rights currently denied them by desolate Satanic regimes and cynical industrial exploitation.

The Reptoids, as always, enjoy too much of a good thing to let the moral issues over the fates and tragedy of the lower Monkey castes bother them. In their eyes we are a different species and bereft of dignity and incapable of civilisation and really only good for 4 things:

1. sex and energy
2. blood and guts
3. hosting of their ancestral larvae
4. physical/soul hostage

The World monkey-worker must set some realistic targets - and the heightening of the awareness of ones peers must be adopted as one of those priorities. Yet in a world of disposable wealth and planned obsolescence - perhaps not everyone really wants to be king or queen of the hill, that perhaps there is a far greater nobility buried or chained within, and whereas the wealthy are harnessed to their debts of capital and mortgage, billions of poor are harnessed to the drought and famine, the flood and disaster.

It is not for any Lizard to say that Monkeys cannot live in peace with the truth, and that they have no integrity, no discretion, no grace. For the very truth of the matter is that it was never the intention of the ruling Lizards to make such advances possible.

Yet, in all these mortal monkey prisons - a soul awaits the call to life but don't sit around too long - you have to exercise and get fit.

If there is a strange hope, it may be that the religious ideas of intervention in revelation have more than a grain of truth - and that the souls within will be saved by large-scale efforts made directly on their behalf to return their Beings to dignity and splendour - and forgiveness.

There is much work to do - there are choices, but I do not think that it is possible to educate what passes for the establishment, a bunch of bloodthirsty, gangster reptoids. Immutable, often irrational, it defends its self-interest and its funding, and its schemes, and wages war on life as if life itself depended on it. To many of the scientists who operate the stale and dead ideologies - their duty is simply to maintain the charade, and whilst many people have their careers and houses invested in operating the paradigm as they see it, the real intention is to never empower any Monkey. Monkeykind must never become educated.

At the same time, the real Universities and the real schools and the real interstellar technology remain always hidden from the view of the Monkey livestock. A budding interstellar civilisation and fledgling reptoid empire is there now for the launching had it the permission from the forces of Light to do so.

It is ok for Stephen Hawking to say in Switzerland that in 20 years time, x,y,z will happen because in 20 years, Stephen and everybody he currently knows will be on permanent holiday in Heaven or Hell

The world changes, cloning and DNA like the worst nightmares of Huxley become the property of the patent office and the materialists race to define the electrochemical soul or physical seat of consciousness. A good thing if operated by theosophists, a bad thing if driven by corporate greed - the biotechnology industry threatens to overwhelm the earth with bizarre hybrids of new plants, animals and people, none of which are properly tested in any sensible, empirical context - such is the race for profits. Who knows, maybe the 19th century Scottish philosopher Hume was a prophet - maybe one day, the levels of genetic pollution circulating in the ecosystem will cause us to again ask 'How can we know that the loaf of bread is nutritious' - for maybe we all face a biological catastrophe to parallel the effects of any asteroid impact. For unregulated competition by the biotechnology industry threatens to make this planet a barren desert filled with junk lifeforms that serve no real purpose as an ecosystem.

In a reptoid controlled world however, all this makes unfortunate sense - for it is probably their aim to make all wild DNA extinct so that they can resell and regrow it all under patent at a profit.

The other reason may not be so obvious that they kill all natural beauty with bizarre dysfunctional hybrids - but since the war of Eden, monkeykind, which are bizarre and dysfunctional hybrids that desecrated the best hermaphroditic DNA in the cosmos [in their opinion] has got to pay.

In destroying a bizarre dysfunctional hybrid species with a deluge of untested GM, creating a habitat full of bizarre dysfunctional hybrid GM life - they attempt to get their revenge on God for grounding them on this planet full of insulting genetic images of their own sacred hermaphroditic DNA.

In a world where the astronomers of SETI in their search for ET intelligence, appear to see right past and through fleets of visiting extra terrestrial craft, where they can see the videos, extract the implants, and still declare that no evolved lifeform exists because they have not yet heard the top10 from galaxy FM - is frankly an insult to our intelligence and integrity.

