We heard in the previous chapter 'The Conspiracy of Science' how the ingredients of the Monkey-Puzzle have kept all Monkeys marooned on Planet Earth with dysfunctional theories.

The Mindset of Reductionism and of taking things out of Context and a denial of Chaotic laws and processes and of a simple Universal Wave Theory have created an intellectual prison from which few if any Monkeys can escape.

However as more and more Monkeys cease their 'chattering' and actually start to listen and analyse the many theories that have been pronounced 'heresies' - even the layman monkey can grasp the simple need for an Interstellar Drive for which there is no provision for Monkeykind.

The Reptoid establishment, however, are starting to come under more pressure to cut the crap. We can be sure however that at the end of that long day - its bananas as usual for the chimps ...

Physics looks for new Einstein as nature rewrites laws of universe
Jonathan Leake

A GROUP of astronomers and cosmologists has warned that the laws thought to govern the universe, including Albert Einstein's theory of relativity, must be rewritten.

The group, which includes Professor Stephen Hawking and Sir Martin Rees, the astronomer royal, say such laws may only work for our universe but not in others that are now also thought to exist.

"It is becoming increasingly likely that the rules we had thought were fundamental through time and space are actually just bylaws for our bit of it," said Rees, whose new book, Our Cosmic Habitat, is published next month. "Creation is emerging as even stranger than we thought."

[Notice the occult reference to Emergence - the law of the Universe that is forbidden to the Monkeys - Order Emerges Out of Chaos is a 33 degree Masonic motto - also a proven fact - it is also the forbidden law that leads straight to Free Energy]

Rees, Hawking and others are so concerned at the impact of such ideas that they recently organised a private conference in Cambridge for more than 30 leading cosmologists.

So as we are bounded up in our cages contemplating our Reptoid created Monkey-Puzzles - the straightjacket of Cartoon Science and its deadly failings in the public domain e.g. Dietary components, CJD, Cancer etc seem to demand something rational to be done maybe by someone [reptoid] in a lab coat that is pretending to be sensible. It never happens.

That is not to say that the Reptoids are not already all over the Cosmos taking their produce and acquisitions with them from their own concealed interstellar bases.

The Monkeys are being hypnotised by the snakey cull however - and the masses are Being prepared for No Space Travel - No Interstellar Drive - No Refuge.

There is a move afoot amongst the 'whitecoats' to try to peddle alternatives to space travel amongst the masses. Not only did no Interstellar Drive come out of the 20th Century but it is quite clear that we are up a dead end right now.

Instead of a great future amongst the stars - they want to get the contents of our brains inside a playstation. This is the first indication that the Monkeys have a dated future.

WASHINGTON - Long journeys of flesh and bone astronauts might become a thing of the past. Human space travel in the 21st century could be, quite literally, an out-of-body experience.

It sounds like New Age meets the Space Age. But one sociologist argues that uploading digital representations of our personalities and behaviour into the cosmos rather than in-person star trekking is a form of space transportation worth thinking about.

Modest projects

William Sims Bainbridge says there are several new data points to consider.

He argued his case recently at a symposium on the past 40 years of human space exploration and beyond, organised here by George Washington University's Space Policy Institute.

In his talk, Bainbridge "revisited" the spaceflight revolution, pointing out:

No launch system breakthroughs can be expected soon in the field of space technology;
Space industrialisation is unimportant for post-industrial society;
Fertility collapses in advanced nations remove population pressures for space colonisation;
Opinion polls show no growth in support for space program over the past 15 years; and The "space movement" has little influence, even as conventional space support groups are respectable. And "space religions" -- like Heavens Gate, The Solar Temple, or The Raelian Movement -- have been scorned and unpredictable.

"Human beings have not left low Earth orbit since 1972, and for 30 years the emphasis in space has been on relatively modest projects," Bainbridge said.

"Private enterprise and the general public have not endorsed Solar System colonisation as a practical or worthy goal," he said.

Bainbridge represents scientists who have completely given up on hardware and unity and are encouraging a software approach that incorporates the same lame paradoxes that currently imprison us in this dead end.

This is a desperate sublimation arising out of the bizarre abstractions and paradoxes of the paradigm. It is also a very cunning way to destroy all hope of salvation for the desperate Monkeys.

The monkeys are getting restless, there are all the Hollywood tutorials; Deep Impact, Asteroid, Lost in Space, Star Wars - but there is no interstellar drive, just the feeling that disaster is going to strike at some time and that the Monkeys are running out of forest and bananas.

Where can any decent self respecting Monkey turn to these days ?

