This might be another good reason for us to go after Mossad would-be mass murderers in the US:
Don Croft
This might be another good reason for us to go after Mossad would-be mass murderers in the US: - February 5, 2007 09:09
Thanks, Tom, for emailing this to me! 
 'One alleged radiation hot spot on Manhattan's east side has the 
 potential for becoming a political hot spot: A strong radiation spike 
 from the area of the Israeli Embassy. Officials would not comment on why 
 they thought that particular area allegedly showed such a stunning peak 
 in radiation.' 
 That bit was toward the end of the article but no other 'strong radiation spike' was mentioned Wink
and I'm pretty sure teh What To Think Network won't cover this significant news.
The funny part, for me, is that the feds were probably looking for a way to further 
terrorize the PJ folks in NYC, especially Manhattan.  I love it when the disinfo schmucks
shoot themselves in the foot this way, don't you?

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No Subject - February 5, 2007 14:09
apart from the spike, another aspect caught my attention in that article:

The call for aerial radiation surveys.

Accoording to W. Reich, one can indirectly measure Orgone levels with a Geiger Counter, an instrument designed to measure radioactivity originally.

Maybe they would love to map the orgone/DOR distribution?



Don Croft
No Subject - February 6, 2007 14:49
Georg, that's a brilliant notion! If we were to start a pool on when private philanthropists and investors will finance research like this around orgonite distribution, I'd put my money on 2008. I have a sense that this would be done in conjunction with desert reversal projects and grand-scale sea-gifting with a view toward ending violent weather at sea forever, both of which would ultimately be profitable investments. I personally hope and expect that governments won't get involved with this, since making deals with most governments, for now, is like signing contracts with the Mafia. Maybe some of the third world gov'ts are exceptions. As the corporate underpinnings of the world odor continue to erode and collapse, though, the nature of government will continue to be organically transformed in our lovely world.

Using a Geiger counter to graphically demonstrate his orgone accumulators' power was one of Reich's foundational arguments for the existence of this healing force, though the less impressive 'orgone meter' that he developed, apparently by slightly modifying a gaussmeter, gets a lot more play among his present supporters and alleged supporters. A Tri-Meter also measures the phenomenal ionization field effect of simple orgonite but those weren't around in Reich's day, I think.

By the way, Carol and I are turning a small sauna into an orgone accumulator in stages and it's been wonderful to re-discover some of teh unique benefits of orgone accumulators. My enfatuation for orgonite, when I found out about it, nine years ago, sort of caused me to drop my research with accumulator configurations but Dirk's beeswax/metal experiments inspired me to get back to all that. He'll likely have some interesting findings to share before long, by the way.

I asked Carol to attempt to count the nukes that are being stored at the Israeli Embassy in NYC and when she 'came back' to her body she told me there are 8 and possibly nine, there: four big ones (city-busters) and four or five little ones, presumably suitcase or lunchbox nuke bombs.

It might be fun to find out if gifting all around that Mossad hive will neutralize the nuke bombs, so maybe if one of the urban gifters, there, will do it pretty soon the psychics can have another peek at the bombs to see if they've degraded due to the presence of orgonite. I bet a large percentage of unwitting employees in that embassy, along with many of the the closest neighbors, are getting cancer, by now, from the presence of so much DOR, which can't be shielded, of course. I bet that going near that place makes you feel like crap.

If we can get busy in the chat room, shortly, and identify, then dodecorate the mass murderers connected with that embassy, maybe we can prevent them from doing something like setting off a nuke in the predominantly Jewish area of New York--Lower East Side?--and/or prevent them from conducting, in collusion with the treasonous US Government, a new terror campaign on a large scale in North America and blame the Semites for it (the Arabs are more Semitic than modern, Aryan Jewish majority are, of course). A successful gov't-sponsored nuclear terror campaign, or even the substantial threat of one, might put the beer-swilling, football-worshipping Pajama People majority firmly back on the side of the war criminals, of course.

After mulling this over for a bit, I think the feds are pretty upset that New York City officials. perhaps rather than those DC criminals, took it upon themselves to go look for nukes in their city, don't you? Cool

We sure don't want to lose any ground that has been gained at the world odor's exense over the past decade and a half or so.