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False Flag Attack: Hoover Dam?

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 False Flag Attack: Hoover Dam? 
Before Carol went to Europe we visited a very reputable astrologer, who confirmed Carols' imrpession that the feds are almost compelled to declare martial law, this year--likely periods being July or October/NOvermber.

Have you noticed that the 'terrorists' in TV shows and movies have increasingly been American patriots?  This was also the case in the early 1990s, leading up to the demolition of the Murrah Federal Building.  Concentration camps were in place by that time, also the guillotines shown on national TV.  I was listening to shortwave radio broadcasts in those days and when some of the shows suggested looking on the backs of ordinary roadsigns for directional stickers I did that in the Seattle area and found them on the backs of signs.  

Those stickers are all gone, now. They were alleged to have been routing directions for non-English speaking troops during roundups of people like you and me in their cattle trucks on the way to collection points, then by rail to the execution chambers and/or concentration camps, SS-style.  That was probably supposed to have taken place shortly after the feds blew up their federal building in Oklahoma City.

Their problem, at the time, was that a requisite small percentage of Americans had awakened to these plans and were ready to fight the foreign troops.  I didn't have an interest in fighting, at the time.  I did have an interest in getting my kids to safety, if possible.  I was in the middle of a horrific divorce and was cut off from my kids by the predatory American court/police system.  It was a pretty awful period for me--The Wringer;preparation for what I'm doing right now.  So I sympathize with people who are genuinely alarmed by the present state of political affairs. On the surface, it's ten times worse, now, on account of all that Hitler legislation and the saber rattling in the media since 9/11.

Foreign troops obviously won't be coming to the aid of the criminal corporation that pretends to be our government, assuming these DC jerks are stupid enough to declare martial law.  Too many of the new death towers are now life force generators, thanks to a lot of gifters (probably including you).  It seems obvious to many folks that the towers were supposed to have aided foreign troops in suppressing patriotic resistance to an invasion by throwing armed 'insurgents' to the ground in convulsive fits, unable to shoot back or resist arrest.

When I started seeing Americans portrayed as terrorists in Hollywood films, two years ago, I got the impression that the 'Muslim Terror' fabrication had run its course and that the Pajama People were no longer generally being moved to xenophobia by all that clatter in the absence of any more false flag attacks since the 9/11 demolition.  S9ome of the more popular TV puff-piece shows about the CIA and 'Homeland Security,' including 24 HOURS and ALIAS, were showing Eastern European 'terrorists' and sometimes Koreans but no Muslims Cool and those shows started soon after the US/Brit incursion into Iraq.

The really high tech weaponry and surveillance, Delta Force and the US Marine Corps (probably also most of the SAS) are in Afghanistan, of course, evidently to protect the heroin trade.  The Russians lost that  dope resource, so the Americans/Brits are handling it, now.  One of the feds who were assigned to us in our little town, 'Don' something-or-other, told me that he had been involved with Russian Spetznatz shock troops in Northern Iraq, right before he moved to our town, and they had taught him to use poison gas on civilians.   He pulled up his shirt sleeve and showed me his big, grizzly regimental tattoo, which looked kind of fresh.  For some reason, dangerous strangers often confide in me.  This guy was obviously very intelligent , well educated and informed, and he had the look and bearing of a career military man, so it's kind of odd that he was working for minimum wage in an auto parts shop in our little rural village.  He left soon after that Wink and the folks at the parts store had no idea where he went.

Carol said he was here to murder us if given the order. I think he's NSA.  We've been encountering less and less of that sort of stuff.   Until five years ago we had to drive the FBI out of a series of houses in our neighborhoods.  We did it by gifting all around them--simple!  We sure got some dirty looks from them Wink but the feds did get a few licks in, though--we were severely poisoned with beryllium and are still recovering from that.  Our year in Florida was marked with nearly constant and very overt surveillance and interference by the FBI, including the murder of our dog.  I sort of don't count that because our effort in Florida was our act of war against these predators: the successful disabling of their HAARPicane infrastructure.   Restoring the dead reef in the Keys and cleaning up the water along the Gulf and Caribbean coasts of South Florida was just extra fun Cool

Please get to the Gulf and throw some orgonite in there for the dolphins to distribute, okay? This corporate oil slick is a problem but I think the dolphins can fix it if they get enough orgonite.

