The FBI, America’s Napoleonic Sanhedrin

By Salvador Astucia, February 17, 2003

(revised, Feb. 22, 2003)






Regardless of one’s beliefs about America’s war against terrorism, no one can disagree that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was the primary investigative body that gathered evidence following the events of September 11, 2001. Consequently, it could be argued that no single agency is more responsible for the world’s present state of turmoil than the FBI. Based on the FBI's findings, President Bush launched the war against terrorism. Thanks to the FBI, Bush and everyone else believes Osama bin Laden and Al-Queda were behind the terrorist acts. Thanks to the FBI, America launched a war against Afghanistan where bin Laden and his "evil doers" hid in mountains and caves.


And thanks to the FBI, the Bush Administration seems to believe bin Laden has teamed up with Saddam Hussein to unleash weapons of mass destruction against the United States and the rest of the free world. No one but Bush and Secretary of State Colin Powell have managed to connect the dots on the purported bin Laden-Hussein alliance, but in the minds of the two renowned American leaders, the two Muslim rivals have suddenly become bosom buddies. As a result, the American public must now duct tape their windows to avoid breathing deadly chemical gas that might be launched by the two Arab evil doers. Based on FBI intelligence, we are on "code orange" alert; the second highest security alert. (The highest is "code red.")


Regardless of the color of the alert (orange or red, that is), we can thank the FBI for our present state of hysteria and paranoia.


But what if the FBI is wrong about everything?


What if the FBI has a hidden agenda?


Many critics have accused the FBI of being co-opted by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and now does Israel’s bidding. My research, however, indicates that this view is not entirely accurate. The FBI has ALWAYS done Israel’s bidding. In fact, the FBI was apparently established to do Israel’s bidding long before the Jewish state was created in 1948.


Unbelievable as it may seem, the FBI was created by a descendant of French royalty, a family whose patriarch—in the eyes of many—did more for worldwide Jewry than anyone in the last millennium. I am referring to the French Corsican general and emperor Napoleon Bonaparte (1769 - 1821), whose alternate name was "the Corsican."


This is not a joke, although it would be funny if it were a farce; but it is completely true. The FBI was founded by a fairly close relative of Napoleon’s. In 1908, Napoleon Bonaparte’s great-nephew, Charles Joseph Bonaparte, created the FBI during his tenure as Attorney General for President Theodore Roosevelt. Actually it was originally named the "Bureau of Investigation," but later evolved into the FBI. (1)


Charles Joseph was the son of Prince Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte (aka, Napoleon-Joseph-Charles-Paul), nephew of Napoleon I. Prince Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte was the son of Napoleon’s youngest brother, Jerome, and first wife, Elizabeth Patterson. So the FBI can be linked directly, through royal blood, to Napoleon, the emperor. (2)


Napoleon is loved by Jews worldwide because, on January 31, 1807, he reconvened the Sanhedrin in Paris after the ancient council was dormant for nearly 1,400 years, since AD 425. Subsequent Sanhedrin meetings were convened which led to Jewish resettlement in France, and later all of Europe, after their expulsion in the 15th and 16th centuries from virtually all of Western Europe. Because of his advocacy for Jews, Napoleon has become a beloved figure in the Jewish community. In fact, Jews have established a high-brow Napoleon fan club called the International Napoleonic Society, located in one of my favorite cities: Montreal, Canada. Its president is Ben Weider. (3)


As most religious scholars know, the Sanhedrin was the Jewish councils in Palestine under Roman rule, to which various political, religious, and judicial functions have been attributed. It was the Sanhedrin guards who arrested Jesus and brought him to the Sanhedrin headquarters where he was interrogated by high priest Joseph Caiaphas, assisted by his father-in-law, Ananus. They found Jesus guilty of breaking several Jewish laws and turned him over to Roman Governor Pontius Pilate for a formal inquisition and subsequent death by crucifixion. According to the Gospels, Pilate objected and did not want to harm Jesus, but the high priests insisted, and subsequently, Pilate carried out their wishes in order to keep peace with the local Jewish authorities at the Sanhedrin. Bowing to the pressure of the Sanhedrin, Pilate issued a decree that Jesus would be crucified. (4)


Given that Napoleon Bonaparte reconvened the Sanhedrin in 1807, and given that Napoleon’s great-nephew Charles Joseph Bonaparte created the FBI one hundred and one years later (1908), it could easily be argued that the FBI is America’s Napoleonic Sanhedrin.


