Events that will happen in Edinburgh, Scotland, within the next 10 years will shape the final destiny of mankind on this planet. The descent of the returned Angels of the Covenant, the Elohim is witnessed every night over the Scottish Capital Edinburgh. It is though the very forces of Darkness that billet their HQ's in Edinburgh are finally confronted by the Angels of Christ in a most apocalyptic manner. It is as if a Star out of Jacob has returned to turn the tide.

However, in the dark reptoid HQ's of some of the worlds most Satanic organisations which seem to be found in abundance in Edinburgh - there is an identifiable mindset emanating from the membership that has also turned the capital into a Sodom and Gomorrah of western Europe.
But what else could be expected of the Reptoid Priest King Capital of the Planets Surface - the New World Order's 'religious' Capital - the City of Nihilism, Lunacy and Pornography.

Above, the Returning Stars of the Host of Christ, and below, the dark reptoid iniquity that is the ancient underground evil of Edinburgh.

For me, the story begins in 1980, in Edinburgh, Scotland, for others, there is a much more ancient reality behind Edinburgh and the Lothian's; Dark Secrets, arcane bloodlines and a procession of Alien beings and Scottish Thrones receding into the mists of time - to the fabled remains of Atlantis, and the Watchers whose magical powers have stretched across the aeons.
They who have waited, trying to guard the gates of the underworld, who have watched, whose grasp on the temporary hopes of humanity today is still yet to be proven and put to the test - are gathering.
But it looks like that time is soon to come.

Britain, the white isle of Atlantis, of the Hesperides, Thule, the isle of the dead, and isle of ancient tombs and underground secrets.
Scotland the Holy Land, sacred to the Romans for they put the ditch on the English side to protect it from the south.
What terrible secrets what terrible heresy occurred here that even the hands of medieval monks would alter the place names so drastically.
What is the terrible secret of Edinburgh.

Why did JRR Tolkein base the Lord of the Rings around Edinburgh and Scotland, the Lothian's were Lothlorien a magical and timeless kingdom. The returning King and his wandering company of Elohim/long-lived Atlanteans whom Tolkein called the Dunedain after the ancient city of Edinburgh would one day come again to claim the throne from the mortal men the stewards or Stewart's, that a new age may begin. - A Jerusalem of the ancient world written in the formerly banned books of Comyns Beaumont. [1946/7]

These wandering immortals are called the Elohim, the Watchers or fallen angels, left here for the sin - of nurturing and cloning the human race into existence, and for being the cause of the fall of the garden of Eden. Those angels and the serpent - who gave the clones made from the bone marrow of Adam's rib, the knowledge that they could yet evolve.
Are the serpents of Eden still around today in underground cities and faerie hills that are dotted all over Scotland, the Lothian's and the East Coast ?
Are they evolved and intelligent dinosaurs that survived the ice age, warm underground, and who look a lot like many of the ET's we see in films today.

Are the UFO's in the UFO hotspot around Edinburgh really all extra terrestrial or are they the beginning of a new dawn of civilisation in Scotland.
The Elves and Faeries of the Lothian's, Tokein's magical kingdom of Lothlorien are coming out to meet us.

There is an architectural folly - an ornamental building built on a Midlothian estate that was built to demonstrate that Edinburgh was an ancient holy city surrounded by the 7 hills of a Scottish Jerusalem.
Descending into the crypt, like raiders of the lost ark, a staff one cubit long is placed in a receptacle, and at the transit of the sun, a shaft of light streaks down a carefully angled shaft creating a shadow that was anciently called the tena brosa - the shadow of the latitude of Jerusalem.
What secrets lie within the buildings and monuments of the Lothian's - an American church of antioch claims that when all the dots are joined up we can clearly see a stargate - another Canadian organisation sees the city of Edinburgh as the worlds Camelot.