Dead beat religions full of Satanic horrors ? something Eastern perhaps - but there lies nihilism and emptiness and disassociation. Something Christian perhaps ? But there lie Nihilists and pornographers and lunatics.

Something New Age perhaps ? But there the Dracs lie in wait amongst the incense and the crystals.

Unarmed with no money to supply for a Global Catastrophe and already marked down as an enemy of the state for donating to the Wildlife Charities; scared of cancer or aids, with a strong possibility of dying from the aggressive cocktail of pesticides and preservatives in our body fats - we all appear to need a ticket out.

With the road to God barricaded by evil, the road to the stars barricaded by evil, the road to self preservation barricaded by evil, and cornered under the surveillance of very advanced Hitek - the establishment have finally opened the trap door in the Monkey Cage to herd us in blinded panic to a new kind of processing plant in the Monkey Slaughterhouse.

Enter the Virtual Reality Utopians and the eternal digital Gods of Upload.

These intellectual titans, some the cream of the worlds IT science see themselves as so far beyond the ridiculous nonsense of monkey chatter that they entertained discussions on mass extermination of Humanity on their mailing lists.

We were green slime one day, or they were discussing how to increase the efficiency of nuclear detonation or we were whatever degraded lifeform they felt at the time like calling us.

The reality of the matter - is that the technology to physically copy a mind does not exist in the public domain but maybe it is not to that technology that those who have turned their back on the source are depending.

Atheists, Existentialists, Pragmatists, allegedly Logical Realists, they would soon lose their cool when presented with the idea that theirs was a belief system that required as much faith as any religion did.

Going beyond the limitations of the Human we were to become Transhumans.

The worst of the paranoia appeared to come from a group called the Extropians Some folks like Anders Sandberg clearly fought for clarity:

SANDBERG 'might I ask (somewhat impolitely) what extropianism has to do with transhumanism philosophy? extropianism is a 20th century movement;

transhumanism is a stream of human thought with well-identified roots in the prehistoric...

XX And extropianism is a part of this stream of thought. What is so strange with that?

SANDBERG "I don't buy it. I believe that extropians consider themselves "better" than history, outside of it, unconstrained by it. Which is a mighty bit of a problem, as well as world-class arrogance. I haven't seen any indication that extropians believe in any history before the Epoch.

In my opinion the greatest flaw of extropianism is that it has not moved in the direction of a coherent system of thought, rather the reverse. "

This incoherence clearly harboured the usual themes of arrogance and contempt.

Enemies of Monkeykind were emerging everywhere - in this next feature - an acclaimed transhumanist clearly believes that the future of monkeykind included a bad deal for monkeys from the new breed of transhuman.

Transhuman Mailing List Phil Goetz on: Ethics: Animals, Humans, Transhumans

Today, we have animals and trans-animals (humans). When a trans-animal wants the same thing as an animal -- a rain forest, for instance -- the animal loses. When a trans-animal needs an animal for labor, it figures out how to condition the animal to want to serve the trans-animal.

Why should trans-humans act any differently?

Because we are more reasonable than Trans-animals?
Because we want to set a good example?
Because we have morals?

But the Trans-animals believe they are being reasonable and moral in their treatment of animals. Why should transhumans feel moral obligations towards humans?

I am not advocating animal rights. I am saying it is inconsistent to
Not advocate animal rights even when they conflict with human desires, and at the same time to claim that transhumans will have any moral obligation to take notice of human rights.

Except many people do advocate animal rights. And many people who is carnivorous object to animal cruelty.

No, that is a complete dodge. The percentage of people who seriously advocate animal rights is a tiny minority. The level of kindness and consideration humans give to animals would be considered completely unacceptable to humans if that were the same level of kindness and consideration given them by transhumans."

This idea that monkeykind has got it coming to them is prevalent amongst these people. These people comprise some of the worlds top scientists.

Is it a coincidence that the guru of human extinction at the hands of the new supermachines is called Vinge [cf, MeroVingian where Vingians were the Drac]

Subject: power: Singularity, Vinge, and Concrescence.

"Within thirty years, we will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence. Shortly after, the human era will be ended. "

- Vernor Vinge, lecture for NASA scientists, 1993
(complete talk available at :  )

In 1980, Vinge published a novella, "True Names"; his first to deal with what he calls "The Singularity".

Let me quote him at length:

What is The Singularity?