But this is just theatre for the Monkeys - for the more ancestral reptoid larvae/demons they can get trained up in the use of humanoid DNA, the stronger their own species will become - at least that's their theory.

The flaws in this perspective, however, are rather amusing - for it is obvious that the Reptoids are descending into a happy mudbath taking what they think passes for civilisation amongst the stars with them.

In a world where it is planned to control seed stocks by the use of genetic clocks and self terminating seeds, where the control of water and foods and medication, and the non-management of pestilence such as HIV/AIDS, BSE/CJD, Cancer e.g. Richard Nixon may have said a lot of things many of them untrue - but an entire presidential programme pledged to dedicate a budget the size of the Apollo Programme to find a cure for Cancer - it obviously never happened.

In a world where the UK government avoids the introduction of an Industrial Carbon Tax by finding a user-friendly think tank to pronounce that there is No such thing as Global Warming.

The 'thousand natural shocks that the world is heir to' are these kinds of anti-human insanity - the very things which make us - inspire us to be, selfish - - the siege mentality that ends in spiritual dis-ease.

Yet whilst we facilitate our personal worldly shocks, we can begin to recognise that other people are also asking around too - making enquiries, choosing their best dietary intake, starting to actively discriminate against the bad and assembling the good.

In a flurry of hopeful prayer we all stood and waited for the great new age, the new millennium, some sort of great changing of the ways - but alas, nothing seemed to happen.

Business as usual, wars, famine, disease and death - the military industrial complex is more than happy to supply - whether landmines, arms to Africa, or maybe even legs to those who no longer have them.

Corporate business is in the business of making profit - and even though this seems to be at the expense of the food we all eat or the air we all breathe, even though it appears like some suicidal death wish - its business as usual.

No creature in nature deliberately poisons itself to death with no thought to the future.

There appears no end to the stupidity on display - no lengths that can not be travelled and no barriers; legal, national or international, that cannot be crossed - all in the name of profit.

Yet many have said and still do, that arms and armaments are the best way to ensure peace - and that from a position of overwhelming strength - the strongest can maintain peace and global security.

That rhetoric looks fine until we examine the track record of our Global Guardians - for the UN military have produced rifles that cannot fire, helicopters that cannot take off with a full payload, dysfunctional Software and Information Technology, Hardware that easily breaks down, and, has an extremely poor record of looking after the health and wellbeing of its employees and, an endless inability to honour its debts to these people.

These are the ideologies and logistics that wish to Militarise space.

Worse than that the next step - a fully functional Star Wars requires an investment the likes of which could change the nature of life on this planet forever. Billions and Billions of Dollars.

We have all heard that maybe for 10 dollars, a life in Africa can be saved, but with Billions and Billions of Dollars to spend - and threats such as Russia bankrupt out of business - the star wars missile defence system may well be a bridge too far for the Bush administration.

Sure, China are being hyped as some sort of threat, but as they have an obvious need for industrial redevelopment and huge energy requirements, China does not have to fit the bill of 'enemy of the free west'.

Granted, that in the UK, Chinese waiters were being blamed for the spread of the foot and mouth epidemic - but that was classic scapegoating.

So - who do we know that needs Billions and Billions of dollars - the answer to that is the Global Multinational Corporations who put in the tenders for Star Wars technology - and as we probably know - these Corporations have enough finances to make Countries like Canada look like a corner store.

They are called Multinationals because they are exactly that - and many probably have factories in China - so it has to be said that its pretty unlikely that any issues of national sovereignty are really involved in any global disputes these days.

Epic analysis of World War Two era multinational industry and who supplied whom during WW2 and which German factories never got bombed, makes a complete nonsense of what we were all brought up to believe - so - who is really the enemy of the state or States ??