Edinburgh was a secret and Holy City, Camelot or seat of Arthur, and the ancient kingdom of magic and teaching.
Yet underground, the abductees of Edinburgh and the Lothian's are continually taken to the stone halls of the Elves or the Greys as we now call them.
The central Edinburgh cathedral of St Giles, the Temple Mount of the ancient Jerusalem has the stone-carved head of a grey inside its walls.
Who were the mysterious Dunedain as Tolkein calls them, or the Elohim or Watchers as they are called in the Book of Enoch, the first book of Jude in Ethiopian Christianity, and what were their doom.
In the beginning, intelligent dinosaurs populated the world, but comets and devastation saw their remnants set up cities underground.
The colonists from Orion or the Plaedies mentioned in the book of Job - 'loose the chains of Orion' or the 'sweet influences of the Plaeides' - were beautiful people that looked like us, but that was where some resemblance's ended. They had vast powers of mind and what we would crudely call magic but was really an innate telepathic ability that enabled them great powers of life and nature.
Perhaps a colonial force led by 200 Orion misfits - out of place for whatever reason in the mainstream Society and Civilisation at the Galactic Hub were allocated farming and mining supply duties on a colonial outpost on the Galactic rim by the Company.
They were equipped with Cloning technology such that they could Harvest the planets surface with agricultural workers and miners.
A prior agreement having been made for the development rights with the indigenous Reptilian species.
The Reptilian species may have agreed to do this to benefit from the resulting Colony in many ways - though perhaps having another agenda.
The Colony was established, and the 200 managers or Watchers - El's started to feel their rebellious psychology emerge as they studied the primitive social patterns of the Clones.
Perhaps they believed that they may never make it at the Hub, and or that they had a great deal to teach if only they could be given a chance - a chance that they were never permitted at the Hub - but some found themsElves attracted to the female Clones.
The Colonists went 'native'.
They then started breeding and forming more complex social patterns, teaching various arts to this imperfect species. Things started to get out of hand as the more intelligent children misused the technology, fought wars and made hideous hybrid clones and the 'mythical monsters' of mankind - half man half fish/bull or bird etc
One of the fallen Angels who taught artifice was called Tubalcain and much revered by the Masons as a God of Craft. His statue stands unrecognised by the University Students in St Patrick Square in Edinburgh.
A plea was made by those of the human race that were stable to the Galactic Emperor, who dispatched a fleet to subdue what was now a rebellion backed by the Reptile species, and their allies.
Many great works in this solar system were destroyed by the conflagration that followed, as battle became engaged on the planets around the Earth.
The 200 Elohim leaders were captured and imprisoned and judgement passed on them for having created the genetic shells that could be inhabited by lower, less evolved spirits. [e.g. The Ethiopic Book of Enoch]
In Enoch it also portrays entire armies detained i.e. The Grigori.
It would be tempting to guess that at the root of this was the simple logistics of Empire and Trade and Resources - but we can see for oursElves that the Reptoids have much more in mind than simple physical resources. They appear to be bringing through as many ancestral re-enforcements as possible - giving them beautiful sophisticated shells that they are badly adapted to use.
The ancestral Lizards, however, have little orientation that defines them as civilised or ethical.
These having wreaked havoc and slaughter upon others for Millennia.

The Fallen Elohim were then bound over on Earth on orders of the Emperor to watch the following 15 millennia of slaughter as punishment for their crimes until the return of the Task Force in 2012 AD. The most evil of the captured were decreed to remain underground - and the bulk of the armies referred to as the Grigori in the Ethiopic Book of Enoch - were detained elsewhere.

The pyramids of Giza, and the mathematically gifted architecture, so heavy even the Bechtel Corporation, our largest 20th Century engineering company could not build them, were built to reflect the constellation of Orion.
More, they contain evidence of harmonic theory and a knowledge so advanced that it would have taken a special science and a special set of senses to utilise it. Some set of senses that are not at this time Monkey/Human.
The pyramids are twinned with identical geometry to a temple in Thailand and show that a planetary mathematical grid was in place. The pyramids of China, south America and the mathematical temples of Europe, from Delos in Greece, to Rennes les Chateau in France, to stonehenge and to Central Scotland, are evidence of a planetary civilisation of great advancement. Traces of the Coca plant found in Egyptian mummies show us that an ancient and learned civilisation used to encompass the entire planet before the emperors death star got here and started melting and vitrifying all the forts with its high energy weapons in Asia, central America and Scotland.
The failure of the colony and the disruption of dark Elohim factions caused the good Elohim faction known to Celts as the Tuatha De Dannan to set sail from the devastation of Asia.
At what point the Empire intervened it is not yet known, but
Wars followed them and the Elohim were then doomed to wander, with their peoples but their base was Dunedain - Edinburgh ! It was to Scotland that they brought the powerful black stone - the stone of destiny after the fall of Atlantis and other artifacts.
It is said that one of the crimes of the Elohim resulted in the birth of giants - so who were the two giants in the stone sarcophagi at a grave near Cairnpapple hill in West Lothian - people so big that their legs had to be broken at the knee to fold them into their coffins.

