Chapter 02 : The Secret Ability

This is the truth of the reality behind the human race - and what we can do in the simplest and most harmless way possible to take control of our destiny back from those who lie to us, disempower us, and predate on us.

The Human Race is not just up against an impossible Conspiracy of Secret Societies - it is up against a SECRET ABILITY - telepathy.

Never could so many disparate conspiracies dominate the world if led by the Babel that is the human race - these many conspiracies are merely a side show - like various sections in a theme park - but the non-human telepathy that operate every facet of the cull all know each other.

So have we been invaded by aliens - the answer is no - it is the human race that are the aliens - the human race has a high opinion of itself - but alas - the truth is more hurtful to our pride. We are dysfunctional, dense, non-telepathic fakes, cloned imperfect millennia ago to do the menial labor.

The Human Race is a pig farm - Billions of imperfect genetic misfits. Yet amongst us are the Reptile Fallen and what they regard as their upmarket livestock and designer hosts - the alien Aryans - comprising approximately 6-12% of the population - both of these species are our masters - whose genetics are fully functional and who have complete telepathy.

Besides them, the average human being is like a blind man without a dog - for these people can literally see the thoughts and minds of their livestock - who they farm for materials, blood, life-force and ideas.

E.g. The theosophist CW Leadbeater 'The hidden side of things' [aura drawings etc]

They lift our best ideas out of our minds, and are proud of their ability to do so, they can get an experienced driver to stop a bus before a busy junction to let them on - and get him so confused, he will then drive through a red light.

There appear to be two major races - the Aryans - above average human beings - genetically perfect 'humans'/total telepaths- who were of old the red haired giants and 'men of renown' - Aryan simply translates as nobles - they were a race that came to earth from the stars - and can be all colours of skin though they are usually always thought of as blonde blue -eyed or red haired and blue eyed. [of the line of Esau - from Jacob and Esau in the Old Testament - where Esau (literally red hairy one) lost his heritage and displeased God whilst his brother Jacob - of the Jacobites, flourished.]

Red is a dominant colour scheme in Aryan and Serpent lore.

E.g., The Agarwaals of India are descended from the Tibetan Naga - or reptilian shapeshifters.

The reptile shape changers farm the Aryans - those they don't eat, they inhabit - a co-habitation process which subsumes their genetics and physical bodies into an energy matrix that can be mutated physically back to the original format of the parasite reptile.

From The First Book of Adam: 'Then God sent His Word unto Adam, saying, "0 Adam, that figure is the one that promised thee the Godhead, and majesty; he is not favourably disposed towards thee; but shows himself to thee at one time in the form of a woman; another moment, in the likeness if an angel; on another occasions, in the similitude of a serpent; and at another time, in the semblance of a god; but he does all that only to destroy thy soul.'

I think what makes our stomach uneasy at all that is the thought that with all the treasures of a capital utopia to choose from and all the luxury any human would literally sell his/her soul for [and often does]

That some 'folks' in these positions of power would be so 'basic'

I think that it's a matter of realising why the glamour is there in the first place - it's simply a maze and selection system for high-energy souls to get lost in.

Many folk myths recount that the Dragon guards the gold - does anyone guess why a Dragon that may live in a dank cave or swamp would be interested in human gold coinage ??

Yes it can buy luxury, can buy comfort - but; Dragons, Gold, Alchemy, Magic - all seem to come rolled into a package don't they - and the reason is that the Dragons Eat the Gold.

That the biggest secret of alchemy is the manufacture of Monatomic Gold and that that substance was the food of the elder Gods, was made in Mount Sinai. There is a whole Gnostic religion and secret surrounding its manufacture - and a whole legend about its consumption - the phoenix - for when you eat it - it is said the upgrade your DNA and make you youthful.

The much-maligned film by John Travolta called Battlefield Earth, an adaptation of L Ron Hubbard's book taught us 2 or 3 home truths -

A 12 foot bunch of ruthless giants, mining every planet they come across for gold - and the planets they access - their slave populations not having the scientific or technological know-how to fight back.

And that is really how it is - as you are about to discover.

Gold, and Blood - and heaps of conquered featured in Hitler's mien kampff - a guy with a big reptile history - but let us not get too German here for centering the Aryan problem on Germany was a deliberate lie.

Aryan are the noble elect and the Jews were the Noble elect of God, both definitions co-incide.

The reality is featured in the old testament where the House of Jacob pleased God by wrestling with an angel for the right to rule - and God gave him the stone of destiny [now a Scottish/Celtic symbol] and the other House - the House of Esau and Joseph was not so favoured by God and they have been giving everyone a genocidal hard time of it ever since.

So one bunch of blueblood/reptile/Aryan/Jews made war on another bunch of Aryan reptoid noble elect.

The secret internal Reptile conflict has leaked out into human history in various ways - though most of us can find evidence that during world wars - multinational companies just go on trading and making profit regardless of what human Nation State has to say to another.

The proof of the reptile Aryan Jew is to be found with a quick glance at the logo of the Theosophical Society - a society with 3 benign objects but with a very secret cabal called the Secret School policing the thoughts of the members - owing their allegiance to the King of the World - the Empire of Satanic Nagas/Reptoids that were bound there after the Atlantean settlement that allowed humanity some freedom till the Earth's crust shook again at those 'end days'.

The King of the World has a prophecy that he and his people will very soon emerge to openly rule.

The other issue that humanity must deal with is the fact that it has been variously said in United Nations speeches and elsewhere by theosophists etc that the human race must be culled down from 6 billion to 2 billion to 'save the planet'.

One document trawled from the files of a theosophical officer suggests that there would be 'justice without mercy' etc

Surprisingly, the Aryan species who are mostly grade 2 reptiles in that the grade1 are the full shapeshifters of Aryan appearance, appear to be completely subjugated - and are very much in bed with their masters. - and they endorse and partake in the reptile bloodfest rather like turkeys voting for Christmas.