Do we really need Star Wars to protect us from dictators like Sadaam, or urban terrorists -

We all know what Billions and Billions of dollars could be spent on - and we know that such investment or a small fraction of it could change Global hardship forever - but the truth is that the money is either being diverted into technologies and achievements that the public will never benefit from, or it is also being used to line the pockets of unscrupulous industrialists who are more than happy to supply third rate equipment.

What is this enemy that the Military Industrial Complex need to defend the world from ?

What vast army that could bring down the world as we know it ?

What country beyond their control and influence, what government beyond reason, what dictator that they cannot erase, what media that gives them cause for concern - where is this enemy ?

StarWars - is there something we should know about perhaps ? Some alien threat ? Threat to what ? The monopoly of Global trade, the balance of power ? Where is this incredible danger guys ?

The enemy is on the lips of survivors everywhere, for The Enemy is THE TRUTH - the truth that there is no death, that eternity waits, that we have been misled and that we have nothing to fear.

The Reptoids may fear a backlash of angry Monkeys - but they can probably deal with such outrage with their technology and legislation and planned detention centres.

And if the monkey-masses do not FEAR, and we have been taught that fear is the key - then the masses are beyond control. The reality is that if we knew what to fear - we could more easily deal with it.

To that end - Hollywood has placed images of fierce, ugly, indestructible and horrific reptilian demons throughout mass culture.

StarWars is really the trumped-up paranoid establishments War against Truth - though to arrange to deploy such Doomsday weapons and legislation does suggest that the profiteers have somewhere else, distant, that is safe to stay - perhaps some other Eden or Treasure Island that they haven't yet had time to 'develop'.

In the name of Global development, the worlds Monkey children are being used up like sacks of crude carbon. It should be noted that although Adamski met and made love to allegedly beautiful Aryan blonde aliens, he ultimately ended up dead and naked on top of a heap of industrial coal. The ultimate gesture of contempt for a hopeful monkey.

This mining and exploitation of humankind as if they were useless carbon is an easy to spot trait in the soulless children of Sataniel.

The definition of psychosis is a detachment from reality - and in a world whose very social fabric depends on the extraction of the most benefit/profit for the least cost - it is only the coldest and most mechanistic of minds that will put the accumulation of such profits before the sanctity of life.

Yet the lives of underfed and underprivileged children are consumed and destroyed daily in the name of such profits. Here we address the issue as though we have to rationally point out that it is wrong - as if we have to make a rational case that young and vulnerable and fragile lives should not be abused.

It is as if I were somehow good enough, eloquent enough to say the right words. People who may have been a bit misguided may suddenly see the light and deal with the issues on the 'other side of the coin' - it is as if all we have to do is to appeal to the rational nature of Industrialist.

But if these Industrialists and Profiteers were rational they would not be destroying the resource base of the oceans, and killing the green world in the process - so if we are to assume that we may be able to make rational Industrialists see sense - somehow we have to try to get the measure of their thought processes.

Unfortunately, profit and continuity of life do not appear to be part of the same global equation.

Well we know that consideration of rainforests and trees is not on the Profiteers agenda - fair enough, we never heard of trees joining a union. Life forms such as - bugs and fish - no that's a bit woolly hatted and hippy - how about whales - a bit sentient - a bit iffy - not very PC - but how about small children - small children - ??

Do we assume that the profiteers don't know what small children are - or that perhaps in their opinion there may be too many of them - yet here is this rich seam of spiritual gold, of hopeful souls full of eternal light being mined and exploited like other inanimate carbon or coal, being consumed in the 'dark satanic mills' of this planet like so many sacks of cheap coal - to produce what ?

A civilisation ??

What sort of Human Being thinks that that is ok - it doesn't seem real does it - like its detached from the values of life - like its insane.

We know, as spiritual people that dark, base, processes can interfere with reason and enlightenment - perhaps we must pray - ?? Because we have no power or wealth even as a democratic nation to challenge these megalomaniacs in any court - but as I say - eternity is a long time - perhaps there will be other places, other courts, other justice ?

I think that everyone agrees that we now have the most wonderful prospects for the construction of an idealistic technological Utopia. However - do any of us think that such a Utopia will become real for Monkeykind.