The acceleration of technological progress has been the central feature of this century. I argue in this paper that we are on the edge of change comparable to the rise of human life on Earth. The precise cause of this change is the imminent creation by technology of entities with greater than Human intelligence. There are several means by which science may achieve this breakthrough (and this is another reason for having confidence that the event will occur):

1) There may be developed computers that are "awake" and superhumanly intelligent. (To date, there has been much controversy as to whether we can create human equivalence in a machine. But if the answer is "yes, we can", then there is little doubt that beings more intelligent can be constructed shortly thereafter.)

2) Large computer networks (and their associated users) may "wake up" as a superhumanly intelligent entity.

3) Computer/human interfaces may become so intimate that users may reasonably be considered superhumanly intelligent.

4) Biological science may provide means to improve natural human intellect.

The first three possibilities depend in large part on improvements in computer hardware. Progress in computer hardware has followed an amazingly steady curve in the last few decades. Based largely on this trend, I believe that the creation of greater than human intelligence will occur during the next thirty years.

I think it's fair to call this event a singularity ("the Singularity" for the purposes of this paper). It is a point where our old models must be discarded and a new reality rules. As we move closer to this point, it will loom vaster and vaster over human affairs till the notion becomes a commonplace. Yet when it finally happens it may still be a great surprise and a greater unknown.

Von Neumann even uses the term singularity, though it appears he is thinking of normal progress, not the creation of superhuman intellect. (For me, the superhumanity is the essence of the Singularity. Without that we would get a glut of technical riches, never properly absorbed.)"

So the word is out amongst the strange atheistic scientists that they can live forever as digital dream either in a black box, or a continually renewing implanted clone or as a cyborg. However as far as I can tell - their faith in escaping the lie of total death when their own materiality/mortality fails is misplaced.

The problem right at the heart of the computer industry is that although it can continue to build massive supercomputers with number crunching powers - they simply have not got enough public domain theory and resources to make that computing power portable and globally available.

The reason for this is that they have chosen to handle data in a sequential way and simply attempt to duplicate the calculations in the complex neural nets of the brain.

This one-for-one duplication has forced them to employ massive computational hardware and procedures. They start at the very bottom with each sum and keep adding and subtracting till they get a greater whole. This is called the 'bottom up approach'.

This fatal flaw in technological strategy will never allow monkeyscience to create a singularity or a cyberbrain. It is the same kind of flaw that creates the problems in Unifying Theory, Particle Physics, and other brick walls of the Monkey Prison.

The way that it can and should be done - and probably is, beyond our knowing, in some hive somewhere - is that we draw analogies of the processes we are observing.

We then divide the processes we observe into sets of common characteristics and use the real theory of 3's [] to rationalise it . This more philosophical approach - as long as it uses the forbidden theories of 3'ness and Emergence - will enable intelligence to be safely modelled on very small computers and make real robots like Spielberg's AI possible.

This taking the long view [philosophically] in context is called a top down approach - as opposed to the hopeless task of one-for-one duplication of every 'atom' and its interactions - the bottom up approach. It's hopeless because the arithmetic required is attempting to emulate random complexity and chaos and will also take it out of context.

The current crop of public domain computing science will never be a threat to anyone so we maybe have to realise that Non-Human computing awaits the confused Monkeys.

Many of the Transhumanists have a problem with Joe Public getting in the way of the elite and superior decisions.

Transhuman Mailing List

"Corwyn J. Alambar" < writes:

This is a problem - however in the context of the democracy discussion, it became important to emphasize that democracy isn't necessarily the "best" solution, either. A functioning democracy assumes either an educated, interested populace (which one might argue that the US possesses neither) or elected representatives who are (and this is less and less true as time goes on - where are our "principled statesmen" now?). Given the current state of education and involvement, "democracy = good" is not necessarily a valid assumption anymore, stupid things, yet we do not question their intelligence so much as their common sense. There are admittedly those who do not have the cognitive resources to adequately ascertain successful from unsuccessful outcomes - however we have no real way to measure this save in the most subjective manner.

Waldemar and I came up with a concept during a late night discussion a few years ago, the difference between being "korkad" (corky? in the following I will use the word dense) and stupid. A stupid person has low intelligence, he cannot solve problems or think well (for whatever reason). A dense person cannot think "outside the box", cannot extend his thinking to encompass new possibilities. It is possible to be quite stupid but not dense - those people are often gullible, but can accept new possibilities. It is also possible to be intelligent and dense - the archetypal example is the bureaucrat who applies a considerable amount of intelligence and education to solving problems within a certain framework but who is unable to even think of any alternatives to the framework or handle problems outside it.

Transhuman Mailing List "Joseph Larson" < writes:

I still think that the majority of persons are less than worthy of being part of our overall decision making process as societies. however, that ends up sounding like I believe anyone who disagrees with me is too dumb to be part of policy making, which is not what i want to get across at all.

