Appendix - THE GRACES OF EVOLUTION - Monkey Business

The Drac Mindset is so prevalent that it is impossible to spot as it doesn't really stand out. That of course, is because, as dense, non-telepathic Monkeys we spend most of our time being rational and living within the limits of our own processing powers.

The monkey is genuinely scientific - it uses; induction, deduction and most often prizes itself on its ability to be rational or full of 'common sense'

Little does the humble Monkey realise that such 'sense' is not as common as it would think.

Humble Monkeys reduced to common sense yet unable to achieve academic standards of doctorates etc look up to their betters. Their betters wear good clothes, have expensive lifestyles and maintain an air of superiority, get the best business deals and have that certain something that the humble monkey just does not have.

That something is Telepathy.

There is something rather desolate about the behaviour of the Drac species. A planet stands in tatters yet the furnaces and dark satanic mills continue to grind and pollute for maximum profits.

The Monkey just doesn't realise that the people in charge have virtually No Common Sense i.e. Deductive skills, and that if they did they are not using them for the benefit of Monkeykind. Put quite simply the 'people' in charge are irrational degenerates.

The Reptoid Mindset projected through a common medium of telepathy can be distilled down to three basic ingredients.

1. Nihilism : the idea that everything has no real purpose or meaning and that entropy and chaos are the guiding rules.
2. Lunacy : insane, irrational people who worship the Moon etc [Dark Gods]
3. Pornography : degrading dysfunction of creative processes and the violation of purity

The world is run by people of this dark mindset.

They publish it in their logos, hide it in their statues and paintings and secret societies and at all times try to retain a veneer of respectability.

Secret Societies do not run the world, there are just too many of them, and their remits are too diverse. There are too many allegedly competing conspiracies. Yet no real secrets ever get out and this is the 3rd Millennium. Why Monkey, Why ??

The world is run by a secret ability - and the Monkeys, the dense genetic flotsam that we are - are unable to recognise a telepath.

Luckily for us - the Temple of Psychiatry is there to preserve the status quo - and voices in the head - the all-encompassing diagnosis of schizophrenia is there to capture those who are complaining that they think some people hate them. They had a feeling etc   They were paranoid etc

The Worlds most acclaimed psychiatrist Ewan Cameron electrocuted old ladies to reprogramme their personality.

It is true that confused Monkeys going berserk create horrible crimes but it is also true that many beautiful Monkeyminds have been re-routed to the trash bin in the name of preserving the Age Old advantage over Monkeykind.

There is only contempt for the blind debilitated Monkeys from these Beings.

Yes they can paint, and compose and sculpt and write - [classical art and music] and the most beautiful paintings in the world are the products of fully functional enlightenment. There the finely tuned minds draw the energies of 'light' into their creative movements and can be more able to sense the flow of their materials and tools. This is artistic genius.

It is 'enlightened' art.

Monkeys cannot do that. Theirs is only the demo version of the genetic software and it's not fully functional. Unless you hack it - and it can be hacked.

The Reptoids hack it all the time - and we cannot recognise it - for we are unable to be objective.

How can a Monkey know if he/she has been hacked - and the answer can be rationally diagnosed.

When we get an idea and we then set out to implement it and bring it into fruition - have you ever noticed how difficult it is to stay focussed and achieve your targets.

You end up in some strange situations, and at the end of various conversations, you feel drained and negated and your idea gets delayed and postponed and half done etc etc

This isn't globally common [imo] - it just happens to the hacked Monkeys.

It's my belief that this process of disempowerment comes from the innate contempt that the Draco have for their herd but that they also wage these energy wars amongst themselves - but to less drastic effect as the fully functional Dracs have powers of defence.

Looking at the Illuminati's Law of Thelema. 'Do what thou wilt shall be all of the law'

Its pretty clear that in a society of telepathic swamp monsters - only the strongest and darkest would reach the top.

Monkeys are hacked, often with malice simply because it can be done.

The contempt the telepathic Draco have for their herd can be anciently found in the notion of 'stilling the chattering monkeys'. I.e., true mastery can only be achieved in spiritual meditation once the inner voices have been quietened.

In a world that is serving up destruction and poison for the mind, body and spirit - a truly 'attained' monkey has to be a rare thing.

It has to be said though that a Monkey with a noble soul tuning into the Sound of the Swamp is making an unwise choice. This tuning process isn't attainment - its 'detainment'.