The equivalent is the royal and ancient order of Turkeys having Bernard Matthews as their Monarch. To us mortals, this doesn't seem like the giants of old, the Fir Bolg knights, the Vikings etc, and it rather seems like they have adopted the motto 'if ye can't beat them, join them' .

The Aryans appear to have capitulated, and now partake of the practise of the defilement of the very bipolar form they waged ancient war to revere.

The differentiated and broken hermaphrodite was an important step towards finding a superior state of Reptilian Being - and the creation of male and female form ought to have been a special step forward. However, many old ways reptiles that fought the Ancient war have instilled a living hatred of that polarised gender condition amongst themselves and the denser monkey herd that they predate upon

The conquered Aryan mindset may now feel it is the highest moment of their destiny to be eaten by their reptile masters and ancestors. Approximately one in fifty people in the streets are this Race - usually well off - for they can exploit their clones and workers to get the best deals - living in the best houses, the best of everything, for they are our masters and they can operate us at will. There are many many others of more inferior stock - though these people are in the main fully functional possessing the SECRET ABILITY- unlike the underwhelming majority of the human race.

There may simply not be enough of them to take on the reptiles - and that maybe they are hoping for a strategic break in the reptile stranglehold, however, they too have the rich reward of Lording it over the human race - their clones and misfits who provide the intensive labour required to keep the Aryan thoroughbred stockpens and stables [luxury houses and goods] up to standard and in a fitting condition so that the gourmet Aryan delicacies can thrive within.

One in Two hundred telepaths will be able to fully Shape shift into Reptilian monsters - predatory, senile misfits bereft of original ideas and creativity - their remit is simply the exploitation of the pigs that they farm.

Amongst them an underground of responsible telepath/reptile beings live - the rebellious good - who, lets face it have to be seriously outnumbered by evil intentions - for how could this farm be in such a state.

These good beings are usually identified as custodians of knowledge and social fabric, for they have developed great empathy with the complexities of creation. - and respect the human race - a race of limited clones - for its incoming and willing soul population who return from elsewhere in the cosmos to create and atone.

The tide however is turning - for Gods Angels have recently returned in numbers. These are the lights and moving stars that flash and move about at our call - for they are here to remind us that the Judgement of the Lord of Light is already underway. And that Judgement will be hard on the evil reptiles who farm humanity and who abuse their charges.

The Aryan Priestocracy may well have a hard balancing act or have been truly conditioned to serve.

The returning angels/stargods/stars that walk/walking stars/ are here to save the day and salvage the souls that wish to evolve from here to other formats.

The stargods are of a very powerful energy format - and have the capacity to manipulate physical matter, thought and probability. These 'angels' are here to change the balance of power forever on this planet in favour of the Light.

There are those amongst us who see them regularly now.

Worse still for the establishment - more and more people are witnessing the incredible sights of non-human activity.

The traffic is not all hardware however - and the usual suspects/debunkers consequently have rolled out the old marsh gas theories and 'the planet Venus magnified by an atmospheric lense' stuff - a sort of throwback to the 70's and 80's

Some of the most wonderful accounts come from the witnesses themselves - abductees who have been toured round the galaxy - but worse than that for the government think tanks - the Phenomenon as they occur are actually crossing what were once clearly laid boundaries by the social engineering think tanks.

This stuff now makes the X-files plots look a little 50ish and seems to sweep us pass the placards and fanciful ideas of 1947 and all that.

There are BOTH physical ships and non-physical beings of Light in alliance.

There is a hierarchy and these angels of light are controlled by a Being many experiencers call Christ, at least that's the name used on this planet.

I suddenly find myself referring to the old testament - a wheel within a wheel stuff of Ezekiel, and realise that there is a Templar and Gnostic history to these interdimensional beings known in dusty libraries as the Pearls of Great Price because of their pearly nascent glow - but when they dim themselves a bit they look like a donut with a hole in the middle - a Taurus - 'it is as if a wheel had been within the middle of a wheel' [Ezekiel] - a halo - a star - ... just like the darting halos of the recent NASA footage.

These appear to be the true shape and form of the human energy body or ghost when it discards form - and we can see these glowing lights in a historical perspective - for they are also associated with the faeries/Greys as will O the wisp ... beings of incredible power and light are descending through the dark rainclouds of Scotland and lighting the horizon up - skeptics who talk about GPS satellites are dumbfounded by the energies of the high glares, low descents, pulsing strobe effects and the very pure pearly light.

Many people in Scotland are being treated to the beauties of colours never before seen on this earth, and many that ask are coming into commune with these beings.

The strongest and most powerful are like the hierarchy of angels who I hear have been elsewhere but are now back .... excuse me ... let me find my X-files encyclopaedia - there is no adequate explanation for the ideologies of these abductees and witnesses in the establishment created X-files Mythos.

The Angels are in command of a Host of Ships and apparently have come to take on Lucifer and the fallen Host - i.e. star wars - but where that differs from the X-files is that these 'redeemers' will only help us if we want to be helped - suddenly I'm an evangelist - because of the people I have interviewed there is a strong belief that the name of Christ is a chosen mobile phone number to God on this planet.

And when people ask - they will see - as in a group of us who had been told these things went out to a very high hill and watched the may skies and saw incredible pearly lights lighting up the valley.

Others we know have seen massive base ships [hardware] floating about the skies decloaking and cloaking - whole neighbourhoods are visited by ships and creatures resembling some 'greys' though I use the term loosely - and the local 12th century cathedral St Giles has the head of a Grey mounted in the church wall.