I wonder who is actually doing the decision-making on a societal level? I would say you cannot get rid of the dumb people from the loop, because even if only certified reasonable and nice people hold office, the actions and ideas of the dumb people will still be decisions. After all, even the things we do at home are part of the overall social decision making - which detergent do I buy, do I watch certain television shows, who do I phone?

Maybe we could have a discussion forum for us pre-singularity old-timers laughing at the "good old days before total concept transfer and such new-fangled gadgetry..." :-)

So we can see then that there is a large group of intelligentsia that truly believe that they will one day be omnipotent. Except that the basis for this belief appears to be built on a rather stupid understanding of the nature of reality and the failings of technology.

That is not to say that the manufacture of soul capture technology has not already been perfected in this galaxy many millennia ago and is here already.

What the 'supermen' arguments really show is that these 'elite' dracs are actually stupid. For unless they have actually seen and read the Black Ops science books they are really living in a paranoid dreamworld.

Stephen Hawking, the mouthpiece of the Drac Disneyworld recently announced that Monkeykind will be wiped out by machines unless we use Eugenics.

The question remains as to who will programme these machines with the instructions to destroy, Stephen - doesn't it ?
We don't have to be anti-science to be a scientific sceptic.

Science has failed society in numerable ways - its applications have lost their rigour and regulation when faced by the political and industrial machinery of C20 corporations.

The real lack of unity in relativity seems to preclude a mastery of gravity and energy - there are no cures for cancer or aids now deployed and the pollution levels in-built within the human nutritional cycle are set to rise with wholesale introduction of untested products.

Everywhere we look we see the failure of scientific method - the slow painstaking analysis and testing required to make advances - and instead it is replaced by posturing and spin - and accusations of anarchy.

The introduction of Technology - sophisticated machines that can produce what the politicians want seems to have replaced the scientific challenge of finding new cosmological models that can save mankind from the inevitable passing asteroid.

It may be fair to say that thus far into millenium3 we are witnessing a post-scientific era as the era of a very limited and constrained terrestrial technology begins that will never aspire to stardom in the stars - because it can't. [And won't]. Recent conferences by Cosmologists like Hawking are belatedly attempting to argue for a new kind of relativity - but as every monkey knows - hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil - where 'evil' is the truth.

The truth is that we are living a lie.

Caged in with nowhere to go, the monkeys jump up and down in their cages.

These days however with lots more of them being perverted into homosexual and sterile practises, half-witted and poisoned the state is there to patent the monkey and reproduce its newer and better workforce to order - if required.

Though they have to get rid of the older generations of 'useless eaters'

In order for the Dracs to justify that maybe to their interstellar neighbours, or us or even some of their own who are wavering - there quite simply must be a legal definition of the human monkey - Enter the Great Ape Legal Project

If the Human Monkey can be married up to the Ape by a genetic identity, then when it came to determining rights between species like the Draco Aryans and the Human and the Ape, then the dividing factor will be that although all 3 have similar genetics - only 1 has a fully functional telepathic gland - the Aryan draco.

This clears the legal ground for a division of the human race into animals and telepaths.


By Clay Shirky - professor of media studies.

THE GREAT APE LEGAL PROJECT has a plan for extending rights typically considered to be the solely human to all of the members of the great ape clade (or group of related species): humans, chimpanzees, gorillas, orang-utans and bonobos. Peter Singer, a professor of philosophy at Princeton and one of the co-founders of the Great Ape Legal Project, says of our great ape cousins, "We now have sufficient information about the capacities of great apes to make it clear that the moral boundary we draw between us and them is indefensible," and the goal of the project is to establish legal rights for the community of all great apes:

The biological similarity between humans and chimps has been known since the 1920's, based on blood tests, but since the sixties DNA sequencing has provided an increasingly quantified view of this similarity: we now know that human and chimpanzee share 98.4 percent of their genetic material. The immediate effect of this discovery was to end a debate about the primate family tree, with the vindication of the scientists arguing that humans' closest living relatives were the chimps. With the genetic evidence in hand, it was clear that this view -- call it the Proximity Thesis of humans and chimps -- was correct. In the years since this discovery was made, however, this 98.4 percent similarity has taken on increasingly philosophic as well as scientific importance, and a number of people have taken another look at the data and have come to an even stronger conclusion. In this view -- call it the Identity Thesis -- humans are not like chimpanzees, humans are chimpanzees.