When I call us Monkeys - I am only talking about our current genetic overcoat - for I believe that our souls are noble and powerful and have probably all had many lifetimes amongst true civilisations in the Cosmos.

This is where our 'common sense' comes from.

It may be that dark NLP Reptoids will never publish our beautiful poetry or our thoughts, that our entrance into their 'high class' establishments gains us naught but contempt, but for all our efforts that fail, we must truly believe how beautiful WE are.

I have seen the Master of an Esoteric Temple glow luminously in the dark, and I have been at an extraordinary Reptoids House where there is a statue in a toga. The toga is the preferred clothing to shapeshift in as it accommodates. I noted how the lady of the house a great artist had spent several weeks embroidering a picture of a clitoris.

In a true cosmic civilisation, if an artisan were to spend 600 hours on a piece of art, they would probably devote it to venerating the processes, concepts and tools of civilised constructs and artforms, not making an adolescent comment akin to public toilet graffiti.

However lavish the artwork depicting the genito-urinary tract and how it related to the land and dissipation - we have to say that those are pretty basic ideas that belong in a swamp and not in an interstellar civilisation.

We may be able to pinpoint the original swamp things as having come from Sirius - there are many references to the Dog Star etc amongst all the other pornographic symbols in Draco art.

How they achieved interstellar capability remains a mystery - but the biggest mystery to me is how these wasters have been allowed to keep it.

The Monkey meanwhile is faced with the prospect of coming to terms with his relative inferiority. A sad blow for the pride - but the average reptoid can hack your thoughts and hot-wire your sex drive until you are just another harmless waster.

With plenty of sexual cues hitting you from the media and plenty Dracs making a monkey out of you - maybe there isn't really such a thing as paranoia.

The diagnosis of Paranoia is a weapon of war used against the Monkey that is starting to realise that some people seem to have knowledge of his/her thoughts.

These 'knowledgeable' people will never be poor or lower class.

Some of them you may think are your friends, but they will defend their hidden ability though - and they will do that by trivialising the connections that you have made when you identified reaction to your thoughts, or by attempting to make you feel paranoid

Paranoia is where the rational processing power of the Monkey simply goes on overload.

It's like trying to edit video with a 486 PC.

Using your common sense, your little processor tries to analyse and evaluate all the possibilities but faced with masses of calculations, and other interference, some of us are doomed to overload and crash.

The problem ALL monkeys face in really coming to terms with the discovery is that their own lives will have been polluted countless times by these interactions.

Clearly the harder you struggle for perspective and sanity - the harder the war that you are going to fight with those people defending their advantage and their secret.

The enemy of the Monkey is 'paranoia' - for getting to a state of overload makes us vulnerable to the administrations of Dr Strangelove.

The root cause of paranoia is caused during our analysis of our ongoing failures in life.

Our biggest problem is that we think there is some Specific Huge Conspiracy aimed just at us.

It is though [imo] not aimed specifically at us - just all people who have our state of being - but what we do is we start analysing this stuff and we make it into huge masterplans - but the reality is much more simple than that.

We see contempt in various ways and various places and in various circumstances and we Assume that it is intelligent and orchestrated. It is NOT.

The rational Monkeymind pieces our grand unified theory of personal persecution from bits and pieces taken from everywhere. [In an ARBITRARY way]

However it isn't usually as specific as that - it is just an ongoing contempt for and hatred of our incapacitated state that we are picking up on.

That fact is the root of lots of Monkeymadness and pharmaceutical prescriptions.

Some of the Dracs are actually very gifted and multiskilled and because of that there is some basis for their belief that they can do superior things. The monkey though, has to set other goals for the time being.

Our prized monkey processor needs to evaluate who we really are as people - for if we are not composing Bach, or painting landscapes in oil - it isn't really that we do not have the talent - its more likely that we do not have the self respect.

The one grail of all grails for the Monkey is to walk into a place of High Culture and still feel good about yourself when you have left.

The Dracs, [imo] do not care whether you are a good or bad musician - they simply know that you have not tuned into their swamp mind.

So it isn't really your lack of artistic or cultural ability they hate - although they will sneer at bad workmanship - it is your lack of sacred Luciferic telepathy.

We may be so humble that we admit that we are garbage artists - and maybe in reality we aren't too good at this time - but that self-destruction is a bonus for the Dracs. What the Dracs hate however is a monkey aping his betters.

The Biggest Lie ever told to Monkeys is that in order for them to spiritually evolve they have to embark on rigorous and arduous and impossible training schemes on the tops of mountains or over hot coals and that finally after decades of personal abuse in strict ways of life you may be able to cast a little magic spell.