J. Edgar Hoover, High Priest?

When the Bureau of Investigation was created in 1908, its director was [Stanley W. Finch, a man whose name has essentially been erased from history books. Few people realize that five men served as FBI director prior to J. (John) Edgar Hoover’s appointment in 1924. The "pre-Hoover" directors were: Stanley W. Finch, 1908 - 1912; Alexander Bruce Bielaski, 1912 - 1919; William E. Allen, 1919 (Acting); William J. Flynn, 1919 - 1921; and William J. Burns, 1921 - 1924. (5) ]


In 1924 Attorney General Harlan Fiske Stone (later to become chief justice of the United States) appointed J. (John) Edgar Hoover (1895–1972) as director. Hoover presided as FBI director for 48 years until his death in 1972. (6)


I have not researched Hoover’s heritage extensively, but I know that his father was Dickerson Naylor Hoover (1857 - 1925), his mother was Anna Marie Scheitlin (1860 - 1938), and his maternal grandparents were Jacob Scheitlin and Margaretha Hitz. Jacob and Margaretha were apparently Swiss and were married in Saint Gallen, Switzerland on April 11, 1823. (7)


I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but the name "Jacob Scheitlin" sounds awfully Jewish, and "Hitz" has a similar ring. If they were in fact Jewish, this means Hoover’s mother was Jewish, which of course would make him Jewish as well. (According to Jewish law, if someone’s mother is Jewish, then the offspring is also Jewish, regardless of the father’s religion.) Consequently, it could be argued that J. Edgar Hoover was the first high priest of America’s Napoleonic Sanhedrin.


If Hoover turns out to be secretly Jewish, he certainly would not be the first high ranking US official to keep his ethnicity secret. In Opium Lords, I asserted that President Lyndon was secretly Jewish as well. To read the facts supporting this conclusion, click here:


[For more information about FBI directors since the bureau’s creation in 1908, go to the following FBI webpage:


Cached at:


On the cited FBI webpage, you will notice that the FBI’s webmaster chose a photograph of a younger J. Edgar Hoover which gives the definite impression that the renowned director is partially African-American, a rumor I have heard in the past. In fact, a former friend of mine—an individual I now suspect is an FBI informant—told me on numerous occasions that Hoover was partially black. Astonishingly, the FBI is subtly pushing the same story by displaying a photograph of Hoover on its web site where he looks very much like an African-American. But if one analyzes the photo of Hoover closely, the only "black" feature he possesses is kinky hair, a physical attribute of many Jews as well as blacks. Consequently, I have concluded that the story about Hoover’s black heritage is merely disinformation, manufactured by the FBI, intended to disguise his true ethnicity which is apparently Jewish. ]


FBI aids Jewish media monopoly – Two tiers of news suppression

I recently discovered a two tier infrastructure which gives Jewish news moguls complete control of virtually all media outlets in every small town and city throughout all fifty states in the United States of America.


The first tier is controlled directly by Jews through their monopoly of six media conglomerates plus control of major newspapers. I described this monopoly of the news media in Opium Lords. I observed that most of the major news outlets are controlled by a hand full of Jewish individuals through their executive control of six media conglomerates. These Jewish individuals include, but are not limited to: Michael Eisner, Edgar Bronfman Sr, Edgar Bronfman Jr, Sumner Redstone, Dennis Dammerman, Gerald Levin, Robert Pittman and Peter Chernin who hold (or recently held) ranking executive positions at the following six media conglomerates: AOL Time Warner, the Walt Disney Company, Vivendi Universal, Viacom, General Electric, and News Corporation Limited. The stated media conglomerates have a monopoly on the electronic news and entertainment outlets. Collectively, they control ABC, NBC, CBS, the Turner Broadcasting System, CNN, MTV, Universal Studios, MCA Records, Geffen Records, DGC Records, GRP Records, Rising Tide Records, Curb/Universal Records, and Interscope Records. (8)


Most of the larger independent newspapers are owned by Jewish interests as well. An example is the family of the late Samuel I. "Si" Newhouse, who owns "Advance Publications" which owns Condé Nast Publications, Parade Publications, Fairchild Publications, American City Business Journals, the Golf Digest Companies, and newspapers in more than twenty American cities. Advance Publications also has extensive interests in cable television, as well as in Internet sites which are related to its print publications. (9)