I keep forgetting that we've been submerged in this millieu for ten years, so this sort of conversation has to seem surreal, at least, to most people.  I'm sorry about that but I bet you're comfortable enough reading this because you can put whatever doesn't feel quite right to you in your 'wait and see' file .  I do that a lot.  The truth will out.  It's doing so.  Carol is sure that the thin veil that separates this stuff from the awareness of the Pajama People is about to be 'rent assunder' by a series of events.

We sincerely hope that we can prevent any more false flag attacks.  We believe that we and probably many other groups have prevented all of them since 9/11.  We're not the only ones who have decided to enlist the help of stable, skilled, committed and observant psychics. though of course most of these have been murdered by the CIA and NSA over the past 15 years or so while the majority of psychics work for the feds, either as witless chumps (Theosophists,  freemasons, Rosicrucians,  Eckankar, Scientologists, etc) or as paid assets.  So, don't assume that someone who has psychic ability is necessarily 'spiritual,' okay?  Unless you feel, as I do, that spirituality has predatory and parasitic dimensions as well as the exalted one Cool

Last Sunday, the psychics in the EW chatroom evidently saw a federal plot to blow up HOover DAm, near Las Vegas, and blame militias for it as an excuse to declare martial law.  They're desperate to move tghe Pajama People sufficiently into a state of paranoia that they'll feel opposed to anyone who would resist overt tyranny.   The feds are kind of stupid: they don't quite realize that the fact that even the PJ foplks won't turn in their guns is the solid indicator that overt tyranny is unfeasible.   Evidently, even a lot of Canadians kept their guns after the Commonwealth decree to turn them in was carried out around the globe  in the mid 1990s.  Gun confiscation only really worked in Germany, England,  Russia and China in the 20th Century because those populations adored their tyrants in those countries.   Greg claims that Stalin (Tavistock-trained)  was Churchill's second cousin, by the way.   As fervently as our stupid, Europoid forebears embraced FDR's Stalinist New Deal, they were still decidedly  unwilling to disarm.

Johnny Scudamore kindly sent me a copy of Greg Hallett's STALIN'S BRITISH TRAINING, by the way, along with two more of Greg's books. After I picked them up in the post office  I had to force myself to put those books down, today, and get some work done.   As I suspected, Greg writes the way Don Bradley probably would if he were willing to tell what he knows, publicly Cool and I think these books are only credible to someone who has already read a lot of documented conspiracy books.  Otherwise I guess it's just about impossible to consider what Greg is claiming. Carol, who spent several days in his company in Scotland and England, said that the guy is a world class psychic, which may explain how he gets a lot of his intel.  I consider Greg's books to be battlefield intel rather than 'proof.'    I don't think there is any proof that will satisfy the PJ folks but we don't need their approval or endorsement to do what we do, of course.

She said Greg smokes and consumes alcohol a bit to slow down the downloading of psi intel.  She had a lot of fun observing him and said he's a lot like DB.  I got that impression just from Paddy's and Johnny Scudamore's comments, then CArol's phone comments confirmed it for me. If you want a thrill, get and read his books!  I htink Johnny's going to share the ordering info on his site, whale.to

When Carol, Katia and Greg were coming out of the little hotel where they'd spent the night, near Roslyn Chapel,. three spy goons were blocking the doorway and Carol had to literally push them out of the way to get out.  I can picture her doing that . She's not afraid of these corporate/military sewer rats.   They weren't interested in Greg and he got a little miffed about it.  He said to Carol, right after that, 'Hey, how come they're bothering you and not me?!'    If someone asked me that, I'd tell him, 'Well, I guess you're just not trying hard enough' Wink

Of course, to blow up a dam would require military explosives and a whole lot of it.   When the feds demolished the Murrah Federal Building, not many noticed that the truck bomb only broke windows but the fulminite of mercury bombs on the support columns brought down the bulding.  A much higher percentage of viewers noticed that the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center's three towers had nothing at all to do with airplanes and kerosene.