That may be true of the adolescent Drac souls fresh from the swamp - but not of us.

My three most important lessons in life came from good Dracs.

At school, I had fancied myself as a martial artist and I wanted to test my reactions with this Chinese guy who was progressing in kung fu.

We were alone and I pretended to have a knife and I asked him to demonstrate. He kicked my hand. He just switched my mind off and I never saw him move for the kick. I did not have a chance for I saw nothing. Enter the Dragon.

My second lesson was in 'telepathic' Chess from a High Priestess of a Templar Organisation.

Her husband, a high Templar officer - had called me a 'dustman' - and I only really understand now what an unwanted monkey I was in that Reptoid nest.

My inauguration into the Templars was in 1981 and recorded for Radio Scotland.

As I took my oath, the Grand Prior spoke a few words of wisdom at which point he then went onto say 'after receiving this insight into the Order ..'

When it was my turn he said to me 'After receiving this insult into the Order ..' [It's on tape]

The third lesson was more recent - where the Drac lady accessed my brain and pressed my euphoria button three times. [Described in chapter 4]

These are the Drac powers - but us Monkeys have powers too - and the Dracs lie to us that we have to do some really hard things to wake them up. Not true.

Before we think bad things at these beings, we must think better things of ourselves for if we engage in a war of powers without any means of self-defence - we are embarked on a futile struggle.

The real mountain that we must climb to awaken ourselves is not some Naga toilet in Tibet but our own mountain of improbable barriers. The barriers that stop us from being successful at what we want to do.

I am reminded of the film the karate kid, where the guy gives the would be fighter some chores to do; paint the shed, sweep the floor, wax on wax off - and the young man was unaware that this was his real training.

Have you ever followed all your ideas through to fruition and success. It is so difficult to keep your will on your goals. The harder you struggle the greater the attacks, the greater the barriers. Simply achieving a goal in life will give you the strength and confidence you need to walk into an art gallery or expensive cultural event and at least be able to be centred.

We may wonder at all the culture and the money and the hidden powers and the evil behind it - but we must not give up our own confidence and self respect.

We are noble souls and have painted and drawn and composed and built and sung songs for millennia upon millennia - it is just that this time, we have chosen to test ourselves blind in a den of thieves and vipers.

Even with one hand tied behind our backs and operating blind - we still have what it takes because we are still here.

That's why they want to marry us up to their ancestral Drac demonic spirits and take our souls captive. They might find some of the monkey shells tasty or of perverted use - but the real harvest for them is the capture of Monkey souls. That's their idea anyway.

Our high priority masters swagger about in possession of the best, whilst some of their ancestral spirits swagger about in possession of the latest monkey - it's a great job if you can get it.

Their sad notion of spiritual elitism is based upon the idea that God has abandoned the Monkeys to their fate - for they are a disgraced and fallen state forsaken by God.

My conversation with a High Templar official reveals that I am only capable of dragging such beautiful offices down into the crap where I belong - for I am forsaken and crude.

The deepest rationale behind such hatred is a cold fury really directed at the centre of all creation. Not satanic in terms of bible belt/Hollywood's Satan, but a concept of a defeated, outraged and indignant core of beings with a malignant hatred of Life.

From the Creatures from the Black lagoons of Sirius to the proud hermaphroditic Aryans, they have warred and fought and swept aside all monkeys.

No Monkeyking has ever prevailed only the diseased crap that passes for 'civilisation'

Grade 1 and Grade 2 bluebloods all telepathic run riotously successful amongst the gangsterism, black budgets, white budgets, white collars and silver suits.

Given that their prevalent philosophy comprises of Nihilism, Lunacy and Pornography it is no surprise to find the Internet and mind control lists full of it.

You may realise that NLP also stands for neuro linguistic programming - a standard technique and method for controlling and programming the monkey mind.

Consider for a moment such ideas implemented silently, telepathically without the use of technology or drugs. It would certainly make programming a lot more efficient if there was a technician present who could test and evaluate the results.

Self-Defence for Monkeys starts with self-respect. There are plenty people out there born to disrespect you - you don't need to assist them.

Focus and persistence are the other two factors that you must strive to achieve, for simply holding those will strengthen your will for times to come.

Try mentally projecting the idea at someone you know to be a superior high class [Aryan/blue-blooded] asshole that if they touch some object that they will have an accident or a disease - and then watch what happens. You may find that this person will say and do extraordinary things that are not in context. You may be slightly frightened by this bizarre perspective, but not as scared, as you will be when you realise that said blueblood is really behaving strangely and saying weird things to people.

