We think that we're pretty smart us Humans - but most of us can't figure out why it always goes wrong for us. The truth is hard though but really quite simple - some large, bad faction of an alien species wants rid of us.

Their cunning plan was quite simple - divide and rule - and even if they have some very highly advanced technology and intelligent friends - so far they haven't been too pushed to use them - for all they really needed was some sex and a pocket calculator.

This work has two sections.

The first part shows you what the Monkeys have been buying into in their own easily impressed and stupid way over the last 12 millennia, it shows you how simple the world of passion, fear, awe and wonder can become with a bit of logic - for it represents the age old reptilian sideshow.

You may be very surprised to discover how the con trick works - but if you carefully strip away all the many cultural fragments, animism, pantheons, mumbo jumbo, and theatrical props, glowing rocks, lighting and other special effects - you will discover just how easy it is to create a Monkey Puzzle called 'Religion'

You will be equally underjoyed to discover that Monkeykind has been tragically conforming to natural patterns of growth and decay.

Reptoids would argue that we do that because Monkeykind is a base degraded state that can only ever perform like animals red in tooth and claw. But Wise Monkeys know better - for we have seen the possibilities of interstellar drives, anti-gravity etc taken from our grasp at numerous stages throughout history.

It is little wonder then that we have made no more progress than an anthill or colony of bacteria on a petri dish - the game was rigged from the start.

The second section shows that all our grandeur, hopes fears and civilisation can be demonstrated simply on a cheap pocket calculator - but it also shows us the nexus point at which the future of humanity will be decided - for there in the early 3rd Millennium - humanity finally has an opportunity to get off planet and take control of their own destiny.

There in seven lines of logic and six lines of basic code is the human condition until now - a very basic and simple piece of software - but for the first time EVER, the Human Race is in the possession of the Technology and Numbers to retake the planet from the bad Lizards.

Some of the words here may be complex, the numbers and symbols may look daunting but the whole point is to show you just how simple it really all is - 13 lines of code describe 12,000 years of Human Activity but we're at the crossroads right now.
Let's not lose this moment - it belongs to US.

Since the creation of the first batch of flooded out aggrieved clones called humanity in the Garden of Eden or Hesperides or Atlantis or ultima Thule or NW Celtic Europe - the Human Race has been on a real loser.

Despised by some of the Serpent Aryans who believed that the limited genetic clones had not much going for them and that was 12,000 years ago, things just went downhill from there.

OK so the Emperor dropped two big rocks on it all and locked up the remaining Aryans/serpents/satans under whatever landmass was left - which included Scotland and Scandinavia - the rest being submerged under the ocean - and maybe if the human race had been fairly allowed to develop without the tampering, disinformation and obvious social engineering - maybe the human race would have had interstellar technology in the 16th century as and when the science of harmonics emerged in society - unfortunately though - such knowledge may be eventually identified in the geometry of the paintings of the renaissance and it never made it into any practical application --- Why ?

Why is a good question - because the satans/reptile Aryans did not want us the humans/monkeys to get above ourselves and cause the so called master race a political or technical problem before they were ready to reclaim 'their' planet.

Instead, the human race - non-telepathic and easily impressed has been for millennia pushed into conflict, divided and rules, distracted by smoke and mirrors and sex.

Monkeys not being telepathic - in the words of the Disney Classic 'Junglebook' have always wanted to walk like them and talk like them and, of course, steal the secret of reptoid-kinds telepathic fire.

Because us Kings of the Swings have got to the stop and had to stop and then looked around in vain for new ways to get much better - along have come Reptilian shysters who are more than telepathically capable of selling us anything.

It is more than likely that the original Aryan masterrace was asexual - another reason they despised the weakness and diversity of sexuality, but the big no no was that they saw the human race as an aberration of their own supreme genetics - a nasty disease that had to be wiped out.

They have powers, these 'elder gods' but all the cultural stories of how they have been applied over 12 millennia of Bloodshed is not really that subtle or Godlike. It is pretty diverse and colourful though - like the flash and smoke of a good conjurer - it was simply to keep us distracted - whilst they divided us and kept us from evolving. They were simply handicapping the numbers of their fast growing rivals - keeping them confused and impotent.

I looked at all the belief systems of the world; ancient and modern, religions enthroned by Illuminati; and identified the components of the worship e.g. artefacts used and venerated, and I had a look at all the pantheons of the Gods themselves - and saw that each pantheon had 5 key attributes which included all of its Gods.