People are simply walking up to us as we meet and declaring that they are protected and nurtured by the Lights and Angels of God and that Christ is the 'Commander' - and that the angels follow them about everywhere - so is that true - are they followed about everywhere ? so after a nighttime meeting a group of 5 of us went outside - and there beneath low thick cloud were 3 very bright dazzling pearly lights - the star of the magi and Bethlehem the stars of Jacob finally returned in number to help us fight the ancient foe - the House of Joseph and Esau.

- or as the skeptics would have it piezzo electric discharges, that is until they come down close to your hands and take you up and out across the galaxy within 7 seconds, tour you about and return you to your body - Russell asked everyone after this awesome trip for two weeks - who am I this time ? - indeed the Romany Gypsy protected by the angels of God remembers her previous life as part of a beautiful non-human civilisation.
And as we lay ourselves down to sleep - the lights are in our room - hallucinations - all in the mind - until you realise that they answer your thoughts, that they respond to your ideas and once a dialogue is constructed - very much have a positive message for the worried populations - or they fly round us in high energy formations.

There are incredible multiple sightings, multiple proofs beyond the aircraft and satellite and marsh gas and Venus stuff - there have been attempts to communicate with the media - no results and we also know that this phenomena is not confined to Scotland - its Global - as the NASA footage of the glowing donuts will confirm.

Digital video evidence of a clarity and beauty that surpasses the Mexico footage shot in broad daylight is being regularly shot by Brian McPhee of Stirling Scotland -

There is also another guy down in London who meditates then climbs onto a high roof with a camcorder and he appears to be shooting wonderful stuff too ...

So what's with all this stuff that the aliens are packed up and went home - in the last 30 days I have seen 20 amazing events in my local skies, neighbourhood and home, and I don't think that I am a privileged exception.

I suspect that the establishment senses an impending upset in the balance of power and may also be afraid that if you realised that these Angelic Lightbeings are really listening to you - as we saw last night on our skywatch - that they are really aware of your thoughts - that the lowliest man or woman or reptile could alter the balance of power with a simple prayer - though I don't want to sound religious here, because I went off churchianity long long ago -

and after a long long life watching Scully and Mulder act out their Tavistock scripts - I have finally realised that the returning Cosmic Commander, the Mayan Stargods, the returning King etc is named Christ at least on this reptile planet - sons and daughters of God we are - someone has to be in charge.

Well - for the moment at least - I seem to be a bearer of Good News - and I would have been the last person ever to associate myself with the hypocrisy and evils of the church - but all of this is way beyond what we have all been taught to believe about Angels - for it appears that [according to Russell penman] that when the earth changes come and the angelic lights come down for you - don't be afraid and don't run - they have come to lift you up [translated - as in beam me up]
Translated is a term often used in the Bible for prophets being taken to Heaven.

Now I'm not an evangelist and am not up on raptures and tribulations - all I know is that some very Benign and powerful Beings appear to have finally taken a guiding influence in my life - and as I said I'm not unique or privileged - for when I ran a UFO conference - people rang me up saying that husband and wife were abductees and that their kids were regularly toured round the solar system and got to fly the ships, another guy said that the pearly lights had been following him about since he was little - but that he didn't know - or I suppose really want to know what they were or what it really meant - for the bottom line here is that in one sweeping gesture; - a spectrum;

starwars, aliens, hitek, telepathy, dimensions, energies, beings of light, ghosts, angels, souls, hierarchy -

the notion of the narrow confines of our televised reality break down - the frontiers of the paradigm of materialism is about to fall and that event is both x-files, and, well, eternally awesome and religious - for the day that every human claims their birthright that they are eternal souls, slipping in and out of shells and incarnations as indeed some of the abductees who have interviewed 'aliens' can claim, and, can some of the under 5s human children who remember their past lives and realities before it gets educated out of them - will be the day that the reptiles lose their power forever on this world.

The frontiers of materialism are falling and failing - just like the Einsteinian star trek physics they try to sell us, just like the kA TV programmes that try to mess with history and our heads. As much as the NWO wanted to have us all brainwashed into subservience - what has to have got them rattled is the undeniable proofs that the forces of light are now providing the general population. - As more and more proof of eternity and real empowerment break the chains of slavery - so the reptilian thugs start to head for their ships - for it looks very much like our older brothers and sisters have returned - people we have probably known many times and lives before - but if you are Darth Reptile - how can you outrun a being that can cross intergalactic space in 7 seconds ??

I refuse to be labeled Christian with a small c - for that way is the way of delusion and corruption - but, as things are eternal and so am I and that these other eternal beings of greater power have arrived with forces of great magnitude to help us all out - and their commander can be called Christ - I for one am not one to try to belittle something eternal and noble and one in charge of so many ships - so because I know that we can respectfully ask [pray] to these noble telepaths - as opposed the dark little crap heads working with the military -

I suddenly find that there is some [religious] implications to my statements - and didn't the NWO say that we as a planet were not ready for contact because as little primitives we would worship and be beguiled by the aliens -

It won't end suddenly, abruptly, I don't think so - for that would defeat the purpose of why we bothered to find a body here to stay in in the first place - but it is my 'hope' that things will not turn out the way the reptiles want.

The darker reptiles may to us appear to be devolving - losing touch with the source - unable to generate feeling, creativity or anything other than a need to steal and predate in the most selfish of ways.

We will be parting company with our former masters soon - for they are going to be deported by the Angels of God - as mentioned in the Books of Nimrod and Ezekiel and Enoch.

The sacred Reptilian music and artform is Jazz - for the complex and sophisticated harmonies, melodies and timings reflect their own sophisticated sensory capacities of thought and analysis.

Contrary to the origin theories of Darwin, musical pipes with a jazz scale were unearthed in Europe.

Many of the darker pieces reflect chaos and senility - to humans - in bad taste - but it seems that some humans taste better after Jazz.