It works like it was sympathetic magic - essentially what they have to do is earth this bad idea - preferably by passing it back to you - and they may well use other helpful people whiting or unwitting to pass it back to you. Thought is an energy. Do remember that what goes round comes round and if you are unjust - it will come back to you.

What they don't want you to know is that every Monkey is a Magician and were we to wake up to this - we could give the Lizards a really hard time.

These thoughts too can be classified as unsane in a medical perspective so it is wise to think of these ideas as releasing your stress. [Stress releasing mechanism]

Sanity is many things to many people on this Earth.

For some it is the destruction of the planet, its biosphere, ecology and climate.

For others it is the supply of arms and armaments to Africa, or the introduction of untested poisons into our diet.

It may be the practise of genocide, it may be the sanity of deadly microwaves in mobile phones, or the nonsense of meaningless elections and politicians.

The sanity we may lose when we discuss telepathy is more final than that though - for as one guy said it 'couldn't be beaten out of him' - this the same guy that deliberately tried to make me imagine that there were people everywhere looking out for me.

If the world was full of hostile telepaths and I had no respect for their world - what would an unfortunate guy like me discover in that world except the stares of hostile telepaths, not in some grand mind blowing conspiracy directed at me - just in some grand mind blowing conspiracy.

At the end of the day, I am just a monkey in a cage and easy pickings for sharp predators like that. I had considered the predator in question a friend and confidante but he was really just out to show a wannabe monkey like myself how much of a successful reptoid he was going to be. He was competing with me.

But pride hurts when I realise how unfair the competition was - no-one was ever going to give me a doctorate for my rewrite/rediscovery of Tessa's lost theory of environmental energy. No-one would ever build my free energy device or succeed in patenting it.

No-one would ever publish my poetry in such a way that it would make money.

No-one would ever enable my career as a musician to flourish although I must be one of the UK's best fiddle players. In the world of sataniels Fallen, I am a monkey destined for the dustbin. Not programmed to fail anymore, not angry, even past the stage of outrage - for my chattering monkey is still and I am listening.

What I hear and see is the practise of nihilism/annulment/chaos, lunacy, pornography and it is on every TV channel, magazines, media , culture, and there are so many naughty bits in classical art and culture too.

This planet is like a big ornate interstellar toilet wall where the local swamp things have diligently crafted lots of rude graffiti. Adolescent souls maybe moving back downstairs into a less challenging format in the future where issues of blood, death and sex can be settled in a swamp environment more conducive to their innate degraded tastes.

Appendix - THE GRACES OF EVOLUTION - Monkey Business

You may find it hard to get through [style wise] - but it is just a sketch of the kind of civilisation there could be on a planet like this.

What follows is a break from the Monkey tradition of hearing no evil, seeing no evil and speaking no good -

THE GRACES OF EVOLUTION, represent a core of ethical belief which is thought by the author to be central to the founding of a Civilisation from fragmented factions, the undernourished, underloved and undereducated. It ends with a few general rules for the interaction of the Human Race and Human Civilisation with Extra Terrestrial or, Ultra Terrestrial Lifeforms, and seeks to give guidelines on the dangers of ignorance and lack of recognition.

1. The Soul and its Light is the highest gift of God's Creation.
2. Love, Dignity, Honour and Creation are its fruits.
3. No Tradition is greater than the Tradition of Love and Brotherhood inherited from God's Grace.
4. Variation is created by the gift of Life and the enactment of Love and Brotherhood amidst its suffrage, and is the Cornerstone both of Civilisation and of personal evolution.
5. The evolution of Civilisation creates Traditions and Cultures, but no fragment of Humanity can claim ascendance on the basis of manufactured rights alone.
6. Ascendant Humanity has the highest state of Grace, and all Tradition that does not reflect the above-mentioned highest Human ideals, should not be carried
forward into the future.
7. The Cultures and Traditions of Humanity are not all good.
9. The Tradition of Culture can be a celebration of Human creation and variation that is not made base by the presence of soul Failings.
10. All Humanity can benefit from the varieties of established Culture, but not from all the psychological associations imposed upon Culture.
11. Traditions have Geopolitical and resource-orientated decisions incorporated into their motivations, and often incorporate displays of territoriality and insult.
12. , however, it can embody and celebrate the unique Geographical variation and education derived from local environmental artifacts and conditions, and the dignity and suffrage and love which binds fraternity under these conditions.
13. The structural endowment of Tradition, its continuity, form, stability are a parallel and necessary umbrella for growth and evolution, whilst,
14. A New Temple of Tradition should be built from the Old: a vehicle for future Human Evolution, untouched by the bias of History or Elitism, built upon the Cornerstone of Fraternity -
15. It is the Temple of the Soul built upon the Tradition of Love.