In fact ALL of this Ethnological data is simply what humanity remembers of the way they were - those 'elder gods' before the fall of Atlantis - there are cultural variations - but they all reduce down to the same very few factors.

Perhaps the most hatefully written document - forgery or no - and evidence suggests that it is a suppressed Illuminati systems theory are the protocols of the learned elders of Zion - which in reality has absolutely nothing to do with anyone called a Jew who is Human. The Protocols very much look like the master plan of the satans/Aryans who consider themselves the chosen and anointed ones -

Consistent with this systems theory - are the way things function, and if everything in life can be reduced down to a few key components and we know how these components behave - it becomes easy to programme and make predictions and model.

All the alleged old ways are not some natural progression of mankind from some stoneage state. Atlantean technology expressed technology and cosmology at its highest - though abhorrently misused.
I needed to find some logic or reason to the human races need to wallow about in the mud and vegetation - for instance - what was the distraction ?

The 5 attributes of the Gods seemed to be a recipe for a never-ending and cruel reptile soap opera.

To see how they equate, we look at the expectations of the Human Race and how we need a saviour or messiah to help us out -but which is true and which is false -

In order to analyse it all - I grouped the key components of each godly attribute into sets.  

The NWO doctrine of Humanism that is emerging today has it that man is nothing more than an animal - an organic creature, imperfect in a shitty world, sharing the food chain with other animals, ruled by passion and blood and nature red in tooth and claw - man the beast. Yet the more I look into this barbarism, the more I see it to be a satanic/reptilian invention or perception. For in the cosmology of the satans/reptile Aryans - we are no more than dogs. We have no telepathy, no understanding of physics and reality, we have no strength and we have no intellect.

The world of the warring tribal monkeys of mankind has for millennia been about piles of corpses, blood, slaves and gold' to paraphrase Mien Kampff by Adolph.

The main geographical components of the Human Condition are:

CLIMATE, TOPOGRAPHY, GEOLOGY, VEGETATION, AVAILABLE WATER, ANIMAL LIFE, Out of the fabric of our World we make our Gods and we make our reality - a mudbath or bloodbath - but certainly out of that we make no Interstellar Civilisation, no Free Energy, No Galactic Patronage - no Powerful Allies, not yet !


There are 5 major aspects to all the Pantheons;
Fistly we'll look at what the Gods are supposed to achieve - then we'll look at the stuff that Humanity have traditionally associated with them.
The Gods: [allegedly] they protect us, they nurture us, they destroy us and or they illuminate us, but they don't give us the controls of a good spaceship.

1. PROTECTIVE ROLE (masculine)
Harnessed land and artefact production for defence.
2. NURTURING ROLE (feminine)
Harnessed land and its powers for perpetuity.
Negation of all structural values and the organic equilibrium.
Unidentifiable aspect which would confer an overall advantage.
Gods indulging and excelling at all Human activities concerned with learning extensions or tools which augment the Human ego for personal evolution.

The following are HUMAN cultural associations with Gods throughout history :
ie. The raw cultural material and 'colour'. This is distilled from accounts of the various pantheons and their cultural ingredients and cues.

1. PROTECTIVE ASPECT [present in literature]
Gold, Grey, Blue, Yellow, Red Green, Black. Hawk Vegetation Mirror Cat Lotus Sword, Serpent Seashell Lightning, Dog Tree iron shoe, Lion Elephant red dragon, blue eye, horned moon, black ram, head of a bearded man

2. NURTURING ASPECT [present in literature]
blue, green, gold, red, black cauldron tree crystal rod hand mares head bird amulets owl star apples spiral ibis dawn iris water dolphins peacock falcon seashell child

3. DESTRUCTIVE ASPECT [present in literature]
fire, ice, lava, black basalt, rocks sun, moon, lightning, waves. torch, spears, red mace, axe, skull withered tree, sacrifice, chariot, fever, poison, broken vessels deceit, dragons, trident, horn, snakes, white silks, decapitated heads, bestiality, rats, reed pipes black opals, single eye, prophesy claw, lizard, wealth.

