Summary execution of SS soldiers at Dachau
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Execution of SS soldiers at Dachau

The German guards'at the Dachau, Buchenwald and Mauthausen camps were simply murdered after the camps were taken by the Americans in the final weeks of the war, I testified. The murder of more than 500 guards at Dachau is confirmed, I said, by two eyewitnesses to the atrocity. The first is U.S. Army officer Howard Buechner, who described the killings in detail in his book, Dachau: The Hour of the Avenger. The second is by Turkish inmate Nerin Gun, who describes the atrocity in his memoir, The Day of the Americans. U.S. Army records, which were declassified at my request, also confirm the atrocity. My Role in the [Ernst] Zündel Trial

Americans conduct on-the-spot executions of Nazi SS guards at Dachau.
Execution of SS soldiers at Dachau 

Lt. Felix Sparks stops the killing of SS soldiers at the wall



(284 – 290) From ‘Dachau: The Hour of the Avenger’ (Col. Howard A. Buechner), Thunderbird Press, Metairie, LA. USA, 1986.

During the liberation of Dachau camp, many German soldiers from the surrounding area surrendered under the protection of a medic with a Red Cross flag. The photo also shows members of the Volksturm, mountain troops, Luftwaffe personnel, Wehrmacht, SS soldiers in camouflage, soldiers in civilian clothing, etc….

Inmates inciting American troops to murder the German prisoners Lt. Walsh placed his division under the command of Lt. Bushyhead (nickname Bird’s Eye) of Native American Indian origin, to guard the prisoners.

Lt. Bushyhead placed the prisoners against the wall of the hospital and shot them with a few salvos of machine gun fire, giving inmates pistols in order to finish off the survivors. The bodies were looted. No action was taken by the Americans to prevent the inmates from taking revenge upon German personnel. The middle- aged man shown here was killed by inmates with a shovel, this is the same man seen lying dead along the wall holding a crucifix in his hand.

General Patton was informed of this massacre, but ordered the evidence destroyed and prohibited any further investigation. No one ever prosecuted for the murder of the 346 German soldiers interned at Dachau, who were entitled to protection under the Hague convention. Dachau was surrendered in full accordance with the terms of international law.

That the murder victims were members of the camp guard personnel is simply a lie, the photographs show soldiers from all German units. Even the camp personnel were not all criminals per se.