Electroshock therapy (ECT)

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[1974] Hospital Shocked by Finding No Sock in Its Shock Machine

[pdf 2006] The Electroshock Quotationary by Leonard Roy Frank


"The legitimate scientific evidence is overwhelming that electroshock is neither safe nor effective. No studies show anything but short term benefit and there is overwhelming evidence electroshock causes brain damage, memory and cognitive losses in everyone. The brain damage, memory and cognitive loss, is to be completely expected from running electricity through people's brains. It is only through the dissembling of electroshock promoters and denigration of the first hand reports of harm, including catastrophic harm, by large numbers of electroshock recipients that this procedure is allowed at all." PsychRights

Preston's checked into the records and found that this particular type of advanced technology, electroshock therapy equipment is what they officially call it. It's now very advanced computerized with floppy disks and very small electrodes instead of the old big patch pads they used to put on people and tape the down. They now have tiny little probes 50 millimeters square and they attach them to certain critical sensitive points on the body, about 8 of them. And there's a computer program they now use which will induce the Reichian orgiastic state by electronics and hold it to that state and in that condition a human mind from conscious to subconscious is completely aligned and opened.
    Consequently you can remove buried information in the subconscious, reprogram the person, do whatever you want in that sense. And when the program is over they close it down, restore the person to the so-called normal state with either blocks on memory of the whole thing happening or a whole total implant of what went on that day as a substitute to memory or whatever they want to do. They usually put in a substitute memory. It's happened to Duncan once. We had quite a time running that down but we did.
    They can do this to anyone they want. They grab them physically and take them off to one of the hospitals. The law is that any hospital or institution in the U.S. that accepts federal funding must by law have one of these machines on their premises and there must be certain personnel, very limited, trained in its use. Now it can be used for "nominal" electroshock therapy in the normal mode which doctors use, thought it's much more sophisticated now and less damaging. Or they can use it for reprogramming, the same piece of equipment. But to do the reprogramming requires a special floppy disk, which is kept under lock and key and can only be used by certain government personnel.
    When they do this number of the reprogramming it's done by government personnel. It is not normally shown [in] their records and there is never a charge made back to a hospital organization or to a hospitalization fund or medical fund of any kind, that is paid for 100% by the federal government and the record's swept under the rug. They put it once on Duncan and they tried to do it again.
........It's based on Reich's principle, his old theories. The original programming techniques were more physical, but now they can do it electronically. It's much clearer, so to speak, much easier to accomplish and much easier to cover the tracks. And the law says these instruments, pieces of equipment, shall be made available to non-federally funded institutions. They recommend that they have them but there's no requirement.  Interview with Al Bielek 1991

Droopy Eyelid  Dyann Williams: "A common ‘real world’ physical side effect from the electroshock torture victims undergo is one of their eyelids will exhibit visible signs of slight droopiness. Most Hollywood stars who have undergone this trauma have varying degrees of eyelid droopiness, in both men and women. Some victims do not display this eyelid issue at all, but the older the victim the more pronounced the result, presumably due to the lack of elasticity in their skin. It is common practice for Monarch Slaves to have their programming reinstalled and updated as they get older or when their programming breaks down (See Britney Spears’ notorious 2007 meltdown). Multiple sessions of electroshock torture over the years to create new alters is the likely cause for this eyelid issue."

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