They destroy the lives of evolving humans at will, easily accessing the thoughts and memories as if a mugger robbing a crippled blind person - ripping out and distorting any echo of advanced capacities and thinking. For in their pride - they know themselves to be our masters - and we the pigs have our place in the mud.

Such is their power and prowess, that they can flood the human nervous system with programming and extreme sensory pain and pleasure - and this is a thing that they can do with ease and simplicity.

Exam failures, driving and sporting accidents - all sorts of unexpected problems may be attributed to the pig farmers who are simply herding their livestock - for livestock need not acquire expectations above their station - and if a pig dreams of more swill - what meaning could be attributed to the aspirations of next weeks bacon sandwich.

For us, sudden loss of direction in an important interview or public conversation or speech - is usually not human failure - but the culling or herding process. That human will have been interfering with a reptilian feeding opportunity with his policies and has been so easily sabotaged to remove him from the equation of personal success - or, he may simply have been demonstrating ideas and aspirations above his station - a pig wanting to fly....

It is true to say that the human race has been living a continual LIE - the lie of progress and evolution. It is a lie because those who predate on us do not see any real need for the art and glory, values and technology that humanity can manifest - for our masters - these concepts and artifacts are simply salad dressing on the main course.

Human Evolution is simply a game of distraction to keep the attention of the livestock focussed off the noisy ruckus and stench in the nearby slaughterhouse. Ridiculous contradictory science and cosmology, nonsensical political decisions, lunatic wars, hypocritical deals all add to the mayhem of distraction in the human herd whilst the reptilian butchers strut amongst us unseen and unthinkable reaping their harvest of blood and life-force.

Scotland beat England at rugby 2000AD to deny the Norman Reptilian Windsor bloodline the serpent covered Calcutta Cup - the Scottish captain - a red haired Aryan, bloodied at the mouth and throat, went up to collect the cup from her royal reptileness Princess Anne - her lower and upper jaws started to protrude as she shook his hand, rather like she was wearing half coconuts - and the victorious Aryan captain was sucked of Prana/life-force by the predatory alien - the whites of whose eyes had disappeared - stimulated into a feeding frenzy by the sight and smell of vivacious Aryan blood.

The Scottish captain then went down to give an interview to television and his lower jaw was juddering uncontrollably as his nervous system was in a state of shock.

This was all on TV - and rugby clubs all over Scotland will possess videotapes of the Scottish/Jacobean Victory and presentation ceremony - the unedited version

In an inexplicable and unprecedented display, the reptilian dominated English rugby squad could not come up to the podium to be presented by Princess Anne with the championship trophy - so afraid were they of her fury for bringing shame upon the house of Windsor by allowing a Jacobean victory over the Josephites at the dawn of a decisive era.

These beings do not have the same regard for a vision of civilisation as the more Aryan type humans - Aryans having arrived here separate from the protohuman race - then crossbred.

The reptiles see thoughts and thought forms - and they see these true images and their aspects in other spectra as well as the one visible to humans.

The reptiles see a bizarre garden of colours, images, shapes and forms - some of these are massive - some aesthetically pleasing and symmetrical - some dark and bizarre. Humanity walks through this floating jungle of form blissfully unaware of its presence - but these formations of our thought processes are vibrant encyclopaedias that give computer like access to our human psychology and nervous system.

E.g. E Swedenborg, and CW Leadbeater

Some instantly recognisable - some have special sacred names - some are characteristic indicators of awakening in the flock - others of human ignorance and gullibility.

All human thought is 'visible' and accessible to these beings. These thoughtforms are tools that the reptiles use to stress the nervous systems of their prey - and they use the sexual imperative to relieve human stress - and milk the species of its life-force/prana

The best a human can hope for is to find a spirit guide or some other advanced patron that can heal the psychological mutilation that is commonplace damage caused by those evil and arrogant saboteurs to their blind and unseeing livestock.

The energies of Murrayfield rugby stadium are rather like a plate of curry to these reptile vampire beings, the people in the stands being a circle of basmatti rice with the occasional pea, lentil and potatoe - whilst in the middle of the rice - the curried chicken rugby players simmer appetisingly on the playing field.

A housing scheme is visible to these beings rather like a very simple and untreated food - more raw vegetables and salad - a reptile might predate there for an aperitif -rather like taking a bite out of an apple.

The lower classes are rather like fast food - their thoughts indicate their nutritional value and their thoughts are continually visible in the air around us. It is more than an aura, but as the fake evolutionary struggle goes on amongst the human population - where these reptile beings play all lead roles on every side - the human race is continually farmed for ideas.

It is only half the picture that the human clones are subliminally bombarded with doctored food and telecommunications - for the other part of the equation is that amongst the sea of human thought-forms live some of the disembodied ancestors of the reptiles - we know them as demons.

Their main goal may well be to take complete possession of the human race regardless of purity of blood and genetics - and that perhaps the substandard livestock may be getting prepared and technologically augmented ; psychologically programmed and chip implanted to focus its energies on being a sexually subservient - life-force submitting host - hence the overwhelming new world order desire to feminise the population.

[quite aside from taking control of the reproduction of the human species by eugenics policies and cloning]

All that the disembodied parasitic reptiles would require would be a target frequency for their prospective human hosts and with a planet immersed in microwave and ultralow frequency - the preparation of the human race to receive and be possessed by the Old Ones is well underway.

This idea of a 'devil on your back' has to be seen rather like an invisible but natural extension of an organic reality all the way into eternity - for there are many things we cannot see and might not like seeing - but that like any Amazonian rainforest - there are niches and homes and relationships between all sorts of organisms.

That doesn't make what can happen to Humanity right - for the huge majority if given the choice - would probably decline striking up a relationship with a Prana/Life-force parasite - its much too like having an ongoing dose of the Flu.