16. The endowment of limitless variation on a theme, and the capacity for creative synthesis with it is God's gift to individuals.
17. The synthesis of Society is both a logical and spiritual priority.
18. Society provides a secure umbrella for creativity and consciousness.
19. The exclusion of variation and creative synthesis from society is Elitism.
20. Elitism is usually justified in terms of 17. i.e. being a stronger aid to social synthesis and evolution, and, a social necessity.
21. It follows in terms of Elitism that; Society must not be
permitted to provide a secure umbrella for all forms of creativity, and from 16; - AND also in Eltisim
22. All individuals are not endowed with discernible gifts from any Good God.
23. All souls honouring; love, dignity, honour and creation are not included in any or every elite.
24. The creative synthesis of both honourable and dishonourable souls are excluded from an Elite -
25. Some creative synthesis is more valuable than other creative synthesis.
26. All valuable creative synthesis takes place within an Elite.
27. All creative synthesis that has substandard values together with all dishonourable creative synthesis is allocated an undesirable status.
28. The evolution, expansion and adaptation of society to the limitless variation of planetary and lifeform themes requires honourable and adaptable values.
29. No one Elite recipe for the values of consciousness is infinitely applicable to all
Planetary and sub-atomic states.
30. Some non-elite values substandard to Earth's ergonomic time space locality may elsewhere predominate with excellence over a preconceived Elite Recipe.
31. The needs of the Race are best served by not restricting honourable creativity to the confines of an elite.
32. Elites are an undesirable Human Tradition that discriminate between Cultural attributes - and cause conflict: 3. No Tradition is greater than the Tradition of Brotherhood inherited from God's Grace.

33. Conflict is a Traditional property of Matter and organised systems, inherited by the Race.
34. The success of any organised system, its coherence, stability, longevity, is based upon its competitive properties.
35. All conflict is over direct acquisition of energy rights, or indirectly, over 'meta' - energy tools (ideologies).
36. The evolution of energy meta-theory (socio-economic information) has or will remove direct human conflict from the arena of biological stress and competition into software and vehicles of mechanisation.
37. Meta-theories are the ultimate vehicles of Conflict
38. The better the meta-theory - the greater the accessibility of Stellar and Cosmic resource to the proprietor Race.
39. The better the resource acquisition - the more sophisticated an umbrella for Racial creativity and synthesis. 17. The synthesis of society is both a logical and spiritual priority.
40. With the aid of good meta-theory, Biological conflict can be raised to the level of Philosophical debate, where the Tradition of Conflict is transcended by the Tradition of Love, and the Tradition of Elitism is refuted.

41. The purpose of personal life is to honour and acknowledge the potential of the body we inhabit.
42. The potential for inner growth and balance and the outer reflections of our efforts to find equilibrium, form the basis of our personal life and behaviour.
43. Bringing our potential to the fore is to acknowledge our Spiritual, intellectual and Social needs.
44. The purpose of Society is to honour and acknowledge the potential of the Bodies and Spirits of the people we interact with in Society.
45. The form of communication such acknowledgement should take, should not compromise the vulnerability of others in their efforts to grow.
46. This is honourable behaviour, part of the Tradition of Love.

47. Each Child has the right to food, shelter, medicine, education and social commune.
48. Each child has a right to be honoured and loved.
49. Each child has a right to participate in the Traditions of Culture, Honour and Love.
50. Each child has the right, through education and love, to recognise and reject dishonourable Traditions
(cf. Elitism)
51. Each Child has a right to learn its special place in the Cosmos and to be taught their Spiritual Destiny.
52. Each Child has the right to be given the understanding of Physical and Spiritual Relativity, for these are the heirlooms of Evolution.

53. The fruits of love are the Tradition of Birth, the growth of Culture and Fraternity, and both personal and social evolution.
54. The evolution and continuity of social structure encourages trust to appear.
55. To trust is to place one's vulnerability in the hands of others.
56. To love is to nurture trust by sacrifice, example, honour and courage.
57. The synthesis of such bonds and, 17. The synthesis of society, are both a logical and spiritual priority, for in this way - 18. Society provides a secure umbrella for creativity and consciousness; an environment in which -
58. The Tradition of Trust will flourish because the Graces of Evolution are attainable within such social structure.