Thanks to the internet, when the US Navy set off that big nuke bomb on the seabed, five and a half years ago in Asia, it only took a day for that information to spread to just about everyone, thanks to Joe Vialls, who was murdered shortly after that.

The Haiti quake was also quickly seen as an artificially created event.  Notice that the 'response time' for recognizing this sort of mischief is getting shorter and shorter as our species continues to wake up but I really, really don't want any more people to be slaughtered by these criminals.   If just one American state will secede all of this will probably stop, no matter whether or not martial law is declared.

Since Sunday, I"ve gotten several requests from close associates who are in genuine need of help in the chatroom so we probably won't have time to look for more false flag attacks this week.  We have to take care of each other, so it will be a 'wounded warrior' session.  I'm hoping Dooney's Satuday chat group will decide to go hunting for more of these plots. There's always several in place.

History shows (only to the observant?) that the mere public mention  of a plot like this is enough to prevent its fruition.  That's mainly why I'm posting about it.   I'm not so naive that I expect anyone to  believe what I'm saying.

I do hope you'll take a look at the murder of Jerry Kane and his son, though, which happened immediately before EW was thrown down by federal hackers, a few weeks ago.    I finally spent half a day on YouTube, watching his lectures and looking at the TV coverage of his murder and of the subject matter.    The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith and the Southern Poverty Law Center both  weighted in to dondemn the deceased on national news and the local news shows in Memphis area, where he was murdered by cops.  Those two organizations are one organization, of course. Meyer Lansky used to fund ADL when he was alive. Now his daughter runs it.  Zionists are kind of creepy. These are the folks who succeeded, at least temporarily, in fooling the PJ folks into believing that the families at Waco deserved to be slaughtered by the federal government (under Butch Reno's direction--remember?).  The constitutional militias were born, then, and a year later they'd mostly been infiltrated by countless thousands of feds.   They disbanded but reformed, again, after the feds blew up the WTC and, now, they operate as small, efficient cells, which is proably what the founding fathers intended in the first place Wink  --kind of like the French Resistance in WWII except that these are not communists, of course.  Lots of them emailed me to ask about busting towers with orgonite in the beginning, by the way.

I watched the Jerry Kane material right before our chat session, actually, and the plethora of related,  unprovoked murders by policemen shown on YouTube videos, got me so rattled that I had to watch several YouTube videos of ultralight airplanes in order to calm down, again Cool

I really despise tyranny, as you should, too, even if you're white.

When we started the session and the psychics agreed to hunt for plots they weren't getting any impressions.   I suggested that they look around me, since I'm likely to be on the big list of people in the US slated to be shot in our beds the night before the declaration of martial law Wink and that was productive--a bright spot showed up immediately for them in the northwest corner of Arizona, which is where Hoover Dam is.

It felt really good to be boosted by all those nice folks.  This is exactly the same treatement we give to corporate/military/occult/religious predastors thorughout the world, also to the dark masters.  Fair enough, right?   We figure that if these baby-eaters and mass murderers' hearts are so hardened that they experience this love as paina, then it's a form of suicide if they expire.  We have gotten more refined and compassionate in the past year, though. Check out any of Greg Hallett's books if you want to peek at the underside of the establishment and its scions, by the way.   So little of this can be documented that only psychics are likely to get to the information but crossreferencing documented material produces a boatload of circumstantial evidence against most of these complacent criminals.  That's the clincher.

I wish I could talk about another project we carried out last week because it's potentially historic, considering the person who was targetted and is prevailing.


By the way!  Remember to earthpipe the underground bases where you live, okay?   These are the corporate world order's hidey-holes where they're preparted to wait for another chance to commit nuclear mayhem.   If we'll each do the bases where we live, they won't have anyplace to hide when the US/British/Israel Terror Axis falls apart, perhaps sooner than later.