When sensible human beings regularly come to the conclusion that after all their effort - life is meaningless - that's because in the context of this conquered planet - it truly is.

Human Historical and social eras - create the effect of a distinctive theme restaurant - the challenge for the reptile, being to peel away, stimulate and trigger the complex social codes in their human victims that will release the greatest amount of life-force for their meal.

Neither the technological or aesthetic content of the human information is of any real value to the predator, but it is how that information relates to the sex drive of the human and Aryan - for it is in the manipulation of the information, that the reptile manipulates both the will and the sex/life-force mechanism which powers it.

One reptile I met had stolen some beautiful poems from some hapless human mind - and was at a complete loss on how to turn them into a regular feeding opportunity. Her idea was to use them in a new age workshop - but she seemed completely clueless and unoriginal in her lack of direction. She was pretty good at draining people of their Prana though.

How often have sensible humans found themselves wound up by stupid seemingly nonsensical contradictory arguments - then felt drained trying to explain yourself - that's a reptile or bad Aryan at work - to most of us - that's life.

The attempt to resolve the contradiction simply lets the reptile squeeze your nervous system of its life energies like the juice out of a lemon by continually manipulating the very goalposts of the argument.

This is very easy for them because they can see the thoughts and connections form in a graphic and visual way. It is not a complex or really sophisticated god-like skill to do that with humans - its rather more equivalent to pulling the cans and boxes out of a shopping basket and laying them out on the table and simply re-arranging them.

Reptilian Society has a complex hierarchy rather like a farmers union - and regional farms [nations] may receive subsidies and packages from the central reserves. - to keep up the preparatory work for the invasion of their ancestors.

Their ceremonies are attended in togas - and badges of rank worn - usually necklaces that have a distinctive energy signature that tells of ones skills and assets and affiliations.

They polarise into the bulk being bloodfesters and a vocal minority who are relatively Vegan, and Civilised. Make no mistake - the human dream of evolution is a complete fake. The apparent lack of management is not really down to the alleged 'mistakes' of the human race who was never intended get it right, to meet other ET's, and become on an evolved parity with them and thus learn of the reality of our debased predicament.

For intelligent, aware, livestock may petition for multilateral veganism. The ruling reptiles do not need the human race for its technology or its vision of civilisation - for the reptiles simply need a cultural diversion and the human ideas and themes are simply background music during their gourmet meal.

They may value intelligent information of the historical era of their prey - but that is simply so that they can trigger energy release in their prey - and not for any intrinsic value that the human may see in the creativity or relativity of the information.

Information is simply a tool to be used to dissect the human psychology and trigger the release of energy from the human nervous system and spirit. In fact the reptiles have been planning a change of CD / global society - for they are not enjoying their food as much these days - its simply got too much additives in it.

The reptiles plan to make a drastic cull in their herd - which has been infected with mad silver-service disease - thus a sort of back to basics organic farming to the tune of early baroque music again is now required.

For the humans its back to square one, mud huts and handploughs - but for the reptiles - the abundant glory of the global delicatessen has returned. 21st century Earth is intended to be a return to organic farming of small but high quality herds.

It may be that the current size of the reptile population is unsustainable - for though it has increased on the back of exponential human growth - they will have been hit with a decline in the nutritional quality of good purebred Aryan livestock.

This may have led them to establish and decant Aryan colonies in space under the guise of some black budget NWO project - these to the participating humans may look and feel like some advanced elite development - but are really shams that are greenhouse laboratories/stockpens for veal cattle.

Tons of new Aryan clones farmed underground in the bases and cities may make ideal meat and vehicles for the returning old ones - whilst the majority of the human race on the surface above - is well past its sell by date.

The humans would be tempted to volunteer for elite bases, colonies and projects, thinking themselves honoured and flattered - but their only fate would be to fulfill the fast growing demand for a decent Aryan feed back on earth - or as a mass of suitable receptacles in which to house the return of the reptiles disembodied ancestors.

A secret society allegedly called the order of the dragon is compiling a list of Aryan purebloods - perhaps to facilitate the supply of Aryan bloodline to meet the increased gourmet or host demand.

It is often leaked that so-called advanced technology is always failing and that those nasty evil Zetas/Greys are all responsible for duping the US government - obvious disinformation and bullshit considering that the ruling elite are vampires with incredible powers and complete control - can't see a little Zeta incursion making any headway there ?? though there may well be nasty 'dark' Greys who may wish to facilitate the impending arrival of the old ones.

But the reason that the advanced or backengineered human technology doesn't work is that it is simply not meant to - have we ever seen a pig drive a Cadillac ?? But we always see pig in a bacon sandwich !!!

Hence the invented hogwash that the human government made a deal with the Zetas and was betrayed. No new and recent ET's are sabotaging human evolution for quite simply - there is NO human evolution permitted by the predatory reptiles that have had their livestock in thrall for many thousands of years.

Given that the ruling reptile elite and their millions of telepathic reptiles and Aryans are in total command - it is very likely that everything we hear about other galactic species is bullshit - or lizardshit.

The Zetas provide unwelcome competition for the available genetic stock - and their new race of fully functional hybrids may threaten to disempower the reptiles or even interfere with the invasion of the reptile Old Ones.

I have heard many negative reports about the Zeta Reticulans but find the contradictions extraordinary as it seems the ultimate 'selfishness' of the vampire lizards has met a competing empire more dedicated to commune and selflessness - that's what reticulum means by the way - 'network'.

Imperial selfish beings do not selflessly network. But the only species likely to get a good press on this planet are the reptiles and their allies and slaves.

As ever - the 13 commandments of our reptile masters will be zealously enforced down on the farm.