Recently, however, I discovered a second tier of Jewish media monopoly, but this tier is controlled exclusively by the FBI. The late William Sullivan, number three man at the FBI until he was forced out in 1971, described the FBI’s control of the news media in his book, "The Bureau." The following is an excerpt from Sullivan’s book:



At the heart of Hoover’s massive public relations operation were fifty-nine FBI field offices whose territory took in every village, town, city, and county in America. Each day, out of these field offices streamed eight thousand agents going into every state, city, and town, talking to and becoming friendly with ordinary citizens from all walks of life. (p 83)

  … Because of his network of field offices, and thanks to the scores of contacts made and maintained by the special agents in charge, Hoover was able to place "news" stories—invented and written in the bureau, really nothing more than press releases, puff pieces for the FBI—in newspapers all over the country. Our strength was in the small dailies and weeklies; and with hundreds of these papers behind him, Hoover didn’t give a damn about papers like the New York Times or the Washington Post. Most of the men who run small local papers are used to printing stories about grange suppers on the front page; imagine how grateful they are for a story from the FBI. Of course, scores of Washington-based reporters printed stories we gave them too, and they usually printed them under their own bylines. Some of them lived off us. It was an easy way to make a living. They were our press prostitutes. (p 84)  
  … When I hear people talk about a "new" FBI, I know that the changes they talk about are only paper changes. This public relations operation of Hoover’s, this massive attempt to control public opinion, continues to this day, and it is at the very heart of what is wrong with the bureau. Unless it is exposed, until every editor of every little weekly newspaper who ever printed an FBI press handout realizes how he was used, the FBI will do business in the same old way.  
  A massive, pervasive public relations operation is no substitute for the job of investigating crimes. The FBI should conduct its business quietly and it should earn its respect from the citizens of the United States by the results of its work, not from the results of its propaganda. (p 94)  

(William Sullivan, The Bureau *)


William Sullivan was shot and killed with a high-powered rifle near his home in New Hampshire in November 1977. Sullivan had just completed a preliminary meeting with investigators for the House Select Committee on Assassinations. The man who shot him was the son of a state policeman and claimed to have mistaken Sullivan for a deer. He was arrested, charged with a misdemeanor—"shooting a human being by accident"—and released into the custody of his father. No further investigation was ever done. (10)


Sullivan was finishing an exposé on Hoover’s FBI, with journalist Bill Brown, when he was killed. Two years later, Brown published Sullivan’s book entitled, The Bureau: My Thirty Years in Hoover’s FBI. It was a major indictment of J. Edgar Hoover and Lyndon Johnson.


FBI’s Napoleonic Roots and JFK’s Assassins

In my book, Opium Lords, I assert that President Kennedy was killed by three French-Corsican assassins: Lucien Sarti, François Chiappe, and Jean-Paul Angeletti. Until recently, however, I did not realize that the FBI was created by relatives of Napoleon who of course was Corsican. (As previously stated, many refer to Napoleon as "the Corsican.")


In Opium Lords, a direct link between the French Corsican assassins and the coup leaders was not clearly established, although I concluded that Meyer Lansky was likely the main point man. I also speculated that New Orleans businessman Claw Shaw and Montreal attorney Louis Bloomfield were involved. The Lansky, Shaw, and Bloomfield connection is probably still valid, but the fact that the FBI was created by the great nephew of the most famous Corsican of all time, Napoleon, indicates that French-Corsican assassins Sarti, Chiappe, and Angeletti were mostly likely recruited directly by the FBI, likely at the behest J. Edgar Hoover. (11)


To read more about JFK’s assassins, click here:


What is the impact?

The main impact of the Napoleonic-FBI connection is it thoroughly destroys the FBI’s credibility. Can there be any doubt that the FBI is and always was a tool for Jewish political interests? The Napoleonic factor connects three major dots. First, there can be little doubt that J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI were deeply involved in President Kennedy’s murder for reasons I just described. In fact the Napoleonic connection, combined with information I supplied in Opium Lords about the French Corsican assassins, builds a strong legal case against the FBI for its involvement in JFK’s murder. In all likelihood, Hoover and the FBI recruited the assassins!