Shirky argues : Animal rights may well be a just cause, and the extension of legal rights to primates may make moral sense, but basing this idea on a supposedly small and permeable border between humans and chimpanzees bases good morals on bad science. The 1.6 percent difference in our DNA is more than enough to make us two separate species. The mistake the Identity camp has made is in confusing the objective statement "Chimps are humans' closest living relatives" with the subjective statement "Chimps are humans' close living relatives." Close is the sort of judgement call that requires a third point of reference: close relative to what? She asks.

The answer has to be Close relative to the fact that both humans and chimps have no active components for telepathy and therefore must be according to Singer the same species.

We also see the Frankenstein's at play as they earnestly make a Monkey out of reality turning life into a bizarre freakshow:
We have had; clone Christ, clone monstrous inviable salmon, clone dolly, clone Dracula, clone Tutenkamun, genetics for longevity, genetics for health, genetics for genius, genetics for stupidity, inexplicably dead and dying cloned animals.

Genetic pollution could create redundant hybrids and redundant ecosystems - once the 19th century Philosopher David Hume asked the question - 'how can we know that the bread we eat is nutritious'
In the 3rd millennium - the validity and viability of organic systems is again a valid question.

If I were a rich money grubbing multinational and I wanted some REAL money - I would firstly patent all the processes in genetics that could manufacture food stock and seed crops and livestock. Having done that - to make myself the sole competitor in the Global marketplace, I would indiscriminately genetically pollute the entire planet to create a Global problem of organic inviability, a biological catastrophe. I would then offer to restock the Planet - out of the goodness of my own Biotech labs for a price.

Whilst the planet buckles under the satanic yoke of desolation, new and bizarre ways to kill are invented disguised as advanced technological novelty.

Recent 'scientific studies' suggest excess vitamin C turns into DNA Mutagens and is pro-cancer, who needs excess UV for skin cancer when you can wear the self-termination T Shirt from FUJI :)

A Japanese company says people will soon be able to get their daily dose of Vitamin C simply by wearing a T-shirt.

The Fuji Spinning Company has developed a fibre containing a chemical called pro-vitamin, which turns into Vitamin C on contact with human skin.

The T-shirts should be on sale early in 2002. There are also plans for vitamin-enhanced lace underwear.

The last time we heard of biotech strategy for poor countries they were all for Terminator Seeds and Water Monopoly Drought resistant crops - all we need now are greed resistant governments e.g. african arms spend

Nice biotech saves the starving is the sign of desperation - for high yield drought resistant crops is a complete unprofitable contradiction of their [eg. monsanto] last profit making strategy - the terminator seeds and water exploration strategies.

Nice to see the effort that they have had to go to lobby for blanket approval of their untested products -
If only the Green loonies would let us save the world ... yeah right

These greedy profiteers must not be allowed to genetically pollute the biosphere. If they are so concerned about conditions in the third world - then militarise the infrastructures of the unstable regimes that hold millions hostage. Also;
Countries like India that in the past have had famines have actually produced food surpluses but could not get the food to the people.

You know its days of pure frustration for the voracious profiteers when they start their alleged humanitarian strategy.

A question that springs to mind is - who says that a high yield wheat would be effective in infertile arid drought - and what if it becomes illegal to plant the native variety that is better adapted -

There is No leash on these voracious Industries.

The patent office has argued that to grant patents on people would violate the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, which abolished slavery.

But neither the patent office nor Congress has ever defined "human."

As Government legal departments struggle to define Human and Soul for the purposes of patenting, technology and industrial reproduction - shimmering tombs await the Monkeys of Eden as they head for the reprocessing of their Beings in all sorts of Virtual Reality Cyber Contexts.

None of those places could be very healthy - but as our opinions appear not to count to these 'scientific masterminds' who wear the whitecoats and press the buttons - it is unlikely that what we want is their priority.

They just want us to die off - we just want to live.

A simple conflict of interests.

The rights of Monkeykind to be are being gradually eroded, their rights to complain being suppressed by a gamut of mind control technologies - the technology on display may be dead end - but it serves the purposes of the cull well enough.

There is a flaw in their soul capture strategy though which renders it really useless.

Dracs have for millennia told us that our spirit and soul is part of matter, mere electrical impulses and have mostly succeeded in instilling the fear of death in us.

For as mortals doomed to die and become dust they will teach us that our electricity goes to Lucifer. Blah blah etc

The reality is - that our soul is beyond time and matter - and it will return there.

Our corporeal spirit is but a very weak impression of our true eternal and internal nobility. The Dracs may copy that and tell us that they have captured it in whatever container, but this is an illusion and deception.

The only way that they can detain us is if we agree to stay imprisoned.