The Human Race is a race of reptile hybrids - it has a reptile brain stem, a reptile biochemistry pineal gland or psychic 'third eye' The Reptiles created the human race out of either indigenous mammal stock and or available Aryan with the intent of one day creating a mass of suitable hosts for their ultradimensional, chaos driven, disembodied ancestors.

Such technology as they deign to employ would be to capture the human hosts nervous system in a frequency field of certain characteristic signatures. The human populations minds already brainwashed and repatterned to annul rationality and embrace chaos and abandonment, the minds of each human host/victim internalises the worldly abandonment of will and society sexually and the life-force is now empathetically attuned and empowering both physical, psychological and spiritual chaos and the loss of will.

This whilst being immersed and irradiated with the frequency signatures of the old ones - so that empathic targeting and possession of the host can commence. To that end, satellite or Haarp systems may be being deployed - however it may also be the case that a Gate must be opened to allow the old ones simultaneous access from their unwell dimension/pit.

At the moment, the reptiles have to rely upon the unreliable mechanics of organic ritual and sacrifice to empower the return of selected old ones in a piece meal manner.

Slave Rules
1. Thou shalt not breed superiors
2. thou shalt think of sex
3. thou shalt be dysfunctional losers
4. thou shalt respect thy masters
5. thou shalt not love creation
6. thou shalt fear death
7. thou shalt worship the published values of thy masters
8. thou shalt obey
9. thou shalt submit
10. thou shalt embrace contradictions
11. thou shalt revel in cheapness
12. thou shalt labour to produce perfection
13. thou shalt have respect for reptile hierarchy

Reptile Directives
1. thou shalt not let thy slaves outshine
2. thou shalt drink and eat of life-force
3. thou shalt command an empire and billet thy livestock
4. thou shalt get the gold and eat it.
5. thou shalt facilitate thy ancestors

It may become increasingly obvious to us that the world isn't fair. It may seem that people literally get away with murder and extortion and flourish - it may even seem to those who look closely that the ladder of opportunities known as western democracy is a lie - that there is no rationality behind the system that operates. That's totally correct - there is no rationale.

That people seem to progress unfairly and unreasonably - because in actual fact there is absolutely no reason that is rational to this alleged social process at all. It may seem sometimes like a secret society operating against us - but in reality it is a SECRET ABILITY.

For the livestock, there is simply the game of snakes and ladders - where if a reptile peer believes your progress to be unbefitting to a pig - it would simply trip you up by screwing with your abilities or activating the crude sexual social cues that we all pick up daily from TV and media either consciously or subliminally - distracting you from your goals and aims. E.g. Toyata advert by saatchi and saatchi, Christmas, Paris 1999. [Paris match]

There simply is no way to progress for the human livestock. Human Society is a myth and a lie, as is order, personal and social progress, non-unified science and Darwinistic evolution, however the Dominant Lifeform on this planet the Reptile and reptile/Aryan hybrid operate a basic pecking order - and these telepathic beings accrue their goals, wealth and slaves by five distinct aspects of the telepathic process.

1. natural empathy with an encyclopaedic living mind/group soul
2. personally trained physical ability
3. personally trained rational ability
4. vampiric acquisition and remedial reacquisition of temporary assets from host
5. utilisation of empathy with the 'demonic' sub-species from which they have evolved to 'magically' influence physical events in their favour in the process of acquisition

The human myth of society is perpetuated by the appearance of order [someone makes progress but never us] and defended by the Secret Ability [we're getting paranoid and we're hearing voices in our heads] - but the social strata and its reason for being simply do not pass the scrutiny of reason.

The telepathic Aryan hybrids that are actively competing, simply engage energy fields with one another and assert themselves in the most banal of processes we see operating in the most basic of herds in any nature reserve.

Might quite simply prevails - and as we see - nature and reptiles red in tooth and claw climb to the top of the sorry heap - an Aryan, bloody heap that Hitler was proud to portray in Mien Kampf.

If you take the Law of One from Crowleigh's evil doctrine of Thelema - 'do what thou wilt shall be all of the law' - well under that circumstance - the strongest predator always comes out on top to lead.

In the UK - the real balls behind the alleged 'left' new labour is pink and a Bilderburger, the alleged security service seems to be pink central and stories of weird black budget pink nazis groomed for stardom in the alleged new re-education centres circulate.

The UK 'artistocracy' have more than a reputation for being pink, and there seems to be a tie in with the Mastery of the Human Race/the Ruling Class and pink issues.

To get our answers we need to look at the illuminati and reptilian fascination with the human energies called the kundalini - the electrical system that the ordinary human being cannot see and use.

This energy is a direct highway to the soul - and the 'opening of the gate' is synonymous with reptoid/tantric magik ritual -the ritual of the eye of Horus or ['sore ass'] is all about the rebirth of the age of Horus and the domination of the human species - the opening of the gates to enable - presumably parasitical hosting.

Our/my assumptions used to be that the nazi style master race were abhorrent because of their sexual deviance and its misuse but by now we all must be starting to realize that these practises are not deviant - THEY ARE THE NORM for this type of non-human Being.

Most upper class are reptoids - and for them sodomy must be a necessity for the propagation of the faculties in their blue-blooded telepathic soul control DNA. For the human spine from top to bottom is a high-powered energy cell.

I shall watch Disney's Dinosaur again with new respect.

The evil reptiles of the world regard the integrity of excellence and humility as a weakness. As can be seen from the garbage being passed off as western culture today - there is no real value in excellent, enlightening inspirational music - only the dread dreary frequencies - less melodic than a bus engine that are being thrust on our young to kill off their sensitivities. For the human livestock - the preparation process for demonic possession is already underway.

What every human must know is how to fight back. These beings see our thoughts and physically feel our anger especially when it is directed at them.