Ancient Arthur and Merlin ruled these lands. Merlin a magician half lizard, like the legendary daughter of King Lot of the Lothians - hybrid children - a Union of the Reptilian Elder races of Earth and the lowly Clones of Orion the human race.
Merlin is buried at Norham on the Tweed.
The Firth of Forth translates as 'the way of ways' as it leads the traveler to the white isle of the Hesperides - to eat of its golden apples at Rossyln orchard.
The alien Watchers or Elohim are immortal but focused their attention here in east central Scotland and up the East Coast of Scotland to the charred and melted remains of the human forts around the faerie kingdom of Rosemarkie, known to locals as the 'centre of the Universe.'
Camaelyn, near Falkirk near the source of the Forth, is thought to be a site for Camelot, heart of the UFO Hotspot near Bonnybridge, where there have been thousands of sightings, and hundreds of abduction stories.

The 7 apocalyptic hills that surround Edinburgh are spoken of in Revelations, whilst the several claimants to the bloodline of God and the throne of the holy land of Scotland, parade in the streets and in secret conclave. Perhaps they are unaware that the Steward ship of the Stewarts is coming to an end - that the returning King will be an Alien.
The Stewarts, it is said in many publications are the descendents of Christ either on the male or Magdalene side, yet no blood is purer than the 100% Alien stock from which the original deliberately imperfect human clones were made.

Overhead, some of the most intensive activity of Unidentified Flying Objects anywhere seen take place. From mass alien landings in Falkland, Fife, the biggest recorded event of its kind in the world, to the thousands of erratic wandering stars and low level UFO's and Black Triangles seen over the rooftops of the Lothians, the area is steeped in non-human tradition.

In Falkland, Fife there is an intermingling of the sacred Traditions of bees and Hives and the Stewart Bloodline, whilst on the standing stones are carved snakes and serpents.
A video of a Black Triangle was somehow acquired by a chap who flew into Edinburgh airport on a private jet on loan from the Rockefeller Foundation and jetted the only best available evidence out of Scotland long before any Scottish researcher had heard about its existence.
Other best available evidence of UFO's in Bathgate - certainly enough to fuel a public enquiry, was confiscated by a man pretending to work for the Newcastle branch of Bufora autumn 1997 - but they have no record of such a thing, and the tape has like the other video - never been seen again.
Men-In-Black hound abductees, Black helicopters, Greys, - the bemused population of Falkirk and west Lothian think nothing of chasing the UFO's south down the motorway on a Friday night.
Watches are set up at Tarbrax near a reservoir - a site of a famous abduction, but little is seen in the hills other than strange uncommunicative American troops.
Strange Pizza vans with no lights and one aerial too many drive round in circles out on the desolate moors of Bonnybridge near the hotspot, and investigators are being impersonated by mysterious people.
It has been impossible to borrow maps of underground Lothians from the National Library at Causewayside - these - after an arduous interview process with someone from 'upstairs' are declared to be in transit somewhere - so say 2 researchers who had wanted the maps for different reasons.
Meanwhile, newspapers, TV and media try to ridicule the hundreds of people coming forward, but can't laugh off the mounting camcorder footage as incoming to Edinburgh airport.
The corroborated photo of a Mexican hat type UFO over princes street which appeared in 1997s UFO magazine, and others subsequently appearing in the evening news had everyone talking, but recent press silence doesn't indicate a lapse of activity here in 1998.
What were all the strange little earthquakes that were heard in the mines at the east of Edinburgh - explosions - tunneling ??
Meanwhile, underground, the hum of machinery, the rumour of bases verified by abduction accounts, UFO's seen entering the warren of old mines, and an abductee meeting the Emperor Grey a being with a long and authentic and undeniably Scottish heritage.
He was asked - 'what do you want here' - the reply 'sanctuary' - the Priory of Torphichen, West Lothian is an ancient sanctuary in law.

Hadrian's wall, contrary to popular belief was built by the Romans to protect this place from the South, the ditch, or vellum, is on the South side. The two walls that the Roman Empire built are on the mathematically
spectacular 55 North and 56 North latitudes, which tells us that the Roman architects had a knowledge of the Global Grid system founded by Atlantis.
The lead mines of Wanlockhead, the silver mines of Torphichen in west Lothian - were these and others the mines of Solomon.
If Pontious Pilate was born in Killin, in Perthshire and Arthur really sat in Edinburgh in between touring the rest of Britain in his flying saucer or Vimana as the Hindus called them, then most of the names we give to places in the ancient world are inaccurate according to Beaumont. He says that Egypt or Gypos originally referred to a person who believed in life after death,
We cannot tell for sure what the ancient roman place stones say around Edinburgh because they have all been erased and defaced in ancient times.