Second, since Napoleon is admired by worldwide Jewry for reconvening the Sanhedrin in 1807, this supports the hypothesis that Kennedy’s murder was in fact the result of a Jewish conspiracy. This is the thesis of Opium Lords. It is also the thesis of Final Judgment by Michael Collins Piper.


Third, given Napoleon’s fondness for Jews, and given that his great nephew created the FBI, it is certainly not a coincidence that the FBI works jointly with Jewish media moguls to control the flow of information in every newspaper, magazine, television and radio station in the United States. Together with Jewish media moguls, the FBI can push any cover story it wants on the American public.


Given the history of the FBI, it makes sense that the bureau would launch a war against Islam, the enemy of Jews, and euphemistically label it America’s "war against terrorism." With the new information I have presented about the history of the FBI, Americans should reflect seriously regarding the military action our nation is about to take against Iraq, North Korea, and other nations in the future. As I stated at the outset, it was the FBI who supplied the information about 9-11 which ultimately led to the situation we now face with Iraq. Are we willing to send our sons and daughters to war so Palestine can remain a Jewish state? Are we going to allow the FBI to continue killing our leaders and generating propaganda to cover up such crimes? Are we going to allow the FBI to continue feeding false information to America’s leaders in order to start wars for reasons that have nothing to do with the public’s interest? The time has come to face the demons within us, rather than chasing phantom terrorists abroad. In short, the time has come for America’s leaders to stop making decisions about war and peace based on erroneous information supplied by America’s Napoleonic Sanhedrin, otherwise known as the FBI. ª

  Salvador Astucia's book, Opium Lords, can be purchased by sending a check or money order to the address shown at the following URL:




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[* Comments about authenticity of William Sullivan’s book:


William Sullivan’s book, "The Bureau: My Thirty Years in Hoover’s FBI," was published in 1979, two years after Sullivan was shot and killed in a hunting "accident" in 1977. Sullivan had hired journalist Bill Brown to co-write the book using a collection of taped interviews. I have read the book in its entirety, and for the most part, I am satisfied that it is genuine, that it reflects the views of a fair-minded individual who held a high-ranking position in the FBI for many years. Having stated that, however, I suspect Brown added several fraudulent references to Jews, and how the FBI discriminates against them. According to Brown, Sullivan believed there were not enough Jews and other minorities in the FBI. It is conceivable that Sullivan may have made such a claim about blacks and Hispanics (those two ethnic groups are mentioned throughout the book), but given the FBI’s Jewish roots, I find it difficult to believe Sullivan would have made such a claim about Jews specifically.


Even more troubling, Brown included in Appendix C several photographs of memos between Hoover and Sullivan when Sullivan was forced into retirement in 1971. The photos look authentic, memos generated from typewriters with the authors’ signatures included. But a final letter from Sullivan to Hoover is displayed not as a photograph, but as standard text, like the rest of the book. The letter is several pages long and contains a section entitled, "The FBI and Jewish Applicants," where Sullivan allegedly criticizes the bureau for discriminating against Jews. Why would the other memos between Sullivan and Hoover be photographs of the originals, but the letter containing a reference to the FBI’s practice of discriminating against Jews be text? This further supports my conclusion that Bill Brown presented fraudulent references to Jews in Sullivan’s book. But those few references notwithstanding, the rest of the book appears to be quite genuine. ]



Follow-up Articles



William Sullivan, Killed in New Hampshire

By Salvador Astucia, February 26, 2003



Recently I wrote an article entitled "The FBI, America’s Napoleonic Sanhedrin" and posted it on several UseNet newsgroups. The article is also available on my website at the following URL:


The main points of the cited article are (a) the FBI was founded by Napoleon Bonaparte’s great nephew, Charles Joseph Bonaparte; (b) Napoleon is beloved by Jews because he reconvened the ancient Sanhedrin; (c) Napoleon was Corsican, which supports my hypothesis that President Kennedy was killed by French-Corsican assassins (reference my book, Opium Lords); and (d) J. Edgar Hoover was probably Jewish by birthright. (His maternal grandfather was "Jacob Scheitlin." Need I say more?)


Because the article is critical of Israel and Zionism, and touches on several other controversial issues, it naturally received criticisms from posters on a few newsgroups; however, the ratio of criticisms to postings was fairly small. For the most part, few people challenged the article because the facts presented spoke for themselves, much to the chagrin of Zionist Jews and FBI agents everywhere.


