The truth out there - is stranger than fiction, it is a priceless thing, it is often anonymous, it is often obscure but when you get to it - you had better be prepared for uncomfortable complications.

The right to publicise 'truth' has for millennia belonged to the victors, and after a time, one version of the truth may grow on you - and you become comfortable with it, and you keep your eye on it from time to time to see if it changes - but it never does.

You catch glimpses of what you were taught to be true from time to time on TV or in the movies or in the press - and you feel reassured that whatever you believe to be true is a belief shared by many, many others.

Well that's not true - for how many of us have said about some political judgements that they were insane or downright stupid - other people notice these things too. They can see the paradoxes; - we really do notice the glaring inconsistencies about our social reality -but we do not, cannot, act because we can determine no motive or rationale to give us cause to.

That's just the way its always been - it's as though there was some other set of values going that are anti-human amongst all the stuff that we try to and hope to do right for ourselves.

Nice pro-human stuff doesn't seem to get anywhere - but big exploitation stuff that does damage to people and places always prevail. Any human being knows that that stuff isn't sensible - but then these deeds are not committed by any human being nor have any human motive.

This book is about the Hidden Reality, the species hidden amongst our midst that think of themselves as superior and of us as their Livestock. The Aryan Noble Reptoids of Eden, hermaphroditic and still angry that their birthright to rule was given away by God to the Sons Of Jacob when God became pleased with Jacob that he had wrestled with an Angel, and gave to him Jacobs' Pillow or the Stone of Destiny as a token of his divine right to rule the Earth. His red hairy Aryan Brother Esau was much displeased with the Jacobites at that - and thus signals the beginnings of massive unemployment and government underfunding in Health, Education, Infrastructure and Culture in what would later become Scotland.

We will start by looking at the True History of Humanity - a more realistic evaluation of the origins of mankind - the kind of History that never gets taught, at least not in any human school. We will then take a close look at one of the important planetary warzones in Scotland - and an incredible secret that has been kept for millennia about the true locality of Jerusalem and the Temple of Zion and Atlantis - in Scotland.

We will look at seemingly abnormal social interaction and persecution - and once all complexity has been stripped away - the kernel of truth, the simple dangerous truth behind what caused such misfortunes in life start to become obvious.

A fuller look at the rich heritage of soul life that we leave behind to come to this slaughterhouse of a planet follows - and then we start to expose why it is this planet is heaving about in a Dark Age of unreasonable science and lesser discoveries.

We then have a quick look at what reasonable steps reasonable people can use to try to evaluate and better operate this cartoonesque social system.

Then we head to the Underworld to discover the truth that the human race are really the cloned product of colonists on a world quite obviously populated by evolved subterranean civilisations that are not in the least human. - and we can evaluate how such beings may impact on our near future.

Lastly we address the issue of intervention, outside help, the return of Christ and the Last Battle - well the 'Last' at least for a while in this part of the galaxy. The Final Chapter helps us differentiate from the dark propaganda of PLAN A and evaluates the scenario for PLAN B - the salvation of the Human Race from slavery.

Most of us know that the human herd - a vastly reactive and undereducated, directionless and simplistic force can be a dangerous experience.

Indeed many elite scientists will argue that it is pointless allowing the stupidity of democratic decisions to interfere with such high minded things as laboratory created human mutations.

The human herd, however, understands the common good - well I would argue that at least.

During World War 1 - poor coal miners from Scotland and North England and Wales faced up to poor German coalminers from the Saar and the Ruhr and instead of rioting in the streets of their respective nations for better pay and conditions - charging the fixed fire machine guns of their own troops - were simply converted by a misguided notion of patriotism from coalminer into cannon fodder and sent off to a muddy field far away from anything valuable, to charge into each others machine guns and conveniently render themselves into compost.

My Grandfather came back with a Military Medal for single-handedly taking out a fixed fire machine gun nest - perhaps he was just last in the queue going uphill.

He never fully recovered from the horror of the slaughter.

Well it's pretty certain that a dim-witted bunch of humans like that would have been just as happy buying each other a beer in a local taverna - and not really give a shit that some sordid old archduke had been offed on a muddy backroad in far Eastern Europe.