What crime so vast that the Romans erased this region totally from History.
In the National Museum Scotland is all that remains of a massive Bronze cast of a leader on a horse - it is the foot, hacked off and found in a sacked horde in the Borders.
The significance of this statue is that the ancient world only had the resources and technology to cast two as big as that - One stood in Rome, the other in Jerusalem.
The large roman funerary lion pulled out of the sands on Edinburgh's Cramond foreshore was undoubtedly one of a pair, and such grandeur was never seen at a Roman tomb in a mere woad stained frontier town.

What impossible conspiracy has kept us from the truth, for no mere human organisation could have kept this quiet for so long -
What long-lived clean up squad has removed all the evidence - it could only have been by alien intervention because humans aren't that good at keeping such an immense secret.
Did serpent worshipping telepaths, monks and nobles keep the incredible secret of this the most holy of places buried from the gaze of Monkeykind.
Was this also why the Knights Templar brought all their treasure ships to Edinburgh. At the times of the Templar persecution, the Bishop of Edinburgh paid the Monastic Order of Adrian circa 1314AD the equivalent of 4 times the Scottish national treasure horde to buy outright the Isle of May near Edinburgh. He also bought the deeds to one small secluded beach on the Roslin/Edinburgh side of the river estuary that was formerly called 'the way of ways'.
The Isle of May has cavernous vaults exposed to the ocean into which could very easily sail several galleons.

The Templars were returning home with their treasure to Scotland for the day that it would be used to rebuild the ancient Temple of the Real Jerusalem.

Some great ancient offence and evil split the peoples of this Federation.
Did anyone insult the Galactic Emperor - what was this crime so great that the human race was split by the tower of Babel and the Celts forced to wander into confusion through the millennia.
The answer must be here in Edinburgh.
And was Jerusalem builded - here- in Scotland's green and pleasant land ?
It was said that a union with a reptile founded the Merovingian Templar dynasty.
Try looking at any folklore book dealing with world history from any culture on the planet that does not have the image of a serpent in it by the way.
The Elves, known by more recent names as the Zeta Reticulans - who may also be part of an interstellar civilisation themsElves, are the planets indigenous and elder race, and their bases and cities are dense around Edinburgh and east Scotland e.g. The Pentland hills south of Edinburgh, the Lomond Hills, where there is also massive UFO activity, and the Dark Isle at Cromarty at Rosemarkie and the centre of the Universe.
Known as the little angels in 3rd World Countries where man is needy, they heal, but they are demonised by Hollywood and the G8 industrial countries as evil and soulless blood bathers.
There has to be black and white, but none of us would want to annihilate the 6 billion humans on this world because some of its elite are evil, yet that's the story.
The truth is that they can confer telepathy and technological gifts that can alter the balance of power and wealth in the rich western countries.
If the population were thus educated, there would be no secret stone left unturned - truly a fearsome thought for some.

It is their hope to rebreed humanity as telepathic and more integrated, hence the Independence days and X-Files etc Hollywood scare tactics.
Darkness and Evil - beyond doubt - but Not All use these Beings.
There are dark Elves and a dark lord, but the elflords and Elohim of edain are the Good Guys, soon to emerge and reclaim their throne.
The King - the alien known as king Arthur may be sleeping and politically inactive in the hills as the legends have it, but he may have to contend with Kings of Scotland, Kings of Europe, Kings of the World - who are due to pop up soon in Tibet as well from his underground abode in Agarti.
There are legends of sleeping heroes and devils in the hills all over the world.

Yet in the underground cities of the Lothians, beneath the sleepy coalmines of Bathgate, Midlothian, Dechmont and the Calders - amid caverns lined with sleeping and dreaming Elves according to one abductee - the faerie Queen is stirring.
One abductee was taken to meet an ancient and old wrinkly emperor Grey - who tried to point out to him that they have lives too - just like his. But GW asked - what do you want here ? and the reply was 'Sanctuary.'