4. Harbinger / Messiah ASPECT
FALSE negates powers confers wisdom sells variables
requires human values/context conferred to the recipe

5. VOYEUR ASPECT - The Tools/theatrical props of Sataniel.
So like some bad joke - the belief systems of humanity for millennia have evolved around some dark stuff thats nihilistic and some nice watery nurturing stuff that is reminiscent of the watery Vingian princess who first created humanity in Union with one of the good reptilian aryan/Meros.

There are to my mind 5 sets of ingredients and 5 themes - but my next task was to translate these components into Human/Monkey values so that we can more instantaneously relate to the ideas.

I then reduce these behavioural and aesthetic aspects down to the metaphysical characteristics that can be attributed to the 5 god themes.

Basically all the Godly nonsense of the Elder Gods and the way they have interphased with humanity to derail their evolution can be put into sets of pros and cons. At that point when simplified down to a few basic ingredients that don't involve references to skulls and spears and bones but put in more scientific language we have the beginning of a bit of logic and reason.
This is step 2.
The following are all the things we have been taught to expect from our Elder Gods or satans/illusionists. Us poor humans, us imperfect humans always need a bit of augmentation - and non-telepathic - we are always at a loss to these cunning and evil telepathic bastards.

I have simply distilled the scary detail of all these belief systems down to the simple human psychological attributes that they have come to represent for sets A-F of the Gods programme.

Here is a list of typical human ideas we associate with the behaviour of the gods.

mind/intellect, decision, efficient aggression, speed, manoeverability power, invincibility, stealth, wisdom, environmental knowledge use of powerful artefact, destructive
equilibrium, growth, fruition, future magic, endowed by the land children.
greed, jealousy, hate, anger, vanity ingratitude to God loss of human values
set D & F Harbinger/ Messiah
provides solutions to Destruction (restoring equilibrium)
D. Absolutely true
F. Absolutely false
set E VOYEUR - Temptation
I then prepare the metaphysical descriptions of the 5 sets so that they
can be equated in a logical hypothesis. [using symbolic logic] i.e. sentential calculus

Can you imagine - a human being making logic out of 12 millennia of blood and gore - it isn't human -

The next step is to further distil all the common aspects of the ingredients of each of those sets - remember step 1 was full of skulls and colours and artefacts, step 2 was actually what all these things have come to psychologically associate/ represent to the human race, and at this stage, step 3, we further distil these associations contained in sets A - F into more compact definitions - i.e. we give these sets of associations in A-F a theme - this is called metaphysics. [step 3]

THE SETS now become lighter and easier to handle.
A. protective.
some aspect working towards the constant assistance of or decisive intervention on behalf of, one specified geopolitical unit.
B. nurturing.
some aspect working towards the maintenance of a constant resource base from which stability may evolve a perpetual harvest.
C. destruction.
any aspects which negate the consistency of A&B
F. harbinger/messiah
absolute solution to the imbalances created by C
or D. subversion and disguise of the true solution to destruction.
E. voyeur.
An inconsistent benefactor or nuisance excelling at all human play or battle activity, whose various perfections and gifts foster inadequacy and therefore the temptation into Human excesses
where set F is the true messianic solution or the false messianic solution
At this point we now have several usable ingredients.
What the following jargon or logic really says is that :

1& 2 things are far from normal - are bad and need a solution F, then for some combination of 'godly' participants - there is some temptation. temptation leads to destruction and deceit - 12000 years of evidence says yes to that. But something good can negate that - the key system being maybe the return of Christ or Beings from offworld, some intervention or some overwhelming truth that will empower love and justice.

Sentential and Predicate calculus are academic programming tools - and ontology means how things relate and connect up within themselves - the consistency of relationships within a system. Anima is the academic name given to the animal within us - as in Animism - the worship of vegetation and the beasts.

1. Q = equilibrium
2. Q < standard empirical norm [N]
at this moment in time.
i.e. Q < N
3. if (Q<N) --> therefore F, where F is the key system/ solution
4. if (A+B) --> therefore X((AE+B) v (A+EB) v (AE+EB))
for all human equilibrium, there is some temptation X
5. if X --> therefore ((C) v (C+D))
for some temptation, there is destruction or destruction and deceit.
6. if F= ( (CvD))
The key system is equal to the negation of destruction and deceit.
7. ((C+D)v(CvD))+F =S
Destruction and or deceit, plus the key system F[messiah], is equal to some solution S
I present this analysis hoping that Humanity can break free from the old ways of death and destruction. 12000 years of worship, hope and delusion appear to be reduced down to a 7 line equation - which could theoretically be programmable.
7 lines of logic describe 12000 years of angst - an unbroken cycle of despair.
There is still time for us to get our act together - for as the next model will show - there is an opportunity to break the cycle now.

