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Jim Folsom (Global Wellness Rife-type device distributor)

March 2009
My good friend Jim Folsom (Global Wellness Rife-type device distributor), is in jail awaiting sentencing.  There was a federal jury trial and he was convicted of 26 felony counts relating to his sale of “unapproved” medical devices. 

This is so WRONG! 
I've attached the "News Release" that the United States Attorney put out.

Jim is a very, very good man.  He has hundreds (if not thousands) of testimonials where his devices improved symptoms, and in many cases seemed to actually clear up many health problems.  He helped so many people. In my case, my father-in-law who had prostate cancer improved his PSA score from 70 down to 0.5 (YES, that's zero point five) in 2.5 months using the Global Wellness device and taking B17.  My (19-year-old) daughter had bullous impetigo which she cleared without prescription drugs using the Global Wellness device and a terminator zapper.  Go to the
www.rifeforum.com and look for the “CindyCharlebois” (my user name on that forum) posts for details.

Jim was above reproach ethically, and in my personal dealings with him demonstrated over and over that he was an extremely kind, caring, considerate, and patient man – a humanitarian that gave to people in need and to causes that would help mankind.  He did not have one customer that was upset with him.  However, the Prosecution used those witnesses who professed how wonderful Jim was against him with counts of customer fraud.  “Customer fraud” was not even a charge against him until the time of the trial.  How can that be???? Only God knows the Truth of how “they” did it.  Not Lawfully or Legally, but it was done.

This all started in April of 2003 when Jim was raided by "Operation Cure All", the FDA/FTC and U.S. Postal Service alliance.  Many units and office related files were confiscated that day.  The units taken were being prepared for shipment overseas; they were not to be used in the USA.  Jim and his wife were shocked and terrorized for hours by the many men who came into their house with guns drawn as if they were murderers.  

Nothing happened for several years - no charges, nothing. Then in October, 2007, just days before the statute of limitations would have run out, Jim was charged with and arrested for the felony of selling a class 3 medical device without a license.  He was offered a plea bargain in December, 2007:   If Jim would plead guilty to a misdemeanor and agree not to sell his devices ever again, he’d be given a year of unsupervised probation and pay a $250.00 fine.  

Jim, knowing how wonderful the devices are, and being the principled man he is, was certain he could fight this charge and win.  He had what was supposed to be the best defense team available behind him; had evidence to prove he was selling a Class 1 device which does not have to be licensed; had been running his business very ethically; and had been collecting testimonials for years which proved the efficacy of the units.  Jim stood on his principles and wanted once and for all to clear the name of Rife and let the American people and the rest of the world have these units. Knowing he had so much evidence to prove his innocence he plead NOT GUILTY and set about to supply his defense team with all the information for his case and would have a jury trial.  Jim truly thought that when a jury of his peers heard the truth they would find him innocent and the truth would be set free to the world.  During 2008 there were 5 to 7 Grand Jury hearings to find fault and make the prosecution’s case.  

I heard from Jim fairly regularly throughout the preparations and during the trial.  He was very upbeat and confident his defense team had everything in good order from what he was being told.  However, everything backfired.  On February 17th, Jim and many of us who were following his trial were SHOCKED to find out he had been found guilty of all charges. Charges indeed. Jim thought he was being tried on three felony charges: 1. Fraud against Customers, 2. Fraud against the government, and 3. Mislabeling – Misbranding – and Adulteration. However, MIDWAY THROUGH THE TRIAL Jim found out he was actually being tried for many more charges!! In the end, according to the Official US Attorney’s News Release, he was found guilty of 26 felony charges possibly resulting in a maximum sentencing time of 140 years, and up to a $500,000 fine.  

This will no doubt set a precedent for other Rife-type device inventor/distributors, and things must be set right.  There is a group working on getting Jim out of jail.  He is in a detention center in San Diego awaiting sentencing on May 11.  We'd like to ask any of you out there who have experimented with Rife-type devices to do what you can to help Jim. By helping him you will be helping yourself and ALL Americans!!!!   Allowing us to treat ourselves using Rife-type devices will be another FREEDOM that is lost if not corrected.  

Here's what you can do:
1.  Let's inundate the facility with mail!!!!

2.  It will cost upwards of $75,000 to appeal Jim's case. Jim's funds are exhausted and he needs our help. 

3.  May 11th, the day of sentencing, the courtroom needs to be packed and flowing into the streets

4.  Pass this along!

Cindy Charlebois
Normal, Illinois
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