These telepathic and advanced reptiles have the same social structure as a hive of bees, with drones, soldiers, nymphs, aristocracy and the Queen.
These beings can materialise and dematerialise at will, and have the power to alter your physical frequency such that you can be floated through walls Scotland's very first recorded abductee was the Rev Robert Kirk of Aberfoyle who in 1697 reported that the Faeries could materialise and dematerialise by hardening bodies around themsElves from the air.
The smaller ones could drink energy through their pores - much in the same way that has been reported by modern abductees that the Greys rub or bathe in a green substance to give themsElves nutrition.
The Rev Kirk said that the smaller drones took an interest in domestic matters and were called brownies - much in the same way that the inhabitants of the forests of Puerto Rico report these little people taking an interest in their domestic affairs.
The elven civilisation is a network of cities underground Scotland.
There are reputed to be various tribes of Elves in the Pentland and Eildon Hills - areas with strange mystical reputations.
In the borders, Thomas the Rhymer came back from his abduction by the local faerie queen with an enigmatic prophesy that one day Scotland would come into its own, whilst in the Pentland hills, blocks of stone are said to move about at their own volition.
There is high technology, as is seen flying about, and abductees report hybrid breeding experiments and re-education taking place somewhere near Edinburgh - more of this later.

Their focus is not on control and takeover but of co-evolution and symbiosis for mutual benefit.
Their intent is to embrace the diversity of the human condition, a diversity caused by the many skills and talents our cultures and form possess.
They see the possibilities offered by a more advanced human being, and will side with the returning King as he prepares to take on the Dark Forces of Chaos within and outwith the planet.
Some will be for us and some will be against us.

Now I used to laugh about the idea that beings could shape shift until I realised that folklore is full of this stuff; the rakshasha from India, lycanthropy, and the diagrams on the Mayan pyramids that show a reptile in a machine and a human emerging.
Also the Romans, had a term for this phenomenon of shapeshifting which was 'versae pellis' - changing skin.
Research into the David Daniel's case in the north of England suggests that a very sincere ordinary landlady got very scared when she saw this with one of her lodgers - who had an annoying habit of answering questions before you asked them.

The Greys here - some, our long-term supporters hope to be a force for change.
The dark Elves/Greys are also of dark mind and have no real hope of evolution.
If humanity works with this race, the quality of life could increase and competition and aggression could lose its unnecessary qualities. The ills of 12 millennia can disappear and in the peaceful and nurturing mindset that will follow - great works will begin.
Satan and his fallen angels and their fallen Greys/host will simply not prevail here - the reason is mechanical. Those connected to the source and Godhead will always ultimately have the most power at their disposal.

As the hive of the Lothians or Lothlorien reactivates, the very fabric of our waking reality will begin to change.
Whilst over the Lothians, star-like UFO's are buzzing about like bees, the people of Bathgate in the centre of the hive area have more chance of winning millions on the lottery than anywhere else in the UK
Where once the magical woods of Elven Lothlorien once stood, is the Lottery Golden circle where dreams can become reality and one of the busiest UFO hotspots on the planet.

The forces of darkness have not been idle around stargate Edinburgh.
The social engineering by Government, media and food additives as per the 1996-2001 Whitehall 5 year plan is an indication of a covert agenda for the people of Britain and stargate Edinburgh.
Hacked of a Whitehall database via the Internet, the plan includes introducing the Internet into schools, and an agenda for Extra Terrestrial Society in the UK.
Half way between Edinburgh and Glasgow District, amongst the east - west motorways and railways, the New World Order have their base at Kirknewton, very near to the hive area. A massive underground facility at the east west railhead - though why railway trains may run to that underground city, one can only imagine.
Wackenhut, the Multinational Prisons and Correction Corporation, meanwhile make their inroads into Scotland. The vengeful Reptoids have never laid aside their hatred of the Monkeys who polluted Eden with their dysfunctional genetics that are a living insult to their own pure hermaphroditic state. Thus the; health, birth rate, well being, security, wages, diet and education, and life expectancy, medical care, social infrastructure, crime rate and drugs problems of the Scots etc etc etc ranks amongst the worst in the 'civilised' world. I.e. Genocide
At Campbeltown in Kintyre, Black Triangles are seen slowly flying into hillsides near Macrihanish - a supposedly deserted American airbase, still guarded by Delta forces rather like an area 52.
North of Stargate Edinburgh, the mass landing of ET's via a ship as big as Easter Road stadium, a Black Triangle, signalled the second invasion of Falklands - disgorging hundreds of Greys.
The drones ran about the field building nests out of hay and saliva, whilst taller brown guards took charge of each unit, whilst a white supervisor would teleport about the field. - this in 1996

Edinburgh is currently full of Steward pretenders to the Alien throne of the holy bloodline and kingdom of Scotland.
From the hallowed halls of Rosslyn and the St Clairs of the grail line, to Bavaria, America, Canada, Belgium and MI5 and their sister organisation D17 or special operations.