My Grandfather was also given another 'medal' at the end of the war - to celebrate victory in the 'Great War for Civilisation'

Well these great wars for 'Civilisation' just keep coming - and nations fight - but the reality is that the factories never stop and the darkest stench of all - the multinational factories just keep trading regardless of what nation said what to whom - and these multinational corporations have never stopped marking up profit come hell or high water.

So who or what is the enemy then ?? and the answer will come 'we' are greedy and ignorant and conspire in self-interest and competition. 'We' ; have polluted the earth, destroyed our planet, started wars - and 'WE' should be punished etc etc.
The blame gets laid at the door of 'We' the common men - usually the common male to be exact because he is a 'drinker and wife beater' and a naturally violent animal.

This violent animal, the newage philosophy goes, gangs up in herds and destroys the planet. The angry feminist rhetoric then blows out a tirade of abuse at a few harmless male hippy nerds - holding them up to shame.

The hope such 'philosophy' holds out is nihilistic in that it says that like the seasons of nature, winter will come to mankind and he will be wiped out and culled - then, presumably the femmes will wear the trousers.

Ultimately such stuff answers no questions and it does not explain the human condition at all.

It is quite clear that a cartel of alleged 'nobility' run the planet for a profit and that they have no pro-human policy in operation during their growth and acquisition.

Indeed we can all see with very little effort that the 'Black Nobility' operate an antihuman policy on this planet.

If the common man is open to accusations of brutality and ignorance - then what of the allegedly refined and educated bluebloods who mercilessly pollute and degrade the very food and air and water such that it will be no more a usable asset on this planet.

Their insane policies of exploitation drive the planet to exhaustion.

One could never accuse these hierarchies of government scientists, economists, doctors, lawyers, professors, researchers of being stupid.

What person that had the resources of the worlds usury, infrastructure, research and technology at their command would not have made provision for their future under such circumstances. They must therefore have stocked colonies either inner earth or extra terrestrial by now.

This whilst; the pantomime of rockets powered by petroleum engines, and an endless malfunctioning stream of mars probes, and ludicrous feasibility studies of building an elevator into space, are alleged to occupy the minds of people who have had Tesla's Greatest theories at their disposal for over a century. We will look at that part of the cartoon in more detail later in the Conspiracy of Science and Technology chapters.

The human herd though is at a disadvantage - eternal souls that we all are - we move into these dysfunctional time-share human shells not realising that they are also self-catering.

Try as we might - we try to make sense of what we see - and we think we see something that makes sense.

We know it has to make sense or else what we are trying to do with our own lives could be really meaningless.

Let's pause and consider - that even if it was totally meaningless - the love and effort we have brought to bear, and the fruits and harvest we reap are eternal. - The lessons that go with the bigger picture are often short, sharp, painful lessons on this planet. Regardless of this - we will often strive to achieve despite the burden, and such struggle is noble.

However such sentiment doesn't make the transition to the institutions and establishment that seem to continually make bizarre anti-human policies - pro-capital choices, at the expense of the elderly and societies most vulnerable.

Despite all our best efforts the world continues to have no meaning for, or understanding of, the real values of life, its innate rights, its spirit.

This at a time when there is enough profit to empower every being on this planet.

It isn't that the human herd is necessarily stupid - for to us it makes perfect sense that all new genetically modified biotech products such as new crop plants and even clones should be rigorously tested. We know that we don't want to eat poisoned food - it might kill us and the younger or older members of our family.

What if, however, the Biotech Multinationals simply want to destroy all natural species on this world with genetic pollution, and, significantly reduce our herd numbers.

The Biotech companies would then, having the patents for all species they thought useful, restock the planet with [allegedly] viable biology to order - at a huge price.

That doesn't seem sensible for the common good and the common herd, but it seems perfectly sensible for corporations whose track records in the pursuit of profits, show total disregard for the common habitat and its occupants.

If the average person looks at what is happening around him or her, using average intelligence and common sense and they take a close look at the Institutions that claim to be our shepherds - then the flock should start getting a bit worried - because things are really insane.

How is it for instance that with more of the population voting in a referendum against pro-gay legislation than voted for an allegedly legitimate 2001AD UK government, Prime Minister Blair can stand up in the House of Commons and pronounce that 'we' want to go ahead with the introduction of the new pro-gay legislation because 'we' etc -

Who was 'we' ??

Certainly his closest friend, Bilderburger, Peter Mandelson is gay - and despite various catastrophic blunders is never far from the seat of power - but why should a personal relationship between two co-operating politicians be allowed to completely override the overwhelming wish of the people ?

There is an indication that a bigger picture that includes birth control and de-sexing of genders is at work.

The rising tide of pro-Gay media far overstates its contribution to real society - well at least the society of the common majority herd.

If we were to collate certain statements in Conspiracy literature which refer to Bluebloods, Reptoids, Nazis, Aristocrats, Illuminati, Gnosticism and Sodomy - we can arrive at a picture of; Pink, Blueblood, Nazis - a state of being which seems to fit many of our Shepherds.

Yet all of these ideologies are far removed from the ignorant common herd - that strive to rear their families and to get the best bargain on a tin of beans.

The state of homosexuality however is a reflection of the sacred hermaphrodism of the original reptilian Adam - and much revered by the Bluebloods and of much consternation to the Monkeys - which is why most references to its practise are usually hidden. There is an 19th century text on the Uranean Society, which speaks of the urges - calling them 'Urning' and were part of a Reptilian philosophy of evolution.

Time and time again, the common herd is confronted with bizarre decisions from people steeped in and practising bizarre ideologies.

The dumbing down and degradation of art, music and education - and the spread of spiritually dirty amoral ideologies seems to lessen the grasp of the parent on the future of their children.

This whilst in the name of catering for the e.g. Gay, minority - psychological orientation schoolbooks, biologically unsuited to the young developing majority, are coming several palettes at a time out of well stocked warehouses against the express wish of the majority.

There is nothing wrong with the state of Being Gay - for it can causally and legitimately be linked to hormonal biochemistry - and is a natural part of the Human condition as well as a natural Reptilian aspiration that they believe leads them to a sacred spiritual balance.

The Majority, however, have hormonal biochemistry that naturally lead them to other states of physical and psychological gender.

I would argue that the majority of young have a right not to have the development of their identity in their formative years further confused by inappropriate schooling.

Badly managed schooling was the failure that led to the possibilities of prejudice against gender, race etc - Not the failure of the educational materials.

Meanwhile an entire generation of would be University candidates were wiped out in Scotland in 2000AD when several maths questions that would have given Stephen Hawking at least a couple of moments pause in his lunch hour were dumped on the Scottish Youth. These bizarre problems having never been featured in the curriculum caused many debutante hopefuls to walk out of their life in tears - and caused an entire generation of Scientifically-minded Scots to fall off the first rung of the career ladder and into the trash bin of CV history.

We never heard who the monster was that was responsible for that.

How do we explain the nonsense of that?

Do we just shrug our shoulders and say that life is hard - the school of knocks etc etc until we get it in the neck next time.

Political leaders seem to survive impossible falls from the heights of Grace as resiliently as the best Disney cartoon character - but closer to home, mad, disputed chemicals such as aspartame which breaks down in the body to form formaldehyde - the preservative one puts in corpses - which is also a neurotoxin, is mass marketed as vital to society.

Aspartame as you may know is the main ingredient of diet cola and other diet sugar free products - yet there are rows and rows of the crap on the supermarket shelves.

They wouldn't give it to us if it was bad ??? - Says who ??

Worse still - the main casualties are the very young who drink sodapop and whose young nervous systems are not yet fully formed.

These young people risk having deteriorated nervous systems and nerve linings.

This is a lethal world - and it doesn't make sense - and that's quite true - it doesn't make sense to the Human beings that live in it. In fact the World seems geared up to be very anti-Human.

Lethal scientific experiments on mind control, laced with accounts of mad doctors injecting an elephant with an extraordinary massive dose of LSD, watching an agonising death, then conducting the autopsy with a chainsaw [Dr Jolyon West]

Or the deliberate dosing of various communities with lethal and debilitating substances, e.g. Jonestown Massacre after a Mind Control experiment, or Syphilis infection of Black Communities.

We ask ourselves in a world where the most venerated psychiatrist, Dr Ewan Cameron gained his celebrated International position After electrocuting old ladies using shock treatment to repattern or reprogramme their behaviour with new ideas that he supplied.

Many of his victims never recovered from their dehumanising trauma.

We must be able to say more readily that such behaviour and such people are Inhuman, but in truth, Non-Human would be more accurate.

It can be asserted that the values and ethics of Humanity would oppose such evils, and that the values and ethics of the Blueblood Non-Humans would promote such evils.

We might ask the question why the Human Race is so despised - but alas, we might not like the answers.

This world is simply not a Human World - it never in truth belonged to Humanity.

It always was the property of Full and halfBlood Reptoids.

When we were born as Human - we were born disconnected and non-telepathic but with a certain sense of innate morality and civil guidance in place.

Thus we often apologise for our own confusions and at times excuse the world for what appears to be confusion also.

But in reality, the world is not really confused - only us.

The world operates a pro-Reptoid agenda and is also, unfortunately, rigorously anti-human.

The Reptoid establishment of a reptoid world really does not allow the dense non-telepathic monkeys to flourish - and will actively sabotage their progress if they try to make social progress into the class structure.

Monkeys were born to be plumbers and construction workers, labourers and toilet cleaners, waiters and waitresses - they were born to be in the service of their allegedly finer/ more finely tuned and more civilised masters.

The only successful monkey artisans are to be found promoting a dark nihilistic culture of addictive substances and degradation.

It is very unlikely that monkeys would be permitted access to the ladders of Classical Culture and the Fine Arts for in essence these are the bastions of Reptoid telepathic culture - and the minds of the chattering dysfunctional monkeys are a perceived aberration by the Reptoid master race.

The monkey artisans are too full of pain and confusion and distress to be good performers, and are generally detested by any telepathic audience.

For most Monkeys who think that the world is theirs and that they rule it except for the strange and maddening nonsense that sometimes happens when the establishment takes a step away from the right thing for humans - the shock of finding out that they are simply worst than third best with their perpetually moaning imprisoned spirits - could be a sad day.

The reptoid establishment has been very careful to conceal their superiority and veiled it in cultural references in music and art and literature - using code words to refer to lineage and the original hermaphroditic Adam and the creation of the first blueblood union. E.g. Lilies leaves, Clamshells, Snakes, Serpents, Redness, Stars, Light, Lux etc.

The reptoids, however, have never had it so easy, for their secret societies really are secret, for no monkey is ever allowed to pass a really sacred portal.

Monkeys trying to climb the ladder of favour or expose are easily heard and their intentions very easily spotted - thus the chaff are weeded out from the wheat with relative ease - unless a Monkey is to be used to disclose something useful.

The reptoid morals and values are very very different from the monkey values - and in comparison with what most monkeys think society is about - the norm for reptoids is absolutely evil in monkey terms.

If we bear in mind that sacred artwork about sex is commonplace, that homosexuality is considered sacred, that the very innocent young have occult virtue in ceremonies, and that sodomy is an important key to the access of the soul and its tantric energies.

Whereas the average monkey thinks about work on a building site, watching TV and trying to run a family - the norm for the self appointed telepathic masters are the mechanics and tools of soul control and dominance.

The latter, philosophy of control, is straight out of the Jurassic swamp.

The reptoids, despite having a notable, immensely skilled, elite artisan class, are essentially an anti-life, nihilistic species with very mundane criteria for finding fulfilment in the release and acquisition of sexual energy.

The Monkeys may occasionally flick through their tabloids at lunch break and notice some blueblood somewhere has done something really perverted - and or somehow 'the system' let him get away with it - or that some really mad and harmful legislation has been passed without seemingly any thought to it - oh but don't fret little monkey - there was plenty of thought put into it.



It is probably true to say, if you are reading this and are a non-telepathic monkey that you cannot believe what you have let yourself in for by being born here.

This is quite simply not a human planet - it is not a planet of the apes - laughably - it is a planet of dysfunctional reptile telepaths. They try, and fail to maintain a veneer of civilization to calm the chattering monkeys whilst these reptoid shepherd predators stalk amongst us, culling at will for their dinner, their rituals, or their energies.

There are some very civilized apologists amongst the reptoids - for some of them use the strength of their life essences to create the beauty of art and Mozart - but these people are the exception and have had to buckle down to the hard fact that at the core of the reptoid hive mind is a cold fury that lurks awaiting the day it will pay back its hated creator for the insult of its Fall and Confinement.

The very reasonable monkeys may say - oh yes - we are pained and confused and internally bruised - but from what - what endless savage beating do we assimilate on a daily basis from a telepathic species that hates the genetic crap, the living insult that we inhabit.

Make no mistake - the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion were written by reptoids, but not by any definition of Jew that resides in the public/monkey domain.

For me, certain definitions of Jew and certain definitions of Aryan are interchangeable, and as can be seen in the logo of the Reptoid Church, the Theosophical Society, the swastika, sacred Hebrew cabala, the star of David and the snake, all live happily together.

The division that allegedly exists between 'Jew' and 'Aryan' is simply theatre manufactured for the human masses - and the extermination by Hitler was of a hated Jewish bloodline that was too human. There is no end to the slaughter that will be perpetrated by the reptoids in the name of culling the hated herd of monkeys.

The Theosophical Society, the Church of the Aryan Jew has produced many documents pertaining to coming population Culls and from one such document, which was part of a Scottish Brief, we can quote 'justice without mercy'

Both definitions of Aryan and Jew can mean 'chosen and noble, elect of God'

The reptoids have an obsessive preoccupation with the powers of soul and no doubt intend to harvest the monkeys for such things too.

Let us not forget our noble heritage - our own noble lineage of soul and eternity, and just to put your mind at ease, I will provide some insight from the personal history of my own indestructible soul as it has journeyed sometimes on earth, sometimes elsewhere.

We will look in detail in this book at the workings of the Reptoid pantomime called Science and Technology and at the extraordinary lengths people alleged to be rational go to, to hide the truth about reality from the masses.

These criminals of Civilization posing as Scientists practice anarchy and chaos, and use no logic and good practice in the implementation of their programs, but spin, and rhetoric about Luddites.

The garbage taught to generations of monkeys that passes for science is covered very well by smoke and mirrors - promising exciting games and diversions in this themepark slaughterhouse - but has delivered No Interstellar Drive in 100 years of theoretical and research practice.

At least no drive that would put the Monkeys out into space.

We will look at the most incredible and obvious oversight in all the global records - that of the Hidden, Underground Empire for which records and evidence clearly exist. An entire Civilization Under the very forest canopy of the Human Monkeys that has interstellar space travel and technology from past epochs - though after the Atlantean War - they may have been permitted very little in the way of license to exploit trade with the Galaxy.

After a look at the kind of commune and hope on offer for the average Monkey, I.e. PLAN B - we will look in some detail at PLAN A - the Satanic Plan for all Monkeys - their final solution for the puzzled monkeys.

It will become apparent as you read through this book that Monkeys are not being given a good deal. Many of the ideas and beliefs that reptoids use to aggrandize themselves are based on the idea that a Monkey simply could not attain anything worthwhile on this world - but just to make sure that a Monkey does not attain anything - please look at the sabotage that was put in my way - on my way to becoming 'superior' to them.

It remains to be seen what will retrieve and make safe the fate of the Monkeys of Eden, but it is noted that at the end of days, their Covenant with God will be fulfilled.

[From The First Book of Adam ref. Pseudopigrypha]

Then Adam rose up in prayer and said, "O God, you know that we transgressed against you, and from the moment we transgressed, we were stripped of our bright nature; and our body became brutish, requiring food and drink; and with animal desires. 22 Command us, O God, not to give way to them without Your permission, for fear that You will turn us into nothing. Because if you do not give us permission, we shall be overpowered, and follow that advice of Satan; and You will again make us perish. 23 if not, then take our souls from us; let us be rid of this animal lust.'

For certain the race and followers of Sataniel, have an obsessive interest in our sexual energies - as we now all know in this 3rd Millennium AD. The media can never be free of it.