Etheric plane

[The Etheric plane is the first level of the Internal reality.  You can access this internal reality if you are naturally gifted (Psychics eg see: Don and Carol Croft articles), or use mediation or psychedelics (eg The Fourth way) among other techniques.]

Etheric warfare

And here's something that didn't even go into the Clouds of Death thing - part of the reason of chemtrails is to CUT-OFF the earth from the upper etheric frequencies of the planet, namely THE ANGELIC KINGDOM. From an occult viewpoint, they knew as I do, that the emerging Christ Spirit - his so-called "return" would be as the Heart Center of the Sun, took over and animated, the etheric body of Earth, via the Christ Spirit. To prevent this forward step, and to insure that the planet would then become a separated planet of rich, Satanic meat-sacks, all becoming tomorrow's lunch for the Annunaki. To stop this, they have to cut the planet's life blood off from the source. Basically, they figured out a reversed engineering way to prevent the etheric growth of the planet. CHemtrails was that answer.