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We still over-Gift because every gift we put out, creates conditions for the emergence of POSITVE LIFE BEINGS of the etheric plane to thrive in good energy after generations of death and poison rained down upon them. We notice as well, negative etheric forms detest orgone devices. DETEST THEM. Good. Very good. So that means you want us to put out several more thousand of these...sure. Cbswork - June 2004

Non-Material Beings
          Non-material beings or entities can be characterized by their qi. In fact I only became aware that such things really existed back in 1983 in Taiwan, when I first felt the qi of one of them in a Buddhist temple, and investigated more closely.
          Examples of non-material beings are angels, those which have responsibility for seeing to the welfare of certain geographic locations (spiritus loci) or (tu di shen) [as they are called in China]), those which have responsibility for looking after trees (devas), those whose responsibilities lie in the air (sylphs), those whose responsibilities lie in the water (undines), those who are associate with fire (salamanders) and the elementals which often have responsibility for specific plant (or other) organisms.
          The qi of the nymphs, sylphs, and devas which I have observed has always been quite positive. There are some beings whose presence is such that one innately is led to show them great respect: the qi of these entities is extremely positive, and it is to this group that what are often termed angels belong.
          Sylphs will sometimes clothe themselves in wispy clouds, making their outlines visible to the physical eye. But not all such wispy clouds contain sylphs.
          Non-material beings can be classified as to the feeling of their qi. Those characterized by positive qi, I will refer to here as sheng beings, and those by negative qi by sha beings.
          Though I have not given names to any particular classes of sha beings, such things do exist, and seem to be quite as numerous as sheng beings.  Laozu http://materiaetherica.com/heavenandearth/Non-Material%20Beings

This past Sunday Kayla and I were running errands with a few minutes to spare so I was sitting on the bank stairs hoping to get a glimpse of the wind maker elemental I knew was around.......I was inspired to ask the wind maker to help me by blowing wind in the eyes of those trying to watch me. The wind picked up and I got to work gifting. They made me do it! ....Monday I discovered my telephone wire was cut. I retaliated by planting an earth pipe in that spot I mentioned a few weeks earlier while asking for the wind maker's help again. Again the wind picked up and planted it without anyone seeing me. MoonBeaM Posted: Fri Oct 01, 2004 3:01 am    Post subject: They made me do it!

When she and Carol walked out onto the pier at Ocean Beach to drop in three more of DB's Water Oblations. Carol was able to show Alicia what to look for that indicates the presence of Undines, which are big water elementals. Alicia saw it clearly. Carol says that DB's assertion that Undines often take the oblations out to sea is probably accurate because she didn't sense that the devices hit the bottom when they tossed them into the ocean there. Normally, when orgonite devices hit the bottom in a body of water she can feel some reverberations. She said that as we were leaving the downtown waterfront a couple of Undines, around a thousand feet tall, were standing in the harbor, gesturing their appreciation. When we got back to DBs place, he told us what times we had done the harbor and the pier ;-) [Aug 10, 2004] Juicing at the Devil's Punchbowl, Part 2 by Don Croft

Sylphs are a class of highly evolved Etheric beings who work with the "spirit of the air" a very great deva who manages the world's air, clouds, weather.....If it happens that one day, you find a total whiteout in progress, would you mind so very much if you would do a favor? Call on the Sylphs or whatever label you are comfortable with to blow it out, dissipate it......For underground bases, hot-spots, they will appear and create an inverted triangle of cloud material, pointing to the exact spot that needs healing. This is how they, at these early stages, will communicate precise needs to us.....Well, technically they've a number of labels: Sylphs, Air Sprites, Rods, Elementals-of-the-air, Lower_devas, Spirits of the Air (my personal preference, no special reason) - some people react to whatever label someone might choose, ignoring historic precendence of this time and space. The boys call them Sylphs, the parental units call them angels, openly. Discussion of the Sylphs

A Fairy StoryI had this experience about 15 years ago and I've been thinking about it recently and thought I would share it. It was so magical and amazing!  A friend of mine, who has suffered from Lupus her whole life, and I were volunteering at a remote Forest Ranger outpost. We had no electricity other than a generator for about 2 hours every evening. So we would go to bed shortly after dark. We would build a fire in the big fireplace in the cabin and then go to bed. In the room we were sleeping there were 2 sets of bunk beds. We decided to sleep in the top bunks as heat rises and we didn't want to be cold in the night. My friend was experiencing a lot of muscle pain from her lupus that evening and was having a hard time sleeping, so I was doing some energy healing on her from my bunk. I noticed how the fire was reflecting on the wall at the end of the hallway nearest the fireplace. While I was watching the dancing of colors on the wall I suddenly saw something that looked like a 10 inch blue butterfly coming up the hall way. I rubbed my eyes in disbelief, as I had never seen a fairy in such detail in the 3 D. I watched it and as it got closer I could see all the details of her thin little body and everything.  As she got closer she landed just across from me on my friends bunk bed post.. She then crawled up the post and crawled inside her sleeping bag. The moment she disappeared into her bag, my friend said "I think I'll sleep better on the lower bunk with my head pointing east" :) I was amazed! I've always seen elementals but this was the most vivid experience I've had. http://www.crystalinsights.net/askcarol.html  Carol Croft