Rosslyn, part of some deeper mystery than the deep mystery apparent.
The chapel - a carved Gnostic encyclopaedia, the green man, the grail, the true cross, the head of God, the ark of the covenant, the scrolls of Matthew, the scrolls of Jesus - and as someone has said - perhaps the entire crew of the Marie Celeste - all these wondrous books give us this stuff, but are we digging deep enough.
At this nexus or Jerr, is there also an ancient underground facility used by the star gods as their ships launched into Galactic Commerce at starport Auchendinny near Roslin. Auchendinny translates as the 'fields of fire'.
Could it be that the vast underground network rumored to circulate around Roslin and to link certain other local castles is part of a much older network, and that perhaps there are still important high technology to be discovered in that place of major significance to the human race.
The Ark of the Covenant for instance used ultra low frequencies to tumble the walls of Jericho, the stone of destiny it is said is a transmitter to God or at least the galactic Emperor.
The spear of Lugh, a powerful photon weapon was said to have created the wasteland with radioactive wounds that could not be healed.
The grail or the cauldron of bran also brought by the Elohim fleeing Atlantis
Could process and reprocess matter to manufacture food or healing capacity - like the matter to matter converters in star trek.
And excalibur - in Tolkein's terms - this is the sword that was broken, the kingship that was sundered - and its time of reforging is near - the remaking of great powers to be wielded by the returning King in the last battle against the forces of darkness.
These men in black are probably some Elohim who took the dark path those many millennia ago.

In the cities of the Stargate/hive, strange things go on whilst the population sleeps.
Here is a typical example of the amazing things that go on in Edinburgh under the very noses of the population.
In 1980 in Corstorphine a guy sharing a bedroom with his brother wakes up horrified but no amount of shaking can rouse his brother.
A large silvery sphere at the foot of the bed starts to speak to him, at this he leaps out of bed and karate chops it in two - and it vanishes.
In 1980, in Portobello, Edinburgh, near the biblical sounding Magdalene's, a large silvery sphere is seen drifting through a joiners shop by two people.
In 1980, in Portobello, Edinburgh near the biblical sounding port of Joppa,
I'm lying in my bedroom at night at 10pm, watching little fluorescent green balls slowly bounce over the books in my bookcase.
Horrified, I look away, thinking I'm seeing things. Half an hour later I look again and they are still there.
I sit up in bed because the room appears to be lit - as if there was a tablelamp in the corner -
It wasn't a tablelamp - it was a 2-3 foot high silvery sparkling sphere hovering 3-foot above the carpet - casting a fizzy light and causing flickering shadows in the room.
I was gobsmacked - it moved to the end of my bed and, a voice in my head said, don't be afraid - if you're afraid, pull the covers over your head.
Well that seemed like the sensible thing to do, and did so with my arms folded over my face.
I come too 2 hours later and my arms are by my side, with my bedclothes folded down, and I am very tightly tucked in.
So tightly in fact that I have to wrestle my shoulders to get free.
I have memories of strange child-like Grey people and a feeling that something wonderful had happened - of white rooms and scientists and many happy things.
In my dreams I see them, bright and luminous in their cold dark caves, needing the warmth and light of human creativity to make their race a home.
Up in Glencoe, after a gig in 1996, I am lying in my bunk bed in a room in the staff quarters - a dark winter sky outside, and into my mind appears this Grey lady with dark eyes, with a black robe of the most beautiful and intricate weave, and she then embraced me, and suddenly I found myself underground, in a large cave looking up at windows and walkways high above.
And I was shown a Throne room and there was a vacant throne with two smaller ones on either side standing on a dais with sunburst inlays, but the imagery was monochromatic and cold.
These are set aside for the Reign of the Three Houses that will yet come to free the world from the tyranny of the Reptoids of Sataniel.

In January 1997 in my flat in Leith, a bright and luminous lady appears to me.
She is considered beautiful by her own kind, she is eleven aristocracy - she wears a long white gown, her eyes are human like, almond shaped and beautiful, her hair is long silvery and wispy to her shoulders, she has beautiful lips, smiling.
She wears a pearl necklace of large pearls; her thin arms are covered with long white evening gloves, her skin glows softly with an Inner Light.
She is an ambassador, she wishes to instruct me in the ways of their society.
I look into her eyes and my world instantaneously goes white, I can no longer see anything, my room has gone, my body has gone, all is white.
I thought for a moment that I had died, but came too forgetting to note the time.
Another abductee from the south of Edinburgh who has regular visits was driving along with his son in the back of the car when suddenly all went white for him. But it wasn't his imagination because his son cried out too
Having been surprised by the same thing.
Another Abductee from Meadowbank has shown me the diagrams and notes that record his frequent night visits. A man who is not too alarmed at the negative side of seeing minute triangular blood marks made by some implement on his pillow case - the photos which exist clearly show that this was no ordinary nosebleed.
These worthies however seem to visit him regularly intent on looking after his health - one night recently in 1998 - he came back with a sun tan - and if you knew the guy, you would realise how extraordinary a thing that is.
They take him away and scan him for cancer and perform other checks on his wellbeing.