PART 2. From here to Doomsday on a Pocket Calculator

The Human Race for the past 12 millennia since the fall of Atlantis have been utterly predictable - as the following model will show.

The idea that there are peaks and troughs in civilisation, rises and falls of empires, wars, renaissances, dark ages and space ages we are all familiar with. What might give us a hard time however is just how predictable we all are.

Ok so I started the model on a pocket calculator and recently scientists have been more sophisticated by inventing the same idea as Novelty Theory - but lets put it this way - highly advanced evil Atlanteans would be using something much more sophisticated than Microsoft Humanity version 1.0a

The idea is based on a very simple piece of mathematics which produces peaks and troughs over a period of time.

All the numbers can be produced on the cheapest 8 digit calculator

When analysed - those peaks and troughs seem to correspond in time to the ancient civilisations of the Northern hemisphere starting around 10,000 BC [as predicted by the new datings of the Sphinx etc], through Sumeria, Egypt, Greece, Rome, troughs at the dark Ages and Peaks at a maximum tech for the first time around 2000 AD - then, as predicted by the latest research into Mayan calendars and prophesies - a massive trough after the year 2000 AD !!!!!! ????

It doesn't have to mean the end of civilisation though - [2013AD] for this pocket calculator only represents the resources of our planet - and if other planets and other resources were added to the equation Now - the destiny of the Model will Definitely Change.

It goes on with more peaks and troughs into the future.

if you check the following model out, and take an 'Instrumentalist cf. Duhem' approach - ie. it predicts, it is therefore science.

you will, IMO, be able to view the evolution of the human race, as it conforms to the simplest and most basic of tendencies.

It predicts a big dip in Civilisation circa 2000 AD just like the Mayans did and they had access to greater processing power.

If we get resources from space - the picture changes completely and humanity will not, does not have to have a disaster - unfortunately the evil puppet masters behind the scenes have been breaking us all down so that we are helpless. I mean we need off planet resources from the solar system etc.- NASA, however claim to be out of gas for its rust bucket shuttles - and have no intentions of letting Monkeys anywhere near interstellar drives. NASA is just a pantomime for Monkeys - in reality the planets ruling Reptoids have had interstellar access since at least the days of Atlantis.

1. Intro to the Doomsday calculator
2. The code in BASIC
3. The assumptions
4. The metaphysics of the numbers

The Doomsday Calculator.
It is based on a very simple piece of mathematics which produces peaks and troughs over a period of time.

All the numbers can be produced on the cheapest 8 digit calculator

When analysed - those peaks and troughs seem to correspond in time to the ancient civilisations of the Northern hemisphere starting around 10,000 BC [as predicted by the new datings of the Sphinx etc], through Sumeria, Egypt, Greece, Rome, troughs at the dark Ages and Peaks at a maximum tech for the first time around 2000 AD - then, as predicted by the latest research into Mayan calendars and prophesies - a massive trough after the year 2000 AD !!!!!! ????

It goes on with more peaks and troughs into the future.

The peaks and troughs are numbers on a scale of eg. 1-8 produced by the simple maths - and 1 would be a hunter gatherer and 8 would be a high tech society.

[there is a detailed interpretation of the model which you can see below.]

The mathematics in the model also have mileage because it is based upon a very simple law found operating in all of nature and the cosmos. [power law]

In Basic, the code is;

for n=0 to 300
print n,x
if x>99999999 then x=x/10000000
next n

Thats us in 6 lines of code - 12 millennia of nothing very much and a great deal of pain.

The peaks and troughs are numbers on a scale of eg. 1-8 produced by the simple maths - and 1 would be a hunter gatherer and 8 would be a high tech society.

[there is a detailed interpretation of the model which you can see below]

The mathematics in the model also have mileage because it is based upon a very simple law found operating in all of nature and the cosmos the laws of exponential growth in natural systems.

When it first gets to the number 99999999 I said to myself - that's going to be the high tek century because we haven't had computers and stuff before.

So I assumed that that's the 20th Century.