59. Justice illuminates both personal and social responsibility.
60. To be Just, or to pass judgement on an offence against the Social Trust is to assess the dishonour of such an offence and determine the degree to which the Social Trust has been compromised.
61. The Social Trust is dependent on and nurtured by the behaviour of Natural Laws of power and the consequent appearance of equilibrium, cohesion and nurture.
62. To withhold from an individual the rights to universal nurture provided by the Fraternal Offices of Society by singular or cooperative actions is an offence against the Tradition of Birth, Honour and the Social Trust.
63. The repair and shifting of equilibria in any elite or non-elite system must be legitimate.
64. Justice is the instigation of the most evolved form of good for the greatest period of time. 44. The purpose of society is to honour and acknowledge the potential of the bodies and spirit of the people with whom
we interact.
65. Justice serves the Tradition of Love and Brotherhood.
66. Justice maintains the evolution of the Social Graces through the maintenance of universal social structures.

67. All energy is the Gift of God.
68. Some energy is unavailable for use.
69. All energy has no beneficial property (time [n])
70. Some properties of energy are beneficial
71. Some beneficial properties of energy are exclusive.
72. No beneficial properties of energy are universally beneficial.
73. There are some attractive properties worth seeking.
74. As these allegedly beneficial energies or beings are in unfamiliar/alien or unrecognisable formats - there are some stresses to extant human identity.
75. No format is universal, but some formats (Lifeforms) are Traditional to some formally constituted media (atomic chemistry, material organisation/energy shells and processes)
76. All formats are the Gift of God.
77. All souls are the Children of God.
78. Recognition is an honourable quest.
79. Some recognition is temporarily disabled (sensory debility/biologically)
80. No universal recognition process is ever fully functional.
81. All variety is unrecognisable.
82. All souls are unrecognisable.
83. All Love is postulated (Assumed)
84. Lack of recognition is ignorance.
85. Indulgence, premeditated engagement with nihilistic interactions and ignorance is Evil.
86. Evil is an offence against all dignity for it postpones creation, nurture and evolution.
87. No Evil is beneficial. [to civilisation]
88. Ignorance has no total control over a chaotic system/ Lifeform/Format.
89. Uncontrollable energy formats/beings are problematic.
90. All problematic formats/beings have a useful context (elsewhere)
91. Some recognisable formats/beings have no human honour per given constitution of Format - their being out of context to the situation they currently inhabit.
92. Energy Constitution and phsycial presentation of beings is an Ethical problem, centered within the chosen media of the representation. We may not recognise or understand who or what we see, but we Must be relating to the event in some way for it to be seen at all. It is for us to discern the context of the contact
93. The Utility and ability to Love of a decontextualised lifeform can only be alleged and never fully understood - thus is a greater risk to the Human Graces of Evolution - if not its own evolutionary prospects.
94. Unrecognisable constitution of beings and their representation requires a format and media with which to communicate, although such may be dangerous to Human Society if illegitimate.
95. Some problematic Lifeformats are sent elsewhere by the energy constraints/cosmic impossibility of constituting a Format in the physics of this time/space
96. Such Formats are not necessarily ethically/morally viable in a human context.
97. Lack of human social responsibility for the values and behavioural impact of such decontextualised LifeFormats is attributable to senescence and social flaw.
98. The acquisition of flaws is problematic.
99. The loss of ability and variation comes with the acquisition of flaws.
100. A Plurality of flaws is an imposed Hell.
101. The imposition of flaws on a sensitive e.g. human condition can itself become a calloused and restrictive casing of turbulent probabilities and dissipated life-force/creativity -which could detain human evolutionary progress [cf. 'Karma'] as the soul moves between and operates each shell/incarnation it e.g. A Birth inside an insensitive 'mechanism'./'a low tech' Cyborg/Grey/Clone
102. Some mechanisms are irrelevant to soul evolution
103. All mechanism has contextual use.
104. Ethics, Law and Love should decide if a mechanism can Nurture in a human context
105. Some mechanisms have restricted use.
106. All energy has mechanical properties.
107. The Nurturing Energies of the Cosmos is God's Gift.
108. The Tradition of Love, Law, Justice, Honour, Birth etc are the recognisable ethics of the Human/Monkey Format.