We are daily regaled and inspired by the breaking news of technological innovation and the facts that the frontiers of science are finally advancing at a pace that we can all get excited about.

Yet there are no cures for cancer, AIDS, superbugs, or a myriad of poisons.

What Causes the Effect of Technological Utopia however are policies, regulations and agreements, and also disagreements.

Before Utopia can be constructed it has to be modelled.

Although there are many fine Reptoid architects and engineers, this world remains as ever, a slaughterhouse.

We know that Globally, the corporations that build Utopias have not exactly got a good track record - for instance - reference to the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation archive will illustrate various breaches in international policies on the treatment of workforce and the environment by companies exploiting cheap labour and resources in the developing countries.
[e.g. Volta Redonda in Brazil]

We also know that technically - even the sky is not the limit - with the prospects of colonies and industry within the planets of the solar system.

That is if we could wrest control of our destiny away from our Reptoid Overlords.

I know that I have presented some dark sociological models - and realistically we know that the profit motive is anti-human - provably so - but if we want our Utopia we have to cause it to come about by democratic debate - using all the legal and social tools at our disposal.

There is one other way to break the cycle however - it is the realisation that our souls have power and credibility with some of the most powerful angels in the Cosmos - but we must respectfully ask, telepathically commune within ourselves in our own way with our own hearts for intervention.

If by illustrating the extreme we can cause moderation, if by patronising the optimistic we can promote a feeling of freedom - then we have all got something to add to the drawing board on which our Utopia is currently being modelled.

We will come to realise that the future of the planet in no way rests with the minions of Sataniel but with the ministry of the hosts of God.

In the meantime, the plans for a Satanic New World Order also include the desolation of the planet and all its wild genetic stock.

The only thing that surprises me at this time is the lack of supportive debate for Eugenics - just about everything else has been mooted by lapdog biotechnology presses and media. It may be that the Biotech Industry is in stealth mode and don't want to alert the monkeys that they plan to sterilise their forests with dysfunctional DNA.

Press releases for biotechnological superiority seem to rule the bandwidth. We have had clones here, clones there, clone Dolly, clone Dracula, clone Tutenkamun, genetics for longevity, genetics for health, genetics for genius, genetics for stupidity,
When are we going to hear of the gene for. 'Normality' being isolated just so that we can start testing for abnormality - for there must be some social downside to this stuff we don't appreciate .. [Cf. racism]
Genome Wars ??? What's stopping them ?? Legislation ??

On November 15, 1998, the London Times reported that Israel claimed to have successfully developed a genetically specific "ethnic bullet" that targets Arabs. When an Israeli government spokesman was asked to confirm the existence of ethnic weapons, he did not deny that they had them, but rather said, "we have a basket full of serious surprises that we will not hesitate to use if we feel that the state of Israel is under serious threat."

The November 1970 issue of the Military Review published an article entitled "Ethnic Weapons" for command-level military personnel. The author of the article was Dr. Carl Larson, head of the Department of Human Genetics at the Institute of Genetics in Lund, Sweden. Dr Larson wrote of how genetic variations in races are concurrent with differences in tolerances for various substances. For instance, large segments of Southeast Asian populations display a lactose intolerance due to the absence of the enzyme lactase in the digestive system. A biological weapon could conceivably take advantage of this genetic variance and incapacitate or kill an entire population.

So many people take great pains to paint an upside picture of a new Eden full of verdant wonder, and that's just the people !!!

But laying aside the noble grailquest of science for the perfect society - there is a worrying amount of reportage that is picking out a seeming lack of reason and logic in the deployment of in vivo genetic industry programmes.

For me logic tells me that a GM plant should be pronounced safe for public and environmental facility after it has been measured, not before. Yet most of the population of the USA appear to have consumed GM foods before any measurement could be medically determined.

Not so for the global population the slow and painstaking incremental, steady as a rock reason, debate and peer review, indeed there is such an ungodly haste to play Poker with the 'natural order' essentially a highly complex biological chaos. It is probably beyond the financial ability or desire of the Biotech companies to measure any effects of mutation and migration of genes.