Then I took the date of Stone Age Civilisation/Ice Age, calculated the intervals in between, and got some results that I could deal with eg. Greece 800BC, Rome etc, and what comes after the 20th century is a big dip.

It appears to predict that without an input of new 'social fabric' from off planet that there will be a substantial deterioration in social fabric on this planet in the next century.

Answers to peer reviewed scientific criticism.

1. that it IN NO WAY depends upon the number of digits being fixed -your choice could be arbitrary.
2. the 'doubling effect' chosen to act upon those digits is to a certain extent also arbitrary - though something akin to 'fibonacci' and the doubling trends seen in nature was preferred.
3. The only fixed requisite was a mathematical 'overflow' to simulate population extinction upon exhaustion of resources.
4. - the maximum criteria for this model occurs in an obvious way.
5. I don't make claims for a direct 1 to 1 correlation of data.
6. It predicts according to its own criteria

This model was invented 22 years ago before all the Millennia and Mayan stuff, in fact when I was a school boy in 1976, I first sat down with a pocket calculator and did those x - squared multiplications and cancellations at the overflow and wrote it all down.

This model co-incides with the Mayan Prophesies and the idea that some disaster or other may occur early in the 21st century .
The maths and model are amazingly simple

The next part of this chapter will illustrate how a simple mathematical principle based on a natural power law exponential and teleologic, can model the immensely sophisticated Artwork of Human Civilisation on something as small as a pocket calculator.

Anti-reductionists will be anticipating a field day, and at first presentation the evils of reductionism come to mind, the model being so simple, yet this theory is scientific because it predicts. [ 'instrumentalist' theory]

A $5 pocket calculator can achieve the Oracular status of prophesy model because basically the power law used is an illustration of a natural law. Plant Growth, Animal Populations, Bacteria etc all double up and grow in this way.

This doubling causes peaks, then, when the local resources run out, the populations crash into a trough.

The model is made by taking a basic set of numbers and repeatedly squaring them till they reach the limit of the calculator at which time the impetus of the growth is taken as expended at the overflow, the overflow status is then removed, and the process begins again utilising the overflow numbers etc.

here's the philosophy of the science


These are the philosophical assumptions upon which the Peaks and Troghs Model is founded. [there are 6]

Lemma 1. Atoms [numbers] when acted upon by a unifying and generating
principle (natural power law) combine to form complexes of varying

Lemma 2. In Analogy, Humanity acts on simple atomic components
to form complexes of great magnitudes - artefacts capable of
eventually evolving advanced technological society.

Lemma 3. The Doubling, exponential power law most seen in nature from plant cells to fibonacci exponentials, and in demography represents, generally, tendencies in all natural growth and the behaviour of natural systems. e.g. in crystal growth, the doubling effect on surface area enables a doubling of available bonding sites for its ions.

The simple exponential X2 has been chosen to model this doubling effect though it is recognised that some natural functions that are exponential in tendency are attenuated by the intrusion of some other contextual factors. [ie. The pure maths of growth and doubling are interfered with by the chaos of the natural world]

Lemma 4. There are various constraints on exponential growth
ie. When the resources run out chaos follows. [lack of resource, raw material, competition, and exceeding the parameters of the umbrella under which growth occurs, exposes the process of growth ie. growing system to direct competition or entropy/breakdown]

Lemma 5. The fixed limits of the model depict the capacity of different magnitudes of chaos outside of the civil umbrella to degrade growth.

In reality, the 'Fixed Limits' of this simple model would themselves be variable, as each and every system is a context and umbrella of some other, and each is in flux to some extent.

It is the shaping power of restriction which helps to perpetuate the evolution of artefacts with time. [cf. Darwinism].

Lemma 6. An artefact is a tool which enables the energies of the context to be competitively accessed. It is a product of an energy transaction between two systems occurring in such a way as to facilitate easy energy exchange and access. Along the lines of least resistance. It makes it possible to fulfil the most potential with the least energy expenditure. [most benefit for least cost]
Such an artefact can be a tool, lever, a well travelled goat track, or the route of an electrical discharge.

Thus at a higher level of material organisation/ and civilisation, artefacts appear to be more permanent/persistent.

The following model is intended to demonstrate the 'Crystallisation of civilised products into more and more sophisticated artefacts'.

The same theory is used in addressing Political Systems in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Alien/Aryan non-human Satans or Chosen People.