They have faked it and bluffed it and taught for millennia - they have written books about it and invented new age religions to diffuse it - they have sat there amongst us blanking our minds, destroying our careers and our loved ones - and they have asked us to think of love and go to bed and feel good about the banal values they have indoctrinated us with.

However - the power of thought YOUR thought - the thought of the cleaning lady - the postman - the down and out drunk - the lost academic - the passed over and ruined - that angry thought of injustice and outrage is more damaging to these beings and blocked failure mindset than ANY physical act that you could ever envisage.

This is not a physical thing in the physical world - we must love the physical world and be responsible in it, respect, honour, tradition, decency, harmlessness - all these things we must always be - all the things we are proud of - but - You will heal yourself and progress if you visualise and burn and dissolve the ideas that are the jailor of your soul.

Spontaneously combust them - Its like you are a powerful magician performing a psychic attack - but there is no physical attack - no real physical damage as far as any human being can see - however, you are visualising and embodying the ideas that have held you back and we are human so we will probably see a person.

It's a simple, healthy and harmless psychological purification process. Simply imagine this person or painful problem dissolving away before your eyes in flames - purge them from your minds - and you will clear the log jam from your beautiful psychology.

All the things that made you angry and unhealthy are telepathic blocks and reptiles picking us off. WE are really the overwhelming Majority of billions of sleeping and very powerful magicians in the human race - empathising with the assholes that have given us grief because reptile religious crap tells us to - simply feeds them and empowers them.

Dissolving and burning these unhealthy negative images in our mind by using the anger and pain they have caused us to disintegrate and burn them into nothing will break the yoke of the reptile chains forever on this planet - even by the reptile psychiatric rulebook - it's a perfectly sane and respectable healthy act which deals with and releases our stress - an act which if performed will win the most incredible intergalactic battle in the safety and well being of our own minds and it will also retain the vision of the society and laws that we all value so much - and more importantly - not break any law that we humans know about - or do any harm that we can see and be held legally responsible for- those powers of self defence are not recognised by the agricultural laws of livestock by which we are governed.

But humans are also blind to their potential - for that blindness is the very cause of the freakish slavery that maintains this world as a filthy carnal bloodbath that slaughters the innocent.

The Human Race is completely unaware that it is comprised of BILLIONS OF MAGICIANS and to act we don't need silly potions and spells or decades of study - that is all a big lie - simply a ploy to keep us disempowered and sleeping - as is the fluoride in the water and the additives in our food and the garbage in the media - and the inane hypocrisy of the churches and its contradictory dogmas and edicts - and its claim as being the main and only route to God.

An angry human visualisation at someone who has been cruel and unjust to you, either in the past or present, can actually reduce or break that beings capacity to predate on the minds of others if they are indeed one of the 33% of what we think of as the human race - [unless it is just some dumb, badly messed over herd human] Fear not though, for in psychological terms - the burning away of this evil problem in your mind, and its unpleasant associations is called a STRESS RELEASING MECHANISM.

You have simply refused to bottle it all up and accept it - and let it fester and nag at you day after day - you have gathered it all up and focussed it like a bolt of lightning, or Jedi light sabre, or fireball inferno on the person that made you feel real bad about yourself.

Lets be quite real for a moment - in case any nutters get the idea that I'm promoting the idea that physical assault is a real good solution to anything. If anybody does go and physically attack anybody - they are simply brainwashed mind controlled and telepathically accessed fools.

As I have already said - the Reptiles can see and hear you coming miles off - they can hear and feel your intentions from a very long way - there is no hiding behind a wall or a bush or wherever, from them, for your thoughts are like a fireworks display to them, and your thoughts are also as loud as the loudest nightclub. They will simply seize your will and get you to attack somebody innocent.

However, if you're simply and specifically internalising - and not in proximity and therefore immediate empathy - you are more likely to succeed in burning clear, breaking the parasitic links causing your problems and biting back.

Your simple, quiet and peaceful internal visualisation process will cause these unpleasant assholes to fall down the pecking order of their Reptile/Aryan peers - and eventually this will reflect in the bad reptile's quality of life.

Reptiles successfully targeted by Human Magic in this way will not be highly regarded by their peers - for the reptile/Aryan population prides itself in its invulnerable superiority.

To the reptiles that argue that if the souls did not want to participate in their long running pageant of pain and torment, their planetary festival of evil and darkness, they would not come here to incarnate as human.

Eternity is a theatre full of necessary good and necessary evil, an opportunity of experience - in life after life and form after form they would say.

This Reptile species, however, is rather like a Marquis de Sad play and practical workshop being used for children's theatre. For life is but a stage - an opportunity to be heckled and judged by the master critic reptiles.

However, at the dark heart of their empire is a cartel of theatre critics who have lost the meaning and respect of creation - for them - there is no going forward with us - and very soon, the theatre of karma that is earth will be under new management - and that sorry cast of players relocated to one of the many mansions that befits their true talents.

In the meantime - here is an example of their serpent/nazi religion that is into ethnic cleansing of inferior castes.... And whose seminal bible written by Madame Blavatsky names the human Jews in volume 3 of her Secret Doctrine as an inferior root race.

However, the altruistic and wonderful goals of the Theosophical Society are merely a glamorous sham - a distraction that hides the true evil of the Secret Esoteric School - what follows is a quote from one of its seminal texts.

All the contributors were former heads of the International Theosophical Organisation ... and CW Leadbeater - obsessed with anal processes and young boys also saw the world of thought forms so beloved of human spiritualists like Swedenborg. It is a lie, however, that they are not commonly seen - for millions of people can - it is only the genetically tampered and locked livestock human brains that cannot.

The masters they claim live in Shamballah the underground cities of Earth and have incredible powers and are not of this world - Lytton and Hitler made similar claims - The Masters send out telepathic missives with their minds to their disciples who meet to prepare themselves for the next Coming Race - 6th root race of super Aryans as detailed by both Blavatsky and Hitler.

