Ekhart Tolie

By Don Bradley

...is being pushed by all the big bugs these last few years. And many lizards-in-play are very much giving away and wanting to share his cds. Well, I gave his stuff a look and a listen. But his mugshot says it all, really. His right eye is dead. Has no life. Now this is important because the right eye radiates love and the left eye is the ray of will. In extremely advanced souls, both are in balance and highly radiant. Even someone lacking extra vision can easily see that. Now in darker souls and those on a satanic path, the right eye becomes lazy over the years, then finally "dies." After a bit of time, it doesn't even track on the same eye as their dominant left eye, which is will energy. And that fits, because, the satanic credo has but one law and one law only: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole law. And wilt, being old english for WILL.

By the time the right eye is dead, then all love in that person is dead as well. They can be good actors, even great actors, but their ability to truly love has been replaced by the appearance of love. Doesn't matter what they say or write, what matters is THEM. What they truly radiate and THAT WILL ALWAYS REVEAL ITSELF. Always.

BTW, Eckhart's cds contain subliminal messages. Be nice of David John Oates would do a series of speech reversals on the guy.