It reduces things down to how they function and behave.

It depicts the capacity of the umbrella of resources under which man operates i.e. the minerals and resources, soils and harvest as the capacity of an eight digit calculator to square a row of numbers.

The powers of the numbers most cheap calculators can hold as : 10 to the power of 8.

It depicts the fabric the stuff we then make throughout history - the numbers which represent these resources as being raised to various powers or levels of crystallisation (sophistication of artefacts and their systems).

These powers of numbers represent the structure and mechanics of the evolving civilisation - where the quality of the fabric (high numbers) indicate a significant degree of refinement, crafting and social and evolving principle whilst using the available resource base.

Which is pretty neat for a cheap plastic calculator but that is called metaphysics and we are producing a simple model. If it weren't for the fact that I got a fright when I saw exactly where the high-tek stuff happens, and calibrated it from the rough date of the Atlantean deluge - and got another fright - I would have dismissed this stuff completely by now - for after all it was only the idle speculation of an eighteen year old school boy in the mid 1970's.

The thing that keeps it all going is the x-squared - that's us breeding and building and consuming and expanding - just as cells do mathematically in plant stems and bodies.

The exponential power law, which represents the constant application which provides the cohesion necessary for social expansion.

The overall picture is one of structure building up, overstepping its limitations and deteriorating or degrading to more chaotic states, and the complete picture is not unlike the growth format 'real' History was alleged to have taken from the fall of Eden/Atlantis/Thule/Hesperides/Olympus etc

In order to calibrate the results to determine any meaningful correspondence with real archaeological data it is assumed that the 20th Century was the first period in time to significantly fulfil the maximum criterion for the model.

We invented PC computers and jets in the 20th century.

This makes the start date somewhere in the region of 12000BC.

The 'Peaks and Troughs' model demonstrates the way in which social fabric is built and invested in by using as its basic bricks - powers of numbers - where 10 to the power 1 is the most basic, and 10 to the power 7 is the most invested.

Let the capacity of the umbrella or environment/resource base under which we grow be represented by the capacity of an eight digit calculator to cope with the exponential function x2 acting upon an eight digit number.

For the purposes of the model, Man will operate upon/start with the most basic and low powered significant number that is representative of an eight digit system ie. 1.1111111 - well we've just been created and just been flooded out.

This represents the primal unit of useful environmental possibilities open to early Man. Eg. Fire, flint and stone and the odd buffalo and cave.

Optimal use of the environment/resource base will be realised in the context of the model when a number less than or equal to but not exceeding the capacity of the eight digit display is attained.

Ie. Double up as much as possible without triggering the overflow

As the numbers build up as we work away - we must make sure that we don't hit the overflow - overstretch our resources or our little society will crash as quickly as a windows 95 operating system.

The number of digits (8), is deemed sufficient to illustrate the fluctuations of diverse factors, but is up to a point arbitrary ie. the same model could employ 9 or 10 digits but not much fewer than eight in order to retain an aspect of diversity.

Basically a 6-10 or plus any number of digits calculator can do this - it doesn't have to be eight - the number is arbitrary.

As Man's constant growth and drive maximises etc. applies itself to the digits of the resources, a successfully used resource base is represented by a high numerical power. The assumption is that for social, population and technical growth, Man tends to act with or upon smaller units to construct and invest time in larger units, converting resource base into socio-economic fabric and artefacts.

In this respect, Man's use of power law logistics is as mechanistic as any unintelligent system in the Cosmos. ie. Our growth is mathematically similar to any beast or plant.

The eight digit ceiling that the operation of the function takes us to (ie. all the possibilities of growth that can occur under the umbrella of the resources) is the point where the demand for resources to invest in the socio-economic fabric overrides the capacity of the environment to provide, and development is halted by the limitations of the resource base. ie. We use it all up and crash.

The ceiling could be defined as the most socio-economic fabric attained, produced and manufactured as a result of competitive investment - where demand for growth does not outstrip the capacity to supply.

The higher the powers benchmark left at the overflow, the more successful and technological the society as it Fell. - where the most successful result at calculator overflow is 9.9999999

At this stage, the overflow has been reached and the growth of numbers on the display has been systematically deteriorated or knocked-back by a constant in the calculator which is representative of the disintegrative properties of an overloaded system, the entropy of which tends to disintegrate the larger system down to more basic but logistically sound smaller systems and levels of organisation. Demand outstrips supply.

eg. a Rural agronomy can return to Barbarism.