There are probably thoughts by the secret service that abductees are somehow under secret instruction going to relieve them of command.
I could not think of a more horrible thing - and considering senior politicians in Scotland of retiral age are dropping like flies, who would be a politician.
Stories hit the press of strange right wing ninjas and high priestesses wanting to become Queen of Scotland.
It may be that Edinburgh Castle will be the command centre of a new City State ruled by Feudal Lords, high tek and martial arts - but under Edinburgh Castle Rock, under even the military bunker there is a strange state of affairs.
In 1980 when there had been a landslide in the castle rock at Johnstone terrace, two ex-military people then in construction were called to brick up a crack that had appeared in the castle rock.
The pair decided to squeeze inside to take a look, and they found themsElves in a series of winding passageways that led behind the officers mess and eventually they could peer out one point and see princes street.
They came to a shaft going down, and they dropped a stone to try to test the depth - suddenly in front of them appeared this luminous green reptilian figure - which proceeded to lope after them as they high tailed it to sanity and Johnstone terrace.
What amounts to corroboration may follow next.
In what used to be a workshop in the buildings in Johnstone terrace, the owners of the business were plagued by noises in their lowest cellar.
Bravely going down to investigate, they were scared witless when they spotted a luminous green reptilian hopping about in the dark.

As that story broke, MI5 fed a local investigator the news that a respectable archeologist had discovered state secrets in an Edinburgh castle cellar that conclusively proved that the Duke of Edinburgh was an alien from the gangster Civilisation of Marcab -- where the Men in Black come from.
Mind you, few would now find that incredible seeing that most of his public social comments appear to be off the planet.
Marcab is an invention of Scientology guru L Ron Hubbard who also said that we evolved from clams and that DC10s fly regularly between the stars.

There may indeed be a great deal of truth that Evil extra terrestrial species are here for a piece of the action.
'Why don't they land on the Whitehouse lawn' asked a skeptic - well they've landed just about everywhere else. There is really no need for them to land on the Whitehouse lawn when their feet are already under the desk.
Just before the 1998 world cup a Flying Saucer hovered above a midweek football match in Ecuador in front of a crowd of 100,000 and the watching TV cameras.
The footage was screened on Ecuador TV, but when asked, the London BBC TV News did not think that it was newsworthy - even as a 'and finally' to relieve the monotony of the football.
It would have been an ideal time to introduce user friendly ET's to a captive world audience - I mean everyone wasn't going to run screaming through the streets like headless chickens - these guys like football.

Information and disinformation, phone taps and strange Internet connections that never get straight to the World Wide Web.
Instead my dial up connection tours the military installations of Bristol and Cheltenham, Cambridge and 2 Linux mainframes in London.
My Internet Company has confirmed that I do not connect to their service.
'Should I be talking to you' said the guy with core access clearance who made the checks for me - he sounded a bit nervous.
So my new theories of particle physics and free energy of time and Cosmology that I have acquired since my abduction never go anywhere
No matter how hard I try.
I know Stephen Hawking said that it's good to talk - but whom to ?
I give people my website address, but they can't get through - even when you type in the specific details on my card - what happens is that you get informed of a diversion, the browser loads up a dummy photograph and tells you that its completed its task.

Meanwhile in town, various Templar and Masonic orders and societies, star temples, magical orders vie for the right to check the certificates of the incoming King of Scotland. Silly witches get into local newspaper proclaiming that the real Stone of Destiny is English - they wish - and too late for them.

Talk of a Second Coming is passe - talk of earth changes, meteorites, earthquakes, new order, wheat from the chaff is rife -
Strange Esoteric Schools full of seemingly gentle, refined old men talk of justice without mercy - and they pray to the ET's living in Shamballa every full moon that they will be the chosen Lords of the new race of man - as true servants of their cruel masters.