All we hear from the genetics pundits, however, is that to make an omelette ---- one has to break a few ovum
This is clearly crazy.

We can take note that we have the technology to create any organism - but the big questions of who should be allowed to create what, why, when and where are still to be raised let alone debated.

For if all goes to plan - the Corporation with the most money will write the laws e.g. empirical GM trials in vivo. And the widespread pollution of natural staple crop pollen.

Genetic pollution could create redundant hybrids and redundant ecosystems - once the 19th century Philosopher David Hume asked the question - 'how can we know that the bread we eat is nutritious'

In the 3rd millennium - the validity and viability of organic systems is again a valid question.

If I were a rich money grubbing multinational and I wanted some REAL money - I would firstly patent all the processes in genetics that could manufacture food stock and seed crops and livestock. Having done that - to make myself the sole competitor in the Global marketplace - I would indiscriminately genetically pollute the entire planet to create a Global problem of organic inviability, a biological catastrophe. I would then offer to restock the Planet - out of the goodness of my own Biotech labs for a great price.

Are we all collectively naive enough to assume that what we eat in the meantime matters to these people ??

It's a fact that GM foods have not been properly tested.

Animal Disease research & experimentation in my understanding gradually moves up the scale of complexity, from hamsters to; pigs or chimpanzees, the latter, being closer to human physiology.

We have heard that the world has been flooded with untested GM product and that by now everyone has been exposed to it, but we have not been flooded with empirical testing results on higher mammals.

'Big deal we hear - the world is full of unsafe things to eat - what's the difference etc'
Well the GM food is either safe or unsafe and we really don't know which - but if the public can legitimately sue for carcinogenic PASSIVE SMOKING of cigarette toxins - it LOGICALLY follows that the public should also have the legal right to SUE for passive INGESTION of hazardous metabolites.

Cigarette smokers have a choice whether or not they want to heighten their risk of disease, and passive smoking is liable under law.


The right to choose what strength of toxic air we breathe is open to the passive smoker - people may insanely argue that the air is full of carfumes and factory fallout anyway - why not just breathe the cigarette smoke and shut up - but that is a careless and irresponsible argument - for we MUST be free to choose and if we cannot we MUST be free to sue. But people ARE INSANELY arguing that we should not care less about the levels of toxins in our foods - why should we not have the same right to self regulate toxic food as we have to self regulate toxic air.

Noise pollution for instance - well its noisy all day what does it matter a few more decibels - well there are regulations and measurements laid down for the regulation of audio noise - why not the same kind of legislation for the control of GM levels in our diet - why are we not being allowed to regulate - our own wellbeing.

The same old nihilist/genocidal argument is that we are all polluted anyway - what does some more matter. - BUT we know that it does - toxin levels are usually cumulative. Our bodies are full of DDT and Agent Orange that still circulates the global ecosystem and food chains. There are literally thousands of additives resident in our body fats and fluid - all have degrees of synergistic or antagonistic reactivity, fat people we know are more prone to cancer, and any mortuary worker today relates how well preserved and long lasting the corpses are.

Is it not our duty to discover as much information as possible about ALL the things that we eat or breathe or drink. ? For if we don't we all run the risk of dying younger than we would want.

Why should someone smugly tell us that our concerns about the realities of premature death are unimportant - but that IS what is happening.

Demand Labelling, Higher mammal test results over a 5-10 year trial for GM FOODS and also make it your PRIORITY to demand Regulation and Legislation to leash the runaway Biotech Industries who are currently stampeding towards TOTAL GENETIC FRANCHISE of Global Biodiversity - Yes They can fix and bioengineer their way out of any biological catastrophe - but it is our poisoned asses that will have to pay dearly for it.