The anarchy that follows overpopulation and collapse of supply in terms of this Mechanistic model, can be defined as 'units of production with no capacity to sustain the evolution of socio-economic fabric'

At this stage, the re-application of Mans' driving power law constant either maintains or betters levels of the past, or the fabric of civilisation deteriorates further, taking the level of numerical growth or 'socio-economic integrity' with it.

The remnants or 'husk' of accrued evolution - the failed society, remains as a number related to that which it once was - and is then redeveloped.

At intervals determined by environment and resource there will be periods of optimal numbers or fabric - these are peaks in Civilisation.

The following narrative is a rough guide to the semantics/reasoning behind the interpretation of the power levels of the numbers -generally speaking, each power level represents an increasing level of sophistication of artefact, information, technology and social fabric.

1.0000000 ... The population groups into a society. eg. Nomadic
10.000000 ... The Society is coherent eg. Barbarism.
100.00000 ... A Coherent society may organise to develop the use of resources eg. Agronomy/trade
1000.0000 ... An efficient use of resource base provides security for the organised society eg. technical specialisation - mining

10000.000 ... A materially secure civilisation attempts to expand by developing its understanding of science and natural resource.
100000.00 ... From a materially secure base, the expanding civilisation with an understanding of some science and technology attempts to negotiate the pitfalls of supply and demand as it attempts to exploit its environment -

1000000.0 ... A civilisation attempts to compensate for economic variation from an unpredictable environment, and will with proper co-ordination of its massive energy demands, develop competitively.

100000000 ... With evolved understanding of economic and natural laws, the civilisation manipulates the capacity of the environment, physics, cosmology ans metaphysics/abstraction to produce secure excesses to fuel huge areas/avenues of expansion (needed to maintain fabric, investment and supply) electricity etc

The latter category - 10 to the power of 7 (10000000) has as its definition 'an evolved civilisation with secure excesses to fuel avenues of expansion'. There are, ten possible values of 10 to the 7 - these are defined below as general tendencies towards prowess of information systems, capital and technical achievement. These are very rough semantic guidelines.

1-30000000 ... Profit tends to be inactive in the exploration of natural laws to any extent.

... The cost and benefit of developing the tools of expansion are considered in civilisations political interest.

... Profit is invested in research and actions which maintain civilisations expansion using natural laws and systems uncovered.

4-60000000 ... The agencies of research are providing insights into improvements in the use of excesses.

... The manipulation of natural laws and efficient information systems which maintain and preserve the excesses of expansion is politically desirable in the interests of civilisation.

... The profitable political and economic use of natural laws and of effective administration is uncovered.

7-99999999... The control of natural laws and information is institutionalised in the interests of expansionist policies.

Profit from excesses is channelled into agencies which are developing control of natural systems which are providing a technological and economic coherence to the evolution and expansion of the civilisation.

.. The laws of nature, science and information are on tap for politically desired directions in civilisations evolution


The results show the peaks and troughs of Egypt, Greece & Rome, the Dark Ages, the climb of the Renaissance and the Hitek of the 20th Century and shortly thereafter a calamitous plunge from the heights of high tek literally back to the stone age.
This 2013AD plunge was predicted by the Mayans.

If, however, resources are introduced from other planets - the picture can be made to change.


In this work, I have managed to reduce 12 millennia of human existence down to a few pathetic lines of code. God we are SO predictable.

But that is Not because we are beasts or dogs or slaves - it is because we have been toiling against all the odds to assemble a civilisation that will reach for the stars.

It has taken War and Evil, subterfuge and sabotage, temptation, betrayal, evil telepathy, disinformation and contempt, poison and death to keep us down.

The Beings that do so - realised a long time ago that the Human Race would eventually come to fruition and had to make provision for that day in case the rights to dominion over Planet Earth were usurped by a bunch of faulty, upstart, dense as wood Monkeys / Clones. [that's us]

Our entire belief system can be presented in seven lines of logic and our entire history can be presented in 6 lines of code in basic - isn't it scary how simple life really is ?

Know one thing - that 12,000 years ago the Reptoids may have started out with Microsoft Human version1.0a, but even they must have managed a couple of upgrades since ??