Enclaves of Golden Dawns, magic mumbo jumbo and risqué liberal sex meet with the intent to be holy, but desecrate dignity as they look forward to the cleansing slaughter of 4 billion people in some coming cataclysm.
Their sickness casts shadows before them, as their worldly wealth bears no clue to the darkness and inhumanity of their souls.

Will the dark Lord of the World, the antichrist come to challenge the new rightful King of Scotland and mankind.
The last battle of the end days will probably take place in the Edinburgh Stargate region.
The pieces are in place here; the game is afoot - in dimly lit rooms in Dunedain, the flutter of ceremonial cloaks and ceremonial dreams
, the smile of scapegoats and the blow of the coward - masks behind masks -
never have so many people so eagerly awaited the fruition of their vices - so much chaff and so much wheat.
For a that and a that its comin yet for a that, that man to man the world o'er shall brothers be for a that - I was told that I didn't understand what that meant.
In Edinburgh congregate Satanists - i.e. ; Bishops of strange religions, geomancers, necromancers, nihilists, descendents of Genghis Khan, Pretenders to various thrones, Ninjas, Masters, CIA, MK ultra, MI5, Mi6, DI7, neo-politicians, neo-nazis, new agers, werewolves, vampires, Rainbow Tribes who urge you to take to the hills and take things that grow --or the meteorite will hit the earth like the cosmic sperm hits the egg, reincarnations of the entire planets aristocracy - when more than 2 King Henrys meet - one says how dare you.
You can be a Russian Count for £50 but don't call someone an imposter, you may get sued.
English Intelligence officers stand out a mile by their accents, but there is still so much control that some controllers don't know whose controlling the other controllers.
Who's who - who knows , who cares.

There are people in town who have lived for thousands of years and can read minds, so there must be over 20 Elohim in Edinburgh - 20 very powerful people at least on the side of good since this area is their home base.
It may ultimately be the human race that are the illegal aliens on this planet the unwanted leftovers of an illegal colony. Although all this materialisation and longevity lets us ask the question - what worlds were we all living on 100 years ago today.
But unlike the USA whose Federal Code against alien infestation was recently repealed - presumably in favour of a more direct intervention by the Federal Emergency Agency, the British did not revoke its alien quarantine law - which we are not allowed to get sight of from the MOD library in Whitehall despite 2 registered letters.
Many Americans got disturbed at the rumour that guillotines had been found in a military crate near a secret base.
Definitely one way of chopping the implant problem.

Rex Muundi the King of the World, 19th Century prophesies at Llassa in Tibet tell, will lead his great and powerful human looking ET army to assume control.
They are supposed to be the Lieutenants of Brahma, burning away the chaff, perhaps as they did in ancient times during the wars between the stars.
This people, the Vrilya use life-force in their bodies to operate technology
Society, magic and humanity.
They the Master Race that Hitler ultimately sought to emulate and petition - the tall beings with burning eyes he often saw - these are the Coming Race he spoke of - or at least, so they think.
The only thing standing in the Dark Lords way are the Elohim of Dunedain - the crownless Gods who would be King and their allies.

The stars of the west assemble for the final conflict - when the dominion of darkness must end forever e.g. 2012 AD when the Calendar according to Mayan calculations points to the physical convolution of the planet.
This coincides with the rescue party from Orion, and perhaps some other rescue package from the Greys or Elves.
There will probably be an official good guys ET embassy in Edinburgh by the year 2008 offering colonial resettlement packages that will ship us out of the danger areas on this planet to some safe haven.
The Elves and the Elohim and the heroes of mankind against the might of the greedy all-consuming Vrilya - the race of people that Hitler was said to have enlisted to make the future of the master race great - for tomorrow was said to belong to them.
Rally to Dunedain - the City of Edinburgh, here will be deeds, here, the lights of the Human Spirit will neither be extinguished by foe or flood, fury or flame -
Here the community tax will forever increase, services improve and the newly formed interstellar traffic wardens eagerly await to give the death star a ticket when it appears over Edinburgh Castle.
Will they Clone Robert the Bruce at Roslin Institute seeing how the head of the Institute was Chairman of Roslin Chapel Trust

Here the video surveillance is all-pervasive - here the re-enactment of Sodom and the Reptoid way of Being is crystallising into dark iniquities.
But over the mock Greek ruin and Cleopatras needle - for the worship of Baal,
Over the dark underground city with its own Bohemian Grove - the starry angels of Christ and their host of ships are there to be seen if we look up.
Here a gateway to the stars of heaven will be forged, and the torch of hope rekindled forever. It is probably in Edinburgh that a battle for the future of this planet will be waged.