At the moment Governments do not have enough data to present an INFORMED health warning to their voters and taxpayers - its high time they lifted their noses from the Biotech trough and gave us ALL some answers.
People often say that 'green loonies' are babbling nonsense - so here's some logic

Stephen Hawking has said that in 20 years, x will do y with technology where x and y is vague - [very vague]
My 50-Year Forecast for Reptoid Global Domination.

1. ECODEATH, controlled Eco repopulation and the GENETIC FRANCHISE wars
2. Death of Nations and Global Corporations ascendant, watermarks inserted into human DNA
3. Implementation of a Genetic Caste System & Monkey Cull.
4. Loss of play behaviour, sterilisation of emotions and creativity in the lower castes [dumbing] but enhanced psychological capacity to manipulate data [e.g. outcomes based education]
5. Virtual Reality entrainment/entertainment interface for the entire population
6. A Global Religion comprised of Virtual Realty & demonic ANIMISM
7. The Alpha Caste, softened by the narcotic of virtual hedonism lose it completely and head back for the collective swamp.
8. Rebellion will be made and dismayed in Virtual Reality
9. Monkeys will be happy to eat Blue Goo or Soyient Green but Reptoids go back to organic farming of their Monkeys for higher quality bloods etc.
10. Every vestige of society prior to the year 2012 will be either eliminated or 'translated'
11. Disobedience is an aberration
12. Science becomes Technological Maintenance and the definitions of legitimate philosophical enquiry revolve around the semantics of magical instants observed in anomalies in virtual reality or contradictions to the paradigm in the known physical universe - the new science becomes Magical Realism.
13. Artificial life the new robot warders of the will become challenged by the imprisoned souls and a conflict with essences will then ensue when the reptoids try to move the stock pens of the souls they plan to capture into a high tech VR container. The VR Hosting factory will enable the ancestral demons to be processed for Aryan clone incarnation in much higher volume.

We may yet need lots more Functional Population:- even though Monkeykind may soon be so sorely depleted by HIV,CANCER, re-emergent superbugs, TB, malaria, polluted food, vCJD, infertility, etc
Emergency measures may well have to be taken to introduce reliable and healthy genotypes and phenotypes to do the kinds of jobs with machines that thousands of unreliable humans are doing today. Monkeykind is so polluted that it's past its sell by date.

New transhumans enhanced by cyber implants [as long as the DNA for Kevin Warwick is permanently deleted] will be needed to fill the gaps and work the machines - as old humanity dies off in its diseased and polluted state.

This concept is Great News for the Multinationals - who can now manufacture, process and control and maintain their own corporate population with all the powers of remote control that technology can and is endowing them with. Much less waste - efficient worker units owned and disowned by the company.

I don't think that we need to worry about good mummy, bad mummy - there is surely enough educational data to educate the process of child dependency, transference and nurture with virtual reality sessions for our new units - whole sets of references for non-verbal communication are simply algorithms - we currently have voice stress software that will detect lies and facial recognition technology that could be re- implemented as a 'transference/nurture' session in VR for the new babyworkerunit.

We know from the operation of cults like scientology and from the data of Jung that transference is a tool which can be used in mind control. We know that governments experiment with chemical substances and technologies that can induce compliance - it's not a great leap of practise to utilise such tools for psychological education and integration rather than psychological disintegration.

Factory Education for masses of worker units are more than feasible now - since the scientific tools clearly exist to eliminate the will of the subjects.

A few nursery nurses and virtual reality indoctrination with the multinational company surrogate mum - will soon make for loyal and diligent productivity.

We ARE the [organic self healing] machines to do the farming and taxis and toilet cleaning and nappy changing, but may be being naive when we emphasise the importance of human parenting, nobody says that humans naturally have to have a good deal.

No multinational company would ever commit the resources of an artificially intelligent lifeform to taxi about a human toilet cleaner. Machines may be the future - but the janitor always gets a shovel.

I think that if multinationals take over the reproductive process you would end up being the employee/property of a corporate trading block.

e.g. That corporation has say 20 year forecasts for its employee requirements.