But surprisingly, I received a large volume of acidic messages from an unexpected newsgroup: nh.general. (New Hampshire’s newsgroup)


I fenced with the New Hampshire posters a bit (I suspect most are either FBI agents or FBI informants), and it turned into a bit of fun sport. But I was puzzled. Why New Hampshire of all places? I had posted the same article on several state.general newsgroups, but few had reacted with a bitterness equal to New Hampshire’s tiny Usenet forum.


Suddenly I recalled how William Sullivan (former number three man at the FBI) was shot and killed with a high-powered rifle near his home in November 1977. And where was Sullivan’s home? Why it was in the wonderful state of New Hampshire. Can you imagine that? The Sullivan is becoming very interesting indeed.


Perhaps Sullivan’s death was the basis for the anger from nh.general towards my FBI-Sanhedrin article. I had mentioned Sullivan in the cited article, pointing out that he was highly critical of the bureau and suggested that his death was no accident. I also quoted from his book, "The Bureau: My Thirty Years in Hoover’s FBI," which was published posthumously in 1979 by co-author Bill Brown.


Shortly before Sullivan's death, he had completed a preliminary meeting with investigators for the House Select Committee on Assassinations. The man who shot him was the son of a state policeman and claimed to have mistaken Sullivan for a deer. He was arrested, charged with a misdemeanor—"shooting a human being by accident"—and released into the custody of his father. No further investigation was ever done.


Again, this would certainly explain nh.general's nasty reaction to my FBI-Sanhedrin article. In addition, the entire episode reinforces my belief that many posters on all UseNet newsgroups are paid with taxpayers’ money, care of America’s Napoleonic Sanhedrin; otherwise known as the FBI. It also reinforces my belief that the FBI silenced William Sullivan in the state of New Hampshire. ª



John McAdams Weighs in on Sullivan Case


by Salvador Astucia, Feb 26, 2003


John McAdams, primary moderator of alt.assassination.jfk UseNet newsgroup, quickly replied to my article about William Sullivan. McAdams is one of the few JFK assassination researchers around who still openly endorses the Warren Report. McAdams supplied additional details about the death of William Sullivan on his newsgroup.


"There was in fact nothing sinister about Sullivan's death," McAdams remarked. "Believing there was is dependent on not knowing the details of his death."  McAdams then referred readers to his webpage about the Sullivan case.

Cached at:


At the beginning of McAdams' page, he quotes the following excerpt from Jim Marrs' book, Crossfire:

  Sullivan was shot with a high-powered rifle near his New Hampshire home by a man who claimed to have mistaken him for a deer.  The man was charged with a misdemeanor -- "shooting a human being by accident"-- and released into the custody of his father, a state policeman. There was no further investigation of Sullivan's death. (CROSSFIRE, p. 564)  

McAdams then directs people to "read the following, and decide whether any 'further investigation' was needed, and whether this looks sinister in any way."


What follows are official documents regarding Sullivan's death, and I have no reason to believe they are fraudulent; however, McAdams misleads readers by not fully quoting from Marrs' book. According to Marrs, the "sinister" element of Sullivan's death was he (Sullivan) was one of six top FBI officials killed within six months in 1977, "all of whom were scheduled to testify before the House Select Committee on Assassinations."


Others deaths included Louis Nicholas, special assistant to J. Edgar Hoover and Hoover's liaison with the Warren Commission (cause of death: heart attack); Alan H. Belmont, special assistant to Hoover (cod: "long of illness"); James Cadigan, document expert with access to many classified assassination documents (cod: fall in home); J. M. English, former head of FBI Forensic Sciences Laboratory where Oswald's rifle and pistol were tested (cod: heart attack); Donald Kaylor, FBI fingerprint chemist who examined prints found at the assassination scene (cod: heart attack).


To summarize, Marrs listed the causes of death for the six FBI officials as three heart attacks, one long illness, one fall in home, and one hunting accident (mistaken for a deer). McAdams does not address the deaths of the other five high-ranking FBI officials. To blindly accept that these six men died within six months of one another under natural circumstances is extremely naive. They were top FBI men, they were scheduled to testify before the House Select Committee on Assassinations, and they died within a six month time frame; these facts alone suggest foul play.


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