The Secret Doctrine tells of the second coming of Brahma whose lieutenants will burn away all the lower castes [that's us] with the power of their minds - certainly not very fraternal and loving - that's why we should fight back - with the power of OUR minds - and it's a complete lie that we cannot and that we are incapable and in need of intensive long training and special diets to do so - the social gaze of the reptile has us hypnotised and frozen, defenceless and confused - and it simply is ready to strike at its unwitting prey with forces that the handicapped human race cannot see.

We are Powerful magicians too - each and every one of us - and if we had an operating sixth sense like millions of others on this world - we could see and take pride in the damage we can do to these pompous arrogant assholes who have not the wit to operate the beautiful assets that they steal from us.

So the Serpent Lord is going to get his flunkies to burn away our worthless minds - in the words of Prince Michael of Albany - Pretender to the Throne of Scotland - direct descendant of Jesus - 'Do it to them before they do it to you !'

The Esoteric Section: Morals and Beliefs published circa 1960

P97 GS Arundale: the whole object of the Esoteric School is to lead you from the world of men into the world of the masters, and you must take as your standard the morality of the masters and not that of the world.
P161 Sri Ram '... the changes they [masters] are planning for the world' [earthquakes e.g. California 1907] ...
P151 A Besant 'Then came the need for the great shaking, when elements had accumulated that were not ready to go further. It had to be a very great shaking, for the times demanded it, in order that the advance afterwards might be rapid. This time it came [in 1907], all the turmoil and its inevitable results in shaking out a large number of good and earnest people who were nevertheless no good to us at the moment because they could not adapt themselves to the new life.
P121 Jinarajadasa '.. the Lords of karma may put you in a race that has no tendency to occultism - you may possibly get a hard brain so that you will not be able to meditate
P25 A Besant '.. you have to learn to make the mind sensitive to orders that come to you from the Higher Mind, and then you gradually get the feeling that your mind is not you, but something for use ... the drudgery has to be done until the mind becomes automatically obedient.
P37 A Besant '.. I cannot imagine anyone who is a disciple doing anything but obeying without cavil or delay any order that comes from his superior.'
P35 A Besant '.. the Hierarchy - has no break therein; it is because any command which is given comes down from grade to grade, and grade to grade until it reaches the disciple appointed.'
P50 Jinarajadasa 'take the case of the member who comes into this school. He is presumably sincere, he has read certain rules, and he signs a promise or a pledge. No one has compelled him to come in, and he knows exactly to what he is subscribing. If after subscribing to the rules of the esoteric school he voluntarily, to suit his own convenience, adopts modifications of them, it is obvious that he is not playing the game.
P156 N Sri Ram '.. members [of the ES] to act as a definite instrument through which the hierarchy can act upon the Society..'
P127 HPB The Theosophist Aug. 1931. 'The Esoteric Section is thus 'set apart' for the salvation of the whole Society.
'.. and power of life from nature's hand, strengthened men throughout the land, and wasted arms then snapped the chains, that kept men from their living gains, the rights of incarnation ..'

Andrew Hennessey 'A farewell to conquest 1980'

'You don't love me now, ... you will never break the chain'
Stevie Nicks the chain 'Fleetwood Mac'

'I'm a Dragon'
Stevie Nicks gold dust woman 'Fleetwood Mac' [The Dance Video 1997]

'You reap what you sow'
an old and outrageous lie

'Why can't we all just get along ?'
The President 'Mars Attacks'

For all the things that may transpire in the future, whether comets or catastrophe, star gods, aliens or beings with a taste for blood oranges, I know, - am certain that the powers of light are nearby also - taking real concern over the future of our world.

We are on a quest, for new dawns and new beginnings, for tomorrows without end, for love and fulfillment - and that source that knows our every reason, and the angels given to hold our hand through our nightmares are there - and knowing that - I know that we cannot fail if we have faith in ourselves.

The thrust of project blue beam stuff seems to be that global government agencies are going to go to massive trouble manufacturing clouds and laser technology to give the masses a projection laser show that will convince every person in the world, no matter what language no matter what creed or sex, that the messiah has come back.

We know they have the technology to do it - but why should they -

1. It may backfire on them - it may produce highly complex and sweeping social changes and anarchy that they cannot control - and it may lead in some cases to revolution and overthrow of the very NWO that they are trying to bring about by stealth.
2. They don't need to give us anything - they don't think we are all special enough to get a laser show - they are far too busy poisoning us and sterilising us to cater for our entertainment needs [spiritual or otherwise]

I know or hear that people from Canada putting out blue beam information died.

I know that the governments can stage such a plan, e.g. they have the technology,

But considering what a cold bunch of stealth murderers they can be - with a big population cull underway - it's more than likely that if they keep us all DEVOID of STIMULUS they can control and kill us all more easily than if they created waves of mass hysteria.

I also believe that we are sadly mistaken if we think for a moment we are going to get to meet ET

The last thing global corporations want is for Joe Public to form alliances and strike up deals that could alter the balance of planetary trade and profit e.g. Joe Public might discover that peanuts contain a sacred and vital ingredient to the perpetuation of some species - and strike up a binding trade deal.

Vital Market Intelligence discovered by Joe Public could put the fat corporations out of business

I think that recent projects for free energy - e.g. Blacklight [my friend was making 300% free energy from the harmonic catalysis of water 15-20 years ago in Scotland] and the UFO disclosure project ,will amount to zilch -nothing - the truth is - that no New World changing evidence or world saving science has come to light - so some pilots officially reported a UFO, and

The CIA have files - exactly what's new there ?? that's the problem that the NWO face - it has to be their sworn objective to keep Joe Public from changing the death rate and profit margins on this planet.