The parents/carers would apply to the corporation to have a child and the corporation would then tell them the expected properties of the genotype

i.e. sorry carer1 - your DNA makes you very slightly built and we have vacancies for corporation colonists & mining engineers but these phenotypes are typically more heavily built - so you can have your child on the condition that;

1. The heavy build genes are inserted
2. He becomes an engineer
3. He follows the following educational guidelines
4. And remains within investment risk category 2 and stays away from certain sports after all it is the corporation money

I'm not saying that pizza and Hershey bars and playstations will become obsolete, just that these activities will be regulated by a Mentoring Interface in the interests of Corporate productivity. The future citizens of the corporation cannot be allowed to waste their investment on uncontrolled entertainment.

Chip implants will probably regulate behavioural disturbance and brain wave activity.

Drone humans would be easier to educate and regulate in a social caste system as they would be considered dispensable - and not needing playstations & luxuries etc - they just get switched off at night or reprogrammed.

If they cut themselves - they heal - and maybe they would be part cyborg so that they could perform heavy duties.

Meanwhile - business as usual for the poisoned masses - all passed their sellby date, as what passes for human society continues to fail in health and wellbeing.

For example the Global Cull processes as they affect Scotland:

The Transformation Group, Edinburgh report sightings of extensive grid chemtrail/contrail spraying over east central Scotland within the last few days.

Within the last few weeks, immense doses of chemical crap fell amongst a primary school further north in Aberdeen Scotland, and in south central Scotland - certain kinds of unusual contrail have been caught on video.

These are areas of high population - also at risk from toxic oil refinery fallout, the highest doses of fluoridated water in Europe, the highest drug addiction rates, cancer rates, worst hospital conditions, worst dietary conditions, worst criminal conditions [the Bronx is safer] poorest education, poorest medical services, worst maternity conditions, highest fuel and energy costs, highest taxation, lowest wages - and where troops are recruited into the army - always preferred first into front line service before any other regiment in Britain - consequently half the gulf war syndrome victims i.e. half the gulf war army was scottish even though the scots army makes up only 12% of the british army per head of population.

This area also suffers from the highest unemployment rates - discriminatory closure of lucrative Industry to keep the factories of southern Britain - Tony's voters happy. And where during the railway crisis - most of the Scottish railway trains were sent south to cater for Tony's voters.

Scotland also suffers from the death of its natural ethnic/geographical culture, music and literature, where only the worst crap is played on the radio and sold to the tourists.

To be honest spraying is the least of our worries - the Scottish executive - Tony's poodle parliament implements effortlessly the sweeping NWO cultural toxicity that the bluebloods of Whitehall have so far slowed up. The promotion of homosexual values in schools, the promotion of schools run by rich cults e.g. Raelians, scientology, the promotion of vigilante culture and private policing, the barrickading of the poor within cities by the restrictions and expenses and tax burdens put on motorists and even public transport, and redefining a personality disorder with legally vague terms that allow 1984 to reincarnate in 2004.

I also believe that we are sadly mistaken if we think for a moment we are going to get to meet ET - unless we get invaded by the good guys - which may actually happen.

The last thing global corporations want is for Joe Public Monkeyman to form alliances and strike up deals that could alter the balance of planetary trade and profit e.g. Joe Public might discover that peanuts contain a sacred and vital ingredient to the perpetuation of some species - and strike up a binding trade deal.

Vital Market Intelligence discovered by Joe Public could put the fat corporations out of business

I think that recent projects for free energy - e.g. Blacklight [my friend was making 300% free energy from the harmonic catalysis of water 15-20 years ago in Scotland] and the UFO 'disclosure project', will amount to zilch - nothing - the truth is - that no new world changing evidence or world saving science has come to light - so some pilots officially reported a UFO, and The CIA have files - exactly what's new there ??

That's the problem that the NWO face - it has to be their sworn objective to keep Joe Public from changing the death rate and profit margins on this planet.

There is hope though - the dark picture painted here illustrates the objectives of the dark souls that wish to rule here - their 'kingdom' however may be 'repossessed' very soon.