Facial features and mind control

"When you are under any influence, it affects your features, esp the face. Everything shows up there. For example, the few times I was homeless and living in a car in my life, you can clearly see the hardness in my expression. And I've seen this in others, who have been homeless - a hardness, a stiffness that shows there. This reflects the indrawing of energies that kind of life does to you. You can see the energy animating a person, by the love radiating out from their RIGHT eye. Left eye is WILL power. Now, look at the pics of daddy bush and all these leaders. Always a lazy or dead right eye, and an unusually larger left eye. That solar plexus and Sacral center energies dictating terms. Now, get any pics of people you KNOW to have good and loving hearts. Balanced eyes, very warm, and a very tight - not sagging - fluidity in their face. If they are being overshadowed - either good or ill - the overshadowing being's visage will show in their face. If it is heart center and higher, you'll see it instantly. A warm light about them. You know the rest..." Cbswork and Rudolf Steiner

By looking at the skull and head, the skin, the body tone, the eyes, and other areas, the practitioners of Structure/Function can accurately tell a personís personality8:  THE SCIENCE OF BODY MANIPULATION & PROGRAMMING Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula